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Ron Cowan- KBØDTI Section Manager
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Basic Information


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Silent Keys

KSØFFL-John Swope, Shawnee                                                                       WØTEA- Al Shippy, Abilene                                                                                        WBØKDF- Ned Link, Lawrence                                                                                   WØDLJ- Drew Cresswell, Overland Park                                                             KCØZXM- Brad Jackson, Olathe                                                                             KØGBZ- Rodger Keiser, Quinter                                                                                WAØOQA- Dick Gilcrease, Scott City                                                                    KCØAMF-Velora Krehbiel, Lakin                                                                                 KCØPDY- Jim Elliott, Overland Park                                                                          KCØSII- Phillip  Endacott, Topeka                                                                   

WAØIKA- Jerry Gray, Lawrence                                                                             


Wichita Area Hamfest sponsored by Valley Center  ARC had a very good turnout. The cap embroidery people from Valley Center stayed busy from the door opening until closing time. 

Johnson County held their annual auction at the Marshall Ensor Museum and Park the weekend before Halloween. The weekend kicked off with a campfire Friday nite. The auction Saturday morning was an occasion for Heathkit lovers. I think there were 5 tables of Heathkit alone, in excellent condition. I’ve never seen that much Heathkit  gear in one place before. Obviously from a collector. Several tables of Hallicrafters, Hammarlund and Yaesu were there as well. Some amplifiers rounded out the rare boat anchors.  With attendance around 80 you could have comfortably taken home as much as you could get in your car. Breakfast and lunch were catered and very good. Wonderful weather and great friends made it a fantastic weekend at the Ensor.

The guys at Smith County put K0H on the air for the rededication of the Home On The Range cabin. Built in 1872 it is where a poem by Dr. Brewster Higley was written and the song Home On the Range derived from, later becoming our state song. The cabin has been completely restored. Our Lieutenant Governor and  Attorney  General were in attendance and  made contacts with Oregon. The group made 200 contacts covering all 50 states and 9 countries. Mac-WA0RKQ coordinated the event and built the Off Center Fed dipole used for the station, Larry-N0LL provided technical support and Mike-KB0QGT handled the very nice QSL cards.

Emporia State University operated a Special Event for the recent lunar eclipse. KD0OIX reports K0L made 450 contacts.

Louie-WB0YWZ is back on the air after being off all summer recovering from a fall.

Mine Creek Hamfest  will be held February 7, 2015 at LaCygne Community Building.  Opens at 9:00.   Contact  Ron- KBØDTI   913-757-3758 

Net control moves: WD0BWE-Don has picked up the Wednesday morning Weather net and KC0QT-Tom has moved into the Tuesday Sideband net.

The Western Kansas 160 Net never really went away but now the noise is low enough that we can hear each other better.
1960KHz at 8PM Mountain time, NCS KD0EZS is at Tribune.

US Representatives Lynn Jenkins and Kevin Yoder have signed on as co-sponsors of HR4969 The Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2014. This bill still needs our support. It is similar to PRB-1 and calls for reasonable accommodation for Amateur Radio Service antennas where restrictions would preclude them.


Johnson County RAC held an HF shoot out for a meeting program. Cal-KC0CL and Herb-NZ0F tied for first place.


September  2014 Reports

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~NET ACTIVITY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Kansas.Nets-------Sessions---Check-in--messages------Managers. --------------
NB0Z ------------------0-----24-------13--------0----------37
Categories>>>> 1.   2.    3.    4.   5.   6. Totals                                                              ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ KB0DTI Ron      40   28   10    65   0   0   143

Emergency Contacts:
State RACES Officer: James Tuggle-KCØNYK

SATERN Liaison: Rich Britain-NØENO             Kansas and Western MO Division Net Tuesdays 8:30 pm on 3.820+/- 10   PSK31 Tuesdays 9:00pm on 3.5795U
MARS Liaison: John Halladay- KAØJMO, Lawrence

Kansas MARS: Mike Woolverton- WBØZPW, Overland Park

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~KANSAS ARRL NTS NETS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ks Sideband Net-------- XXXXXX Dy. 6:30 PM 3920 kHz
Ks Phone Net-----------  XXXXXX MWF 6:45 AM 3920 kHz
Ks Phone Net----------- XXXXXX S,S 8:00 AM 3920 kHz
Ks AM Weather Net------ WB0YWZ Dy 7:00 AM 3920 kHz
Ks Weather Net--------- WB0YWZ Dy. 6:00 PM 3920 kHz
Central States Tfc Net--KE0DL M-F 12:30 PM 7253.5 kHz
QKS CW NTS Tfc Net----- NB0Z Dy 7:00 PM 3547 kHz
QKS CW NTS Tfc Net----- NB0Z Dy 10:00 PM 3547 kHz
QKS-SS Slow Speed Net-- WD0ESF Mon. 7:32 PM 3547 kHz
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TENTH REGION NET REPORT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

60  Sessions (QNI)check-ins ?? 151 (QTC)messages, KS represented 33 % of net sessions by  NBØZ
Dave W0SS/Mgr. Meets daily at 7:45PM and 9:30PM on 3.562 MHz

KS represented  Ø % of net sessions by:  Nobody
Meets M-F 10:00A on 7280 Jerry KCØVTT/Mgr.

-------------------------------------------------------------                                                        Digital Rep:  OPEN

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ KANSAS INDEPENDENT NETS~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Mine Creek ARC----------4-----------18--------0------KB0DTI
WheatState Wrls ---------4-----------28---------0------KB0DTI
Pilot Knob ARC-----------0-----------00---------0------KC0JCQ
Central Kansas QCWA--4-----------24---------0------N0LL
US Center ARC-----------5-----------10---------0------N0LL
Wheat Shocker------------0-----------00---------0------Feed Back
Wheat Shocker 440-------0-----------00---------0------Feed Back

Independence ARC-------3------------26---------0-----KA1EBQ

Western Kansas 160-----0-----------00---------0------KD0EZS

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