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Ron Morgan
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(309) 397-9549

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SM--Ron Morgan, AD9I
ASM--Brad Pioveson, W9FX
ACC--Scott DeSantis KB9VRW
SGL--Charles Richey, K9DUE
STM--Roy Eades, KA9MZJ
PIC--Fritz Bock, WD9FMB
TC--John Dinella, WA9IL
OOC--Tim Childers, K9CQ
ASEC--Curtis Williams, W5DTR
ASEC--Kelly Robertson, KC9FVK
ASEC--Pat Ryan, KC6VVT
ASEC--Pat Stowell, N9PN
ASEC/Digital Ops--Danny Pease NG9R
DEC: Region 2--Lloyd Sherman KB9APW,
Region 3--Dale Marzano N9JH, Region 4--Neil Ormos N9NL, Region 6--Gary Shanks KA9FAJ, Region 7--OPEN, Region 9--Jim Hudson WB9QPM, Region 8--Curtis Williams W5DTR, Region 11--Bruce Talley WA9APQ

From the top...
**Third time is a charm and we're off to the races again. The number for the Amateur Radio Parity Act for the new session of Congress is H. R. 555. Again, Illinois' own Adam Kinzinger has introduced the measure. There will come a time shortly for you to contact your Member of Congress and again ask him/her to co-sponsor this measure. Stay tuned.
**The Illinois Emergency Management Agency has had a state of the art Emergency Operations Center for some time now. Amateur Radio, in the forms or ARES® and RACES, has been a part of IEMA's planning for a while as well. However, our representatives were not in the EOC during activations, but relegated to an IEMA facility across Springfield. This all changed with the new year. Brad Pioveson W9FX, our SEC, explains: "Since 2010, Illinois RACES/AUXCOMM has been working in and from IEMA’s Rodger Street facility, located a couple miles south of the SEOC, but we had no direct input into the SERC. Anything we had to contribute (or, relay) had to be channeled through IEMA’s Communications Manager. With the addition of a RACES/AUXCOMM liaison at the SERC table, we’ll be able to be more responsive to agency and organization needs during Illinois crises. ... Having a representative at this table means that we – our state’s 22,000+ amateur radio operators - have, finally, arrived, and are being viewed as full partners, not just hobbyists, by IEMA’s Operations Bureau. This is very big news for amateur radio in Illinois. We have, quite literally, gone from being persona non grata, having been, essentially, turned away from IEMA from 1993 to late 2009, to having a seat alongside IEMA, IDOT, IDPH, ISP, IDOC, ING, American Red Cross, Salvation Army, and, other agencies or NGO’s critical to be included in disaster response."
**For those who came in late (as I've told this story before), I had a single instruction for Brad when I appointed him SEC: Get Amateur Radio back in the emergency planning in Illinois. This he has done, in spades. Not only have we returned to the good graces of IEMA, but IL AUXCOMM will provide a solid platform to present universal credentialing and training for those wishing to be affiliated. It's been a long time coming, and we're just getting warmed up.

Get informed...
**Apparently, the British telecom regulating agency, Ofcom, was even less enamored of the UK's Channel 5 than the Radio Society of Great Britain after a televised hatchet job on a ham by his neighbors. These folks decided that M0PAM's emissions were harmful, and provided enough shock and awe for Channel 5 to fabricate an entire episode of "Nightmare Neighbour Next Door". During the program, not one opportunity was provided for RSGB to provide factual information on Amateur RF radiation, nor was any rebuttal opportunity given. After M0PAM was given a clean bill of health by Ofcom, that worthy agency called the program "fundamentally misleading". Unfortunately, that's as far as it went.
**I get chuckles out of this when I bring this up in club visits and such, but I do believe that spurious claims of harm from RF emissions will be our next battlefield. There are already folks who claim sensitivity to Wi-Fi. It's no stretch of the imagination for someone to blame their case of the vapors on your antenna. All the more reason to have your Station Evaluation in order and up to date.

Around the Section...
**It's that time of the year for those so inclined to check with their local National Weather Service office as to the availability of spotter talks. The suggestion is that you attend at least every other year. I find that the material isn't like it was not too long ago, when you could go for years without something new being added. And, no matter how experienced you are, there's always something to learn.
**A new year and a new hamfest season. Looking forward to seeing some of you on 22 January at the Kane County Fairgrounds' Prairie Events Center for the Wheaton Community Radio Amateurs' fest. It's also a really good time to come and renew your League membership if you have not done so and it's that time for you. See you with the rest of the cabin fevered folks!
**I spent an evening with the Bolingbrook Amateur Radio Society and our own Section Traffic Manager, Roy Eades KA9MZJ. Roy provided the club with the 50,000 foot overview of the National Traffic System along with a brief tutorial in how to get started in message handling. An enjoyable time was had by all.

Ye Olde Traffic Report DE KA9MZJ...

Illinois Side Band Net - Net Manager WB9QPM
Daily on 3905 at 1800 local time
QNI 226 QTC 53 Sessions 31
Illinois Phone Net - Net Manager KA9MZJ
M-F on 3857 at 1645 local time
Sunday on 3940 at 0800 local time
QNI 253 QTC 54 Sessions 25
North Central Phone Net – Net Manager K9HEZ
M-F on 3912 at 0700 local time
QNI 311 QTC 43 Sessions 22
No Report
Illinois CW Net (ILN)  Net Manager W9NXM
Daily on 3537 at 1915 local time    
QNI 38 QTC 2 Sessions 22

Illinois Officials