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Great Lakes

Greetings to the Hams of Michigan:                          November, 2014

Winter seems to be arriving early in a number of places in Michigan. The north country received some serious amounts of snow and even the southern areas along the big lake have had to deal with lake effect snow (when I was a kid growing up here, we just called it snow!).

Looking out the window this morning (Nov 14), I see snow on the ground and I am 100 miles from the lake and nearly as far south as you can go and still be in Michigan. The optimistic view is that spring is on the way! Drive carefully out there.  

I want to issue my sincerest appreciation to all Veterans, past and present for their sacrifices and service to our country.    

Thanksgiving Day will soon be here and I hope that all will enjoy the holiday and reflect on the wonderful bounty that we enjoy by living in this country. In spite of our collective shortcomings, this is still a great place to live.  

PRB-1 Update  

Our Senate Bill 0493 was reported favorably out of the Energy and Technology Committee in September with a recommendation for immediate effect. Since that time, our bill has passed successfully through its second and third reading and was voted upon by the Senate and passed unanimously.  

Our bill has since moved over to the House and has had its first reading and has been assigned to the House Energy and Technology Committee. There was some information that indicated that our bill would be considered in a different committee, but that has been cleared up and the proper focus has been placed.  

We have mobilized the troops in a letter writing campaign to request action on our bill in committee as well as directing focus on our individual representatives who will ultimately vote on our bill after it comes out of committee.  

If our bill passes successfully in the House without any changes made to it, then it will head for the Governor’s desk for his signature. Time is growing short as we need to complete this process before the end of 2014 or we will be faced with starting over in the new legislative term.  

We are almost there and we need to keep the pressure on to get the bill passed in the House. If you have not yet written to your representative, now would be the time. The more letters they receive, the better the chance that they will vote positively on the bill.   You can learn who your Representative is and his or her email address on our PRB-1 website located at along with a sample letter that can be modified to include your information and be sent via email.  

Do not be concerned about using a form letter. Yes, they all look alike, but your Congressman or Congresswoman understands that a real person took the time to prepare the letter and send it to them. We have received some very positive comments about the number of letters received on this subject and we can assure you that they pay attention to letters from constituents. Emails are printed out and the stack of paper that results can be persuasive.  

Encourage your friends (ham operators or civilians) and family to communicate their wishes to their Representative. And keep your fingers crossed!  

News From Around the Section  

The second go-round of W1AW/8 from Michigan is now in the history books. In 2014, the hams of Michigan came together to provide a total of 58,652 contacts for the hams of the world. Many thanks go to Randy, AA8R and Dennis, KT8X and their respective teams for their leadership and dedication to the ham radio community in Michigan and beyond.  

Thanks to all who put forth the effort to be on the air and to give and to receive all of those contacts.  

Going forward, how is the ARRL going to top this? I am pretty sure that this is the pinnacle during our lifetime.  

The next ARRL “Red Badges on the Air” activity will take place on Saturday, November 22 UTC (starting the evening of Friday, November 21, in US time zones). That’s when holders of red ARRL name/call sign badges will once again be roaming the bands, offering yet another chance to boost your ARRL Centennial QSO Party total. There will be one more Red Badges on the Air activity on New Year's Eve, Wednesday, December 31. ARRL officers, elected officials such as Director or Section Manager, as well as Headquarters staffers and volunteers, and other members of the ARRL family will take to the air en masse for both occasions. Contacts with red badge wearers are worth as much as 300 points per contact for working ARRL President Kay Craigie, N3KN. Many of the 200 or so holders of red badges will be on the air on November 22 and December 31, along with other ARRL appointees, VEs, and members.   Be sure to set aside some operating time for both of these days to enhance your Centennial QSO Party point totals. See you on the bands!    

Have you ever wondered how other hams were able to get an email address composed of For ARRL members, that is one of your membership benefits. To sign up, all you have to do is to go to the ARRL website, log in and select “Edit my profile.” Once in the edit form, you can elect to use the service. It is simply an alias that will direct email sent to that address to your real email address.   This is the easiest way to contact another ham in that if you know their callsign, you can send them an email.This makes communication amongst hams simple, easy and neat and clean.  

While you are in the profile edit mode, be sure to select the option that will allow you to receive electronic communications from the Great Lakes Division and the Michigan Section. This will get you a number of important communications delivered directly to your inbox. There are also a number of periodic newsletter type communications that you can elect to receive as well.  


From Joe, WD8USA, the following opportunity to say Merry Christmas to our troops overseas this holiday system comes to us from the Army MARS System:   If there are those that want to send Christmas greetings VIA MARSGRAMS to "Any Service Member", Army MARS is taking them for delivery-  

The addressing for the MARSGRAMS should be:  

TO:      Landstuhl American Red Cross

ATTN: Any Service Member

Unit 33102 APO AE 09180  

Send as a normal radiogram addressed as illustrated with a text no longer than 50 words. If a response is desired, so indicate with HXC in the Handling instruction in the preamble.  

The MARS operator will reformat the message in the MARS format and send it out. No change in the Amateur header is needed, just address as indicated. As usual, the sender's full address and telephone should be included.  

You can contact Joe at with any questions you might have.    

Hospitality Acknowledgements  

October 18      Muskegon Hamfest

October 19     Kalamazoo Hamfest

October 26      USECA Hamfest October 27     

Livonia ARC Meeting  

It was a pleasure to attend your event and I thank you for the hospitality you have shown me.  

Section Staff Travel Plans  

Nov 25, 2014          Chelsea ARC Meeting, Chelsea, MI – WB8R  

Dec 7, 2014             L’Anse Creuse Hamfest, Harrison Twp, MI – WB8R  

Jan 11, 2015            Hazel Park Hamfest – WB8R  

Feb 2-5, 2015          MSP Interop Conf. Traverse City – WB8R, et  al

Feb 7, 2015             HARA Swap, Negaunee – WB8R  

Feb 14, 2015           Traverse City Hamfest – WB8R  

Feb 15, 2015           Livonia ARC Hamfest - WB8TKL  

Mar 14, 2015           Crossroads Hamfest (new location in Kazoo) – WB8R    

Michigan Section Traffic/ARPSC Nets (All times Local)  

MACS - MI Amateur Communications System 3.952 1000 Daily  

UPN – Upper Peninsula Net 3.921 1700 Daily; Noon Sunday  

MIARPSC – MI Amateur Radio Public Service Corps 3.932 1700 Sunday 

QMN – The Michigan Net 3.563 1830 and 2200 Daily  

MITN – MI Traffic Net 3.952 1900 Daily  

MIDTN – MI Digital Traffic Net 3.583 (Olivia 8/500) in waterfall 2000 Tues, Thurs, Sat  

D8EN - District 8 Emergency Net 3.909 Wed 2100    

MIADS – MI ARES D-Star Net. Reflector 24A Mon 2000  

GLETN – Great Lakes Emergency and Traffic Net 3.932 2000 Daily  

MVTN – MI VHF Traffic Net IRA Link System 2100 Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun

NLEUP - Northern Lower Eastern UP Net 146.64- 18:30 Daily  

SEMTN – SE MI Traffic Net 146.76- 2215 Daily  

TMMTN – Thumb Mid-Michigan Traffic Net 147.30+ 2130 Mon - Sat  

More information is available at Come join us on our traffic and public service nets.  

Amateur Radio Public Service Corps (ARPSC) Activities  

Station Activity Reports (SAR) for October, 2014: WB9JSR 367, WB8WKQ 283, K8ED 181, K8RDN 146, K8KV 136, K8LJG 133, WB8TQZ 119, N8FVM 99, KC8BW 83, WD8USA 51, WB8RCR 46, N8OSL 31, KB8RCR 30, WB8R 11, KD8LSM 8, WB8H 5, KC8YVF 4.   Total SAR reported: 1733  

BPL for October, 2014: None  

Public Service Honor Roll (PSHR) for October, 2014: WB8RCR 405, N8OSL 241, WB8R 236, K8RDN 210, N8FVM 190, KC8YVF 167, KB8RCR 140, WD8USA 130, WB9JSR 125, WB8TQZ 100, WB8WKQ 100, KC8BW 95, K8KV 90, K8ED 80, NE8B 70, WB8H 39, KD8LSM 33.  

Net traffic for October, 2014: The Michigan Net 168, Michigan Amateur Communications System 117, Michigan Traffic Net 81, Southeastern Michigan Traffic Net 57, Michigan VHF Traffic Net 51, Upper Peninsula Net 47, Great Lakes Emergency and Traffic Net 30, Michigan Digital Traffic Net 22, Motor City Radio Club 2 Meter Net 12, District 3 ARPSC Net 2, Genesee County ARPSC Traffic and Training Net 2, Saginaw County ARES Net 2, District 3 Digital Training net 2, Michigan Amateur Radio Public Service Corps 1, Red Cross Net of Greater Grand Rapids 1, Bay Area Regional Traffic System 1, Chelsea ARC Net 0, Branch County Emergency Net 0, District 5 Hospital Net 0, District 8 Emergency Net 0.  

Total net traffic reported: 596  

Volunteer Service Dollar Values:   ARES: $171,357; NTS: $36,237  

Total contribution for November, 2014: $207,594  

If you are reporting monthly to our SEC/STM WB8RCR, you can see your PSHR eligibility status at

The full details are at: This award recognizes the efforts of hams that are active in public service. Those reporting accumulate points for checking into nets, volunteering, holding Section appointment(s) and handling message traffic. EC’s can see their reports of Form FSD-212 here:

If you send your report to WB8RCR and don’t see it noted there, send a note to John to tell him your report has gone missing.

EC’s: Be sure to share your FSD 212 with your District EC, your ARES/RACES members and with your county’s Emergency Manager and others in your jurisdiction who need to know what you and your ARES/RACES group are contributing to your community each month.  

Until next time,  


Larry, WB8R


Michigan Officials