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Why I Love It

Long before receiving my license, ham radio has been synonymous with the word "FUN" for me because of the wonderful experience of making new friends at Field Days as well as national and international gatherings that I attended with my husband, Reinhard, DL1UF. My competitive streak resonates with the exciting activity of contesting and DX'ing, which led me to jump right into an ARRL VHF QSO Party and make more than enough radio contacts around the country to win my first award only two months after getting my own callsign. Working as a Medical Technologist in a hospital setting, I quickly gained an appreciation for the importance of Emergency Communication and now aim to be trained and become a valuable part of the Amateur Radio Emergency Services so that I can contribute during emergency situations in our nation.
Ingrid S. Geissler, W7ISG

What's not to love? There's challenges - testing for the license, contests, and awards. There's fun - events, clubs, and friends in all parts of the world. There's satisfaction - communications for public events, emergency communications for disasters and delivering a radiogram that says "Happy Mother's Day." There's life-long learning - new equipment, new kinds of radio transmissions, geography, and electronics. There's your unique name - your amateur radio call sign. There's something for everyone.
Sherri Brower, W4STB
Vero Beach, FL

Amateur Radio is a never-ending journey, because (as for true travellers in ancient times) its aim is not the destination, but the journey itself. My experience has been rewarding in many ways, mainly from a human point of view. I have made friends that have become life-time friends. We have searched and done things together. We have succeeded. We have failed. We have always tried. By trying to improve ourselves, we have shared opinions and knowledge with others. I started more than 40 years ago, when I was 12, and still feel the excitement as it were the first day. That's why I love ham radio.
Luigi Belvederi, I4AWX / AB1FJ
President of the Italian Amateur Radio Society

Ham Radio is always there, even when you don't think about it. For me, just knowing that 'when all else fails' there is a form of communications that has withstood the test of time. As I look around and watch old ways of communications constantly being updated by newer, more modern forms like digital communications, I can still get excited about making a contact. What other hobby/public service can you reach out across the world and know if you were in need, the hams would always be there? It's like landing in a foreign country, not knowing anyone, then stepping off the plane and reaching out through ham radio, and knowing that you would have a place to stay. That's the magic of ham radio.
Joyce Birmingham, KA2ANF

Amateur Radio is all about Magic! It's magic to talk to a complete stranger on the other side of the world while sitting in my car watching my son's football practice. It's magic to watch the eyes of a child light up when they talk to an astronaut on the International Space Station. It's magic to see the relief in a mother's face because the Amateur Radio operators providing communications at the county fair found her lost child. It's magic to see the excitement on the face of my son after getting his license and making his first contact. And who said magic isn't real.
Kevin O'Dell, N0IRW
Ardmore, OK

"Had this been an actual emergency, you would be instructed where to tune." This is something we have heard a billion times, but as hams we know where to turn--the frequencies reserved for us by treaty, so we can provide community service. And the community is world-wide--tsunamis in Thailand; hurricanes in America; mudslides in the Phillipines, etc. But through it all, ham radio was there helping and it made no difference if the operators were young or old, able-bodied or impaired, black, white or blue--they were there to help and that is why I love ham radio.
Jim McDonald, KB9LEI
Muncie, IN

Ham radio is a reflection of our world in miniature. There are so many wide ranging interests, so many fascinating people all with so much dedication and passion for the service they love. And just think of it -- decades of public service and friendships that extend across town across the country and around the world. And you'll find every walk of life and every generation in ham radio. It's fascinating and challenging and rewarding! It's unique! So say "Hello", get on the air and see for yourself!
Mary M. Hobart, K1MMH
Newington, CT



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