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Urge Your Senators To Support The Amateur Radio Parity Act

** It takes just two minutes **

We have an opportunity to positively affect Amateur Radio for
years to come. 

H.R. 1301, the Amateur Radio Parity Act, has unanimously passed
the House of Representatives and moved on to the Senate for
consideration.  All you need to do is spend two minutes of your
time to send an email to your two Senators supporting the Bill.

By doing so, you will have helped the future of Amateur Radio
by guaranteeing our ability to have an effective outdoor antenna
in a deed-restricted community.

The number of people living in such communities grows
exponentially each year.  Often, a ham has no choice
but to live in a community restricted by covenants. 

There are nearly 3/4 of a million licensed hams in the United
States, more than ever before.  But that may a c change if we are forced to live in a community that refuses to allow an antenna.

Help yourself and help your fellow hams. Go to this link:


Enter your zip code and follow the prompts. The letters are there and all you need to do is fill in the blanks, hit save, then send.


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Interim Section Manager Appointed in Eastern Pennsylvania 10/05/2016

Bob Wiseman, WB3W, of Schnecksville, Pennsylvania, has been appointed as the Interim Section Manager for the ARRL Eastern Pennsylvania Section. He is fulfilling the current term of office that was declared vacant by the ARRL Executive Committee of the ARRL Board of Directors this past June. Wiseman’s interim appointment continues through March 31, 2018.

According to the Rules and Regulations of the ARRL Field Organization, when a vacancy occurs between Section Manager elections, the position shall be filled by appointment by the ARRL Field Services and Radiosport Manager in consultation with the respective ARRL Division Director. In this case, Dave Patton, NN1N, Field Services and Radiosport Manager, consulted with Tom Abernethy, W3TOM, Atlantic Division Director, before making the appointment, which is effective October 5.

Wiseman brings to the helm of the Eastern Pennsylvania Section his past experience as Section Emergency Coordinator, District Emergency Coordinator and Official Emergency Station.

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