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Welcome to the North Dakota ARRL Section News for the 1st Quarter of 2015

Spring and now summer is in full swing with the temperatures getting in the 80's already.  The CDARC Bismarck Hamfest went well and we had lots of discussion on the ND Nets and the preamble changes.

The 2015 North Dakota QSO Party is now history and I will begin building the score  sheet to determine the winners for 2015.  A big thank you to all of for helping give North Dakota to the rest of the world during the ND QSO Party in 2015!

**** Upcoming Events ***

The 2015 Field Day is June 27th and the 28th and it would be nice to get all clubs in North Dakota to participate in this fun event.

The 52nd Annual International Peace Garden Hamfest is July 11, 2015 and here are a few updates since last year.  There is a new Chief Administrator at the Peace Garden this year.  If you are camping, there is a $5.00 per day reduction in the price if you identify yourself at the gate as part of the Hamfest group.  If you are attending for the day only. the vehicle entrance fee will be $10.00 rather than $15.00.  Certain campsites can be reserved now so for Hamfest they are going to increase the number of site you can reserve.  Give the Peace Gardens a call if you want to reserve a campsite.  The committee meeting for the Hamfest committee members will be at the Lodge at 2:30 PM on Friday afternoon.  See you at the Hamfest!

The 2015 RRRA Hamfest will be held on September 26, 2015. Stay tuned for more information!

**** 1st Quarter Net Reports ****

The ND WX & Road Information Net is on 75 Meters- 3.959 Mhz at 8:30 AM CDST, Monday thru Saturday with an informal WX net on Sunday morning at the same time.  The ND Dakota Amateur Traffic Net is on 75 Meters- 3.860 MHz, 6:30 PM CDST, seven (7) days per week.  The Goose River Net meets every Sunday at 8:30 AM on 160 meters.

Net Report - January 2015
WX Net - 29 sessions, 627 check-ins, 11 messages passed
DATA Net - 31 sessions, 832 check-ins, 7 messages passed               Goose River Net - 4 Sessions, 33 check-ins, 1 message passed
NCS for the month: N0LG, W0TF, WA0CSL, N0RF, N0DJJ, KD0UNI, K0VF,K0UB, KB0SBW, W0ND, W0HS and ND0CW

Net Report - February 2015
WX Net - 27 sessions, 672 check-ins, 9 messages passed
DATA Net - 26 sessions, 915 check-ins, 7 messages passed               Goose River Net - 4 Sessions, 37 check-ins, 1 message passed
NCS for the month: KR0W, WA0CSL, KD0UNI, K0UB, W0HS, KF0HR, W0TF, N0RF, N0LG, N0DJJ, W0ND, KB0SBW and ND0CW  

Net Report - March 2015
WX Net - 31 sessions, 708 check-ins, 15 messages passed
DATA Net - 30 sessions, 935 check-ins, 11 messages passed
Goose River Net - 5 Sessions, 36 check-ins, 1 message passed              NCS for the month: N0DJJ, W0HS, N0LG, N0RF, W0TF, KD0UNI, WA0CSL, KF0HR, K0UB, KB0SBW, and ND0CW.

If you want to be on the North Dakota Section Manager Email list for current news and updates, please email me at and I will put you on the email list.

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Until next Quarter - 73's Lynn - W0ND

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