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Section Name:
Marty Pittinger KB3MXM
Daytime Phone:
443-326-1783 (Cell)
Evening Phone:
410-326-1783 (Home)

Basic Information


MDC Section News
Vol. 13, No. 03
March 12, 2018



The ARRL MDC Section is seeking field staff-level positions to be filled:
PIO - Public Information Officer: <>
PIC - Public Information Coordinator: <>
ACC - Affiliated Club Coordinator: <>
ASM - Assistant Section Manager: <>

Additional MDC Section positions will become available soon:
SGL - State Government Liaison: <>
LGL - Local Government Liaison: <>
TC  - Technical Coordinator: <>
TS  - Technical Specialist: <>

Please forward your candidates for consideration and your
Thanks es 73,
Marty KB3MXM


Our 2018 Technician's Licensing Class will run from Friday April
20 through Sunday April 22 at the Washington County Sheriff's
Office, 500 Western Maryland Pkwy, Hagerstown, MD.

Pre-registration is required by March 16 if registering by mail
or March 20 if you prefer to do so in person. You can download
the registration form at:

The fee for the class is $30 for adults or $15 for those 18 and
under and includes a copy of Gordon West's Technician License
Manual as well as refreshments during the class.

The class will run from 7:00 PM-9:00 PM on Friday April 20,
9:00 AM-5:00 PM on Saturday April 21, and from 9:00 AM-2:00 PM
on Sunday April 22.

There will be a license exam session on Sunday at 2:00 followed
by graduation.

This month's MDC section-wide EchoLink net will be held on Friday, March 16th at
8:00 PM on the EchoLink *WASH_DC* Node 6154.

The MDC Section EchoLink net is always held on the third Friday evening of every
month at 8:00 PM local time.

If you would like to join in on RF, the following repeaters and IRLPs have
linked in for EchoLink nets:

- KA2JAI-R operates through the KB3CMA repeater 442.300(+), CTCSS 107.2 Hz,
  in Annapolis, MD
- WB3GXW-R, 147.225(+), CTCSS 156.7 Hz, located in Calverton, MD
- N3HF-L, 443.45(+), CTCSS 151.4 Hz, located near Ocean City, MD
- N3HF-R, 443.45(+), CTCSS 156.7 Hz, located near Silver Spring, MD
- W3ICF-R, 146.73(-), CTCSS 141.3 Hz, located near Frederick, MD
- K3CAL-R, 146.985(-), CTCSS 156.7, located near Sunderland, MD
- N3RO-L, 145.545, Simplex, Frederick Co, MD
- W3SMD-L, 147.51, Simplex, St Mary's County, MD
- K3GMR-R 146.61 (-), No CTCSS, Cheverly, MD
- KB3JQQ-L Pikesville, MD

Everyone is encouraged to join in and give any updates on what is
happening in your part of the ARRL Maryland-DC Section.

If you do not have EchoLink on your Computer, Tablet or Smartphone,
you may download the free software from:
<> or your App Store online.

As always, we thank John Creel, WB3GXW, for making the
*WASH_DC* EchoLink server and his WB3GXW-R repeater available for
the EchoLink nets.

This is a list of hamfests in the Maryland-DC Section area.
I am including hamfests in nearby Pennsylvania, northern Virginia,
West Virginia and Delaware as a courtesy to our neighboring Section

I, as your MDC Section Manager, Marty Pittinger, KB3MXM, and/or a
designated ARRL representative(s) plan to attend all hamfests in
the ARRL Maryland-DC Section.

We hope to see you all there.
FredFest 2018, Frederick, MD
Date: Saturday, March 24, 2018
Sponsor: Frederick Amateur Radio Club
Location: Independent Hose Company
For more info, click on: <>


Delaware State Convention (Delmarva Amateur Radio & Electronics EXPO)
Date: Saturday, April 21, 2018
Sponsor: Sussex Amateur Radio Association
Location: Cheer Center, Georgetown, DE
For more info, click on: <>


York Hamfest
Date: Saturday, April 28, 2018
Location: Elicker's Grove Park, Spring Grove, PA
Sponsor: York Hamfest Foundation
For more info, click on: <>


The Great Hagerstown Hamfest
Date: Saturday, May 5, 2018
Sponsor: Antietam Radio Association
Location: Washington County Agricultural Center
For more info, click on: <>


Eastern Pennsylvania Section Convention
Date: Sunday, May 06, 2018
Sponsor: Warminster Amateur Radio Club
Location: Bucks County Community College
          Lower Bucks Campus, Bristol, PA
Website: <>


Great Lakes Division Convention (Dayton Hamvention)
Date: Fri. thru Sun. May 18-20, 2018
Location: Greene County Fairgrounds & Expo Center,
          Xenia, OH
Sponsor: Dayton Amateur Radio Association
For more info, click on: <>


Memorial Day Hamfest
Date: Sunday, May 27, 2018
Sponsor: Maryland FM Association
Location: Howard County Fair Grounds, West Friendship, MD
For more info, click on: <>


W4OVH Manassas Hamfest / Convention
Date: Sunday, June 03, 2018
Sponsor: Ole Virginia Hams ARC
Location: Prince William County Fairgrounds, Manassas, VA
For more info, click on: <>


BARC's Father's Day Hamfest
Date: Sunday, June 17, 2018
Sponsor: Baltimore Amateur Radio Club
Location: Arcadia VFC Carnival Grounds, Upperco, MD
For more info, click on: <>


Harrisburg Radio Amateurs Club Firecracker Hamfest
Date: Saturday, June 30, 2018
Location: Harrisburg Area Community College, Harrisburg, PA
Sponsor: Harrisburg Radio Amateurs Club
For more info, click on: <>


68th Annual Berryville Hamfest
Date: Sunday, August 5, 2018
Sponsor: Shenandoah Valley Amateur Radio Club
Location: Clarke County Ruritan Fairgrounds, Berryville, VA
Website: <>


Pennsylvania State Convention (Uniontown Gabfest)
Date: Saturday, September 01, 2018
Location: Uniontown ARC Clubhouse, Uniontown, PA
Sponsor: Uniontown Amateur Radio Club
For more info, click on: <>


You may view upcoming Hamfests which are being held in the MDC
Section and nearby in Pennsylvania, Delaware, West Virginia and
northern Virginia area by clicking on either:
<> or the ARRL's Hamfest and
Convention Calendar at:


February 2018

Applications in Process:
Prince George's County Emergency Radio Assoc.
 – Sent second Notice of Proposed Coordination to neighboring
   coordination groups for UHF pair.
 – Received coordination applications for 2 additional transmit
   locations for 146.8950 and 3 UHF link frequencies.
 - Sent Notice of Proposed Coordination to neighboring
   coordination groups for additional transmit locations.
 - Sent Final Coordinations for all.
 – Received on air confirmation of 927.6625- at Herndon, Va.
 - Sent Final Coordination
 – Sent revised coordination for change in CTCSS tone to 100.0 Hz
Dulles Amateur Radio Group
 – Received application for move of 145.3100- to Ashburn, Va.
 - Sent Notice of Proposed Coordination to neighboring
   coordination groups.
Easton Amateur Radio Society
 – Received application for UHF pair in Easton, Md.
 - Sent Notice of Proposed Coordination to neighboring
   coordination groups.
 - Sent Construction Coordination for 442.2000+
 – Previously had application on hold for move of 444.5500+.
 - Sent Notice of Proposed Coordination to neighboring
   coordination groups.
 – Received application for UHF link at Haymarket, Va.
 – Received application for move of 146.7750- to Madison, Va.
 - Sent Notice of Proposed Coordination to Southeastern
   Repeater Assoc.
On Air Status Requests sent to:
145.3700-    W3ARL     Adelphi, Md.
147.1650+    KB3FN     Cumberland, Md.
442.0000+    WN3A      Towson, Md.
443.1000+    N3JLT     Alexandria, Va.
444.7500+    K7SOB     Berkeley Springs, W.Va.
447.3250-    K3BSB     Potomac, Md.
447.7750-    NERA      Bull Run, Va.
Coordinations Cancelled:
147.1650+    KB3FN     Cumberland, Md.
447.3250-    K3BSB     Potomac, Md.
Western Pa. Repeater Council
Received 2 proposed coordination for 2M
Received 2 proposed coordination for 440

T-MARC is The Mid-Atlantic Repeater Council. T-MARC
coordinates Amateur VHF and UHF repeater operations to keep
interference problems to a minimum.

The areas of responsibility include the District of Columbia,
Delaware, Maryland, Northern Virginia and the eastern panhandle
of West Virginia.

If you have any questions about coordinating a repeater, you may
send an email to the Board at <>.

The T-MARC URL is <>.


2018 February MDC SEC Narrative Report
EmComm Events and Comments from around the Section

de Section Emergency Coordinator WB3KAS:


Nine of the 18 appointed ECs submitted their monthly ARES County
reports this month, or 50%.

Some are STILL sending in the old form or text or doc. Way too much
work to redo and get ito the new format I have to send to the
League.  See next paragraph and make yours and my life a little
easier each month.

The new ARRL's fillable pdf reporting system makes it soooooo
easy for me.  You can get the "new and improved" correct form at:

It's extremely important that your consituents hear what is going
on relative to EmComm in their community. If nothing more, tell us
what meetings you hold, when, where and what repeaters you can be
found on.  I'd like to hear from the rest of you.

All MDC DEC positions (Wester, Central and Eastern) are now
filled.  Make sure you put them on email copy for all that you put
up to others in performace of your EC duty.

There are seven counties that do not having an Emergency
Coordinator.  They are ALLE, CARO, DORC, KENT, QACO, SOME and
WORC. As you can see 6 out of the 7 are on the Eastern Shore and
is a grave concern from a wx perspective.  I say this every month
because this is gravely important this time of year. If you live
in any of these counties, please consider getting involved with
emergency communications and sign up to assist the hospitals in
your area.  Contact me for more information at wb3kas at

SEC Presentations

Wanda, KA3AHI, and I continue to schedule visit to as many ARES
and club groups as possible. We have two presentations I think
would be worth your while to hear.  One on Section
Interoperability and the other is the Section Health Care EmComm
Program.  If you have interest in this, and have room on your
meeting agenda for us, please contact me.

MDC Section Reflectors

We introduced a new MDC Section reflector, ARRL MDC Section
Winlink Training Group for P2P and Hybrid networks, or MDCQRV for
short.  Please make use of this tool to sharpen skills and fine
tune your configuration files.  Located at:

The new ARRLMDCSection Yahoo Reflector is now available.  If you
are not a member. . .you should be!!  We now have 93 members this
month, up three from last month.  I encourage you to use this to
stay informed or keep intouch with the rest of your fellow ARES
members. With the wide distribution of this newsletter coming out
only once a month, this Yahoo Site will keep you up to date with
late breaking news, including a possible disaster call up. 

There is very little traffic to clog your in box.

I don't know if all the DECs and ECs are members.  If you are not,
please do.  This is going to be be the quickest way possible to
inform MDC Section ARES of current incidents and impending
disasters.  Please do it now.

You can join at:


Feb 26: Attended a Third Region V Hospital Coalition Meeting
concerning the announced Region V hopsital exercise scheduled
for May 3, 2018.  As of this writing it is billed as a "mass
surge" event reulting from unrest in the five counties.  Details
keep changing at every meeting. This will encompass the five
counties in this Region; CALV, CHAR, MONT, PRGE and STMA. 

More on that we attend additional planning sessions.  Only CALV,
CHAR, MONT and PRGE will have ham radio support.

Future Events:

None Sceduled

Section Reports Received:

de ANAR County N3SEO
ARES meetings usually the third Saturday at 0900 at the EOC except
June - August.  ARES nets each Sunday night at 2000 hours on
146.805 Repeater.

de CECI County KB3LJB
January 2018 ARES activities in Cecil County consisted mostly of
participation in the weekly Sunday evening ARES Nets held on the
CBRA 146.850 repeater in Port Deposit, MD.  The 4 Nets this month
averaged 1/2 hour duration and 8 operators checking in for a total
of 16 person hours.

CBRA monthly meetings are held at Mason-Dixon American Legion Post
194 in Rising Sun on the third Tuesday each month at 7:30 pm.  All
are welcome to attend.  NOTE: There will not be a regular monthly
meeting in January 2018.

The WA3SFJ-R Echolink Node 585690 is up and available for traffic
to and from the Cecil ARES Group.

de CHAR County KB3KOW
Conducted a ICS based drill with Explorer Post 60 consisting of
both Net Control operations, SAR Team radio discipline and first
aid efforts for mock patients within the Mobile Intensive Care
Unit (MICU) 60.

de FRED County K3DO
Comments: We met with the Western Maryland K-9 Search and Rescue
group. We are going to start doing SAR trainings with them. I am
also reaching out to other clubs (specifically Antietam Amateur
Radio Association and Cumberland Valley) to see if they would
like to be involved. The SAR group says that most of their
engagements are Western Maryland, West Virginia and Southern PA.
The president of the Carroll County club was also at the meeting
and will be talking with his club as well.

de GARR County WA3EOQ
No ARES activity this month.
Net every Sunday evening at 8PM Local on 146.805, PL 123.  Linked
to the TARGET System (Cacapon 146.745, etc.) and sometimes to a
WAN system.  Checking into the MDD net most every evening.
Next meeting will be March 12, 2018.
No ARES activation necessary during February.  The March 2/3
rain, wind and snow storm caused several power outages and downed
trees throughout the county; however, no serious problems. 
A neighbor's tree fell across my driveway which I had to open
back up with a chainsaw.  Also lost power for about 27 hours.
My main whole house generator failed after about 15 minutes
(don't know the problem, yet) so had to press my 2kW 'Field Day'
generator into service and string extension cords around to keep
the fridge, freezer and furnace running.

Discussed alternate RACES links to Garrett County from W3CBW in
Reisterstown with the Washington County EC.  Seems W3CBW is having
trouble accessing the TARGET Repeater system via Frederick's
147.06 which is linked to Garrett's 146.805 plus their HF 75m
antenna isn't working.  Looks like Hagerstown's 147.09 to my
station is the only other reliable link without a relay.

de PRGE County WB3KAS:
PRGE ARES Web Page: <>
PRGE ARES Internet Forum: <>

Nets: Regularly scheduled monthly training VHF nets on the K3ERA
Repeater, 145.23MHz  pl 110.9 on Tuesdays at 1930L. The monthly HF
Hospital Net is held the Wednesday following the third Monday of
the month on 3820kHz at 1900L. NOTE TIME CHANGE!!  NCS is KA3AHI.

Meetings: Monthly meeting held the 3rd Monday of the month at the
Fire Services Building, 6820 Webster St, Landover Hills, MD at

Feb 9: Attended the PRGE Hospital Coalition Meeting

Feb 16: Briefed our new FWMC hospital POC Mr. Anisley at National

Feb 21 :   Briefed our new MedStar SMHC hospital POC Mr. Skinner
In Cliton.  Mr. Skinner hails from Oklahoma where he had extensive
exprience with tornado evacuations and the ARES community. 

Being new to the pogram, we focused mainly on the ARES backup
commincations capabilitiles available to his organization, When
All Else Fails.

440 Freq oord through TMARC still on hold pending an alternate
freq pair.

K3ERA Repeater Echolink is now on the air via KA3POX-L Node
896210.  As Mikey would say, "Try it, you'll like it!"

Winlink Packet Nodes:  One of our Winlink projects deep into the
development phase is a 'Tri-Node' system on 144, 220 and 440
(9600), operation off a Tri-band vertical three separate radios
and one computer.  It is located in Lanham, MD under the call
sign KC3DSO-10.  Extended testing will be done during the April
Hospital Drill scheduled for April 5.  Stay tuned.

de WASH County NI2W
Net - 2. One digital (fusion) and one analog (FM)


de WICO County W3JCT
Local Net: Delmarva Amateur Radio Enhancement Net every Monday
night at 9:00 p.m.  The DAR Net is sponsored by the Delmarva
Amateur Radio Club which is now an ARRL Affiliated group operating
a repeater on 146.820 MHz PL 156.7 Hz.    
Delmarva Amateur Radio Club (DARC) - As Emergency Coordinator for
the Wicomico County ARES, I do attend the DARC monthly meetings
and give a report, since the DARC is an ARRL affiliated club which
allows use of their repeater for Wicomico RACES/ARES activities.

Wicomico County ARES participated in the Radio Merit Badge course
at the Salisbury University Merit Badge College on February 3.
On February 3, the scouts primarily studied radio theory including
FCC rules.  On the March 3 date, scouts accomplished ON-THE-AIR
training with the help of amateur radio operators from both the
Peninsula Radio Operators Society (PROS) and the Delmarva Amateur
Radio Club (DARC). 

The Boy Scout Merit Badge College is held at the Salisbury
University Campus with approximately 400 Scouts working on
approximately 30 merit badges.

de KA3AHI MDC Section ASM for the Health Care EmComm Program:
HF Hospital Net are conducted on 3820kHz ± at 1900L.  NOTE THE NEW
TIME. So give us a hollar!  If you hear us look down stream
5-8 kHz. 

The February Net was a bust again due to propagation anomalies.
However we did have 19 checkins from around the area.

As we move out of the the winter months we will encounter static
storm noise. Should be interesting. I'd like to hear more checkins
from our MDC Section.

Next HF Hospital Net is March 21. . .same time, same station!

Signature: Jim Montgomery
Call sign: WB3KAS
Maryland-DC SEC
Email: <>




MEPN 1802 W3YVQ QND/28 QNI/424 QTC/32 MINS/629
BTN 1802 AB3WG QND/28 QNI/378 QTC/31 MINS/444
MDD 1802 AA3SB QND/55 QNI/326 QTC/115 MINS/581

PSHR: KK3F 140, W3YVQ 135, W3CB 121, K3IN 110,
WB4FDT 110, AA3SB 100, KB3LFG 95, N3ZOC 90, KC3HWU 90,
NI2W 86, WB3FTQ 77, AB3WG 66;

TFC: KK3F 992, K3IN 225, WB4FDT 112, KC3HWU 72,
AA3SB 72, W3YVQ 67, N3ZOC 61, AB3WG 24, W3CB 24,
WB3FTQ 22, NI2W 16, KB3LFG 3



On Sunday, March 11, the MEPN moves the formal net
call to 1800L with the pre-net at 1730L (allowing liaison with
the WVA Net which moves its formal call to 1800L ). During
February the winter schedule allowed successful operations
on MEPN every night at 1700L as propagation improved.

Welcome to Jeff, KC3HWU/DTS, to the DTN/RRI service
and Radio-email for national digital traffic connections. Jeff
will provide liaison to MEPN and the other nets as assigned.

Propagation on MDD early and late was functional throughout

Sunspot activity continued to decline following a few
minor flare incidents. The sun was again spotless at the
end of the month.

Outlets in each ARES(r) jurisdiction are needed for daily
Radiogram and Radio-email traffic for served agencies,
and also for messaging welcoming new hams to the
Amateur Service. Join the MEPN, BTN, or MDD nets
daily to find out more about how to contribute.

The BTN continues to meet on 145.33/R (no tone) daily
at 6:30PM local time and continues to welcome new
amateurs. The availability of an active directed traffic
net of the NTS on VHF is exactly why the BTN was
established, providing a welcoming place for
newcomers to the Amateur Service. Thanks to all the
BTN stations checking into the MEPN via Echolink.

MEPN representatives check for Echolink check-ins
starting at net call daily via the WB3GXW-L link node
(or *WASH_DC* conference node backup if the -L
node is not available). A number of BTN and MEPN
members, as well as stations outside the area, have
used Echolink to check in when HF is not available to
them. Thanks to all.

Remember that the MSN provides CW training daily
for newcomers to the mode, or those wishing to
refresh their skills, daily at 7:30 PM on 3563 kHz.
Each trainee works with an assigned instructor off
the net frequency to receive radiograms containing
training information. Instructors work with each
student at their own desired speed and check-in
schedule. All are encouraged to master the art of
CW via this net or personal training in order to
support and join the ranks of our MDD Section
CW net. Robin, AA3SB, MDD NM, and the veteran
staff, will be glad to help you advance to the
evening CW full Cycle 4 of the NTS.

Thanks to all the Section traffic net NCS stations,
DTN/RRI and WL2K stations, liaisons, and traffic
handlers for the continuing effort to keep the nets
running and traffic moving.

Thank you for your continued support of MDC integrated
ARES(r) and NTS operations.

w3yvq atsign arrl dot net
w3yvq atsign winlink dot org from WL2K


I am back in Puerto Rico. As many of you know, my responsibilities
are with FEMA, with response and recovery support for many critical
and essential tasks.

During my absense, I want to thank my ASMs Jim Montgomery,
WB3KAS, Wanda Montgomery, KA3KHI, and Al Brown, KZ3AB for taking
care of the MDC section manager's business while I'm away.  

73 es the very best to you and the ARRL MDC Section
Marty, KB3MXM

The "Maryland-DC Section News" is published monthly by the ARRL
Maryland-DC Section Manager Marty Pittinger, KB3MXM, 4 Pegram Rd,
Owings Mills, MD 21117-2116; landline 443-326-1783.

You may also send an email to: <>.

The "Maryland-DC Section News" offers a monthly digest of essential and
general news of interest to all amateur radio operators.

Please visit the MDC Section web page, <> and the
"ARRL MDC Section News and Alerts" web page,
<>, for the latest MDC Section
news, links and updates.

My editor is MDC Assistant Section Manager Al Brown, KZ3AB

Material from the "MDC Section News" may be republished or reproduced,
in whole or in part in any form, without additional permission.

Please give credit to the "Maryland-DC Section News" or the original
author of submission.

The American Radio Relay League, ARRL, is the national association for
amateur radio.


MDC Section Website, MDC Section Facebook, Maryland Emergency Phone Net (MEPN), Baltimore Traffic Net (BTN)

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