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October 8 2016

Good Evening My Fellow Amateurs,
Hurricane Matthew is gone, the first Category 3 to 4 Storm to hit the East Coast of Florida in some time.  It was not fun.  It was not nice.  Our area had winds in the 80+ MPH zone for an extended period of time (in hurricane force winds for at least 2-3 hours).  We have huge amounts of losses, but minimal injuries and fatalities (unlike Haiti, that was not so fortunate).  Many other area of our state have also experienced similar impacts.  Please keep those folks in your thoughts and prayers.  It is my fervent hope that you all survived the storm and you and your family are safe – and you did not sustain any catastrophic damages.
I just finished a 67 hour (in four days)  citywide EOC management marathon, and if I ramble, I apologize – yes, I’m a bit worn around the edges!   I also was able to provide information, guidance and  answer multiple e-mails and phone calls regarding our section/states activities in the ARES  arena.  I am aware of many ARES groups activation in the Section, both in harm’s way and those who were not.  Many EOC’s, hospitals, shelters, public safety and others were supported by hams, and I was able to monitor some of the HF ARES, SARNet, Hurricane Watch Nets from my EOC in Daytona Beach (well, until a 70 to 80 MPH gust took our antenna down!).  What I heard was capable, professional net control and excellent cooperation in keeping those frequencies clear for life safety.  I thank EVERYONE for that great cooperation! 
If you participated in these activities, as you have time, please provide an after-action report to Strait and I, including photos if possible – photos of you working with our served agencies if possible – and who was involved in our response, how many hours, any traffic or other information passed, how many days.  This does not have to be a Pulitzer Prize winning manuscript, but if you can summarize your activities and get it to us in the next few days it would be absolutely great.  Include challenges you had and how you worked out solutions.  I am particularly interested in how your served agency worked with you.  Keep it simple and make it easy to read!
I am cancelling the Level 1 Activation under our NFL Section ARES Communication Plan effective midnight, tonight (Monday October 9, 2016).
I again thank you for what you do.  Please continue to  be safe.

73, Steve WB4OMM
Steve Szabo WB4OMM
NFL Section Manager
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