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ARRL Sections - Northern New York

Northern New York

Northern New York

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Northern New York
Tom - KF2GC

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 Many of the ARRL listed nets are being used during this time of Social Distancing, to keep in touch with each other and provide information which could help you.  The CVARC has a Local NNY net here on 147.285 pl 123 if you can get in please do along with giving updated Health & Welfare needed.  Moreover we have been sending and copying NBEMS messaging. We Amateur Radio Operators will continue to update our own use of Emcom so in times of need we can and will be ready.   Remember Amateur Radio Operators are here to assist and help in communications in times of need.  Have a great day and remember Amateur Radio is One of America's Great Resources.  

73's Tom KF2GC



 This year we have heard alot about what the future in Ham Radio will & will not be because of the Wuhun China Coronaviruse Covid-19.  We have followed our leadership and protected our Amateur Radio Operators too! 

Fortunately, we have had some test sessions and Club meetings on Zoom and other internet an socially responsible distancing of various band & mode networks etc.  These will continue to fill the gap for the near future.  If you haven't had a chance to take in a Dan "RAT-PAC" K7REX please check them out on a topic that you find interesting.  Just recently last week on the 7th of April I listened to a great presentation of the updated ARRL Band Plan Release by Mike K7VO the NW Division Director.

While most of the bands will remain the same certain accomodations have been made and the areas of digital modes brought out on the newly published and printed form.  See ARRL's  Graphical Frequency Allocations (  A  lot has been talked over about what could be done to address both FCC changes in allications as well as provide an updated graphical representation of the band plan.    The ARRL has downloads available you can get in different  sizes.  Also,  packages of them you can get from the store for handouts too.   I recently took part in Dan/K7REX's zoom presentation my Michael Ritz W7VO,  it was a great presentation of what has been a topic of discussion for the past 2 years and now we have the results of what they have come up with. so to it will give folks a more accurate grapical picture of it's usage also.  Moreover, you can go into the past  Topics which are many and see and listen to them for your self.  AT: 

Dan Marler, K7REX Please join us you will learn much and enjoy the common Amateur fellowship from all around the ARRL reaching America's and beyond.











Northern New York Officials

  • Thomas Dick

    Section Manager

    Thomas A. Dick KF2GC

  • Roland Patnode

    Technical Coordinator

    Roland H. Patnode W2WIZ

  • Francis Silver

    Section Traffic Manager

    Francis G. Silver N2ZGN

  • Richard Sherman

    Assistant Section Manager

    Richard C. Sherman WZ2T

  • Peter Newell

    Section Emergency Coordinator

    Peter R. Newell KC2WI

  • Thomas Valosin

    Assistant Section Manager

    Thomas G. Valosin WB2KLD

  • Rocco Conte

    Assistant Section Manager

    Rocco J. Conte WU2M

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