How ARRL's PR Program Works


The Public Relations Committee is a national level committee appointed annually by the President of the ARRL.  Comprised of people with extensive experience in different areas of public relations, media work, news and social issues experience, this committee is the “go to” group to make national level events happen.  They provide support, advice and skilled help to make things happen.

Each section (there are 71 sections in the USA) should have a Public Information Coordinator (PIC) appointed by the Section Manager (SM).   Each PIC, with approval of the SM, recruits and helps local ARRL Public Information Officers (PIO) in promoting Amateur Radio in their home area.

The key to success is in continuously providing the PIOs with the very best materials, information and tools that we can.  In addition to basic news releases and messages sent out, the ARRL provides them free access to a host of tools:

There is also CONTACT! – a monthly electronic magazine for PIOs and a PR email reflector to keep up with breaking events and ideas.

Public Relations forums are regularly held at major hamfests and conventions to listen and learn of new ways to help PIOs in the field.

A new development is sections trying appointments  for an “ARES-PIO, “ – a PIO specifically tasked and trained to work with and in an emergency setting, JIC or similar situation.

Committee 2013

Board Liaison
Dr. James Boehner, N2ZZ

Committee Chairman
Kevin O’Dell, N0IRW

RAC Liaison
Alan Bauld, VE3CBR

Bill Morine, N2COP
Don Carlson, KQ6FM
Ed Tyler, N4EDT
Mark Kraham, W8CMK
Jack Sovik, KB8WPZ
Steven Polunsky, W5SMP
Doug Lamb, K4EK

ARRL Staff 
Media & PR Manager


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How ARRL PR Works


The strategy of the ARRL Public Relations program