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ARRL Nebraska State Convention 2016


Nebraska State Convention

“End of Winter Hamfest”

Hosted by the Lincoln Amateur Radio Club

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Flea Market – Forums – FCC Testing

 On-going Tech Demos

Lancaster Event Center

84th and Havelock Ave., Lincoln, NE





General Adm. Saturday 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM




Congratulations to J.R. Reider K0JWR up in South Sioux city, Nebraska.  This is an absolute HOTBED of new activity.  Read and enjoy.  Make sure to welcome the new hams!


Ham Classes, New ARES Group AND Elmer Day--all in South Sioux City, NE

The Sioux City area is unique—there are three states separated by rivers just across from each other. And there are three clubs in the area—two in Iowa and one in South Dakota. Until recently there has been little club activity on the Nebraska side.

All that changed recently when the Emergency Management Director of Dakota County, Nebraska asked that the Amateur Radio Emergency Service program be rebuilt to support county emergency communications needs.

In order to add some new hams in our area, it was decided to hold a Technician class as soon as possible. In addition, several Emergency Management and Health Department officials wanted to take the class, but during weekday hours.

When we put a flyer and information out to other Emergency Managers and on social media, people from as far as 75 miles away registered for the class!

Two classes were formed—one meeting over two weekdays, with testing the third day; the other was a three Saturday morning class, with testing the Monday after Easter.

A total of 31 students started the two classes, including the county sheriff and a local police officer. Five had to drop out along the way due to illness or other reasons and four were unable to test recently.

But the classes were a joy to teach—very motivated students--and I had the assistance of some excellent hams to help do the teaching and show off some of their equipment. Special thanks to my YL, Paula, K0PSR—the Extra in our family--and for whom Resistance is NOT Futile when teaching Ohms Law.

The classes were held in the South Sioux City Law Enforcement Center training room, with a seemingly unending supply of coffee, water and treats courtesy of the Emergency Management Director.

Now that testing is finally over, we have 19 new Technician licensees; one passed both his Technician AND his General. Only three did not pass on their first attempt—and only by one or two correct answers. I’m confident they will pass when testing happens again soon.

But there’s more to just having classes—we all need to work on getting new hams involved in the hobby right away. And that is leading us to hold our first “Elmer Day” for new hams—being held on April 24th in the afternoon at the LEC. We will have a number of stations set up by area hams to give our ‘newbies’—and others interested in ham radio—the opportunity to experience everything from kit building to HF to APRS to CW and much more. We will also help them program their new radios they will hopefully purchase at the Nebraska State Convention being held in Lincoln, NE the day before Elmer Day. It should be a fun time for all!

Finally, Dakota County ARES is well on its way to being chartered in Nebraska as an ARRL club and we also are receiving assistance in placing a total of three repeaters in Dakota County—one 70cm and two 2M units that should provide excellent coverage throughout the area. And we’ll have people to use them!


Oh, we also have a ‘waiting list’ of almost a dozen people hoping to do a class soon!

J.R. Reider K0JWR




Southeast Nebraska Radio Club (SENRC) 80 Year (1936-2016) Anniversary Celebration

September 26, 27,  Coryell Park near Auburn, Nebraska.

You are invited to attend the Southeast Nebraska Amateur Radio Club (SENRC/SENARC) April 9, 9:30 am. Breakfast planning meeting at the Cafe Metro, 901 Central Avenue, Auburn.

A room has been reserved for the meeting and we hope you will attend. We are trying to make contact with as many Hams as possible to make the 80th Anniversary September 26, 27 at Coryell Park near Auburn, a big success.The Club will also have a table at the April 23, Nebraska ARRL State Convention, so look for us there. 

It is true that many Hams are SK's but some of you and the children and grandchildren of past Club members, remember those early days. If you could forward this email to other Hams who may have been involved in the Southeast Nebraska Radio Club over the years and send in any pictures, stories you have of SENRC past Field Days, Emergency Communications, fun times, etc. we will include it in a SENRC DVD/Publication for those interested and those attending.

Send to: or Post memories and pictures to Nebraska Radio Club; Mail: Chuck Bennett, SENRC, %67181, Lincoln, Nebraska 68506 we will include it in the memory SENRC DVD/publication.

Hams keep communicating until they are a SK. Please RSVP if you plan on attending so we can have space available.

73's Chuck, KDØPTK and Bev. KDØPTR, Bennett.

Public Service Honor Roll

KB0YTM 25 Hours



OO Report for January 2016

Bil Mc Collum KE0XQ OO Coordinator

KE0XQ 35




KE6DZD 140

AC0DQ 80



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These are Amateur Radio Operators who are ill and need our support. Please send get well cards or QSL cards with your best wishes on them as they recover from their illnesses or surgeries. I will post along with their names what they are recovering from only with the permission of the families or the member themselves.


While we celebrate the friends that they were, it is with sadness that we recognize the loss of these hams from our fold.


WØADK - Lambert (Burm) Burmester
WDØFCK - Floyd D. Scholl

KFØFO Jim Peterson

KØSDG Paul Heiser


WØAEX - Bob Rennolet, Sr.
KØAQQ - William Sprout
WAØASM - Steve May
KAØBTY - Robert Musil
KCØEHX - Roger Wilmont
WØHNW - Garry (Hoss) Cartwright
KØJPP - Berl Damkroger
KØKES - Joe Nanos
KBØOZD - Tadhg (Tag) Jackson
WØQOU - Martin Klein
WDØQVX - Henry Missel
ex-KAØREX - Claudius Shoniwa
KØRPC - Raymond M. Pohl
WØRVQ - Verne Voss
WØSZF - Verle (Moe) Francis
KAØTDN - Glen A. Roberts


KAØFZW - Raymond E. Sheridan
WØGFQ - Leo Meyerson
WØJCB - William A. Rice
WØJCP - Dick Dyas
WØJJL - Jim Monk
KCØKOG - Jim Nitz
WØKQX - Ronald L. Frame
KI0KS - Robert Dunn Jr.
KAØLAR - Dan Tinkham
KBØLLZ - Bud Watson
KA2NIC - John Mark
KA0S - Doug Mibourn
WCØP - Don Duckett
KCØQR - Jerry Robb
KØTVP - Stanley Prokes
KØUDB - Gaylord Ottun
KBØWIC - Richard W. Harter
NØWWO - James Kuehn
KØYAB - Dick Moen
KCØYE - Robert M. Hill
NØXII - Steve Peterson
KCØYFU - Steve Rudolph
NØZRV - Vernon (Vern) Berggren


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When attending a VE session, make sure you bring the following: your original license, a photocopy of your original license, 2 forms of identification (one with a photograph of you), any CSCE's and $15.00 cash or check.


Lincoln Amateur Radio Club
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