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              June 2014 Report

SM: Charles Hardy, WV8CH; ASM: K8WV; ACC: N8NH;

Please help me in welcoming the new Coal Country Amateur Radio Club. They just got their Affiliation letter from ARRL HQ so lets give them a hand in getting their club up and running.

  Please come out and support your Amateur Radio counsel. All WV AMATEURS are members of the WVSARC – come to the meeting and support the ARRL WV Convention. The state convention has been changed to August 23rd, the 4th weekend in August for this year.

ALL AMATEUR RADIO OPERATORS CAN KEEP UP TO DATE on activities and actions in the amateur community, visit .  Lots of drop boxes – enjoy surfing and searching the site.  Support ARRL in WV – join.

  Many of you have worked very hard to keep your clubs active and assisted during severe weather events, and of course, participated in the Hamfests throughout the years.  Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.


WV AMATEUR RADIO CLUBs –Thanks to the several clubs for updating the WVSARC Club list.   Should you have an Amateur Radio Club you would like to list, just visit and click on the Add or Edit Club link. 
Charles Hardy, WV8CH, ARRL WV STM, Net Manager for the WV ARES®/RACES Emergency Net will be accepting volunteers for the 2014 monthly Net Control positions – The Net Control position would take about ½ hour one evening a month (1st  Thursday following the 6:00 PM Fone Net on 3810). Should you be interested in becoming a Net Control, contact 
Dan Ringer, K8WV, ARRL WV Section ASM:
Should you have a question related to amateur radio and ARRL, just contact Dan at

Keith Richmond, W8KER, ARRL WV Section OOC:
WV OO June activity – two (2) OO’s reporting and a total of 80 hours monitoring and no (0) notices sent. If you are Interested in becoming an OO you may contact Keith at

Bill Hunter, K8BS, ARRL WV Section SGL:
State Government Liaison providing support with the State OES.


Dirk Burnside, WD8PAD, ARRL WV STM:
Should you have a technical problem, just contact Dirk for assistance at
ARRL ACTIVITIES: The ARRL letter will be posted each Friday.
ARRL Letter  also available on Audio News 
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W1AW   Schedule
Visit the  website for ARES® and related information.
FEMA online independent study course that presents the concepts of Emergency
Support Function #2-Communications Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation
Database – Is your MAILING ADDRESS AND NAME current in the FCC database

There seems to be an influx of new “Hams and Upgrades”, see lists below.  Please try to Elmer and support those new to the “hobby”.

WV NEW AMATEURS for June 2014 "Welcome To" Rodney O Dillon, KD8YWS; James R Barry, KD8YWF; John H Fouch, KD8YWU; Joseph A Gibbs, KD8YWT; Andrew C Hinte, KD8YXW; Joseph D Rice, KD8YVB; James M Frazier, KD8YZG; David E Mc Donald, KD8YVC; Henry C Vest, KD8YXX; Robert A Combs, KD8YZF; Josh S Baker, KD8YTY; Richard P Byers, KD8YXY; and  Joshua R King, KD8YTX.

WV Amateur Upgrades for June 2014 "CONGRATULATIONS TO"  
 Kirk W Norton, KD8WOC; Scott L Winburn, KD8YHP; Michael D Farnsworth, KD8VLL; Robert G Hardman, KD8YDB; James M Walker, KD8WMF; Kenneth J Grymala, KC4PK; and Joseph J Smith, KD8YFE.

Be sure to Congratulate them the next time you see them or hear them on the air. 

WV ARRL MEMBER (New/Renew) –June 2014 – “WELCOME TO"  Ivan M Scarbrough, KD8REZ; Loretta L Frazier, KD8YJY; Robert E Frazier, KC8LDA; Patrick E Fowler, K3MQP; David L Basham, AE8Y; Denver R Perry, AC8QQ; Joseph A Gibbs, KD8YWT; Phillip A Sanford, AF8H; Kenneth C Cox, WA8OMR; Terry W Wyatt, KB8EIR;  Charles W Morgan, KD8PPR; Robert A Combs, KD8YZF; Alton G Myers, KD8YLS; Spencer W Graham, KB8FIR; and Shaun R Neidlinger, KB3CXQ.                 

Matt Gregg,KD8OMT ARRL WV Section Emergency Coordinator: May 2014 Report See ARES® Reports below. Interested in public service and emergency communications, join the ARRL and subscribe to the ARES® E-Letter at and for NON-members

Total number of ARES members:  114   Change since last month:

Number of drills, tests and training sessions reported this month: 29 Person hours  

Number of public service events reported this month: 4   Person hours 

Number of emergency operations reported this month: 0  Person hours 0

Total number of ARES operations reported this Month:  147  Total Person hours  586.5

WV SEC Matt Gregg  I have sent out emails to the folks who hold the Emergency Coordinator spot that has not sent in reports in some time. I am giving folks a few days to report back to me. If I don't hear back from them via email or phone call I will send letter via USPS to them to get them reporting. We have several openings in the state for Emergency Coordinators and I am looking for volunteers for those counties.

  • Mason County – Had monthly meeting at Pleasant Valley Hospital and saw the new radio room ares the hospital is giving us to use. EC Matt Gregg attended Mason County LEPC meeting. Still working on getting new UHF repeater up and running. Mason County Asst. EC Jeff / K8JMH took part in the regional health department drill. He used the radio at the Mason County Health Department and we found out it needs a little tweaking to make it fully functional. 
  • Barbour County – Nothing new to report.
  • Pocahontas County -Provided comms for the Habitat for Humanity bike ride. The ride started from Camp Caesar in Webster co. followed Williams River upstream into Pocahontas to the Scenic Highway to Marlinton and back down Williams River back to Camp Caesar. 147.090 and 147.390 were used for the event.
  • Marshall County  P.A/ N.B.E.M.S. with Western Pa. Every Sunday for the Month of April N.Y. / N.B.E.M.S. Every Saturday.
  • Putnam County – Nothing new to Report.
  • Morgan County –Nothing new to report.
  • Wood County - Terry Mills, KC8TUE, EC Wood County, reported that on June 3rd, Wood County Emergency Communications (WCEC) and Wood County ARES held their monthly business meeting at the Lubeck Civic Center. Dot Harris (KC8HAI) provided snacks. After the main business was over the group talked about what needed to be done for Field Day. On June 7th, Ken Harris (WA8LLM) and Terry were part of a surprise 6 county functional exercise at the Mid Ohio Valley Health Department at the 6th Street office. Notification of the exercise was made by the WVREDI system to participants and they were told to report to the Health Department by 9:30 am. The exercise was called Operation Spoiled Milk, and tested the Heath Department response in a real time event with a mass prolonged power interruption scenario. Inspectors were given packets with actual business names and addresses. They actually drove to those locations but did not physically contact said businesses. Instead, each business’s envelope had an individual scenario that the Inspectors had to deal with as they would in the actual event. The Sanitarians for all 6 counties were manning phones to take calls from the field, as they would be doing in that situation. Ken and Terry represented volunteer staffing for communications, and they were asked to observe, and report on deficiencies, and advantages, in their internal communication process as well. A couple of anomalies in preparation and instruction were discovered internally, but were quickly noted and rectified. Most of the hiccups seemed to be with the WV REDI system, as a number of participants did not receive their alerts until well after the designated starting time for the exercise. While Terry was alerted by Ken, Terry’s actual alert from the system didn’t come thru until approximately 9:00am. A hot wash was held after the exercise and those topics were all discussed. While the Health Department response seemed to flow smoothly, the alerting system definitely needs peaked and tweaked. Also on June 4th, WCEC and Wood County ARES loaned one of their 24 by 40 canopies, tables, and chairs to the Eastwood Volunteer Fire Department for their annual Ice cream Social. They also loaned two 24 by 40 canopies to the Broadway Church of the Nazarene for a kids day event. It was a very busy day. Eastwood VFD holds their social as a fundraiser for their department every year. WCEC has a good relationship with there county fire departments and supports them in any way they can. There 15 ARES members present. On June 21st WCEC/ARES loaned two of the 24 by 40 canopies to the Lubeck VFD for an all day music concert. There were 5 ARES members present. Then on June 28-29th, WCEC and Wood Count ARES participated in the annual ARRL Field Day exercise. The group sat up 5 stations at the Hendershot farm in Walker, WV, and operated the 24hour period. They are still going thru sheets and logs for total point. The group seemed to have trouble with band conditions this year, as they appeared to be rather dead. Terry said that he ran 20 Meter PSK this year and only obtained a little over 50 confirmed contacts. Usually, the bands are jammed but not this year. The group’s Field Day had visits from three served agencies, the. Mid Ohio Valley Health Department Camden Clark Medical Center, and the Wood County 911. There were even some low power contacts to Ukraine and Iceland. There were 31 ARES members present over the 24 hour period.
  • Pleasants County - Ken Harris, WA8LLM, DEC District 3, said that along with the activities that Terry Mills, KC8TUE, reported in his EC Report, that on June 11th he attended the Wood County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) meeting. On June 24th, he attended the Pleasants County School Safety Committee Meeting, and the Ritchie County LEPC Meeting.
  • Jefferson County Weekly Net held on 147.255 Repeater. Monthly Net check-ins at the Jefferson County EOC to check equipment. WV FONE net and ARES net were contacted. Eastern Panhandle ARES net was also contacted. Jefferson County Medical Center ARES MOU exercised. Opequon Radio Society held Field Day.
  • Tucker County: Nothing new to report. Monthly Net had 2 WV counties and 1 Maryland county.
  • Gilmer County: Nothing new to report.
  • Cabell County:  Cabell County ARES has been busy during the month of June. On Monday June 23rd, a work day, 10 of our members provided logistic communications for the Cabell/Wayne Counties LEPC Community Disaster drill. Our priority was to provide communications with buses transporting “victims” to and from the area hospitals. The drill itself was based on a river tour boat, with passengers, that had a fire in its engine room. The drill involved 18 direct responding agencies, local and federal, and 12 supporting agencies. The lead agency for this drill was the local U.S. Coast Guard Unit. Our response for this drill was great given it occurred on a work day. The Amateur Radio operators involved in this drill were; Fred Herr, EC, WD8AGH, Gregg Hendry, AEC, W8DUQ, Mark Killen, KD8QIG, Teresa Killen, KD8QIH, Ashton Killen, KD8QII, Jeff Adkins, KD8LRZ, Frank Dickey, KD8SZE, and members of Lawrence County Ohio ARES David Spears, KD8CRX, Jim Rowe, N8TVO and Jerry Lockhart, W8HIC from Portsmouth, Ohio. A net was also established for other resource amateur operators with several others checking in unfortunately at this time I don’t have their names. As a side note, on the Friday before the drill we tested our automated call out system. A list of our members was placed in the Cabell County's WARN system and a test message was sent to those listed with many responding that they had received the test message.
  • Randolph County -Nothing has happened. Field day activities were held with Tucker County. The Auto Rally has been canceled this year due to the organizer getting a job promotion. They do plan to return next year though.
  • Kanawha County - No meeting for June, hope to have a combined meeting with Putnam soon.
  • Boone County - participated in the Health Dept/ARES drill on June 11th with success. All traffic understood and passed along. Myself, KB8GLY and Michael Mayhorn  WV8MWM participated. Also, our club, Coal Country ARC participated in ARRL Field Day. set up was a success, with 321 entries logged in the 24 hour period.
  • Jackson County – Nothing new to report.
  • Lincoln County - Helped in the regional health department exercise also.
  • Hancock County - participated in the FEMA drill for the Beaver Valley Power Station. Two people for 5 hours each plus 11 check-ins when we made calls for a simulated callup.



Charles Hardy, WV8CH, ARRL WV STM: June 2014 
See the ARRL WV Section NTS Net Reports, the Station Activity Reports (SAR) and the Public Service Honor Roll (PSHR) reports below. 

HF Nets Reporting Stations Traffic Time Minutes Sessions Net Manager 

WV Fone Net            556        138       669                30        W8YS                          WV Midday Net         444        109       410               30        W3GEG     WVCW Net Early        67         25        186                28        KD8G                                  WV CW Net Late        31           5          93                 22       KD8G                           WV ARES®                18          0           30                  1        WV8CH             Total                1116       277       1388             111 

 ARES®2 Meter Nets          Stations  Traffic Time Minute Sessions                District 6 ARES®                     62            1         52                5                                                 Total                                        62            1         52                5 

2 Meter Nets               Stations Traffic TimeMinutes sessions         

BDARC Net                       53        0             122            8                                               

                  Total                53          0             122          8          

               Station Activity Report  (SAR) –June 2014 

Station           Orig   Rec   Sent    Del  Total                                                 KA8ZGY         73     13      74       22     182                                                   W8CPG           3      21       3          0       27                                                WV8CH           2    125      40       22     189

Total:             78    159    117       42     398                                


                  Public Service Honor Roll (PSHR) -June 2014

Station                       1       2       3       4       5       6       Total                  KA8ZGY                 27     40      20      15      0      20       122       W8CPG                  39     27      20       0       0       0         86           WV8CH                  40     40      30      20      0      20       150                         Stations  = 3         106   107      70      35      0      40       358  ====================================================
Jeff Wood, N8NH, ARRL WV Section ACC
If you have any questions about clubs in your area please feel free to contact me at   73  Jeffrey Woods N8NH.
ARRL Affiliated Clubs –
Visit the ARRL Club site www.arrl/org
 to update your clubs ANNUAL REPORT.

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***Please visit the West Virginia State Amateur Radio Council (WVSARC)
website at  and update your
club/organization information and email address.    All WV Amateur Clubs
 are asked to register on the site...
*** Check out the above list of “New”, Upgrade WV Amateurs and ARRL
members for your club to contact as perspective members.
*** WV Club Newsletters – Does your club have a newsletter – please
send hardcopy or by email.

Should you need an update to the listing below, contact:

64 Repeater Group     Dwight D. Hensley, N8HZ, Barboursville, WV

Barbour County Area Amateur Radio Club

Black Diamond ARC /wv8bd/

Charleston Ham fest and Computer Show

Doddridge County Amateur Radio Society

East River Radio Club

Eastern Panhandle ARC

Jackson County ARC

Jefferson County Amateur Radio Club

Kanawha Amateur Radio Club

Logan County ARC 

Mon County Amateur Radio Club 

Monongalia Wireless Assn.

Mountain State Transmitters     Jeffrey A. Broschart, KC8OBS

Mountaineer ARA (contract Joe Radcliff, WD8EOG)

Opequon Radio Society

Parkersburg Amateur Radio Klub

Plateau Amateur Radio Assn

Ritchie Amateur Group

Southern WV ARA, Inc

Stonewall Jackson ARA

Tri-County Ham Radio Club 

Tri-State Amateur Radio Assn.  

West Virginia Amateur Radio

West Virginia DX Assn.                            

West Virginia University ARC

WV State Amateur Radio Council

WV Wesley College ARC


WV HF Nets Name                 Day(s)   Time (local)   Freq. (MHz)    Mgr.

West Virginia CW Early Net    Daily        1900              3.567          KD8G

West Virginia Fone Net              Daily     1800              3.810          W8YS

West Virginia CW Late Net     Daily         2200             3.567          KD8G

WV ARES/RACES Emg.Net  1stThurs .   1830            3.810       WV8CH

West Virginia Mid Day Net      Daily        1145     7.235 / 3.810      W3GEG

Triple States ARES CW Net     Wed.        1846            28.480         KF8RL

TSARC 10 meter Phone Net     Wed.        1930            28.480        N8FQN

TSARC 40 meter Net                Wed.        2000             7.260         K8UGO


WV VHF Nets    Day(s)  Time       Freq. (MHz)        Coverage         Mgr.

8 Rivers ARC      Tu       2100    145.110 T107.2   Pocah. Co. +   KC8CSE

BDARC             Fr/Tu    2100      145.370 T 100.0 Raleigh Co. +  kb8que 

Barbour Co ARES  Th   2100    145.140-           Barbour Co.     KC8MLK

Cabell Co ARES    M       2030  146.760-/443.850 Hunt/KY/OH   KB8LSR

Eastern Pan.Trfi M-F     1845     147.255+    Morg/Berk/Jeff.Co. KB8NDS

Fayette Co. ARES®  2,4 Th  2030     146.790-   Fayette.Co +     WV8CH

Gilmer Co.  ARES®     Th       1900     145.290-   Central WV      KA8ZXP

Harrison Co. ARES®  Th       1900     146.685- North Central WV      WJ8G

Jefferson Co ARES®  Su    2030     147.255+        Jefferson Co.

KARC 2mtr        Su       2030    145.350-      Kanawha Co. +       N8TMW

MountainStateFM  Sat   2100   145.370        Tucker Co./adj.      KD8HJN

Northern WV ARES®  W      2030     145.300-      Northern WV         KB8QIR

Ohio Co ARES®   Su      2000     146.760-       Ohio Co.                KC8CR

Pendleton Co ARES®/R Th   1900      147.285+   Eastern WV      N8HON

PioneerARA2mtr T      1900      146.835-      Central WV         KB8EUN

PlateauARA2mtr  Su    2100     146.790-       Fayette.Co +       WV8CH

Steuben.Weirton   Su    2000     147.060+    North WV/E OH     W8DYF

SWJARC 2mtr     T      1900      147.210+    North Central WV N8FMD

TSARC News Net F     2000      146.910-     North. Panhdl.          K8AN

TSARC Skywarn  T     1915      146.910-     North. Panhdl     WD8PQG

Tyler Co ARES® Org. M    2100      147.360+    Tyler Co. +     KB8TIV

Wayne Co ARES  M    2100      147.390+    Louisa,KY/WV   KC8ICK

WV East Reg ARES®S M   2000       147.255+  Morg/Berk/Jeff.Co. K8WXI

Michael Erwin, KD8MRU, ARRL WV Section PIC:
Please contact Michael at  should you have questions related to Public Information processes and/or  advertising upcoming events.

08/09/2014 | 52nd Annual Hamest 2014Location: Huntington, WV
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: Tri-State Amateur Radio Association


08/23/2014 | West Virginia State Convention

Location: Weston, WV
Type: ARRL Convention
Sponsor: West Virginia State Amateur Radio Council (WVSARC)

10/11/2014 | Parkersburg/Wood County Hamfest

Location: Mineral Wells, WV
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: Wood County Emergency Communications



 ARRL West Virginia Section
Section Manager: Mr. Charles L Hardy Jr, WV8CH


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