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September 1 2015

Good Day to You! I hope this message finds you enjoying the Greatest Hobby and Service in the World!

We “Dodged a Bullet” in the last few weeks, with Hurricane Danny and Tropical Storm Erika both deciding to “go away”.  Hopefully, we will continue the good fortune of no devastating storms, but we still need to be prepared!  PLEASE check your “stuff”, personal plans, and develop the relationships with your served agencies now – it’s too late when, “yer up to yer butts in alligators”!!  It appeared we were ready, willing, and able from the e-mails that were sent my way.  Thank you for the efforts!!

There is no “Newsletter” this month.  Why??   No editor, no information provided for publication, and for my part, just no time (yeah, I was really busy the last few weeks with the storms).  Unless someone can take ownership of this information resource, I am afraid it will go the way of the dodo bird.  However, these monthly “Section Manager Messages” will continue unabated!

The following is a message from Norm Fusaro, W3IZ, Assistant Manager, ARRL Field Service & Radiosport Dept:

The Club Update mechanism has been upgraded.  Now when a club updates the information on the ARRL club pages the changes are displayed as soon as the information is submitted. 

The tutorial on the club page has been updated to reflect the changes in the updating procedure.  Here is the direct link to the pdf tutorial.

At the July meeting of the ARRL Board of Directors, the board directed HQ to issue one of our new SSC pennants to each Special Service Club.  Please reach out to your Special Service Clubs and have them verify that the club information is correct and that their Special Service Club status is up to date.  Having this information correct will reduce the number of items returned to HQ because of a bad address.

If you have any questions about any of this or other club business please contact me at or call me at 860-594-0230.

I am continuing to support The Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2015 -- H.R.1301.  We need your support – here is the web page for more information: .  If you have not sent a letter, PLEASE DO!!!  Here’s why…..what follows is taken verbatim from a flyer being circulated AGAINST  HR 1301 throughout the state from Brian S. Hess, Partner, Clayton & McCulloh, P. A. – a law firm that represents condo and homeowners associations:

The current language of these bills preempts community associations' architectural guidelines and rules related to installation of HAM radio towers and antennas. If the legislation passes (and it is moving forward in a way that is threatening), community associations would not be able to require prior approval for 70' HAM radio towers and antennas, nor would community associations have the ability to create reasonable processes and aesthetic guidelines.  In other words, similar types of restrictions on regulation of satellite dishes and certain types of aerial antennas by Associations could be applied to HAM radio if these bills are approved.  

HAM radio enthusiasts indicate this legislation is needed so they may respond to and assist in communication during disasters. The truth is HAM radio enthusiasts who aid the public interest often do so at the site of a local disaster with portable equipment. They are not required to have permanent equipment, such as towers and antennas, at their residence in order to assist in communications during a disaster; especially when such towers and antennas may pose a health and safety risk to their neighbors during the same disasters. “

These statements are inaccurate and misleading, and don’t think for a minute that this “misinformation” is not having any traction in condo-land or homeowner’s associations.  SEND THE LETTERS!!!

In a few weeks, I travel to ARRL HQ for a long weekend for Section Manager Training – the SFL and WCF Section Managers are also attending.  It should be interesting and fun!

A reminder, the ARRL Simulated Emergency Test (SET) is October 3 and 4……get ready!  The focus is on providing communications for your LOCAL, SERVED AGENCIES.  Watch for more from our Section Emergency Coordinator Strait Hollis KT4YA in the next couple of weeks.

AND…..October starts the major contests period for the year – along with cooler weather!  Try a contest, you just might get “hooked”!

Stay safe, get on the air, and have fun!!


73, Steve WB4OMM

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  • Stephen Szabo

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    Stephen W. Szabo WB4OMM

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  • L Hollis

    Section Emergency Coordinator

    L Strait Hollis KT4YA

  • Donna Barker

    Assistant Section Manager

    Donna J. Barker WQ4M

  • John Reynolds

    Assistant Section Manager

    John C. Reynolds W4IJJ

  • Don Duckett

    Section Traffic Manager

    Don A. Duckett N9MN

  • Patricia Steinberg

    Assistant Section Manager

    Patricia A. Steinberg KB2EV

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    Joseph D. Bushel W2DWR

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    Stephen W. Barber WA4B

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  • Rick Lloyd

    Official Observer Coordinator

    Rick A. Lloyd AA4W

  • Ronald Mettler

    Assistant Section Manager

    Ronald K. Mettler WB4GHU

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    Edward A. Biederwolf W9CHA

  • Kent Hutchinson

    State Government Liaison

    Kent B. Hutchinson KC4TOC