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ARRL Sections - Kansas



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Section Name:
Ron Cowan- KBØDTI Section Manager
Daytime Phone:
Evening Phone:

Basic Information


                                                                                           Updated  Oct 31

 Silent Keys

WAØEMQ-Patricia Beard, Kansas City

KCØVVT-CL Webb, Kansas City

KBØMOE-Don King, Wichita

KEØQDN-Sheri Hall, Overland Park


We are now into fall, the athletic public service events are winding down and the air is cooler, finally. We have a few events coming up. National Simulated Emergency Test, Scouting’s Jamboree On The Air and Skywarn Appreciation Day come to mind.          The S.E.T. is October 1st and 2nd although your group can hold it’s event anytime this fall if your served agencies have a different day. ARRL has a new web interface for ECs to report S.E.T. activity. It’s fill in the box, very simple to use. E-mail me for the link.     

Also this same weekend is Valley Center’s Wichita Area Hamfest. This is our convention for 2022. I will hold a short meeting. The club has worked to make this a fun and worthwhile event. Many door prizes, Cap and T shirt vendors, Pete, NØOY will have his mobile Microwave bus on display and there will be a P.O.T.A symposium.  If you are not involved with S.E.T. activities I hope you will join us. 73


Around The Section   

From Eric KDØARW: Just wanted to let everyone know that the special event station at Fort Bissell yielded great results this evening. In 2 hours, we logged 52 total contacts between 20 and 80 meters.

On 14.265 mhz, we worked 46 contacts from coast to coast, into Canada and Mexico. Had pileup after pileup of hams trying to work us. Even had a few that kinda knew where Phillipsburg was on the map. On 3.920 mhz, we work 6 contacts after the Kansas Sideband Net.

We had great compliments from people at the event, and they were surprised how far we were making contacts. 

The club would like to Thank Mike Saft, KB0QGT, For the awesome work on the QSL cards he made the club for this event. In all, had a great time and looking forward for more opportunities at the fort to operate again.  


Flint Hills ARC will operate WØT October 22nd at Beaumont, KS across the street from historic Beaumont hotel. They plan to be on 80, 40 and 20 from 9A to 4P. The Beaumont Cafe will be open for dining.  Contact Barb-KDØ or 316 218- 8929.


Wichita Area Hamfest sponsored by Valley Center ARC October 1st at Riverwalk Church of Christ 225 N. Waco, Wichita. This is our state convention for 2022. Contact Steve Periman , NØYYI email:  or Phone: 316-617-1658  

Phillips County ARC is operating a Special Event October 9th using WØZXN

SFTARC participated as a club in our QSO party with a dozen members from the KØDDS Antenna Farm near Gardner. A visitor, KI5GNH was a welcome participant.  

Meanwhile… 140 miles NW, two other members of the club were at Hollenberg operating a telegraph office display as part of the Pony Express Festival. Jim,KØNK and Joe, KRØUT explained Morse code, Telegraph and the role it played in history. They did the same with Ham radio. The duo also participated in the Q party and activated the site for POTA.  

Duke Neeland,WØQQ, was part of a story in the fall Johnson County The Best Times, a seniors magazine. The article had to do with the 80 thanniversary of Olathe Naval Air Station.


I have appointed AKØA,Ken Kopp of Topeka Assistant Section Manager. Ken has been licensed a long time and is active with contests, our section nets and is currently Douglas County ARC Secretary.

Ron's New Number: I have changed my phone number to:913-757-4456.  This is the one now shown in QST.

Kansas Slow Speed Net is held Mondays at 7:30 on (or near) 3547 KHz. Our host is WDØESF- Mike in Medicine Lodge.

====================================================================                                                July 2022 Reports

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~NET ACTIVITY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Kansas.Nets-------Sessions---Check-in--messages------Managers. --------------
Ks.Sideband.Net----------31-------563---69----- K0RCJ- Richard
K0RCJ- Richard 

Ks.AM.Weather.Net------31-------796----758-----WD0BWE- Don
--------WD0BWE- Don
QKS.CW.NTS. Early-----18---------51------0

QKS.CW NTS Late-------24--------32------0-----OPEN

QKS-SS Slow Speed-----0----------00-------0----WD0ESF--Mike
 K0RCJ ---------------0-----00--------00--------0---------00
~~~~~~~~~~~PUBLIC SERVICE HONOR ROLL(PSHR)~~~~~~~~~                                 
Categories>>>>   1.   2.    3.    4.   5.   6.   T  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

KB0DTI Ron          40   16   20   0   0     0     76

K0RCJ  Richard     00   00   00   00   0    00   175       


Room for more doers here:

Emergency Contacts:

SATERN Liaison: Herb-NZØF & Diana-KDØOBP, Prairie Village.  Kansas and Western MO Division Net Tuesdays 8:30 pm on 3.820+/- 10   PSK31 Tuesdays 9:00pm on 3.5795U

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~KANSAS ARRL NTS NETS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ks Sideband Net-------- K0RCJ     Dy. 6:30 PM 3920 kHz
Ks Phone Net-----------  K0RCJ     MWF 6:45 AM 3920 kHz
Ks Phone Net-----------  K0RCJ      S,S 8:00 AM 3920 kHz
Ks AM Weather Net------ WD0BWE Dy 7:00 AM 3920 kHz
Ks Weather Net--------- WD0BWE Dy. 6:00 PM 3920 kHz
Central States Tfc Net--OPEN       M-S 12:30 PM 7253
QKS CW NTS Tfc Net----- OPEN Dy 7:00 PM 3547 kHz
QKS CW NTS Tfc Net----- OPEN Dy 10:00 PM 3547 kHz
QKS-SS Slow Speed Net-- WD0ESF Mon. 7:30 PM 3547 kHz

In winter evening nets begin at 5:00 PM due to propagation

-------------------------------------------------------------                                                        Digital Rep:  OPEN

  Feb 2022
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ KANSAS INDEPENDENT NETS~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Mine Creek ARC----------4-----------15--------0------KB0DTI
Wheat State Wrls ---------4----------22---------0------KB0DTI
Central Kansas QCWA--4-----------30---------0------K0RCJ
US Center ARC-----------
Wheat Shocker------------0-----------00---------0------Feedback
Wheat Shocker Fusion-----0-----------00---------0------Feedback
Independence ARC-------0-------------0---------0-----K1ISH                                           Pilot Knob ARC------------0------------00---------0-----QRZ                                           South East KS ARC------0------------00---------0-----KA0EGE                                         Reno CO ARA ------------3-----------22----------0------K0RCJ                                Wichita ARC ------------4----------121----------0------K0RCJ                                            Wichita ARC Fusion ------4-----------16----------0------K0RCJ                               Wichita ARC  DMR---------4-----------31---------0------K0RCJ                                       Great Salt Plains------------4-----------36--------0------K0RCJ                                Atchison Co ARS--------4-----------46--------5------KE0DL                                       Western Kansas 160-----0----------000---------0------KD0EZS
K-Link Systerm------------0----------000----------0------N0MXI 
Visually Inconvenienced--4-----------85----------0------K0RCJ

Room for more here :

Kansas Information Website, Kansas QSO Party, Club Resources , Ensor Museum and Park

Kansas Officials

  • Laurance Staples

    Public Info Coordinator

    Laurance S. Staples W0AIB

  • Ron Cowan

    Section Manager,
    Section Traffic Manager

    Ron D. Cowan KB0DTI

  • William Brinker

    Technical Coordinator

    William R. Brinker WA0CBW

  • Richard Johnson

    State Government Liaison

    Richard C. Johnson K0RCJ

  • Jack Di Palo

    Section Youth Coordinator

    Jack F. Di Palo WZ1Y

  • Kenneth Kopp

    Assistant Section Manager

    Kenneth Allen Kopp AK0A


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