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PR Email Reflector

ARRL has a special email reflector for Public Information Officers and others.  We use it to share ideas and events in promoting Amateur Radio.

To join in the reflector, send an email request to

The PR reflector was designed to provide a forum for sharing information and ideas about Amateur Radio related PR topics. Share your successes, your PR dilemmas or ask a question. The list contains a lot of PIOs, media professionals and League officials who can offer helpful advice. It is important that we keep all postings on the topic of public relations. Many participants belong to other reflector groups and receive a good deal of e-mail on a regular basis. Messages that are off-topic are an inconvenience for those who are here to discuss Amateur Radio public relations.

Post a message to, everyone on the list will see it. Reply to a message that someone else has posted, and only the initial poster will see your response. While having the entire group see your response may be a good way to stimulate further conversation, many topics are better one on one.

Depending on your own Internet service provider and how they have set up your service, you may or may not be able to post with an address, but rather need to be listed with your actual e-mail address. Most providers do not cause this problem, but some still do.

Whenever you send a message to the listserver, please add your name, call sign and any other information that is appropriate so others know who the message is from.

Please refrain from posting copyrighted news articles on the PR Reflector. Instead, please just post the links to the articles.

If you'd like to be removed from the list or you know of someone who would like to join us, please e-mail

Last but not least, please advise us of any e-mail address changes or additional addresses that you may have occasion to use to access the reflector.



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