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Welcome to the North Dakota ARRL Section News for the 3rd Quarter of 2016

Would like to wish all readers a Happy Holidays and let's hope Santa Claus brings us a Ham Radio gift this year!

The "National Parks on the Air"  is wrapping up and it has been a great success.  The ARRL National Parks on the Air (NPOTA) event ran parallel with the National Park Service’s centennial this year.  There was 408 officially-listed National Park Service administrative units and the 25 recognized Affiliated Areas.

**** Upcoming Events ***

Our first 2017 hamfest will be in Bismarck by CDARC on February 25, 2017.  More details will be emailed when they are available and we will have another ARRL  Forum during the hamfest.


**** 1st Quarter Net Reports ****

The ND WX & Road Information Net is on 75 Meters- 3.859 Mhz at 8:30 AM CDST, seven (7) days of the week.  The ND Amateur Traffic Net is on 75 Meters- 3.860 MHz, 6:30 PM CDST, seven (7) days per week.


Net Report - July 2016
WX Net - 28 sessions, 703 check-ins, 8 messages passed
TrafficNet - 30 sessions, 605 check-ins, 3 messages passed

NCS for the month: K0VF, N0LG, W0TF, N0RF, WA0CSL, KD0UNI, K0UB, KF0HR, ND0CW, K0TLW, and W0HS


Net Report - August 2016
WX Net - 28 sessions, 661 check-ins, 10 messages passed
Traffic Net - 27 sessions, 498 check-ins, 3 messages passed

NCS for the month: ND0CW, W0TF, KD0UNI, N0LG, N0RF, WA0CSL, W0HS, KF0HR, K0TLW, K0UB and K0VF


Net Report - September 2016
WX Net - 29 sessions, 685 check-ins, 2 messages passed
TrafficNet - 28 sessions, 769 check-ins, 7 messages passed

NCS for the month: N0LG, N0RF, W0TF, KD0UNI, WA0CSL, KF0HR, K0UB, K0TLW, ND0CW, KF0HR and K0VF

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Until the next 4th Quarter Report for 2016 - 73's Lynn - W0ND

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