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ARRL Sections - Kansas



Contact Information

Section Name:
Ron Cowan- KBØDTI Section Manager
Daytime Phone:
Evening Phone:

Basic Information


                                                                                           Updated  Apr 9

Silent Keys

WAØKIO, Mic Grove, Topeka

KB8TR-Jay Nichols, Shawnee

WØJDB/WAØUQA,  Jere Bruning, Hiawatha

KCØGPV, Glen Rubash, Dwight


Around the Section

A lot of operating took place this winter.

KØANT-Kansas Antenna Club IN Johnson County participated in Antarctic Week end of February. The Club set up at the Kansas City Zoo operating Phone and CW with short end-fed antennas. Participating and providing equipment were KBØMZF, WØCC, KCØFEZ. 

Santa Fe Trail operated a Kansas Day Special Event station from the KØDDS antenna farm near Gardner. Operating 15, 20 and 40 meters 7 operators made 113 contacts with 22 states and over 15 countries. Most of the contacts were with sideband on 15, it was wide open. They might have made more contacts but people were interested in hearing about Kansas and the club members were more than happy to accommodate.    Some info provided by Rick Nichols and SFTARC newsletter. 

Freeze Your Keys event of the combined Pilot Knob and Jarbalo clubs started out below freezing but heated up by the end of the day. 17 people signed in during the 19th Freeze Your Keys held at Weston Bend State Park across the river in Missouri. Operating QRP and low power they made 75 contacts with 21 states and 3 DX(England, Belgium, Azores) Everyone gained experience with station set up and operating. And as usual Martha-WØERI made chili and cornbread.

South East Kansas ARC is celebrating 10 years. The bunch has a weekly mid-morning coffee, monthly meetings and operating events. Most of the members are on HF several times a week.

V.O.T.A. starts January 1, 2023                                                                             ARRL has a new year long operating event called Volunteers On The Air.  It celebrates our volunteers who make ARRL possible. It takes elements of POTA and the Volunteer Appreciation week held years ago. Points are awarded for levels of volunteers. Example, President K5UR is more points than an Emergency Coordinator. This all is tied to Log Book of The World which is required if you wish to participate fully. Below are a couple of links to get you started.  

In addition, Each state will have the opportunity for W1AW/Portable  on the air in their state.  Kansas has an early period of Jan 18Z to Jan 24Z. We get it again in November.


Kansas Slow Speed Net is held Mondays at 7:30 on (or near) 3547 KHz. Our host is WDØESF- Mike in Medicine Lodge.

====================================================================                                                February 2023 Reports

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~NET ACTIVITY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Kansas.Nets-------Sessions---Check-in--messages------Managers. --------------
Ks.Sideband.Net----------28-------520---41----- K0RCJ- Richard
K0RCJ- Richard 

Ks.AM.Weather.Net------28-------853----800-----WD0BWE- Don
--------WD0BWE- Don
QKS.CW.NTS. Early-----28---------64------0

QKS.CW NTS Late-------22--------30------0-----OPEN

QKS-SS Slow Speed-----4----------25-------0----WD0ESF--Mike
K0RCJ ---------------0-----00--------00--------0---------00
~~~~~~~~~~~PUBLIC SERVICE HONOR ROLL(PSHR)~~~~~~~~~                                 
Categories>>>>   1.   2.    3.    4.   5.   6.   T  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

KB0DTI Ron          40   17   20   0   0     0     77

K0RCJ  Richard     00   00   00   00   0    00   182    


Room for more doers here:

Emergency Contacts:

SATERN Liaison: Herb-NZØF & Diana-KDØOBP, Prairie Village.  Kansas and Western MO Division.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~KANSAS ARRL NTS NETS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ks Sideband Net-------- K0RCJ     Dy. 6:30 PM 3920 kHz
Ks Phone Net-----------  K0RCJ     MWF 6:45 AM 3920 kHz
Ks Phone Net-----------  K0RCJ      S,S 8:00 AM 3920 kHz
Ks AM Weather Net------ WD0BWE Dy 7:00 AM 3920 kHz
Ks Weather Net--------- WD0BWE Dy. 6:00 PM 3920 kHz
Central States Tfc Net--N5ZMW      M-S 12:30 PM 7253
QKS CW NTS Tfc Net----- OPEN Dy 7:00 PM 3547 kHz
QKS CW NTS Tfc Net----- OPEN Dy 10:00 PM 3547 kHz
QKS-SS Slow Speed Net-- WD0ESF Mon. 7:30 PM 3547 kHz

In winter evening nets begin at 5:00 PM due to propagation

-------------------------------------------------------------                                                        Digital Rep:  OPEN

  Jan 2023
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ KANSAS INDEPENDENT NETS~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Mine Creek ARC----------4-----------19--------0------KB0DTI
Wheat State Wrls ---------5----------32---------0------KB0DTI
Central Kansas QCWA--4-----------33---------0------K0RCJ
US Center ARC-----------
Wheat Shocker------------4-----------65---------0------Feedback
Wheat Shocker Fusion--
4-----------35---------0------Feedback                             Pilot Knob ARC-------4------------64---------0-----QRZ                                           South East KS ARC--0------------00---------0-----KA0EGE                                         Reno CO ARA ------------4-----------46----------0------K0RCJ                                Wichita ARC ------------5-----------84----------0------K0RCJ                                            Wichita ARC Fusion ------5-----------40----------0------K0RCJ                               Wichita ARC  DMR---------5-----------34---------0------K0RCJ                                       Great Salt Plains------------5-----------22--------0------K0RCJ                                Atchison Co ARS--------4-----------44--------2------KE0DL



Sand Hills ARC\A.R.E.S.-5---------52-------0------K0EQH

                                      Visually Inconvenienced--4-----------64----------0------K0RCJ

Room for more here :

Kansas Information Website, Kansas QSO Party, Club Resources , Ensor Museum and Park

Kansas Officials

  • Laurance Staples

    Public Info Coordinator

    Laurance S. Staples W0AIB

  • Ron Cowan

    Section Manager,
    Section Traffic Manager

    Ron D. Cowan KB0DTI

  • Richard Johnson

    State Government Liaison

    Richard C. Johnson K0RCJ

  • William Brinker

    Technical Coordinator

    William R. Brinker WA0CBW

  • Jack Di Palo

    Section Youth Coordinator

    Jack F. Di Palo WZ1Y

  • Kenneth Kopp

    Assistant Section Manager

    Kenneth Allen Kopp AK0A


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