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May 1 2016

Good Day to You! I hope this message finds you enjoying the Greatest Hobby and Service in the World!

As I will be “all over the place” doing as a mobile in the Florida QSO Party this weekend, I am sending this out one day early.

It has been a busy month……so here’s lotsa’ information!


I got to visit with the Orlando Amateur Radio Club, NAQCC-FL in Holly Hill, and Daytona Beach CERT groups this month – but missed the Jacksonville Free Flea due to the rain.  Most of the month was spent on filling Section level appointments (see below, a bunch!), finishing the NFL Section Emergency Communications Plan, and “revising” our section organization. The NFL Comm Plan document is available online at our excellent web page run by that master of the Web, Bert Garcia NN8N.  The Plan can be located here: .


MONTHLY REPORTS:  EFFECTIVE WITH THIS MONTH’S APRIL 2016 REPORT……All monthly EC reports will now be “electronically entered”……YES!  No more “paper” forms……..go to the NFL Section Web Page, and click on the “ARES” tab in the title bar…..enter your information, and press “submit”….it  now takes about 40 seconds to submit your monthly EC report.  Here is the link to the entry web page:   :  No excuses!  Every EC (or designee!) is REQUIRED to file a monthly EC report, that gets forwarded to the ARRL Field Organization.  Report entry is due by the 5th of the following month (April’s EC report is due for entry by May 5th.   Special “Thanks” to Bert Garcia N8NN our Webmaster for his efforts in this initiative!  Any problems?? Let Strait know!

NOTE:  Those of you who send more comprehensive reports to Strait and I that include photos, local activities, and the like --- PLEASE CONTINUE!  Just enter the “numbers” that the ARRL requires into the online submittal, and e-mail the photo/activity via e-mail as you have.


This month’s edition of QST NFL is chock full of information!  Take a look at this excellent “rag” that is produced by Marty Brown WB2VYK here:


Lots of new appointments this month!  As we stand now, almost all of our EC positions are filled and all but one of the Section Leadership appointments are filled (still looking for a Section Bulletin Manager…any takers??).  Please welcome the following folks to their new positions:


Assistant Section Managers: 

Dave Davis WA4WES; Jeff Capehart W4UFL; Neil Light KK4VHX; and Ray Crepeau K1HG.


Section Leadership Officials: 

Section State Government Liaison – Darrell Brock N4GOA;

Section Technical Specialist Coordinator – Frank Haas KB4T

Section Public Information Coordinator –  Scott Roberts KK4ECR

Section Youth Coordinator – James Lea WX4TV

Section Affiliated Club Coordinator – Steve Palmer KM4SDP


ARES County Emergency Coordinators:

Sumter County –  Ed Nance KI4ZIV

Suwannee County - Joe Kelman KI4TRR

Washington County – Mark Nallick WA4MN


These and all of the Section Officials can be located on the NFL Web Page - .


The Statewide Hurricane Exercise Amateur Radio ARES participation has been scheduled for Wednesday, May 18th.  Some of the information provided by the State has been released and sent to the ARES leadership this past week - more information will be provided as it is received.  The State has included Amateur Radio support in this year’s exercise, and a simple message sent to the State EOC via HF or SARNet is the challenge for every county group.  In addition, the National Hurricane Center is asking for local weather reports via the SARNet system FOR A ONE HOUR WINDOW ONLY – this controlled net will be opened at 11:00 am local time (EDT) and close at 12:00 noon EDT. They will basically ask for stations to send Call Sign, Signal Report, Name, QTH and brief WX Report.   For more on the NHC activity, see:




My scheduled visits to Hamfests and “tailgates”, club and ARES meetings for May:

Thursday, May 5th, Lake Monroe ARS

Wednesday, May 18th thru Monday, May 23rd – Dayton Hamvention and FDIM in Dayton, OH. (I will be staffing the ARRL RadioSport Booth and checking QSL cards Friday and Saturday).


Next month is the 2016 ARRL Field Day event, the weekend of June 25-26 – start preparing!  I have asked for a State Proclamation form the Governor, and will post/provide as soon as I receive it.  More on Field Day here:


Get involved, get active, get happy!  Stay safe, get on the air, and have fun!!

I hope to see you at a club meeting/activity soon!


As always, THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO.  Without you, nothing else happens, and nothing else matters.


73, Steve WB4OMM

Steve Szabo WB4OMM

NFL Section Manager 

ARRL, The National Association for Amateur Radio™


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