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Welcome to the North Dakota ARRL Section News for the 4th Quarter of 2015

The year 2015 is now behind us and soon it will be springtime with new ham radio activities in North Dakota for 2016.

We have a new North Dakota Frequency Coordinator.  His call is N7IV, Joe Ferrara from Minot, ND. Joe has been working very hard to get the ND frequencies coordinated and updated to the ARRL.  Thank Joe when you see him for all his effort.  Joe will be at the Bismarck CDARC Hamfest and give a report at the ARRL Forum.  The ND frequency list provided by Joe will be available on my website.

The "National Parks on the Air"  is now in full swing in 2016.  Amateur Radio and the ARRL will be helping the National Park Service celebrate their 100th anniversary. Hams from across the country will activate "field day like" activities to promote the National Park Service and showcase Amateur Radio to the public. The ARRL National Parks on the Air (NPOTA) event runs in parallel with the National Park Service’s centennial. The program runs from 0000 UTC January 1, 2016 through 2359 UTC December 31, 2016.  The goals will be to promote the capabilities of Amateur Radio to the general public through operations at eligible National Park Service Administrative Units (408 officially-listed National Park Service administrative units and the 25 recognized Affiliated Areas are possible)

**** Upcoming Events ***

The 2016 CDARC Bismarck Hamfest is scheduled for February 27, 2016 at the St. Mary's Grade School on 807 East Thayer Ave, Bismarck, ND.  Setup is at 7:00 AM with the Hamfest starting at 8:00 AM.  An ARRL Forum and the ND Net meeting will be held in the morning.

The FORX ARC will have their 2016 Hamfest on April 30, 2016 at the Heritage Village in East Grand Forks from 7 AM to 3 PM.  They will have a flea market, testing, forums, door prizes and a morning breakfast.

**** 4th Quarter Net Reports ****

The ND WX & Road Information Net is on 75 Meters- 3.859 Mhz at 8:30 AM CST, Monday thru Saturday with an informal WX net on Sunday morning at the same time.  The ND Dakota Amateur Traffic Net is on 75 Meters- 3.860 MHz, 6:30 PM CST, seven (7) days per week.  The Goose River Net meets every Sunday at 8:30 AM on 160 meters.

Net Report - October 2015
WX Net - 29 sessions, 666 check-ins, 5 messages passed
DATA Net - 31 sessions, 705 check-ins, 6 messages passed               Goose River Net - No Report
NCS for the month: N0LG, W0TF, K0VF, N0RF, WA0CSL, KD0UNI, K0UB, KF0HR, ND0CW, K0LTW, W0ND, K9FQO

Net Report - November 2015
WX Net - 29 sessions, 721 check-ins, 9 messages passed
DATA Net - 28 sessions, 993 check-ins, 9 messages passed               Goose River Net - No Report
NCS for the month: ND0CW, W0TF, K0UB, KD0UNI, N0LG, N0RF, WA0CSL, W0HS, KF0HR, K0TLW

Net Report - December 2015
WX Net - 31 sessions, 829 check-ins, 14 messages passed
DATA Net - 31 sessions, 1083 check-ins, 5 messages passed
Goose River Net - No Report                                                                      NCS for the month: W0HS, N0LG, N0RF, W0TF, KD0UNI, WA0CSL, KF0HR, K0UB, K0TLW, and ND0CW.

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Until 1st Quarter 2016 - 73's Lynn - W0ND

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