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Ron Morgan, AD9I
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(309) 397-9549

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Information Update on ARES Connect -- Beginning Beta Testing


Notices are now going out to those who have been selected to beta test the new ARES Connect volunteer management system in their section. We believe that during this testing period, testers will discover many valuable features that will truly enhance their ability to manage their emergency communication volunteers. Those features include: a robust event management feature that allows ECs at all levels to create events, register users, log hours; a more automated reporting system based on user input, so that, instead of filing reports, ECs will be able to generate reports based on the events users register and log hours for; enhanced roster management capabilities; and embedded communications tools that will allow ECs at all levels to send email and text messages to volunteers.

As we start on this beta-testing process, it may be helpful to remind everyone what ARES Connect is and what it is not.

ARES Connect is built on a platform hosted by Volunteer Hub, a company that specializes in volunteer management solutions. Volunteer Hub has created platforms that are currently being used by a wide range of organizations of all sizes, including non-profits, religious organizations, hospitals, food banks, and public service programs. ARRL has committed to cover the costs of acquiring and implementing the ARES Connect system for ARES, so there is no cost to users or field organizations’ leadership.

ARES Connect offers many helpful features for the management of ARES volunteers, including:

  • A standardized ARES application process with the ability to add ARRL Section level customization.
  • An event management feature that allows ECs at all levels to create events, register users, log hours, and share information with other system users.
  • Roster management – the roster of volunteers remains the same when leadership changes.
  • Communications tools – ECs at all levels can send email and text messages to volunteers.
  • An on-site log in feature – so that during an event you can create a volunteer log in kiosk to track hours.
  • Each ARRL Section will have a dedicated page where new radio amateurs can be directed to sign up for ARES, find contact information, and see upcoming events including important training opportunities.
  • Volunteer approval process – new volunteers can still vetted by ECs before being added to the roster.
  • ARES Connect can be used on a computer or tablet or mobile device.
  • Reporting based on user input – so that, instead of filing reports, you will now generate reports based on the events users register for and log hours. This will offer a wider range of information so that more detailed or customized reports can be created at all levels.

One important thing to keep in mind with ARES Connect is that it is not just a website or a database; it is a volunteer management system that is web-based. ARES Connect cannot serve as a full web page for ARES in a section. However, it can be used to direct potential volunteers to a wealth of available information about the ARES program.


The timeline for the Beta Test Process will involve a week for training, a week for familiarization, and then about a month for local testing. After that will be a one-week period where we will reconnect with our beta-testers to get their feedback on their experiences and get insights on any needed changes to the system.

As we continue moving forward, we will endeavor to keep everyone informed about the progress of testing, refining and implementing the ARES Connect system.

Again, we want to sincerely thank those who taking part in the beta testing and we appreciate the support of all those involved in making this evolution to a better trained, better organized, more professional ARES program.


ARES Connect Support Team

ARRL Field Service Department




Peoria Academy, PAARC participating in high altitude balloon launch.

PAARC is partnering with Peoria Academy, Peoria, IL to launch a high altitude balloon. Weekly classes on payload building have begun and will continue through the week of April 9. The 15 students have selected their experiments and are reviewing their scientific methods, and determining outcomes for each of the experiments.

Launch of the balloon will occur sometime April 12-20.

Pearl Technology STEM Camp, June 18-22, 2018

The STEM Academy is sponsored and put on by Pearl Technology, with the assistance of the University of Illinois Extension, Richwoods Township, Goodwill Industries of Central Illinois, Peoria Area Amateur Radio Club, Peoria Heights High School, volunteer Caterpillar engineers, and ISS Above Software.

Twenty-five middle school students will spend June 18-22 attending the STEM Academy held at Goodwill Commons, where they will learn about space and radio communications. The students will build Raspberry Pi computers that stream live video from the ISS. Students will also participate in a high-altitude balloon launch by building the payload with student experiments and then, use radio telemetry to track the balloon to near-space. The highlight of the academy will be when students communicate directly with astronauts on the International Space Station. The ISS contact itself will be open to students of all ages in the local area. Stay tuned for additional information in the coming weeks.

Fritz Bock


 The Western IL ARC invites all amateurs to a special event to celebrate 2018 as the Bicentennial for the State of Illinois. 
To showcase Illinois amateurs during 2018, WIARC, in addition to the ILQP, proposes:

WIARC will coordinate with other IL stations as "Activators" to put all 102 counties on the air multiple times during the period August 26, 2018 through December 3, 2018 (including October 21, the day of the ILQP).

Both during ILQP and during the rest of this period, activations will be coordinated through the ILQP Reflector "Activators" are encouraged to post plans on the reflector, and a weekly update of "Planned Operations" will be maintained on the WIARC page (link to follow).

 "Activators" will upload Cabrillo or Excel log files (with the required QSO information: template available at  Check the "Sample Log" tab at the bottom of the page.)  Outside of the ILQP period, "Activators" are encouraged to append their calls with "/IL200" to indicate they will be uploading their logs for the event.

 "Chasers" will attempt to contact all 102 counties during this period and will submit contact information on either the Excel template or .txt template provided on the ILQP website (link to follow). Both "Activator" and "Chaser" logs should be sent as attachments to no later than December 10, 2018.

Chasers who successfully contact all 102 counties will receive a special Bicentennial Challenge certificate.

Reach out to your membership to see who would be willing, during the period August 26, 2018 through December 3, 2018, to be "Activator Stations" for the Bicentennial Challenge detailed in the above link.

While home station activations are welcomed, we are going to need operators willing to do portable or mobile activations in order to make less-populated counties available multiple times.  Activations at various times of the day and week and on various bands and modes will be needed.

Only by involving a large number of amateurs from around the state can we make it reasonably possible for stations to achieve working all 102 counties!  Contacts during the 2018 ILQP (Oct 21) will automatically be registered from submitted logs.  If you have questions or comments, please contact the club through


73, Jim N9JF


 Affiliated Club Registration and Renewal - Noah Sevcik K9BZY has set up a link to allow one place for clubs to get registered. There is a link here to do the paperwork.

2016 Illinois Interoperability Field Operations Guide - This manual is updated every two years and is available for download in the files section of the Section News.

Cabinet Members

SM/AD--Ron Morgan AD9I
ASM--Mike Nowack NA9Q
ASM--Scott DeSantis KB9VRW
ASM--Sean Travis W9STR
SEC--Fritz Bock WD9FMB
OOC/AD--Tim Childers K9CQ
PIC -- Vicky Whitaker KD9BAU
SGL -- Charlie Richey K9DUE
ACC -- Noah Sevcik, K9BZY
TC--John Dinnella WA9IL 
ASEC--Robert Littler W9DSR
ASEC--Danny Pease NG9R
ASEC--Garret Robinson KC9FVK
ASEC Pat Stowell, N9PN
ASEC--Curtis Williams W5DTR                                                   

District Emergency Coordinators:

District 2--Lloyd Sherman KB9APW,
District 3--Debby Gray, WX9VOR (including District 4 Lake & Dupage Counties)
District 4--Robert (Bob) Langsfeld WB9TZC  ADEC for Cook County 
District 6--
District 7--Josh Kittle, N9WEW,
District 8--Curtis Williams W5DTR, ADEC Chris Pixton KC9EIZ
District 9--Jim Hudson WB9QPM,
District 11--Bruce Talley WA9APQ

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