Public Service Announcements

PSAs for promotions

Below are PSA’s for broadcast radio station play and more continually come out as volunteers help in their creation. These mp3 files are easily played (left click) or downloaded (right click and save) and can be taken to your local radio stations. We have many audio PSA mp3 recordings available. Most are serious, but Amateur Radio also has its humorous side too.

We also have video programs and public service announcements.  

Additional tips and help in getting audio PSAs on the air are also available.

Tornadoes 2011 60 sec


60 second audio PSA about tornado work April 2011

Tornadoes 2011 30 sec


30 sec audio PSA about tornado actions April 2011

Not your Grandfather's Radio


Humorous PSA about the lifelong learning and technology of Amateur Radio

Women can be hams too!


Never underestimate to power (or numbers) of women hams

What is ham radio


Highlighting the fun side of Amateur Radio

Emergency - Ham Radio Works


More examples of Ham Radio responses in an audio PSA



Wirelessly - 30 second audio PSA by Al Urkawich, WI1W, and Jay Kolinsky, NE2Q

Technical people


Technology Club - 30 second audio PSA by Al Urkawich, WI1W, and Jay Kolinsky, NE2Q

In the Beginning


Al Urkawich, WI1W, and Jay Kolinsky, NE2Q, strike again with "IN THE BEGINNING" a 30 second audio PSA