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PIC Joy Lynne Foss, K1SEW
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New England

LAST UPDATE 04/11/21

Exam information also available at:

Below you will find a list of EXAM and HAMFEST DATES. We will do our best to keep this list up-to-date. Please send along any additions and corrections to Joy Lynne Foss, Public Information Coordinator at .

All web page links are posted on the Maine Section web page or you can email Joy at



Wednesday, April 17th 9am, Wells Activity Center 113 Sanford Road, Wells, Preregistration by email is required.  Masks Required and Social Distancing shall be observed Sponsor: Southern Maine Packet Group Contact: Roger Pience,



Saturday April 24th 9 AM Warren Sanitary District 442 Cushing Rd (Rt 97) Warren Look for sign at the entrance  No Walk-ins / Pre Registrtion is required either by phone or email HURRY not many seats left.  Masks are Required and Social Distancing shall be observed. Sponsor: PBARC Contact: Joseph G. Devonshire 549-0061


Sunday April 25th  1:30 PM Warren Sanitary District 442 Cushing Rd (Rt 97) Warren Look for sign at the entrance  No Walk-ins / Pre Registrtion is required either by phone or email HURRY not many seats left. Masks are Required and Social Distancing shall be observed. Sponsor: PBARC Contact: Joseph Devonshire 549-0061


Monday May 3rd 6 pm (new location) Shiloh Chapel, (behind the chruch) 38 Beulah Lane, Durham ME Sponsor: Merrymeeting  ARA  Pre-registration is required due to the limited seating because of the COVID restrictions. Masks and social distancing are required.  Besides your mask please  bring your photo ID and $15 for the cost for the examination Contact: Donald Wakeman 751-1166


Saturday, June 5th  9 am  at the Hermon Mountain Ski Area, 441 Newburgh Rd  Hermon Pre-registration is required. contact Peter Bither, AI1O ( Please practice the social distancing.and a mask is required  mask



These are tentative dates only. Please check with the contact person before traveling to verify date, time, location and exams being offered.  Bring two forms of identification, including a photo I-D as well as the original.and photocopies or obtain your FRN (FCC Registration Number) in advance of the testing session. Check the web site -  Bring the FR and/or certificates of successful completion of examination. The photocopies will not be returned. Persons needing special accommodations should check with the contact person. Face Masks are required Please practice social distancing.


National Weather Service-Caribou, Maine             

National Weather   Service-Gray, Maine

Weather Spotter Training - Free and open to the public. Sessions Run  1 hr - 2 hr 


area Western/Southern/Coastal Maine and New Hampshire.



Weather Spotter Training is Free and open to the public. Sessions Run  1 hr - 2 hr Help your National Weather Service by becoming a Weather Spotter  The training will teach you how to identify and report severe weather as well as how to maintain awareness.

Where: Your Home

When: 6 PM Monday, May 3rd, Thursday May 13th OR Tuesday, May 18th


Check out the Gray Maine, National Weather Service online at

You can contact Donald Dumont for additional information

Monthly Link:


PAWA Monthly Administrative Meeting

The first Wednesday of each month at 7 pm  May 5th , June 2nd 


If you are looking for meeting information or have information about club meeting please email Joy Foss,

Oxford County ARES Net meets on the 2nd thru the 4th (5th) Monday nights at 19:30 (7:30 pm) EST on the Oxford County Repeater system 146.910 N1BBK, 147.120 W1OCA, 224.620 W1IF repeaters. All licensed amateur radio operators are welcome to join the net.

Oxford Country ARES/CERT The regular team meeting is via Zoom at 7pm Oxford Country ARES/CERT The regular team meeting is via Zoom at 7pm on the first Monday of the each month. For more information about the video conference

Contact: Wayne Strout N1YIS at or visit the website



John  Bogner, W1JLB is reaching out to any PAWA club member that can help and / or find a location that can be used for FCC Amateur Radio testing.

The club PAWA is required by ARRL to provide testing faculties. There are applicants that are interested and want to become PAWA members but no place to test. Open to any suggestions.



What: 2021 World Amateur Radio Day

Link to poster:  ARRL_WARD_Poster_8.5x11_English.jpg

Who: All amateur radio operators worldwide


Sunday, April 18th at 0000 UTC until Monday, April 19th  at 0000 UTC


A global event covering all regions of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU)


World Amateur Radio Day, held on April 18th each year, is celebrated worldwide by radio amateurs and their national associations which are organized as member-societies of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU). It was on this day in 1925 that the IARU was formed in Paris. American Radio Relay League (ARRL) Co-Founder Hiram Percy Maxim was its first president.


The Maine Amateur Radio Foundation is an organization to support amateur radio throughout Maine. They are very active. For those who were not able to attend the last Board meeting or for those who attended and wanted to revisit it a video was done. The video is 1h15m.

Please see the link:or  (email for the link and it will be emailed to you).


If  you are interested in receiving the monthly "Maine Telegraph Newsletter" by email, please fill out the form and you will be added to  the email list. This newletter is full of all kinds of great information. Please pass along, reshare or post to groups/clubs to get the word out.  (want the link email

April 2021 Edition of the Maine Telegraph Newsletter can be found by visiting

Please see the link:or  (email for the link and it will be emailed to you).



Near-Fest for April 30th/May 1st 2021 has been cancelled.Email for details. For more information visit


 Dayton Hamvention Thursday, May 20th - Saturday, May 22nd  goes virtual one more time due to the COVID 19. 

There will be Virtual Forums. Those who had their tickets, inside booths or flea market spaces deferred last year will be deferred again. Those who purchased 2021 tickets, inside booths or flea market spaces will also be deferred. If you desire a refund  instead please email and you will be contacted. For more information visit the Hamvention website for details.



Saturday, June 5th  8 am - 1 pm. at the Hermon Mountain Ski Area, 441 Newburgh Rd  Hermon This venue has a huge parking area for easy distancing

Masks are required and Please practice the social distancing. 12 yrs old and under are free.

Testing sessions at 9 AM , Pre-registration is required. Testing Session contact Peter Bither, AI1O (

Talk-in on 146.940 (136.5 tone)

Large lodge to get under cover

Great food

Prizes / 50-50

QCWA meeting at local restaurant after the Hamfest

Contact Gerald Burns, K1GUP For more information (

Updates may be found soon at ""



International Marconi Day celebrates the huge part Guglielmo Marconi played in the invention of radio. 

IMD is a 24 hour amateur radio event that is held annually to celebrate the birth of Marconi on 25th  April 1874. The event is usually held on the Saturday closest to Marconi’s birthday and in 2021 it will be held on 24th April.

The purpose of the day is for amateur radio enthusiasts from around the world to make contact with Historic Marconi Sites using communication techniques similar to those used by Marconi himself. You can also email and it will be sent to you


Special Bulletin 2  ARLX002

From ARRL Headquarters  

Newington CT

To all radio amateurs 


Announces Schedule of Dates for 60-Meter Interoperability

The Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS) has announced dates in 2021 during which MARS members will operate on 60 meters for interoperability with the amateur radio community. Some dates coincide with quarterly Department of Defense Communications Exercises (COMEX).

All exercises will begin on channel 1 as the initial calling channel and move to other 60-meter working channels as may be appropriate. English said he plans to provide a quarterly usage report of 60-meter interoperability activities.

The interoperability schedule is listed on the ARRL ME Sction Web Page

April 30 - May 6  Exercise: DOD COMEX 21-2 

May 7 - 8 Exercise: Armed Forces Day Cross-Band Test Location: CONUS 

June 1 - 6 Exercise: Interop Outreach Location CONUS 

July 5 - 10 Exercise: Interop Outreach Location CONUS 

July 20 - 22 Exercise: DOD COMEX 21-3 Location: CONUS 

August 2 - 8 Exercise: Interop Outreach location CONUS 

September 1 - 6 Exercise: Interop Outreach Location CONUS

October 1 - 31 Exercise: DOD COMEX 21-4  Location: CONUS


ARRL Bulletin 7  ARLB007

From ARRL Headquarters  

Newington CT

To all radio amateurs 

FCC Not Collecting $35 Application Fees yet

When in effect, the fee will apply to new, modification (upgrade and sequential call sign change), renewal, vanity call sign applications, as well as applications for a special temporary authority (STA) or a rule waiver. Fees will be collected per application. The FCC exempted from the fee applications for administrative updates, such as a change of mailing or email address. The FCC proposed a schedule of application and other fees for all services last year.


ARRL Bulletin 8  ARLB008

From ARRL Headquarters  

Newington CT

To all radio amateurs 

Cooperative Effort Under Way to Resolve Potential 70-Centimeter Interference Issue

ARRL, the FCC, and the US Department of Defense are cooperating in an effort to eliminate the possibility of amateur radio interference on 70 centimeters to critical systems at White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) in New Mexico.  It is to be noted that the Amateur Radio Service is a secondary service on the band.  Investigation revealed that the potential problem was with RF control links at 420 - 430 MHz used to establish a linked repeater system within New Mexico. Based on the investigation, and with the support of the FCC, the owners of the RF control links being used in the 420 - 430 MHz portion of the amateur allocation within a certain proximity to WSMR are being asked to re-coordinate the link frequency to a new one above 430 MHz


ARRL Bulletin 9  ARLB009

From ARRL Headquarters  

Newington CT

To all radio amateurs 

NCVEC Question Pool Committee Seeks Input for Updated Technician Question Pool

The National Conference of Volunteer Examiner Coordinators (NCVEC - ) Question Pool Committee (QPC ) is requesting input from the amateur radio community on new or modified questions for the 2022 -2026 FCC Element 2 Technician Pool, which goes into effect on July 1, 2022.

To submit suggested questions for QPC review, the committee asks that questions have no more than two 70-character lines, including spaces. Distractors should be no more than 70-character lines long, and shorter if possible. Each multiple-choice question must be accompanied by four possible distractors and only one correct answer. The answer choices may be in any order, but the correct answer must be indicated by the letters A, B, C, or D at the beginning of the question. Those submitting suggestions should provide the resource information that supports the correct answer or the FCC Part 97 rule.

The QPC will accept question comments, revisions, and submissions from the amateur radio community via email through June 30, 2021.


FCC to Require Email Address on Applications Starting on June 29th



ARRL's Eclectic Tech Podcast fnds the PSK31 digital mode alive and well, with many amateurs using it to rediscover the joys of real keyboard-to-keyboard conversation. Also, QST and QEX author Phil Salas, AD5X, discusses the revolution taking place in small, inexpensive vector network analyzers, or VNAs.


ARRL's On the Air Podcast  The latest episode of On the Air podcast focuses on Parks on the Air (POTA) The podcast is a monthly companion to On the Air magazine, ARRL's magazine for beginner-to-intermediate ham radio operators.

Both podcasts are sponsored by Icom.



Just make ARRL as your charity of choice on the Amazon web page. With every purchase you make Amazon will make a contribution to ARRL



Please continue to send a copy of any announcements to Joy Foss, K1SEW, ARRL Maine Section information Coordinator. This way they will get put on the Maine Section Web page and other sites in the future. If you have a club newsletter please add me to the list. Then i can take information off the newsletter. Email is 948-6222, P.O. Box 59 Burnham, ME 04922 Thank you



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