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Contact Information

Section Name:
Ron Cowan- KBØDTI Section Manager
Daytime Phone:
Evening Phone:

Basic Information


                                                                                           Updated Nov 1

 Silent Keys

KFØPN- Myron Steinert, New Strawn Sep 30

KØRY- Harvey Tewes, Salina Aug 6

NØADB- Mchael Brown, Kansas City  Aug 4

KDØGTS- Gilbert Valerio, Garden City  Jul 29

WØAHT- Wayne Slauson, Shawnee   Jul 24

KØUER- Conrad "Connie" Steinel, Emporia Jun 28

KØICK - Gene Buresh, Great Bend  Jun 24

NØDEF- Lyle Dixon, Manhattan  Jun 24

NØGMT- Rob Brannon, Kansas City  Jun 18


Around The Section  

Due to winter propagation we are moving the evening Section nets up one hour. Effective November 4th the Weather net will begin at 5PM followed by Sideband Net at 5:30 and at the conclusion of the Sideband Net the Weather Net will reconvene and pick up additional stations. We expect this schedule to continue into February.

Western Kansas 160m Net invites your check-in.                                             Tuesday evenings 9pm central time\ 8pm mountain time on 1.960 MHz LSB. This net has check-ins from many states.  

Kansas Slow Speed Net is held Mondays at 7:30 on (or near) 3547 KHz. Our host is WDØESF- Mike in Medicine Lodge.

Jackson ARC Swapfest November 16th at National Guard armory  1008 W 4th St Holton, KS.  Opens at 8AM. Biscuits & Gravy and Lunch available. TI 146.775 More info:   Web:

Johnson County RAC Auction October 26 at Marshall Ensor Museum and park. This is a fun event held annually just South of KC at a Ham friendly location. There will be a campfire Friday nite. The auction is held Saturday morning with the bidding starting at 11AM. Full details at:

Wichita Area Hamfest sponsored by Valley Center ARC October 5 will be held at Riverwalk Church of Christ in downtown Wichita.  Bridgecome Systems will have a presentation and forum for DMR radio.  Contact Steve N0YYI                   


Reno County ARA is sponsoring  a hamfest in Hutchinson September 21st at the National Guard Armory  1111  N. Severance.  Lodging and restaurants are nearby.  The club has scheduled us time to meet at 9:00 prior to the test session. This will serve as our annual section meeting, for 2019 .  I would like your input on the traffic nets as well as A.R.E.S. and any other things we need to go over while together. The Weather Net will also convene to discuss the nets. Our Director-KØDAS  is planning to attend.   

Talk-In 147.120.  Contact Jerry-AC0RL e-mail:

I will also be at Valley Center ARC ‘s Wichita area hamfest October 5.                    

Wichita Amateur Radio Club is holding a DMR net Sundays at 5:45 PM on 145.17 repeater, color code 3, talk group 31204.

====================================================================                       September 2019 Reports

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~NET ACTIVITY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Kansas.Nets-------Sessions---Check-in--messages------Managers. --------------
Ks.Sideband.Net----------30-------585---42----- Open
Ks.AM.Weather.Net------30-------675----623-----WD0BWE- Don
----700-----WD0BWE- Don

NB0Z ------------------0------8--------26--------0---------34
~~~~~~~~~~~PUBLIC SERVICE HONOR ROLL(PSHR)~~~~~~~~~                                 
Categories>>>>   1.   2.    3.    4.   5.   6.   T  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

KB0DTI Ron          40   30   20  75   0     0    165
NB0Z   James        40   34   20    0   0     0      94     

Room for more doers here:

Emergency Contacts:

SATERN Liaison: Herb-NZØF & Diana-KDØOBP, Prairie Village. Kansas and Western MO Division Net Tuesdays 8:30 pm on 3.820+/- 10   PSK31 Tuesdays 9:00pm on 3.5795U

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~KANSAS ARRL NTS NETS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ks Sideband Net-------- OPEN     Dy. 6:30 PM 3920 kHz
Ks Phone Net-----------  OPEN     MWF 6:45 AM 3920 kHz
Ks Phone Net----------- OPEN      S,S 8:00 AM 3920 kHz
Ks AM Weather Net------ WD0BWE Dy 7:00 AM 3920 kHz
Ks Weather Net--------- WD0BWE Dy. 6:00 PM 3920 kHz
Central States Tfc Net--KC5MP M-F 12:30 PM 7253.5 kHz
QKS CW NTS Tfc Net----- NB0Z Dy 7:00 PM 3547 kHz
QKS CW NTS Tfc Net----- NB0Z Dy 10:00 PM 3547 kHz
QKS-SS Slow Speed Net-- WD0ESF Mon. 7:30 PM 3547 kHz

-------------------------------------------------------------                                                        Digital Rep:  OPEN

  September  2019
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ KANSAS INDEPENDENT NETS~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Mine Creek ARC----------3-----------14--------0------KB0DTI
Wheat State Wrls ---------5----------37---------0------KB0DTI
Central Kansas QCWA--4-----------35---------0------N0LL
US Center ARC-----------
Wheat Shocker------------0-----------00---------0------Feedback
Wheat Shocker Fusion-------0-----------00---------0------Feedback
Independence ARC-------0-------------0---------0-----K1ISH                                           Pilot Knob ARC------------0------------00---------0-----QRZ                                           South East KS ARC------0------------00---------0-----KA0EGE                                         Reno CO ARA ------------0-----------00----------0------K0RCJ                                Wichita ARC ------------5----------167----------1------KF0M                                        Western Kansas 160-----0----------000---------0------KD0EZS
K-Link Systerm------------0----------000----------0------N0MXI 

Room for more here :

Kansas Information Website, Kansas QSO Party, Club Resources , Ensor Museum and Park

Kansas Officials

  • Ron Cowan

    Section Manager,
    Section Traffic Manager

    Ron D. Cowan KB0DTI

  • Laurance Staples

    Public Info Coordinator

    Laurance S. Staples W0AIB

  • Michael Stewart

    Official Observer Coordinator

    Michael D. Stewart N0TU

  • Richard Johnson

    State Government Liaison

    Richard C. Johnson K0RCJ

  • Jack Di Palo

    Section Youth Coordinator

    Jack F. Di Palo WZ1Y

  • William Brinker

    Technical Coordinator

    William R. Brinker WA0CBW

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