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PR Tools for PICs and PIOs

  • Media Hits

    Each month we get LOTS of hits. Here's a list of most of them. Learn More

  • PIO PIC Job Description

    The "job description" and role of the PIO and PIC in ARRL's organization. Learn More

  • PIO Go-Kits

    Materials to have on hand at all times - and how to do it easily. Learn More

  • PR Email Reflector

    Stay current on PR events by joining the Public Relations E-mail reflector. Learn More

  • Public Service Announcements

    Audio and Video PSAs are available from ARRL for placement on TV and Radio. Learn More

  • Campaign Information

    Work with the three primary reasons people become interested in Amateur Radio. Learn More

  • How the PR Program Works

    The strategy and plans to promote Amateur Radio in the US Learn More

  • PR Resources

    A collection of tips, tricks and aids for promoting Amateur Radio. Learn More