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New Mexico Section News for May 2015:

May 11, 2015, Rio Rancho NM                                                                                                                      


          Is your ARRL membership current?


   I’m not a life member of ARRL but I’ve been a member for most of my life.  In the 80’s and 90’s while employed by General DataComm of Waterbury, CT, I had numerous opportunities to visit HQ ARRL and W1AW.  I have to say that I’m in awe of the breadth of knowledge and genuine friendliness and courtesy of the folks in Newington and impressed with their willingness to answer your questions regarding Amateur Radio.  But that’s not what they advertise in the Membership Benefits & Services brochure you can pick up at nearly any hamfest.  Here’s what’s advertised:

   The number one benefit on my list is Advocacy; “ARRL supports legislation that preserves and protects access to existing Amateur Radio frequencies as a natural resource for the enjoyment of all hams.  ARRL is the strong voice of Amateur Radio in government matters.  As a member, you contribute to the struggle to preserve our privileges.  We can never afford to do less than what is necessary to protect the future of Amateur Radio.”  Someone out there would like to have access to every frequency we have in every band but there’s a bit of safety in numbers.  Sometimes we win, sometimes we gain, occasionally we lose, but we’re always represented by the League whether to the FCC or the WARC.

   Number two on my list of benefits is QST, with sub-benefits; Product Review each month is my favorite column.  New equipment is tested in the ARRL Lab each month to determine if it meets FCC Rule requirements and specifications as claimed by the manufacturer, how well it functions, how the manuals are written and more.  This is a good place to start when you’re looking for new equipment as you’ll get a feel for exactly how it performs.  Next comes It Seems To Us from the CEO followed by Letters from our Members --- these two columns give your insight to what your fellow hams are thinking relative to Amateur Radio.  Technical articles, contest scores, Section reports and, yes, commercial ads make this a valuable magazine but it’s more than that; it’s the official journal of our National Organization.  Did I enjoy 73 by W2NSD when it was around?  Sure.  How about CQ?  Yup.  But QST is part of ARRL membership and no other organization exists to represent and protect our interests like ARRL does.

   Number three (for my list) is the ARRL Ham Radio Equipment Insurance Plan.  One of the clubs I belong to has an entire trailer of equipment insured through the ARRL insurance plan and the price is very affordable for a small club with less than optimum income.  Your expensive shack (most of the equipment in it) can also be insured for very little money through the insurance plan.  Equipment and clubs at:  For auto and home:

   These are very important but not in any particular order:  E-Newsletters include the ARRL Letter, ARES E-Letter, IARU E-Letter, Division & Section News.  You can sign up for a reminder to renew your Amateur License and get publication announcements and specials from ARRL.  ARRL sponsors the most popular operating awards for those members living in the U.S. or its possessions and Puerto Rico.  If you’re travelling out of country you can get reciprocal licensing information.  Then there is the foreign outgoing QSL service which can easily make up for what you pay in annual dues as you save on postage.  Want a “call sign at” email address?  Free when you join. 

   There’s a lot more.  If you received a renewal notice from ARRL and haven’t gotten around to sending it back in you can take care of it on the internet at or mail it in.  I keep looking for a price increase but we’re still at $39 per year for a regular membership.  The League and you need each other.  As your Section Manager, I need YOU!

   While you’re at it, how about visiting your local radio club if you haven’t been for a while.  Most clubs are looking for additional members and I can recommend ALL of the clubs I have visited over the past three years.  Maybe you have some special knowledge to impart to the club --- clubs always need fresh presenters with fresh topics.

(By the way, QST is considered the #1 benefit by most members).

Want to talk?  Call me:  (505) 349-0460 will get to me most of the time.  My cell number is on my answering machine.  I do not do texts!

73, Bill,




          FCC Commissioner says FCC is doing less with more.

          From May 4, 2015

Here is a surprising comment from Commission member Ajit Pai.  While every government agency in the U.S. is asking for more money he says FCC has enough already.  Here’s the quote: also asked Pai to describe his position on the budget request submitted by the FCC to Congress this year.

“We should deny funding for some of the things the FCC wants to spend money on. Any funds, for example, to enforce these net neutrality regulations, [and] this shift of $25 million from the Universal Service Fund to the FCC itself in order to pursue its own policy priorities – I think we need to do more with less. I don’t think we’re doing that by asking for a much higher budget,” Pai said.

Pai concluded by saying the FCC was attempting to do less with more.

“If you look at how busy we actually are, we were much busier in 1996 in the wake of the ‘96 Telecomm Act. At that point, in today’s dollars, we had a budget of $277 million. Now the FCC is asking for almost $400 million even though we’re not as busy as we were then. I think it’s safe to say we could do with what we’ve got now if not less,” he said.


        Rookie Roundup – August 16th

 Rookie Roundup is scheduled 3 times per year.  The 2015 schedule is April 19th – SSB; August 16th – RTTY; December 20th – CW.  Time for all three events is 1800 to 2359 UTC.

Rookie Roundup is a contest aimed at Amateurs licensed for three years or less.  Rookies can contact anybody, while "Old Timers" make contact with only Rookies. Mentoring is a big part of this event!

For more info go to


      From the ADXA April Zero Beat newsletter by KK6MC

I hope that everyone had a good time in the New Mexico QSO party. Thanks to N7KA, Arne, for putting W5UR, the club call on the air. As a reminder, the club call is available to members to use; see N5EPA if you have an occasion to want to use it. All we ask is that you are a good representative of the clubwhen you use it. It is particularly nice to see it on the air representing NM and the Albuquerque DXers.

N5SJ was out mobile in the NM QSO party and put some of the western and northwestern counties on the air that no one else did. K8TE did the same for the southeast and east central counties. I put 11northeast and eastern counties on the air with Ginger driving. N5IRC put in a QRP effort from home and I managed to work AG5S in Santa Fe from several counties. AA5B operated with K5TQ and KE5AKL under K5TQ’s call.

Conditions were poor at the start of the contest in the morning and got worse as the day progressed. Things turned around in the late afternoon though, and the last two or three hours were very productive.Thanks to everyone who hung in there for the duration. Start planning for next year’s NMQP while the memories of this years are still clear.

I worked a lot of CW, mostly because SSB was tough given the conditions, but it was a good reminder of the effectiveness of CW under poor conditions. Plus those 2X points help. N5SJ made a number of digital QSOes in his mobile, which he said proved useful in making up the 15 QSO minimum per county.

73 and good DX. - KK6MC




QCWA meetings are held on the second Saturday in March, June, September and December at Twisters on Eubank at Commanche at 12:30 PM.  Next meeting on March 14.  


The YL Breakfast is held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.  We meet at The Village Inn on Wyoming, just south of Menaul, on the east side of Wyoming. The ladies have a table on one side of the room and the guys have another table on the other side. We do this so the guys don't hear our secrets!  Pat Wood, KE5FVS

===================================================================================     Hero’s Club by Don Wood, W5FHA, past Section Manager

The “Hero’s club” is a listing of those generous hams who have contributed equipment for our efforts to get radio clubs into the schools and encourage the students to become active hams. The donated equipment will be available to any school amateur radio club in the state. A licensed amateur will be needed as the custodian of the equipment. There are only three requirements to obtain this equipment. 1) The custodian of the equipment must be 18 years of age or older and a General Class licensee or better, 2) The club must be sanctioned by the school, 3) A member of the school staff must be the sponsor of the club. The school sponsor does not have to be a ham.  Available equipment is currently being inventoried and tested.  Contact Don Wood, W5FHA ( for a list of the available equipment or to make your donation.

Hero’s club contributors include:

Robert Fox, KA5VRV; Christopher Aas, NB5T; William L. Nohrn, N5UNB; Raymond J. Caraveo, N5IZV; Evan R. Newlon, WB5HAM;  Stuart Simon (Stu), K2QBU with a second donation;  Jess Wright, W5QDW – SK; Don Wood, W5FHA; Ray Hill, KB5SF; Robbie Hill, KC5FT; Dan Oppenheimer, WB6CRG SK;  John Ryan, NO5LF; Julianne P. King,  KD5EFT; Larry Moore, WB5IZW; Judy Moore, KA5CRK; Ray Arvidson, W5RAU-SK; Robbie Arvidson, N4CHK; Roy Venaglia, KD5GBY; Art Priebe, N5ART; Ken Mazze, N5JUQ; Kermit Goettsche, KB5HA; Jim Koch, NH6YH, Kathleen McCaughey, KG5PX.




The information below is taken from club web sites or direct emails received from club members.  Members may feel free to email me any time with their current club activities……..W5YEJ


Alamogordo Amateur Radio Club:   Regular monthly meetings on the third Sunday of each month at 3PM at the New La Luz Volunteer Fire Dept., 51 JJ Henry, La Luz.  The club participates in emergency planning and training with the local officials (city and county) and works with local civic groups to assist whenever communications are required for special events. 

The 31st annual hamfest is on the way, August 29th 2015.   Look for information on this page in the near future:


Albuquerque Amateur Radio Club:  The Albuquerque Amateur Radio Club meets the first Saturday of the month at Vick’s Vittles for breakfast.  Next meeting June 6th.  Where is Vick’s you say? Vick’s is on the south side of Central -- just east of Wyoming. See a map and a photo here. The meeting starts at 8AM but folks show up around 7AM to order breakfast and visit. The Albuquerque Amateur Radio Club sponsors N5VA - A Veterans Affairs Amateur Radio Station. The station is located in a courtyard on the New Mexico VA Health Care System campus.


Albuquerque DX Association meets on the last Wednesday of each month (except December and the first Saturday in January) at the Copper Canyon Café, 5455 Gibson Blvd SE, Albuquerque.  Dinner at 5:30 and meeting at 6:30 PM.   The Albuquerque DX Association is an ARRL sanctioned club that supports amateur radio activity in New Mexico.  As the name of the club suggests, we are generally interested in DX contacts, but we also have members who participate in contesting, DXpeditions, emergency communications, and other areas of amateur radio activity.

73, Bill, W7QQ


Amateur Radio Caravan Club (Albuquerque)

     ANNOUNCEMENT - The Amateur Radio Caravan Club will hold its monthly meeting this coming Friday the 12th of June, 7:00 PM, at the Heights Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 8600 Academy Rd NE (SE corner of Academy and Moon).  We typically gather at the Presbyterian Church around 6:30 PM to rag chew a bit and watch the coffee perk. Come early and catch up with your fellow Caravaners.  Guests are always welcome!

Spring Tailgate a Huge Success - A very large crowd attended the Spring Tailgate co-hosted by the Amateur Radio Caravan Club and the Albuquerque Amateur Radio Club on Saturday, April 25th.  Many vendors were set up and open for business before dawn...and they brought an impressive inventory to sell.  The burrito wagon was also kept busy plying hungry hams with breakfast burritos and hot coffee.  And the weather couldn't have been nicer!  Best of all this was a golden opportunity for hams to meet old friends and make new ones.

Caravan Club-Net - On Sunday evenings at 9 PM, the Caravan Club Net is on 145.33 MHz and 444.00 MHz for the purpose of holding club business, passing traffic, making announcements of interest to Hams and just getting to know each other. Please join us on the net. We welcome all licensed hams.


Upcoming Events:

12  - Regular meeting, 7 - 9 PM, Heights Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 8600 Academy NE.

26 - Summer Fun in the Park – The Summer Fun activity for June is CANCELLED due to Field Day on the next day.

27 - ARRL Field Day, noon to dark on Saturday only, Sister Cities Park (at McKinney & Harper NE which is northeast of San Mateo & Academy).


WEEKLY CARAVAN CLUB NET - Every Sunday evening at 9 pm: Club members and guests are invited to join in on the Caravan Club Net, this and every Sunday at 9 pm. Mingle with club members and guests and hear about the latest club news and events.  Or just check in and say hello.  Hosted by Roy KD5GBY.  Linked Caravan repeaters are at 145.330 (- offset) and 444.000 MHz (+ offset), both with a 100 Hz PL tone.


Visit our web site at for more info.



Carlsbad Amateur Radio Club (Carlsbad NM. The Carlsbad ARC local net is on every Tuesday at 6:30 pm on the local 146.88 .repeater.  Tune in for news and views and the latest QSTs!   Also Net-wise, Local 10Meter net Wednesday 8PM on 28.420 MHz.

Don’t forget the Wednesday night West Texas ARES net on 147.12 repeater at 9:00 pm CDT!




Duke City Hamfest:  Registration and a lot of information available at the web site: 



Estancia Valley Amateur Radio Association:


The Estancia Valley Amateur Radio Association (EVARA) holds a club net every Thursday night (7:00PM) on the 146.72 repeater (-600 KHz shift,100Hz CTCSS) located in the Tijeras/Manzano Mountains. Club members are checked in first with club business/discussion. Following that portion of the net, any Ham operator is invited to check-in and join the discussion.  The Torrance County ARES net immediately follows the EVARA net. Hope to hear you!


The Estancia Valley Amateur Radio Association (EVARA) holds its monthly club meeting on the 2nd Saturday of the Month.  Meetings begin at 9:00 AM at the home of Daniel (KD7UFS) located at #5 Steer Trail (aka McCall Ct), Moriarty, NM.  Steer Trail begins at the first left off of Green Road (aka A106) as one travels north after turning off of the I-40 Frontage Rd.  The Green Rd - I-40 Frontage Rd interchange lies north of the western I-40 Business & I-40 interchange.


Gila Amateur Radio Society, Silver City.  The Gila Amateur Radio Society is a small club, located in Silver City, New Mexico.  GARS operates a 2 meter repeater on 146.98 MHz with a CTCSS tone of 103.5.  The repeater is located atop Black Peak north of Silver City at an elevation of approximately 9,000 feet MSL in the Gila National Forest.  The repeater is solar powered and consists of a Kenwood TKR-750 commercial repeater.  All licensed amateurs are welcomed to use the repeater and enjoy a friendly QSO with any of the locals that may be nearby.


Members of the Gila Amateur Radio Society occasionally hold a net on Sunday evenings at 20:00 local (08:00 pm).  This net is available to pass formal and informal traffic into and out of Silver City, Grant County, and surrounding areas. All licensed amateurs are welcomed.

For more information please contact the Gila Amateur Radio Society.


Greyhound Amateur Radio Club (Portales) The Greyhound ARES Net meets every Tuesday evening on the Midway Repeater (147.000 MHz frequency, 67 PL) to chat and to prepare for emergency communications. The club welcomes all amateurs, near and far, to check in and say hello.  Don Criss, KE5UIA, is the net control station.  Join in at 7:00 p.m. on the Midway repeater!

W5OMU advises the club will begin Technician classes soon.  Contact one of the club members for more information.

The club meets the first and third Saturdays each month.  Meetings are held in Conference Room 203 in the KENW Broadcast Center on the campus of Eastern New Mexico University.  Don’t forget the Thursday evening workshops at the Ham Shack!  For more info see:


High Desert Amateur Radio Club by Jerry Aceto, K6LIE:


The next regular meeting of HDARC will be on Saturday, May 16, 2015 at 10:00 AM. We meet in the Community Room of the APD Northwest Area Command station on Ellison 1 block west of Coors Bypass. Here is the latest award-winning newsletter, the May 2015 issue, in pdf format.


Come join us as we set up our remote stations, connect to the world, and share HAM Radio with the community:

May 13 at San Antonio ES in Sandia Park, East Mountains: station demo and HAM radio forum for multiple classes.

May 15 At Explora. Their theme is “Eggs-traordinary Engineering”.

May 18-21 at East Mountain High School, East Mountains: Forum, test preparation and VE testing.

May 26-29 at East Mountain High School for station demos and forums.

Kids’ Day on June 21. Details to follow.

Field Day on June 27 & 28 at Haynes Park in Rio Rancho. Setup on the morning of June 27. BBQ at 5 PM on June 27.


    VE Testing is available the third Saturday of every month in the Community Room of APD Northwest Area Command Station.

The next scheduled test date is May 16, 2015 at 12:30 PM.


For the month of April we had 6 people test with the following results:

5 people passed Element 2, Technician

2 people passed Element 3, General

Overall results:

4 earned Technician

2 earned General


Congratulations to all who passed and thank you to the VE team.

Rick Rood, KF5JAJ



Coffee every Wednesday at 1 pm at Flying Star in Corrales.

Breakfast every Thursday morning at Flying Star in Corrales at 7:30 AM.


Go to for details on our club and our activities.

73... Jerry Aceto, K6LIE

President - High Desert ARC of New Mexico




Los Alamos Amateur Radio Club usually meets the second Friday of every month at CD-1, 4017 Arkansas St., Los Alamos, NM 87544. Members begin arriving at 7:00 PM. The meeting begins at 8:00 PM.  LAARC sponsors two weekly nets; a Two Meter FM Net that meets on Sunday at 2000 local time on the W5PDO repeater on 146.88 MHz and a Ten Meter SSB Net that meets later on Sunday at 2100 local time on 28.440 MHz USB.  More info and to check out the capabilities of our emergency communications trailer, go to



Mesilla Valley Radio Club (Las Cruces) Meets on Saturday mornings at 06:00 AM for an informal at Village Inn on Telshore.  Informal at Wal-Mart at 10:00 AM on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  MVRC net on 146.64 repeater at 6:45 PM on Wednesdays.  Next regular club business meeting on June 6th at the club house, breakfast at 9 AM, meeting at 10 AM. for more info and calendar.




Mid Rio Grande Amateur Radio Club (Albuquerque): 


The club VE group, Malapais VE group still gives Amateur exams on demand. We give exams to anyone any day and time 356 days a year. The exam team also gives all commercial exams on demand as well.

Club meetings are on the 4th Saturday of the month at 1PM at the APD NW command building across from Cibola HS on Ellison Blvd. Coffee klatch meetings are at the Village Inn in Rio Rancho across from INTEL off 528 every Wednesday at 1 PM (please note time change from noon to 1 PM).


The fourth Saturday in May, the 1 PM meeting will be a discussion about Field Day and where and what the club members will be doing. Last year the club did not participate in Field Day but this year, we would like to explore whether there is an interest to enjoy Field Day and the contacts that can be made. July we will be setting up a family dinner at a local restaurant for companionship and good conversation.

Kennie W5KLW


     MRGARC will be conducting a General class the first two weekends in June, 6 and 7th and 13th and 14th, 9 to 4.  June 14th at 2 PM will be open exam. Sign up with Jim Hunter NM5JH at hunterabq (at) .  New version of the General exam goes into effect on July 1st 2015.


73, Frank AB5WJ




Mimbres Valley Radio Club:  The Mimbres Valley Radio Club was established to provide an association for persons sharing a common interest in amateur radio.   It is the continuing  purpose of the  MVRC  to  further  the exchange  of  information and  cooperation  between  members,   to  promote  radio knowledge, fraternalism  and individual operating  efficiency, and to so conduct club programs and activities as to advance the general interest and welfare of amateur radio in the community.

Next meeting May, 13th 2015 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm, Deming High School Science building.


New Mexico Big River Contester specializes in…….contesting!  More info contact


New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science Amateur Radio Club, Albuquerque



New Mexico SAR Support Team, Albuquerque.  Breakfast meetings at Copper Canyon Café at 5455 Gibson Blvd the second Saturday of each month at 0700, meeting at 0800.  If you have an ATV/snow mobile or four wheel drive or want to provide communications and other support for SAR from our team trailer or work as a SAR dispatcher please come join us at the Copper Canyon Café, 5455 Gibson Blvd.  Meetings the second Saturday of each month.  Next meeting June 13th.   Breakfast at 0700, meeting at 0800.


Pecos Valley Amateur Radio Club (Roswell): The Pecos Valley Amateur Radio Club (PVARC) is located in Roswell, NM and serves Roswell and the surrounding communities.  The club operates under the call sign W5ZU and is open to all who are interested in the hobby of amateur radio. We work to promote and support the hobby of amateur radio in the Chaves County area through fellowship, education, outreach and community support. We invite you to learn more about us here at our web site, on our nightly VHF net, at our Saturday Coffee Klatch or at one of our regular meetings.


PVARC May/June Meetings Combined:


The next scheduled monthly meeting of the Pecos Valley Amateur Radio Club will be Saturday, May 30th.  This will be a combined meeting for May and June due to the Milkman Triathlon being held on June 6th which would normally be our June meeting date.  All PVARC members are encouraged to attend as this will be a very important meeting.  It will be our last meeting before Field Day and we still have a lot of plans and arrangements to make.  The meeting begins at 9:00 AM at the PVARC headquarters at 402 N. Richardson in Roswell.  The public is also invited.  For more information call 575.208.9696.


Rocky Mountain Ham Radio, New Mexico:


Rocky Mountain Ham Radio, New Mexico (RMHR-NM) recently entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Upper Rio FM Society to provide software administration, maintenance, updates, and advisement to URFMSI's Capilla Peak and Albuquerque D-STAR repeater systems.



Sacramento Mountains Radio Club meets the second Sunday of each month at 2 PM at the James Canyon VFD on Hwy 82 east of Cloudcroft.  Next meeting June 14th.  The Club meets every Friday morning at 8am for a breakfast get-together.  On the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month, the breakfast is held at the Western Cafe in the Village of Cloudcroft.  The 2nd and 4th Fridays of each month, the breakfast is held at the Mayhill Cafe in Mayhill.  If there is a 5th Friday of the month, that breakfast is held at the Western Cafe.  Net Saturday at 7 PM on the SMRC linked repeater system.


SMRC will conduct a VE test session at their Field Day site.  Check the ARRL Field Day page and/or contact a Club member for details.


For information on club activities check our web site at




Sandoval County ARES Meetings on the 3rd Monday of each month at 7:00 PM at the Rio Rancho Fire and Rescue Administration building,  1526 Stephanie Road in Rio Rancho.  Net on Monday, except the 3rd Monday meeting night, on 147.10, 443.0, 443.1 and 147.08 repeaters (plus the Bern-Co ARES repeaters 145.13, 442.050 and 145.15) at 7:30 PM.  All repeaters require a 100 Hz PL.


More info at



Santa Fe Amateur Radio Club:  The Santa Fe Amateur Radio Club has been around for more than 50 years. Our membership is wide and diverse and everyone is welcome. We meet face-to-face every Saturday morning for breakfast at the Pantry Restaurant, 1820 Cerillos Road in Santa Fe.  We're always happy to meet hams or interested persons.  Visit our Meetings/Activities and Newsletter pages for times and places and other up-to-date info.




Santa Fe Amateur Radio Emergency Service (SFARES) by Donald Hinsman, N4VIP.

Santa Fe County ARES (SFARES) sponsors a monthly Net at 1900 on the Tuesday prior to the second Saturday (the nominal date for SFARES Meetings) of each month on the Santa Fe Amateur Radio Club’s linked repeater system using repeaters on Tesuque Peak (146.82, -600), St. Vincent’s Hospital (147.20, +600), Elk Mountain (147.30, +600) and San Antonio Mountain (146.76, -600).  Tesuque Peak, St. Vincent’s Hospital and Elk Mountain all use an access tone (or PL) of 162.2 Hz while San Antonio Mountain uses an access tone (or PL) of 67.0 Hz.  In addition, there is a 440 link atop Tesuque Peak at 442.825 MHz (+5.0 MHz, 131.8 Hz tone.)  The purpose of the SFARES Monthly Net is to provide regular tests of member stations and to refresh net communication skills.  While primarily for the benefit of SFARES members, any station within range of the Net is always welcome to check in.  We especially welcome inquiries from stations about the Santa Fe ARES organization. 


SFARES Meetings are on the second Saturday of the month and are held at the Santa Fe Sheriff’s Posse Building at 3213 Rodeo Road, Santa Fe, NM and start at 0900.  Meetings normally include an informational lecture, training, administrative matters and finish between 1030 and 1100.  SFARES has a club radio station (W5SAF).


SFARES serves as Net Control for the twice-monthly NM D-RATS Nets.  NM D-RATS Nets occur twice monthly on the first and third Wednesdays of the month.  Access will be on internet RATflector W5MPZ [Type: Network, Host address:, Port: 9000], (NM Statewide ARES RATflector).  D-RATS is a program that integrates all software functions needed for ARES groups. The software utilizes internet or radio or both. "Or" means it doesn't require a radio but can use one. Thus D-RATS is doubly useful. The NM D-RATS Net uses a parallel voice net to assist with training. The voice net uses D-STAR Reflector 055A that can be linked through any D-STAR repeater. Net Control will assist those without D-STAR voice access through the D-RATS chat function.  All NM ARES members are strongly encouraged to participate in NM D-RATS Nets. The D-RATS software is free ( in Windows, Linux or MacOS with detailed instructions in the files section D-RATS Operating Guide 0.3.3.pdf and a Quick Set Up.pdf for the basic settings you need to get started using D-RATS.


SFARES also participates in the weekly D-STAR Net that meets on each Thursday starting at 2000 local on Reflector 055A.  Normally, all D-STAR repeaters in New Mexico are linked allowing all D-STAR users to participate in the weekly Nets.  The D-STAR Net is an Affiliated Net of the ARRL National Traffic System.  The D-STAR Net discusses matters relevant to D-STAR, D-RATS as well as Emergency Communications. for more info.   Facebook Page



Sierra Blanca ARC:  The Sierra Blanca Amateur Radio Club is an organization of Amateur Radio operators based in Ruidoso, New Mexico, located in the Sacramento Mountains in the south-central part of the state.  Join us for our weekly breakfast gathering on Saturdays at El Paraiso Mexican Restaurant in the Sierra Mall, Ruidoso.  We start showing up when the restaurant opens at 8AM and testing about 1 hour later.  Meet friends or make new ones, have a good breakfast, take the test, and leave with your new license on its way.


        2015 Annual Meeting Information:  Thursday, July 23, 2015 at 6:00 PM MDT.  Location to be Determined.


        In addition to a weekly breakfast gathering, we provide radio communications support during local emergencies, such as search and rescue missions and wildfires, as well as for various public service events in Lincoln County, NM. The club also sponsors two linked open VHF repeaters on 146.920 (-, 100Hz0 and 145.450 (-, 100Hz).   Lincoln County ARES/RACES nets on 146.61 (100 Hz, - input) every Wednesday at 7 PM.


     SBARC will administer exams on any Saturday with 48 hours advance notice.  Details at:


Socorro Amateur Radio Association:   SARA Annual Meeting: 19:30 hours local on Wednesday, May 13, 2015 in the Socorro County EOC, 198 Neel Ave. If you are unable to attend the Annual Meeting for any reason, please download, complete and submit a proxy. You may assign your proxy to any member who will be attending the meeting. You may drop your completed proxy off with Al Braun (AC5BX) at Radio Shack, and he will get them to the meeting.

  • Eligible Member Voters - New Members and Renewals posted on or before April 27th will be added to this list.
  • Officer Nominations: At the April meeting the Nominations Committee made the following nominations for the coming year.


NM Section ARES & RACES HF net: May 17, 2015, at 19:30 hrs local in the Socorro County EOC, 198 Neel Ave.  Plan to assemble 15 to 30 minutes before the net is called.


Weekly Socorro ARES net at 20:00 hours local on Wednesdays (except on the second Wednesday of each month) on the SARA Repeater [146.68(-)]


Socorro County ARES Meeting for the NM Section ARES & RACES HF net: April 19, 2015, at 19:30 hrs local in the Socorro County EOC, 198 Neel Ave.  Plan to assemble 15 to 30 minutes before the net is called.


2015 Socorro Hamfest Saturday, October 3, 2015 at NM Fire Fighter's Academy, 600 Aspen St., Socorro, NM.  No overnight RV parking at the hamfest site.


The Eastern NM Amateur Radio Club Clovis:   Our monthly meeting is held on the Third Saturday of each month at the new meeting hall.  Meetings will be held at the Disabled American Veterans Hall located at 220 West Fourth St. Meetings will still start at 09:00 am (09:00 hours).  Weekly ENMARC net on Thursday at 7 PM on 147.24+.  We are here to serve the Amateur Radio community in the Eastern New Mexico area. If you need help getting started in amateur radio, or just some help with a radio or project, please call on us. Also anyone wishing to test for a license or upgrade, PLEASE give us a call. We will schedule a test for only one person if necessary. We are here to serve and advance the Amateur Radio community in the local area.   For local frequencies and other info about the club visit



Taos Amateur Radio Club

    Our club holds a monthly net on the fourth Wednesday of each month at seven p.m. We usually begin on Picuris (club channel 1, 147.120 +/67.0) and use the MICKEY repeater (club channel 14, 444.875+/123.0) as a back-up. 

    Next monthly meeting is the second Wednesday of the month, 6 to 9 PM, at the Emergency Operations Center. 

   All operators are welcome; see you there, 73, TaosARC.   (For a complete listing of Taos area repeaters and other club info go to



Totah Amateur Radio Club:  Totah ARC meets on the second Thursday of every month at 7:30 PM at Farmington Fire Station 6, 3101 West Main at 7:30 PM.   Join us for breakfast most Saturdays at 7:30 AM at Los Hermanitos east in Farmington.


Upper Rio FM Society, Inc. (Albuquerque).  The Upper Rio FM Society, Inc., (URFMSI) will hold its next quarterly meeting on Tuesday, July 14 at 6:30 PM in the Fellowship Hall of the Immanuel Presbyterian Church located at 114 Carlisle Blvd., SE, in Albuquerque.  Interesting programs and presentations usually follow the business portion of the meeting. Topics are announced in the membership mailing that occurs before each meeting. Please enter the church from the northern most entrance.

    An updated and fully scalable repeater map has been uploaded. The printable list of all repeaters that can link to the Upper Rio has also been uploaded See the Analog Repeater page.


Valencia County Amateur Radio Association (Belen):  VCARA net is conducted on Wednesday nights at 8 PM on the 146.70 repeater. VE testing April 11th, 9 - noon at the club house.  Next club meeting May 26th at the Club House at 7 PM.




Tri-county ARES Net:  Meets each Thursday at 7:30 PM on URFMSI repeaters for coordination of Socorro, Torrance and Valencia County ARES members and other interested amateurs.  All stations are welcome to check in.



Charlie, NM5CL

President, VCARA


Net Traffic Reports for April (reported by ARRL ASM Don Grab, K5BIS):


NM Roadrunner Traffic Net: 1071/55.

NM Breakfast Club: 897/88 

Caravan Club Net: 73/12.

Yucca Net: 454/63.

Four Corners Net: 582/39.

Rustys Raiders Net: 505/65.

Valencia County ARA Net: 61/37.

SCAT Net: 989/267.

Tri-County ARES Net: 72/11.

ARES Simplex Net: 10/3.

Boat Anchor Net: 87/20.

144 Mhz. SSB Net: 47 Checkins.

432 Mhz. SSB Net: 45 Checkins.

KC5JBO Memorial Simplex Net: 83 Checkins:

KC5JBO Memorial Simplex Net: 129 Checkins.



Coming Attractions – mark your calendars!


May 15-17, 2015:  Dayton Hamvention, Dayton, OH.


May 16, 2015: 15th Annual Swapfest/Picnic, Amarillo, TX.


May 23, 2015:  4th Annual Eastern NM Amateur Radio Tailgate, Clovis, NM.


June 6, 2015:  Montrose Amateur Radio Club Tailgate Party,


June 6, 2015:  2015 White Mountain Hamfest, Show Low, AZ.


June 12, 2015:  West Gulf Division Convention, Irving, TX.


June 27-28:  ARRL Field Day 2015.


July 24, 2015:  ARCA/Williams Annual Summerfest, Williams, AZ.


July 31, Aug 1 & 2, 2015:  Utah Hamfest, Ruby’s Inn, Bryce Canyon UT.


August 7-9, 2015:  Duke City Hamfest,


August 29, 2015:  Alamogordo Hamfest, Alamogordo, NM,


October 3, 2015:  Socorro Hamfest at the Socorro Fire Academy.  Banquet October 2 at Bodega.



Silent Key Report (Reported by ARRL ASM Don Grab, K5BIS): 

We regretfully note the passing of the following Amateur Radio Operators –


John Zubersky, AF5VG, Albuquerque, NM. Passed 4/1/15, Age 68. Obituary in Albuquerque Journal, 4/5/15.


Daniel "Dave" Donohue, AC5M, Albuquerque, NM. Passed 4/6/15, Age 77. Obituary in Albuquerque Journal, 4/7-8/15.


Dr. Lothar O."Bud" Hoeft, WA5TBK, Albuquerque, NM. Passed 4/26/15, Age 83. Obituary in Albuquerque Journal, 5/1-3/15.


Lisa Gordon, KC8UNM, Albuquerque, NM.  Passed April 2015, Age 40.  From the May 2015 HDARC Newsletter.




General Information

The Section Web site, designed and implemented by Mike Pendley, K5ATM, can be found at  If your club or group is not yet set up on the web site please contact Mike at k5atm (at) and he will set up your login information.  Our thanks to Mike for the great job he’s doing and many thanks to our web host sponsor, Southwest Cyberport (swcp).

Visit our national organization, ARRL, at and our Section web site at

I would like to hear what your group is doing.  Please email me at  Please submit items by the 5th of the month to be included in the Section News.

 73, Bill W5YEJ






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