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West Gulf

 Updated 03/13/2014



Oklahoma Section News – Spring 2014




Hello Oklahoma!!




I know I titled this Spring 2014 and there is lots of snow outside, but I’m trying to be optimistic…….(Think WARM…..WARM…..)  The bad part is in about 2 or 3 months we’ll be wondering where all the cool weather is!




The first couple of months of the new year have been VERY busy around the QTH.  We started taking care of the grandson again after Wilma retired again…..Then at the end of January Wilma had her left hip replaced.  She is doing very well.  She is walking a mile already(weather permitting) and chasing after the 2 ½ year old .   She would like to thank all of you that have sent along best wishes for her quick recovery.  I echo those thoughts as well.  It’s wonderful to have the fellowship of this hobby when things get a little rough.




Lots happening in the section.  Eddie Manley, K5EMS and I sliced out way through the fog on March 1st out to Elk City for the 25th anniversary of their hamfest.  It was well worth the trip.  It was well attended with some goodies I had to resist. I want to thank all the gang out at Elk City for their hospitality.  We all need to remember to support the local hamfests, no matter how small.  If they go away, we won’t have any hamfests to go to, and that would just suck!  There are some pics on the Section News page of the League website.



 Wilma and I traveled to Claremore for the Green Country /West Gulf Division Hamfest.  This was a great fest with more tables and seemed to be more attendees, especially Friday evening.  We had 2 special guests, Norm Fusaro, W3IZ and Bob Heil, K9EID. Both of these hams are very passionate about this hobby and their presentations were proof of that.  At one point, Mark Conklin, N7XYO (SEC) was making announcements on the PA and Bob looked at the mic then disappeared...when he reappeared, he took the Shure capsule off the top of the wireless mic transmitter and replaced it with one of his capsules....When Mark started to talk again, Bob just smiled and said, "Hmmm.....imagine that, you can understand him now....."  We really had a good time and I want to thank all the members of the Green Country Committee for a great hamfest!


The other hamfests for 2014 include……….




TSARG Hamfest and Vintage Radio Exhibit


April 5th


Mooreland, OK


(Bring your old radios for display!)


Ham Holiday


July 25-26


Oklahoma City




Ada Hamfest


September 13th


Ada, OK




Texhoma Hamarama


October 24 - 25


Ardmore, OK




Enid Hamfest


November 1st


Enid, OK




In addition to these state hamfests, there are 2 others to talk about.  First is the Centennial Convention July 17 – 19 in Hartford, CT.  In case you missed it, the League is 100 years old this year and is celebrating with a 3 day convention.  It will be packed with forums, dealers, flea market items and opportunities to meet and greet like never before.  You will also have an opportunity to visit headquarters and W1AW!  If you have never been to headquarters, this is the excuse to go.  However……




If you can’t go to Hartford, (I can’t) then you definitely need to attend Ham-Com in Plano, TX this year.  This will be one of 6 Regional Centennial Conventions.  The West Gulf and Delta Divisions are teaming up to support this convention.  There will be a substantial league presence along with section and division representatives.  I’ll be there along with the other SM’s from both divisions.  So, mark your calendars for June 13 – 14 for Ham-Com Regional Centennial Convention.




West Gulf Awards




It is time to start considering your submissions for the WG 2014 Divisional Awards, which will be presented at the ARRL Regional Centennial Convention at HamCom in June.   Nominations for 2014 Award Winners will be accepted until April 15, 2014.  Nomination forms for each nominee (by category) must be supported by at least three ARRL members on the award nomination form, a minimum 150-word statement and any available supporting documentation.  Other rules do apply and can be found on the nomination forms.  




The Division Awards judging panel consists of four (4) ARRL members, selected by each of the Section Managers in North Texas, Oklahoma, South Texas and West Texas Sections. The fifth judge is selected by the Division Director and may reside anywhere within the West Gulf Division.   Neither the Division Director nor the Vice Director will participate in the vote.




Nomination forms can be found at:




Oklahoma Memorial Marathon




Amateur operators are still needed for the OKC Memorial Marathon, Sunday April 27th from 6:30AM till around 1 or 2pm.  You can get all the information on registration from Mike Rockey, KE5EQC, Communications Chairman at




Centennial Stuff




As I said earlier, 2014 is the Centennial of the ARRL.  There a lot of neat things coming for the year.  The first one is the Centennial edition of the ARRL Handbook. The hardback version is already sold out!!  If you haven’t gotten a handbook recently, this is the year to do it.




The ARRL Centennial Video “The ARRL at 100” is complete and is available for purchase from HQ or you can watch it on YouTube at :   This is a very good production available for use at your local club meeting, hamfest and broadcast and cable television outlets.  The video is an overview of the ARRL’s first 100 years.  I think you will like it.


(If you watch all the way through, you might just see me!)




Don’t forget the Centennial QSO Party going on all year.  There a lot of different things to do in that event.  I’m even worth points!  You can find out all about it at:




In fact you can find out about all the Centennial events at:  (You probably guessed that one….)




Other Goodies




If you would like to have a copy of the new 5 Pillars Talking Points PowerPoint presentation, just let me know and I’ll email one to you.  This PowerPoint is great for all kinds of presentations and is editable as to how many of the parts you would like present.




The public relations training course PR-101 is undergoing a revision and will be released by Dayton, if not before.  It looks to be in a PowerPoint format.  This way, you can not only take it in a more enjoyable, visual mode, but it will lend itself to classroom presentations as well.




Field Day 2014




This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase Amateur Radio to the public and use the Centennial as a hook for the media exposure.  There will be additional PR materials for your use. 




PLEASE!!! Don’t forget to enter your Field Day operation on the League Field Day Station Locater at :  I’m not sure just yet where I’ll be traveling to, but if your operation isn’t on the locater site, I won’t know where you are to possibly show up.  This is also a good time to try and get the inactive hams in your area out and get them re-invigorated.  You can also get the new hams on HF and get them hooked for good, not to mention upgraded.




One More Thing….




If your club is an affiliated club with the League, you need to make sure you update the clubs information on the league website at least once a year.  We have a number of clubs in the section that are on the verge of no longer being affiliated.  So, get your info updated NOW!




I look forward to seeing all of you at one of the hamfests or other events around the section this year.  Thanks again for all you do for Amateur Radio in Oklahoma!








Kevin O’Dell, N0IRW


Oklahoma Section Manager



Oklahoma Officials