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ARRL Sections - Southern Florida

Southern Florida

Southern Florida

Contact Information

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Southern Florida
Jeff Beals
Daytime Phone:
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Basic Information


                        Southern Florida Section Contact Information


Section Manager  Jeff Beals, WA4AW   561-252-6707


Affiliated Club Coordinator           Jeff Beals, WA4AW 

Official Observer Coordinator         Al Flapan, AF4FA   

Assistant OOC                                      Vacant                        

Public Information Coordinator         Dan Fisher, AI4GK

Assistant PIC                                      Sherri Brower, W4STB

Section Emergency Coordinator     Larry Zimmer, W4LWZ

Assistant SEC                                    Barry Porter, KB1PA

Section Traffic Manager                Ed Johnson, W2PH 

Section Webmaster                     Barry Porter, KB1PA    

Section Youth Coordinator      Tom Loughney, AJ4XM       

State Government Liasion      Sherri Brower, W4STB   

Technical Coordinator             Phil Mollica, W2AR           



                                       District Assistant Section Managers

                                         District Emergency Coordinators


Gold Coast District               Monroe, Miami-Dade, Broward & Palm Beach Counties

Asst. SM                               Marty Falk, KI4IQZ       

Asst. SM                                 Barry Porter, KB1PA   

District EC                                


 Treasure Coast District         Martin, St. Lucie, Indian River      & Okeechobee Counties

Asst. SM                                    

District EC                                Steve Lowman, N4SGL


Space Coast District               Brevard & Osceola Counties

  ASM/DEC                                Vacant



Gulf Coast District                    Collier, Lee, Hendry & Glades Counties

ASM/DEC                              Larry Zimmer, W4LWZ  

SFL ARES NM                           Thom Street, N5KFR







                                                SECTION NEWS


                   Recent SFL Field Organization Appointments


Brevard County      

                                     Ed Johnson, W2PH             STM & ORS


Broward County       Marty Falk, KI4IQZ           ASM, Gold Coast

                                      Kenny Hollenbeck, KD4ZFW         NM

                                      Pete Rimmel, N8PR                       TS

                                     Scott Ireland, KK4WYB                    PIO

                                       Jeff Stahl, K4BH                             EC


Hendry County             Gary Striker, KB4K                    TS

                                        Frank Harris, WA4PAM             EC

                                        Andrew Frame, WD4RCC     AEC


Indian River County   Sherri Brower, W4STB    SGL & Asst. PIC

                                         Gary Webster, N1PZB     ARES PIO

                                          Paul Bartoszewicz, KC2LXV      PIO


                                           Phil Mollica, W2AR                      TC


Lee County                   Larry Zimmer, W4LWZ        SEC & ASM, Gulf Coast

                                        Steve Smith, W9GPI              EC

                                          John Wells, W4CMH             PIO


Miami-Dade County          Frank de Cespedes, AK4FU     EC             


Palm Beach County          

                                               Barry Porter, KB1PA           ASM & EC

                                              Chris Anderson, KK4ENJ   AEC

                                              Tom Loughney, AJ4XM      SYC & TS


                                            John Fulford, WA4VPY       TS

                                              Al Maslin, N3EA                 TS

                                        Charlie Dennis, KM4DIZ      PIO



St. Lucie County              Richard Cassada, W4DAC         TS

                                             Paul Horner, W4ISZ                     EC



EC-001 Graduates     

Jan C Lederman        K9JCL

Jack Meehan            KJ4VLV

Charlie Benn            WB2SNN

Terri Moorhouse        KJ4FJC

Simon Sapot            KM4IQZ

Melen Ham            KM4EWO

Kevin Jackson            W4JKJ

Nicole Falcone-Weiner    KM4MOM

Gene Weiner            KK4UKC

Chris Anderson        KK4ENJ

Karen Anderson        KK4ENM

John Wells                 W4CMH

Mike Wilson            KK4HPB

Brad Magill               KW1P

Ron Schoner             K4OIL


EC-016 Graduates      Barry Porter, KB1PA


PR-101 Graduates         Paul Bartoszewicz, KC2LXV

                                          Jeff Beals, WA4AW

                                           Barry Porter, KB1PA

                                           Gary Webster, N1PZB

                                           Mike Stowe, KV4MS

                                           John Wells, W4CMH














                                   Visit our SFL Section Website



Surf to to get additional info about our section & it's activities. Take a look at the site and if information about your county is missing or outdated, ask your EC or Club President to send the information to our Webmaster, Barry, KB1PA. His email is



If you need more detail on Section officials and  District & County Emergency Coordinators go to


Please check the Affiliated Club listing and update the contact name, phone number, e-mail and web site address. You won't get new club members is your club can't be contacted and the meeting sites can't be located. Also, be sure to appoint a club PIO in order to have local media outlets contacted for meeting dates and club events.


Hamfests and Free Fleas

Any hamfest, no matter what size may request ARRL sanctioning. Please see: for hamfest and convention rules
See: for the list of ARRL awards checkers. If you wish to have an awards checker at your hamfest these arrangements must be made by the hamfest committee and the cards checker.

If you wish to have cards checked at a location other than a hamfest contact the card checkers directly
*** for details on submitting cards for DXCC awards go to:

"A great hamfest is usually one that you find something you wanted or something you thought you would never see," says Bill, W2CQ.


                                            Upcoming Events


 Florida State Convention (Orlando HamCation)


Start Date: 02/09/2018
End Date: 02/11/2018

 Location: Central Florida Fairgrounds
4603 West Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL 32801
Sponsor: Orlando Amateur Radio Club

Talk-In: 146.76 (no PL tone during hamfest)
Public Contact: John Knott , N4JTK
PO Box 574962 Orlando, FL 32857
Phone: 407-841-0874


Southern Florida Section Convention



Start Date: 03/17/2018

 Location: Martin County Fairgrounds
2616 SE Dixie Highway(A1A)
Stuart, FL 34994

Sponsor: Martin County Amateur Radio Association

Talk-In: 147.06 
Public Contact: Doug Shields , W4DAS
PO Box 1901 Stuart, FL 34995
Phone: 772-349-7820






Start Date: 04/07/2018

Location: Indian River State College
3209 Virginia Avenue
Fort Pierce, FL 34945
Sponsor: Fort Pierce Amateur Radio Club

Talk-In: 147.345 (PL 107.2)
Public Contact: John Sweigart , KK4SHF
4103 Smokey Pines Court Fort Pierce, FL 34951
Phone: 772-905-3552


Cy Harris Free Flea

Start Date: 04/07/2018

Location: Collins Center
3900 NE 3rd Avenue
Oakland Park, FL 
Sponsor: Broward ARC (W4AB)

Talk-In: 146.91 (PL 110.9)
Public Contact: Tony Becker , N4AEB
3721 West State Road 84, Unit 102 Davie, FL 33312
Phone: 954-612-9303






























Section policy has been and will continue to be: if health, family or work matters interfere with an appointee performing the duties of the appointment he/she may step aside without hard feelings and may apply for an appointment at a later date when the other matters are settled.

Amateur radio in many areas receives a lot of favorable press and praise from government officials for their work during and after the storms. Why? Because there were PIOs (Public Information Officers) working with ARES to get the information out in real time and the PIOs were available to the media. Where does your ARES group stand in this area?

Need to know who your ARES® Emergency Coordinator is? When the traffic nets are held? Hamfests throughout the area? How to complete the Public Service Honor Roll (PSHR) report? Go to:

Need traffic handling procedures? Need information about ARES® and RACES functions? Can't find information on your individual traffic count for your Station Activity Report? Go to:
I will be happy to mail traffic handling information to anyone interested... Just ask.

SFAN (Saturday at 8AM local, 3.940MHz ), Net Manager is Thom, N5KFR.
All ECs are encouraged to check into these nets or send an OES representative if you cannot join the net. All ARES members are welcome to join the nets.

If your weekly net and local repeater has IRLP or Echolink check-in available please let Ed, W2PH and us know. Also advise the ARES EC in your county and the neighboring counties. This information could be useful during disasters.

If you are going out of town for more than a few days when the season is quiet or more than 48 hours with a system beginning, please notify your local EC. Time is of the essence when a phone tree is activated or when members are phoned after they do not check into a resource net. And, especially if you can't deploy to a shelter or to another area, please offer your time to phone members, enter logs into a database, provide route directions, or other at-home activities. Everyone can do something.


Check into a net - better to learn how now than during a disaster!

FMSN (FL Medium Speed CW Net) 3.651 Daily 6:30 PM
QFN (All FL CW Traffic Net) 3.547 Daily 7:00 PM, 10:00 PM
FAST (FL Amateur Sideband Traffic Net) 3.940 Daily 6:00 PM
FMTN (FL Midday Traffic Net 7.242 Daily 12:00 Noon
FPTN (Friendly Florida Phone Traffic Net -- 3.940 Daily 6:55 AM
NFAN (North FL ARES Net) 3.950 M-S 9:00 AM
NFPN (North FL Phone Net) 3.950 Daily 5:30 PM Winter 6:30 PM Summer
SFAN (South FL ARES Net) 3.940 Sat 8:00 AM
TPTN (Tropical Phone Traffic Net) 3.940 Daily 5:00 PM
SEFTN (Southeast FL Traffic Net) (2 meter) 146.610- Daily 6:00 PM
SWFTN (Southwest FL Traffic Net) (2 meter) 146.685 M-S 10:00 AM -- A great place to check for other ARES/NTS info


Does your club have a Publicity Chairperson? Is there a Public Information Officer for your ARES group? Are these people actively promoting amateur radio on an ongoing basis and are they known at the EOC by the county or city PIO? For more information read the e-magazine "Contact", at For more info, contact our PIC, Dan Fisher, AI4GK at


Say Hello to your world with Amateur Radio. Get on the air, talk up ham radio, be an Elmer to a new ham & support your local club and ARES group.


Vy 73,

Jeff, WA4AW


Southern Florida Officials