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We Do That!

With Amateur Radio

There are three main campaigns that ARRL has produced to promote Amateur Radio.

This one is about the technical aspects and achievements of hams.

It's NOT your Grandfather's radio any more!  Amateur Radio operators have AM, FM, digital, computerized communications with satellites, TV, internet hybrids, and much, much more.

This is an excellent presentation for schools, young adults and those whose interests lie in the sciences, engineering and are just plain curious.

The We Do That!  presentation has several files in a suite which are intended to stay together.  Audio, video, PowerPoint, pictures  and even a script you can modify for your local uses - everything to make a first class presentation.

We highly recommend you also contact the ARRL and request the brochures which accompany this campaign.  Go see the brochures.

There's also a special website to go with this presentation.  Go to:


Download Presentation


This is a large .ZIP file that may take some time to download - but it is worth it

See the movie!


This 30 second public service movie is one of the videos available for you to use with local TV and cable stations. High resolution versions are also available.