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Ron Cowan- KBØDTI Section Manager
Daytime Phone:
Evening Phone:

Basic Information


                                                                                           Updated Mar 18

 Silent Keys

WØWVI- Reed Richardson, Garnett  Feb 26

KCØIKP- Gale Ewing, Philipsburg   Feb 16

WØCCO- Joseph Lynn Stone, Mission Hills  Feb 7

WBØPDR- Larry Everett, Leavenworth Jan 12

WAØKHV- Ralph J. Romig, Lone Elm  Jan 10

NØRAB- Roland Barnaby, Wichita  Jan 10

KYØF- Eddy Paul, Lenexa  Dec 18

NØOBY- John Smith, Hutchinson  Nov 22,

KØLND- Freddy A. Storer, Offerle  Nov 13


Central States Traffic Net

I am addressing Central States Traffic Net, a Kansas net.

Central States Traffic Net had been experiencing malicious interference from operators back East for several months due to proximity of another net. CSTN management asked me for assistance. I went to ARRL with the concerns and soon received an e-mail from the ARRL Volunteer Monitor Coordinator.  I discussed the problem with him. Approximately one week later the VM Coordinator contacted me by e-mail with the conclusion CSTN should move down 1.5 Kc where therewas plenty of space for net operation leaving 3 KHz between them and the other net already in session since it starts at 6:30AM our time and running to 1PM.

Net management chose not to move down to conduct the net but rather to discontinue the formal CSTN net altogether.

A network  is not simply a name and  frequency, it is much more. The operators that check-in, the net members, and the exchange of information among the members are what gives it life.

The net manager and I mutually agreed CSTN would cease operation.                    This became effective March 16. This is not the outcome we had hoped for. 

Kadiddlehoppers are still active and on the air.

Here is some history I found by going through the QST Archive: The Kansas Post Office Net went away in 1972 or 1973. In 1974 WØLXA  and others from the PO Net wanted to get together formally as had been done previously. SCM Bob Summers-KØBXF gave his blessing and Central States Traffic Net began operation fall of 1974.  The new net was held at 10:30AM on 7255 KHz.

73,                                                                                                                                                                    Ron Cowan-KBØDTI SM


Around The Section 

Nets Return to Regular Time                                                                           March 8 Kansas Weather Net and Kansas Sideband Net will return to normal times of 6:00 PM and 6:30 PM Central time on or near 3920kHz.

Santa Fe Trail put a Kansas Day Special Event station on the air January 25th from the antenna farm of KØDDS near Gardner. 8 Ops made more than 120 contacts that included Alaska during the event. Gardner Newspaper did a full page story on the clubs activity.

Parsons Area Amateur Radio Club held an outdoor activity dayNovember 9 th at Neosho State lake North of Parsons. Bob-AEØAQ handled the foodservice operating for the dozen that braved the cold. Joe-WØMQY and Jack-WAØCFD brought out a QRP station and antennas. Mike-WA0GLS on the other hand made contacts from his motor home. President Rick-WØRT provided a variety of CW instruments for the operation.  Thanks to W0RT for the report.  

Western Kansas 160m Net invites your check-in.                                             Tuesday evenings 9pm central time\ 8pm mountain time on 1.960 MHz LSB. This net has check-ins from many states.  

Kansas Slow Speed Net is held Mondays at 7:30 on (or near) 3547 KHz. Our host is WDØESF- Mike in Medicine Lodge.

====================================================================                       January 2020 Reports

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~NET ACTIVITY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Kansas.Nets-------Sessions---Check-in--messages------Managers. --------------
Ks.Sideband.Net----------31-------613---41----- K0RCJ- Richard
K0RCJ- Richard 

Ks.AM.Weather.Net------31-------721----664-----WD0BWE- Don
----770-----WD0BWE- Don

NB0Z ------------------0------3--------35--------2---------40
~~~~~~~~~~~PUBLIC SERVICE HONOR ROLL(PSHR)~~~~~~~~~                                 
Categories>>>>   1.   2.    3.    4.   5.   6.   T  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

KB0DTI Ron          40   14   20   0   0     0      74
NB0Z   James        40   40   10   0   0     0      91                                                  K0RCJ  James       40   40   30   5   30     0     145          


Room for more doers here:

Emergency Contacts:

SATERN Liaison: Herb-NZØF & Diana-KDØOBP, Prairie Village. Kansas and Western MO Division Net Tuesdays 8:30 pm on 3.820+/- 10   PSK31 Tuesdays 9:00pm on 3.5795U

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~KANSAS ARRL NTS NETS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ks Sideband Net-------- K0RCJ     Dy. 6:30 PM 3920 kHz
Ks Phone Net-----------  K0RCJ     MWF 6:45 AM 3920 kHz
Ks Phone Net-----------  K0RCJ      S,S 8:00 AM 3920 kHz
Ks AM Weather Net------ WD0BWE Dy 7:00 AM 3920 kHz
Ks Weather Net--------- WD0BWE Dy. 6:00 PM 3920 kHz
Central States Tfc Net--KC5MP M-S 12:30 PM 725x
QKS CW NTS Tfc Net----- NB0Z Dy 7:00 PM 3547 kHz
QKS CW NTS Tfc Net----- NB0Z Dy 10:00 PM 3547 kHz
QKS-SS Slow Speed Net-- WD0ESF Mon. 7:30 PM 3547 kHz

In winter evening nets begin at 5:00 PM due to propagation

-------------------------------------------------------------                                                        Digital Rep:  OPEN

  January 2020
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ KANSAS INDEPENDENT NETS~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Mine Creek ARC----------0-----------28--------0------KB0DTI
Wheat State Wrls ---------0----------25---------0------KB0DTI
Central Kansas QCWA--4-----------32---------2------K0RCJ
US Center ARC-----------
Wheat Shocker------------0-----------00---------0------Feedback
Wheat Shocker Fusion-------0-----------00---------0------Feedback
Independence ARC-------0-------------0---------0-----K1ISH                                           Pilot Knob ARC------------0------------00---------0-----QRZ                                           South East KS ARC------0------------00---------0-----KA0EGE                                         Reno CO ARA ------------3-----------32----------1------K0RCJ                                Wichita ARC ------------4----------130----------0------K0RCJ                                            Wichita ARC Fusion ------4-----------26----------0------K0RCJ                               Wichita ARC  DMR---------4-----------45----------0------K0RCJ                                         Western Kansas 160-----0----------000---------0------KD0EZS
K-Link Systerm------------0----------000----------0------N0MXI 

Room for more here :

Kansas Information Website, Kansas QSO Party, Club Resources , Ensor Museum and Park

Kansas Officials