Rental/Lease Restrictions

Rental/Lease Restrictions

Amateurs faced with Rental/Lease Restrictions are bound by the limitations placed on them by landlords. Like covenants, PRB-1 does not cover these restrictions and they can be especially problematic. Amateurs whose landlords are "antenna friendly" don't have such problems and erect antenna to the landlord's specifications.

But that can change at the landlords discretion.

If the landlord does not premit an amateur antenna, make a presentation

  • Emphasize public service.
  • Address RFI and aesthetics concerns.

Note that PRB-1 does not cover leases or rental agreements.

And if the landlord still will not permit an amateur antenna?

If no, operate mobile or portable. Or move to a less restrictive dwelling. When you review a lease with a landlord, write language into your lease permitting an amateur antenna with the desired specifications.

Note: If you rent a dwelling, you are bound by your lease. PRB-1 does not apply. Landlords are not required to permit your antenna.


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