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To make your group or club grow, people need to know you are there!

This course is designed to give hams a quick overview in public relations activities. It uses the skills of experts in various aspects of public relations to provide volunteer Public Information Officers with the basic skills and expectations that a PIO needs to know to be effective in their home region.  PR-101 covers everything from the basic news release to Web sites and video work.

The materials can also be used as a handbook - a reference to keep with you that comes in handy!

Special sections cover emergency communications and the media - what Amateur Radio wants the world to know and how to position it for best results.

The PR101 course is conveniently set-up for you to complete it on your own schedule. Upon completion it guides you to the Web for a final exam (see below). Participants who successfully complete the exam will be directed to a special area where they can create, print and save a certificate of completion.  Graduates are recorded in our student database as having completed ARRL PIO training. (Note: ARRL members can view their student record when logged into the ARRL website.)

You can download a copy of the course below. Review the instructions for downloading the course.

Final Exam:

Once you have completed the study materials, contact the Education department at to request the login information you'll need to take the online final exam. To pass the exam, you need to score 75% or better, although you may take the exam as many times as you like.

PR-101 Version 1.1


The main files - 18 meg zipped