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Gary F. Grant
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Cell (775)351-3568

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The final Centennial Celebration Operation from Nevada will commence next Tuesday, 10/21, at 5PM and end on Tuesday, 10/28 at 5PM. W1AW/7 will be housed at the Comstock Memorial Station, W7RN, outside Virginia City. We have three operating positions and will be active on CW, SSB, RTTY and PSK-31, on 160, 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12, 10 and 6 Meters.

We made 30,000 QSO’s in April and the enthusiasm for working the W1AW/X stations appears to still be strong. It is your chance to be rare DX.

We would like to keep the station manned 24/7. If you are interested in operating, please contact me by email or phone. All are welcome, even just to watch. License class is not an issue as we will have control operators present.

Also, if there are any stations in NV that would like to participate as W1AW/7 NV, we are looking for stations with antennas and equipment that will be sufficiently loud to control a pileup, be capable of committing to a specific band/mode and time and be able to staff the station for significant time periods. We cannot have more than one band/mode at a time and the volunteer stations must be closely coordinated and keep computerized logs. 

Tom Taormina, K5RC

The Comstock Memorial Station, W7RN

Storey County ARES, KS7AA

Virginia City, Nevada, On the Comstock  - Advancing the Art of Radiosport



 Comments on HR 4969

"Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2014" Co-Sponsor List Swells to 47

The number of co-sponsors for H.R. 4969, the Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2014, has reached 47 members of the US House of Representatives.  The push to persuade additional House members to sign on as H.R. 4969 co-sponsors continues. ARRL Regulatory Information Manager Dan Henderson, N1ND, has pointed out that the House may adjourn as early as Friday, September 19, and not reconvene until after the mid-term elections on November 4. Members of the ARRL team have been in Washington, DC, to contact House members while Congress is still in session.

It won't be perfect, but if passed will be a "foot in the door" where now we have none!

73,  Gary K7VY

The  ARRL issued updates on HR.4969 The ARRl report that early efforts on behalf of 'The Amateur Radio Parity Act' HR.4969 are bearing fruit HR.4969 will ensure that every radio ham in the US, regardless of the community they live in, will have the opportunity to practice their avocation from their own homes without breaking any rules or fear of reprisal.   If enacted, HR 4969 would direct the FCC to extend the the reasonable accommodation protections to those amateurs who are living in deed-restricted communities.  Known as "CC&Rs" (covenants, conditions and restrictions) are the prohibitions and limitations placed on properties by builders or home-owner associations (HOAs) which prevent licensed Amateurs from erecting even modest antennas. “With Congress on break for the month of August, we are encouraging our members to meet with their representatives while they are home on break in their districts, and urge their support for HR.4969,” said ARRL Regulatory Information Manager Dan Henderson, N1ND. “We’re very pleased with the initial response, but the more noise we make, the better our chances.” Read the ARRL story at:

“Who is my Congress person?”; open and find the addresses for your Representatives if you are an ARRL member. or go to and  to get that information.







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Thank John N7UR.

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On receiving the 2014 ARRL Pacific Division "Ham of the Year" award at the Pacificon banquet in Santa Clara, CA.  "A deserving tribute for all the work he does for ham radio!"  John is also the Nevada Section PIC. (Public Information Coordinator)

See the TV program on (YouTube)  that Randall Lorenz AF7H ARRL PIO worked on for the local media. The program aired on the NBC Ch. 4 in Reno.    "Plush Life Season 6 Episode 14 Regional Emergency Operations Center (REOC)" See:    
Special Field Day Editions of Nevada Clubs and much more.

See Nevada Amateur Radio Newswire:   Thanks to John N7UR   Also check out "Reno Amateur Radio Information" FACEBOOK Page:   Thanks to Scott:  KC7STV   "Check out the videos on both websites!"


The Boomtown Resort/Casino in Reno has been picked by the Sierra Nevada Amateur Radio Society as the site for the 2015 ARRL Nevada State Convention. Known as NVCON, the convention will run May 1-3. 

General Admission: $25  in advance.  Featuring: Educational Sessions and Forums, ham testing, Exhibitors and Vendors, Ladies Luncheon, Satirday Ham Swap, Saturday Night Banquet and Entertainment and much more....More NVCON Information See

Boomtown Website:


The Report and Order may be found on the web in PDF format at,

ARLB015 House Bill Would Require FCC to Extend PRB-1 Coverage to
Restrictive Covenants

A bill with bipartisan support has been introduced in the US House of Representatives that calls on the FCC to apply the "reasonable accommodation" three-part test of the PRB-1 federal pre-emption policy to private land-use restrictions. HR.4969, the "Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2014" was introduced on June 25 at the request of the
ARRL, which worked with House staffers to draft the proposed legislation. The bill's sponsor is Rep Adam Kinzinger (R-IL). It has initial co-sponsorship from Rep Joe Courtney (D-CT). If the measure
passes the 113th Congress, it would require the FCC, within 120 days of the Bill's passage, to amend the Part 97 Amateur Service rules to apply PRB-1 coverage to include homeowners' association regulations
and deed restrictions, often referred to as "covenants, conditions, and restrictions" (CC&Rs). Presently, PRB-1 only applies to stateand local zoning laws and ordinances.

HR.4969 has been referred to the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Rep Greg Walden, W7EQI (R-OR), chairs that panel's Communications and Technology Subcommittee, which will consider the measure.

ARRL Hudson Division Director Mike Lisenco, N2YBB, is a principal advocate for the current legislative initiative to gain PRB-1 recognition for CC&Rs. Lisenco said the most urgent task now is to get additional co-sponsors to sign onto HR.4969.

Write your Congress representives to get this going!

A Special Message for All Amateurs from ARRL President Kay Craigie, N3KN   "An HR.4969 page now is open on the ARRL website.  It contains information and resources for clubs and individuals wishing to support efforts to gain co-sponsors for the measure by contacting their members of Congress."   Here’s the direct link:

Congratulations to the SNARS Club for the NVCON hamfest! 

Check out the Reno Amateur Radio Facebook page for pictures of NVCON 2014 and Field Day 2014.

Thanks Scott KC7STV in Reno for the great  pictures! 

Congratulations to: 

Katherine "Kati" Stenrud K7KTI of Reno being appointed the new Nevada Section Youth Coordinator.

Kati who is 14 was named the 2012 Youth Ham of the Year by the Mount Diablo Amateur Radio Club ( )

Kati holds a General Class license and enjoys contesting, volunteering for communication evemts, Field Day, Kids Day and going to hamfests and promoting ham radio to other youth.

She also like to solder kits, and is working to master CW.

Besides Ham radio Kati is active in the Theatre Arts.

The State of Nevada has a new Navy MARS Director.  

Jim Basset, W1RO, is an ARRL Life Member and lives in Las Vegas.

Jim Bassett W1RO / NNNøZKQ of Las Vegas has assumed the position from Dale Yanz KJ6IX / NNNøBCF of Gardnerville.

Bassett has more than 45 years of communications experience.  He served 20 years in the US Navy, retiring as a Chief Radioman.  He also was employed for an additional 20 years as a Communications Specialist with Las Vegas Fire and Rescue.

Bassett joined MARS in 1979.  He is a Life Member of the ARRL and is a member of Clark County ARES/RACES.

From: Nevada Amateur Radio Newswire

Section News:

 Information and comments from the Nevada Counties:

Carson City:

Members supported Nevada Dept. Emergency Management,Douglas Co ARES, Washoe Co ARES, Nevada Hospital Association Hamlink Systems

Sad to report that Otto Tune KV7QP is a Silent Key.

David C Law N7TNX, Carson City EC 

Churchill County:   (Northwest)

ARCC members attended the EMCOMM-1 Course sessions in Silver Springs, participated in the Churchill County Emergency Exercise, and the SET in Sep.

CCEOC packet station is currently down, and awaiting parts. BANNER packet station is working fine. Operation on both NV7CC-4 and K7ET-4 BPQ Packet Nodes is solid. K7ET is back sending out Weekly Packet Test Messages to the NW District.

Richard C. Bischoff K7ET, ADEC

Clark County:   (Southern)

Reduction in number of members is due to: 1) some members becoming Silent Keys; 2) transfer of some members to NE Clark County ARES team, and 3) due to ongoing survey of members whose membership has expired. This process will continue through October in an effort to purge membership database of inactive members who do not desired to renew their membership.

It was a busy month for Clark County ARES/RACES! In addition to our monthly training session, we had a SKYWARN breakfast meeting and a SET planning meeting. Also, some members provided communications support to the Silver State Challenge open road race, and 3 members reported to Centennial Hills Hospital one Saturday night to activate the amateur radio station there during the hospital's upgrade to its phone system which necessitated the phone system being shut down for 3 hours. Jay Peskin, KE7EGO, travelled to the FEMA training facility in Maryland for a week-long training course along with the City of Henderson Emergency Management team and city officials. Finally, 8 ARES members participated in a 2.5 day activation in response to the flash flooding in the Moapa area and destruction of a portion of I-15.

Bill Smith W7HM EC Clark County

North East Clark County

Need a way to get through road blocks.

2 floods in Overton. Wad not able to get through road block to measure Moody River on the first flood. there were 2 swift water rescues and many other home rescues for high water.
Second flood was much like the first except we were able to measure the river once which was 11 feet from bed of bridge, usually it is 27 to 28 feet.

Tom Cleminson KF7FTJ,  EC NE Clark Co. 

Esmeralda County:

Looking forward to Sept. 27 SET

Robert Moss W7WOW, Esmeralda - EC

Humboldt County

One Net session was completed due to a three week vacation in the month by the EC.

Barry w7bom, EC Humboldt Co. 

Storey County:

W1AW/7 Quick Recap

30,557 QSO’S, 2 trips to the ER, 3 car accidents, 2 dead amplifiers, 2 dead K3’s, 1 dead parakeet. 

Tom Taormina, K5RC, EC Storey County
The Comstock Memorial Station, W7RN

Storey County ARES, KS7AA Virginia City, Nevada On the Comstock

Lincoln County:

Great Basin ARC averages 4 check-ins weekly. Hope this will increase as time goes by..

We had 4 members participate in the SET. 4 check-ins on the VHF Treasure Hill repeater which has Generator backup and was removed from the Western Reflector.

We had 4 VHF check-ins and 2 HF check-ins. We also passed one piece of traffic to NC in Ely.
I operated from my home QTH on generator power as we had a antenna problem at our ECC.


Lyon County

September was a busy month for LCARES. We have 4 people attending the Emergency Communications I Class. We did recruitment at Dayton Valley Days and we assisted Washoe County ARES with the Edible Pedal. We had a great learning experience during the SET. The team is looking forward to working the Nevada Day Parade

Patricia Polish, KE7JIV
Lyon County EC

Douglas County:    (Northwest)

 In addition to our DCART monthly meeting and nets, members participated in our Nevada statewide SET on the 27th beginning at 0900 hours. The SET premise was that there was no commercial power. ARES teams were instructed to use only repeaters that had emergency/backup power. Operators were encouraged to deploy in the field for portable operations. Repeaters in neighboring states could be assumed to have normal service, including any ISP connections.

Most Winlink traffic could be routed via Packtor or Winmor by connecting to stations outside of NV. Retrieval of mail would by same on HF. Winlink contacts were also planned.

A resource net was established first to get information on the number of participants and capabilities. DCART members checked in our two repeaters, 147.270 and 146.655 (emergency powered) from 0830-0900. I (ka7ajq) relayed our capabilities to our state net on 7280. Our SEC had emailed us the ICS communications forms suggested. During the SET messages were passed on ICS 213 forms. The after action report will give us more insight into lessons learned and actions to be taken.

Any News To Report?
KJ6IX is back in our area so we are looking forward to training and reorientation for our 911 Dispatch packet ham station and the one in the mobile dispatch, Unit 900.

Sheila Clement, KA7AJQ

Alpine County, CA and Douglas County, NV

ARES Emergency Coordinator

NYE County

Get ready for the cold wet time of year. Check your batteries!

Gerald J. Fuge KC6ILH EC Nye County

Pershing County

Still had some problems with Electrical storms restricting my operations.

 Washoe County:   (Northwest)

Had a busy month planning, recruiting, coordinating and participating in the communications for the following events:

Tahoe 200 9/5/14 9/9/14
The first ever 200 mile single loop mountain race in the United States, the Tahoe 200 circumnavigates the sparkling, clear blue waters of Lake Tahoe from the Tahoe Rim Trail. The Tahoe 200 aims to create an unique and unparallelled experience for ultra distance trail runners who want to have an adventure of a lifetime. The race is a non-stop traverse of the lake, with numerous aid stations and sleep stations to support your epic run.

Thanks to Hams from California and Nevada for helping the race coordinators account for all the runners and keeping them safe: Vic Bausell, KG7BOE, Arlan Robinson, KA7ZAU, Alan James, KG6Z, Jim Piper, N6MED, Chris Waddle, K9RNO, Richard Marx, AF7RM, Ray Foster , KB7GNA, Scott Donovan, KB1EEA, Doug Willinger, KF7ZKS, Kelly Shelly, KS6Z, Roz Rich , AE6WT, Bob Nelson, KA6NSN, Bob Miller, WA6MTY, Fred Sellstrom, W7KOZ, Bonnie Sellstrom, KC6PSZ, Larry Stanton, K6LRS, Fred Carey, KF7QVB, Glenn Reynolds, KI6PZY 1872 hrs

Reno 5000-3 9/7/14
Race #3 of the 2014 Running Series is located at Washoe County Bowers Mansion Regional Park. The race consists of the Junior 1 Mile, 3.1 mile, 10K, and 5K race.
Thanks to the following local Hams: Doug KA7FOO, George WA6TVD, Ken Darrel W7ADZ, Ed KE7JMN
40 hrs

Reno Air-Races 9/10/14 9/14/14
Provided help with security at various locations like a couple gates, reserved seating grand stands.
Also Bob WA6MTY had our communications truck ECOMM1 on display and talked about Ham Radio to the Air Race attendees. Thanks to Rick Russell KF7KEM for coordinating and Bob WA6MTY, Ken KF7BNX, Smitty KD7BAC, Ed KE7JMN, Greg WA7IRW, Dick AG7RV, Vic KG7BOE, John W7KEZ, 245 hrs

Sierra Valley Gran Fondo 9/14/14
Thanks to Nevada Hams Bob Miller WA6MTY, Rob McKevitt, K9RVM, Kristen Masar, K7KLM and several Hams from Plumas Amateur Radio Club, Larry Trotter KI6YUK, Leland Cotter KF6CCR , Kathy Cotter KF6CCP , Eldon Blum KF6JJW, Liz Blum KF6JUY, Michael Rodriques KJ6WLR, Keith Mahan KI6SPK, Dennis KI6KQJ, Richard Marx AF7RM, Bob Nelson KA6NSN, for helping with communications for this event. 114hrs

Edible Pedal 100 9/21/14
The Edible Pedal 100â„¢ is a recreational yet challenging charitable bike ride that showcases Nevada. The beautiful ride routes feature outstanding locally sourced food at the rest stops and post-ride barbecue. The ride partners with local bike communities, youth groups, and food and beverage producers. Our mission is to support the local economy by drawing out-of-town bicycle riding enthusiasts in addition to local riders, to the area and highlighting local businesses.

Thanks to the following Hams who helped support this event: Daryl, KE7HXD, Bill Jones, AE7OX, Ray Foster, KB7GNA, Ken Forrer, KF7BNX, BOB Miller, WA6MTY, Thomas Tabacco, KE7NCJ, George McCulley, WA6TVD, Ed Montenegro , KE7JMN, Richard Marx, AF7RM, Lynn Jenkins , KG7CXR , Judy Carlson, KE6GIW, Doug Abramsom, KA7FOO, Radall Lorenz, AF7HD, Jim Rosima, KD7DPW, Patty Polish , KE7JIV, Mike Detullio , KE7GFS, Dennis Maginot , KE7JIS. 170 hrs

September 25th was the Washoe County Alternet EOC drill at the central conference room in Building C on 9th street. Thanks to Doug KA7FOO, Randall AF7HD, Vic KG7BOE, Dan N7WTR and Bob WA6MTY 40hrs

Saturday October 4th is the next WC ARES training where a representative from National Weather Service will give us Skywarn training on how to report severe weather.

October 18th is the Reno 5000 Trick-or-Treat Fun Run located at Reno Toyota. The run directors would like our help posting radio operators along the route for safety. If you want to participate contact me Bob Miller at

Don't forget the celebration and Amateur Radio display at the capitol building in Carson during Nevada Day.

Any News To Report?
Moved ECOMM1 into the hanger at Reno Air Races

Bob Miller WA6MTY

Washoe County

ARES Emergency Coordinator

White Pine County (North East)

It was a busy month for US as we had the Silver State Classic car race on the 21st, and the SET on the 27th. We had 4 local net sessions with good response.

On September 21 a test session was conducted at the WPCO EOC. 6 amateurs were tested, and 4 received license upgrades.
Erin Johnson KG7NTO to General, Burke Bradley KB7VPM to General, Dan Nezgoda to Extra, and myself Archie L (Les) Robison N7GWT to Extra. We also hope to have a new VHF repeater on the air on Squaw Peak above Ely the first week of October. It will be on the same frequency as the prior machine (146.880- pl 114.8) and when completed will be linked to the 147.180+ on Kimberly, the 145.220- on Highland Pk, and the 146.850- machine at Warm Springs on US 6 between Ely, and Tonopah.

Archie L (Les) Robison EC - N7GWT WPCO

City of Reno hosted a Safety Fair

The Fair took place at Wingfield Park and working closely with the city I was able to secure a place for E|COM1. Other exhibitors included REMSA, Reno Fire Dept Swift Water Rescue, Reno PD K-9 teams, 911 dispatch, utility representatives, Reno's confined space, CERT, Washoe County REOC, and many others.
Bob WA6MTY, Doug KA7FOO and myself met with a number of local officials as well as the public. ARES was able to secure eight new governmental contact and ten individuals from the public are planning to attend a ARES meeting and see if it is a good fit. 
Randall C Lorenz, AF7HD ARRL PIO

J. Parker N7TOC, OBS, Local Government Liaison has been at several Washoe County meetings looking for amateur radio issues.  Including: Washoe County Commission and planning meetings.

Glenn Hale, KB7REO SEC

From Ray Bass W7YKN in Reno.   Check on your W1AW status!  

"You should be able to log in with your LOTW stuff, not your regular ARRL website stuff."

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