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Section Name:
Marty Pittinger KB3MXM
Daytime Phone:
443-326-1783 (Cell)
Evening Phone:
410-356-7899 (Home)

Basic Information



  MDC Section News

  Vol. 17, No. 02

  Saturday, February 20, 2021


MDC Section News will be published after our MDC EchoLink Net to capture additional information. 











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This month's MDC Section-wide EchoLink® net was held on Friday, February 19, 2020 at 8:00 PM ET on the EchoLink® *WASH_DC* Node 6154. The MDC Section EchoLink® net is always held on the third Friday evening of every month at 8:00 PM eastern local time. Next MDC Section monthly EchoLink® Net is scheduled for March 19th at 8:00 PM ET on the EchoLink® *WASH_DC* Node 6154.


 - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


  EchoLink® Link Repeaters for the Net 

  If you would like to join in on RF, the following repeaters are linked for EchoLink® nets: 

 - KA2JAI-R thru W3CU repeater 146.805(-) PL107.2, Millerville, MD 

 - WB3GXW-R, 147.225(+), PL156.7 Hz, Calverton, MD

 - W3FDK-R, 146.73(-), PL141.3 Hz, Frederick, MD

 - K3CAL-R, 146.985(-), PL156.7, Sunderland, MD

 - W3SMD-L, 147.51, Simplex, St Mary's County, MD

 - KB3JQQ-L Pikesville, MD – local proximity within 2m Line-of-Sight

 - N3RO-L, 145.545, Simplex, Frederick Co, MD

 - K3YGG, 145.290(-), PL156.7, NIHRAC, Bethesda, MD 

 - K3ORB-R, 443.450(+), PL151.4, Ocean City Maryland 


Repeater owners are encouraged to join our MDC Section EchoLink® Net group and link your repeater - TU! 


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HB663 - MD General Assembly - Local Government - Regulation of Amateur Radio Station Antenna Structures: 

Declaring the intent of the General Assembly to codify a certain federal regulation concerning preemption of local regulation of amateur radio station antenna structures; requiring that an ordinance adopted by a county or municipality to regulate amateur radio station antenna structures may not preclude amateur radio communications, must accommodate amateur radio communications, and must constitute the minimum practicable regulation to accomplish the purpose of the ordinance; applying the Act to all counties and municipalities; etc.

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Winter Weather - The Snow/Ice Cycle: 


Pennsylvania's most famous groundhog on Tuesday emerged from the snow and saw his shadow and declared there would be six more weeks of winter. La Nina conditions are present across the equatorial Pacific Ocean, as represented in current oceanic and atmospheric observations. The official CPC ENSO forecast indicates that La Nina conditions are favored to persist through March-April-May, followed by a transition to ENSO-Neutral later in the spring and into the early summer.  The March-April-May (MAM) 2021 temperature outlook favors above normal temperatures for most of the CONUS, with the largest probabilities (greater than 70 percent) forecast across parts of the Southwest.


**Online Courses Available**


National SKYWARN® courses are also offered online by COMET on their MetED site.  These courses can be extra value to you however they do not replace the SKYWARN® Basics course taught by one of our meteorologists from the National Weather Service Baltimore/Washington. These online courses leave out vital information on the multitude of weather threats we get in the Mid-Atlantic region.  Online -



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Washington D.C. - Inauguration / Riot:

United States Capitol was overrun by a riot and violent attack on Jan. 6th. The Capitol was lockdown, lawmakers evacuated, and National Guard / Law Enforcement arrived and cordon of the entire downtown D.C. Gov area. No reported misuse of Amateur Radio was reported during the gathering. 

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Callsign - FCC $35 fee per license: 

 FCC announces $35 fee for Amateur Radio licenses and vanity callsign applications. The FCC has announced its decision regarding the imposition of a $50 fee for new and renewed licenses and vanity callsigns. According to an announcement from the ARRL dated December 30th, 2020, after reviewing the comments received from the ARRL and other parties.

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Ham License - Training & Testing:

Download or Print Amateur Radio Question Pools -


Northeast Maryland Amateur Radio Club (NEMARC) - Preregistration required prior to 2021 Dates.

. Feb 27 | Apr 10 | June 19 | Aug 28 -


Baltimore VE Team - Registration is closed for March. April is full waiting list is open.

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Hamfests/Gatherings - 

Register for next QSO Today Expo – March 13-14, 2021. The highly successful first QSO Today Expo with over 16,000 attendees. The QSO Expo team has been working hard to make this upcoming Expo even better with new speakers, panel discussions, kit building workshops, and much more.

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Ham Radio Events / Activities / Special Events 


On The Air Radio - Solar Activities / Tropo-Ducting / Antarctic DX / 


ARRL Inter. DX Contest, SSB 0000Z, Mar 6 to 2400Z, Mar 7 -

TESLA Memorial HF CW Contest 1800Z, Mar 13 to 0559Z, Mar 14 - TESLA Memorial HF CW Contest 1800Z, Mar 13 to 0559Z, Mar 14


March 11th 

Mar 11-Mar 14, 0000Z-0000Z, W5T, Battleship Texas Birthday - Cleburne, TX. Club KC5NX. 

Look for them at 14.255, 14.045, 7.240, & 7.235 MHz 

QSL - Club KC5NX, 9200 Summit Ct W , Cleburne, TX 76033-8212. 

Club KC5NX back on the air for the celebration of the 107th birthday of the Battleship TEXAS.


March 13th 

Mar 13, 1700Z-2359Z, NI6IW, USS Midway Museum Ship Special Event - San Diego, CA. 

USS Midway (CV-41) Museum Ship, Launching of USS Midway

14.320, 14.070 (PSK31), 7.250 MHz & DSTAR vis PapaSystem repeaters. 

QSL - USS Midway CV-41 COMEDTRA NI6IW, 910 N Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92101. 

SASE please.


March PI Day 4th 

David Sarnoff Radio Club, Princeton, NJ

Mar 14, 0000Z-2359Z, N2RE, Princeton, NJ. David Sarnoff Radio Club. 

14.250, 14.050, 7.200 & 7.050 MHz 

QSL - Bob Uhrik, 104 Knoll Way, Rocky Hill, NJ 08553. 

Famous Princetonian Albert Einstein was born on PI Day.

- - - - - - - - - -


**** Daylight Saving Time 2021 starts Sunday, March 14, 2021, 3:00:00 am local daylight time ****

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 ==> T-MARC -- January 2021 Coordination Report


January 2021 Applications in Process: 

KC3AM – Received application for Digital ATV repeater in Wilmington, Del. Sent notice to neighboring coordination group. Objections received from neighboring coordination group. 


KD3SU – Sent notice of proposed coordination for 2-meter pair to TMARC co-channel and neighboring coordination groups. 


N6NE – Received application for UHF pair in Washington, D.C. 


On Air Status Requests sent to: 

447.3750- K3WS Washington, D.C. 

448.5750- K3VOA Washington, D.C. 



South Eastern Repeater Assoc.: 

Received 1 proposed coordination for 2M. Approved 




The Mid-Atlantic Repeater Council 


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MEPN 2101 W3YVQ QND/31 QNI/459 QTC/35 MINS/738

BTN 2101 AB3WG QND/31 QNI/533 QTC/38 MINS/617

MDD 2101 AA3SB QND/58 QNI/250 QTC/96 MINS 524



PSHR: W3YVQ 135, AB3WG 117, K3IN 110, AA3SB 100, NI2W 99, KB3MXK 79, N3JET 79, W3NTS 56, AE3B 53, WB3FTQ 52. 


TFC: K3IN 258, AA3SB 88, N3JET 49, W3YVQ 46, KB3MXK 39, AB3WG 35, NI2W 24, AE3B 21, W3NTS 17, WB3FTQ 2


- - - - - - - - - -



MEPN moved to the winter schedule, 1630L/1700L, after the switch to EST in November. MEPN NVIS propagation was functional in January with the early MDD moved into darkness. Some early and late MDD sessions suffered from total prop loss due to falling MUFs during the low solar activity which continued through January. Solar cycle 25 is showing signs of life. Several low-level C-class flares occurred during January. It remains to be seen if the increased activity will offset the winter post-sunset MUF declines. Prepare for the option of using 160m, Winlink, or EchoLink during prop outages on 80m. MEPN representatives check for EchoLink check-ins starting at net call daily via the WB3GXW-L link node (or *WASH_DC* conference node backup if the -L node is not available). The conference bridge is available for MEPN, MDD, BTN, MSN, and 3RN stations during periods of failed propagation. Sincere thanks for John, WB3GXW, continuing to maintain and finance the WB3GXW-L conference bridge we use daily.


- - - - - - - - - -



Liaison stations are needed daily on the MEPN, BTN, MSN, and MDD, to handle incoming message deliveries. It is especially important for the new amateur targets of welcoming messages to receive delivery from local hams who can pass on information about getting started, what equipment is needed, where repeaters are, and where clubs meet, etc. Currently, most of this traffic is being delivered by NTS operators on MEPN, BTN, MDD, or MSN. They cannot be expected to be up on your local details, and they would prefer not to be going behind the backs of ARES(r) and clubs from far across the Section. The VECs know who the new licensees are, and how to reach them, at least by mailing address if not phone or 

email. Local hams working with the VECs might help facilitate such contact in the counties.


- - - - - - - - - -

Thanks to all the Section’s traffic-net NCS operators, RRI/DTN and WL2K stations, 

liaisons, and traffic handlers for the continuing effort to keep the nets running and 

traffic moving.


Stay safe and be well during the presence of the Corona virus. You may congregate in any numbers on our nets without masks. Good time to polish up that CW and enjoy some contacts on HF. Spring prop also provides occasional openings on the upper HF bands including 6 meters. If no stations are heard, call CQ.


Thank you for your continued support of MDC integrated ARES(r), RRI, and NTS operations.



w3yvq atsign arrl dot net

w3yvq atsign winlink dot org from WL2K




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de ANAR County KA2JAI


Several ARES members attended training for WebEOC, IS-100, IS-200, and IS-800.


MEMA did not conduct a COMMEX in Jan, however, we conducted our ARES portion.  During each COMMEX we practice traffic handling, Radiogram use, and Winlink.


At the ARES monthly meeting we added two regular presentations.  They are the solutions to the monthly WebEOC and Winlink exercises.  The WebEOC solution is shown live on the system using Zoom screen sharing.  The Winlink solution is shown using Winlink Express with screen sharing.


Training at the monthly meeting was an introduction to NBEMS.  Sending and receiving digital messages using acoustic coupling was demonstrated.  We have begun sending digital exercise messages after the weekly net on Sunday evenings.


Anne Arundel ARES was on standby status on Wed Jan 20, which was Inauguration Day.  Our Activation Manager put together a plan and staffing schedule that we were ready to use if we were activated.


Several members participated in Winter Field Day.


ARES meetings are 3rd Saturdays, with some exceptions, at 0900 using Zoom.  Check with the EC for actual dates. Weekly nets are Sundays at 2000 on the 146.805- 107.2 repeater in Millersville MD and EchoLink 90911 KA2JAI-R.  Monthly HF SSB nets are on first Tuesdays at 1930 on 3820 +/-.  For questions or more info by email to EC at



Anne Arundel County ARES EC


- - - - - - - - - -

de BACC City & County W3NTS


2 Total meetings this month. 1 via EchoLink, 1 via Zoom.


- - - - - - - - - -

de CALV County N3AE


Activity in December was concentrated on assembling and testing the new rigs for our primary EOC.  Good progress has been made but more work is needed before we are ready to install.  Installing RF decks and RemoteRigs in the Barstow tower shelter will follow next.   Our monthly meetings are normally on the third Tuesday at the Calvert County Services Building, Main Street, Prince Frederick but COVID-19 has canceled those for the time being and we are holding nets on the 146.985 - 156.7 repeater instead.   Our web site is  Repeater is 146.985 - 156.7.   We also have a 6M repeater, 53.170 out, 52.170 in, PL 100 which is open to anyone.  This is a split site repeater with the input at N3AE and the transmitter at N3PPH.


- - - - - - - - - -

de CARO County KB3TVF


There was three nets and one zoom meeting this month. The EARS 2M FM net meets each Tuesday night at 8 pm (local) on the club 147.045 MHz repeater (PL tone 156.7) except the 3rd Tuesday of each month which is our meeting night. The zoom meeting is our club business and training sessions.


- - - - - - - - - -

de CARR County WX3F


On the Thursday Training nets, the Carroll EmComm Team has used winter weather events to simulate commercial power loss to send and receive weather report messages using Winlink RMS by radio only. The Carroll EmComm Training net meets Thursday evening on 145.410 MHz (114.8 Hz) at 7:00 PM for training in digital operations and message handling using Winlink RMS and FLDIGI.


- - - - - - - - - -

de CECI County KB3LJB


Happy New Year!! Most of the exercises during January 2021, consisted of the CECI ARES operators participating in the weekly Sunday evening ARES Nets held at 2000 (8:00 pm) on the CBRA 146.850 repeater in Port Deposit, MD.  Currently, we have 4 Net Control Operators.  If you can reach the WA3SFJ 146.850 repeater and would like to try out as a Net Control Operator, send me an email ( and I will send you the script and blank log sheet.  If you have questions, send those to me as well.


A couple of our members were able to set up at the WA3SFJ Repeater Site and work a few stations during the Winter Field Day event the last weekend in January.  They were sure glad they did not have to do that during a snowstorm.  Also, a couple of us have further enhanced communications capabilities in Cecil County by setting up iGates.  Look for KB3LJB-10 on  The associated black diamond, as well as all the other black diamonds you find, are iGates that allow you to pass traffic to the intended destination via the cloud.


CBRA monthly meetings are normally held at Mason-Dixon American Legion Post 194 in Rising Sun on the third Tuesday each month at 7:00 pm.  However, to ensure the safety of all our members, for the time being, we have gone to Google Meet.  For further information contact John, W3VL, at


The WA3SFJ-R EchoLink Node 585690 is up and working well.


- - - - - - - - - -

de CHAR County KB3KOW


Quite month.


- - - - - - - - - -

de GARR County WA3EOQ


Physical GCARES meetings will continue to be suspended due to the coronavirus situation. 


Net every Sunday evening at 8PM Local on 146.805, PL 123.  Linked to the TARGET System (Cacapon, WV on 146.745, etc.) but, as of this writing, the Cacapon end of our link was not working.  Checking into the MDD net most every evening.  The monthly Commex (Reisterstown) exercises are back-on: 4th Thursday at 7PM, 147.09 pl100 Hagerstown repeater; 3820kHz afterwards.


- - - - - - - - - -

de HOWA County N3ADP


During January, we convened five routine weekly ARES-RACES Nets with informal digital practice sessions that are open to all amateur radio operators.  We set up a Forms and File exercise that was focused on ICS-213 use, which was also open to all who wanted to participate.  A couple members supported county Community Organizations Active in Disaster (COAD) efforts to assist with traffic, parking, and personal assistance at one of the county’s COVID-19 vaccination clinics.  Several members participated in Winter Field Day 2021. We are planning to set up a Simulated Emergency Test on February 27th, 2021.


Weekly nets are set up on the Columbia Amateur Radio Association (CARA) 147.135/R+ repeater on Sundays at 8:00 P.M.  We share information about ARES-RACES activities during CARA monthly membership meetings on the 4th Wednesday each month.


- - - - - - - - - -

de PRGE County KB3SPH for WB3KAS


Held Inaugural Table-Top Exercise for 1st Quarter 2021 Hospital Drill on 01/07/2021.


- - - - - - - - - -

de STMA County N2OMC


Held our bi-weekly ARES net on 7 and 21 January where we started working with the ARRL Radiogram and passing simulated traffic. The nets went well with traffic being passed and good practice in both sending and receiving. The plan will inter-operate with the NTS and passing traffic to and from one of the MDC NTS nets. We also have members taking some of the free, on-line Skywarn classes being offered in the area.


- - - - - - - - - -


Jim Montgomery WB3KAS




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'Be careful, be safe, be ready' 




Marty Pittinger KB3MXM

Maryland  / DDC Section Manager (SM)

ARRL - National Association for Amateur Radio

















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