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Georgia Section on My Mind

Welcome to the Georgia Section News page. Our Section Manager: David Benoist, AG4ZR, and our Section Webmaster: Ruth Leber, WA4MDQ, would like to welcome you to visit our website at: and our Facebook page - search for Georgia Section - ARRL

We feel that we can provide you with a much better idea of what the Georgia Section is doing at our website. Our Webmaster updates our site on a regular basis, providing stories, pictures and other important information in a manner which cannot be presented properly in this format. Stop in for a visit Today!  Also, check out our Georgia ARES website at:  and our new Twitter feed @GA_ARES.

Thank you for visiting our site here at


Georgia Officials

  • David Benoist

    Section Manager

    David B. Benoist AG4ZR

  • Martha Muir

    Assistant Section Manager,
    Section Youth Coordinator

    Martha Muir W4MSA

  • Kenneth Dean

    Section Emergency Coordinator

    Kenneth Franklin Dean K4SJR

  • James Altman

    Assistant Section Manager

    James S. Altman W4UCK

  • James Worsham

    Technical Coordinator

    James A. Worsham W4KXY

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  • Robert Smith

    Assistant Section Manager

    Robert E. Smith K4PHE

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  • Norman Schklar

    Public Info Coordinator

    Norman M. Schklar WA4ZXV

  • Eugene Clark

    Assistant Section Manager

    Eugene C. Clark W4AYK

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  • Charles Pennington

    Section Traffic Manager

    Charles A. Pennington K4GK

  • Theresa Clark

    Assistant Section Manager

    Theresa P. Clark KM4JWZ

  • David Isham

    Assistant Section Manager

    David W. Isham KB1MU

  • William Dickert

    Assistant Section Manager

    William E. Dickert KD4EKZ

  • Robin Cutshaw

    Affiliated Club Coordinator

    Robin K. Cutshaw AA4RC

  • Julius Cherepy

    State Government Liaison

    Julius W. Cherepy WB4WTN

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