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Cyclone Pan hits Vanuatu.

The president of Vanuatu (Mr. Lonsdale) has told the BBC most of his people are hmeeless after the devastating cyclone that hit the Pacific Island nation on Friday.  The categary five storm, with winds of up to 270km/h (170mph) had veered off its expected course and struck populated areas Vanuatu's population of 276,000 is spread over 65 islands with about 47,000 people living in Port Vila.  A video from the president (talking from Japan) said communications are broken down.

What this means is we as Hams must be very cautious when operating HF so as not to interfer with ongoing emergency communications.  The extent of this disaster will not be known for several days.

Pam had already caused major damage on other Pacific Islands including Kiribati and the Solomon Islands.

Please stay aware of the situation. 

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It has been brought to our attention that H.R. 1301, The Amateur Radio Parity Act, has been introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives by Congressman Kinzinger with 12 original co-sponsors.  It is the same bill that was in the House last session as H.R. 4969.  (We need to get more co-sponsors and we need to get it introduced to the Senate.  This is done by writing letters.)

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The Big Island International Hamfest (swap meet) will be on April 11th at the Keaau Community Center from 9AM to 2PM.  This year BIARC is the lead club.  The plans are for next years event to be earlier (perhaps February) since the past scheduled month of October is just too congested and during Hurricane season.  It is hoped that by changing the date, we will have better weather and perhaps attendees from the mainland.

There will be the normal swap meet, card checking, refreshments, prizes and Testing in the afternoon.  Admission if free with donations and registration at the door.  

Parking may be limited so try to come early.  Early set up will be 8AM.

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The front of the lava flow is still stopped.  There are still breakouts well upslope.  CD has advised it is not a threat (yet).  Again check the HVO and CD websites for more information.  Several businesses have reopened.

see the upcoming SM report for more detail on happenings throughout the section.



The Big Island swapmeet is April 11th.  See the Alert news:

 This report is for February 2015.




We are now in 2015, Most club dues are payable.  Check with your local club.  If it is not affiliated with ARRL please try and convince the members to become an ARRL affiliated club.  There are many benefits to being an ARRL affiliated club.


The Pahoa Lava flow has not changed since last month.


As was mentioned earlier, we are still looking for someone to be the Section Youth Coordinator (SYC).  It is a new, section-level ARRL Field Organization appointment that is available and ready to be filled as soon as we have someone for the position.  Here are the appointment guidelines that describe the requirements and responsibilities:  


If you are interested or know of someone who would be just right for the job, let the SM know. 


Again November 30 was the last official day of hurricane season in the Central Pacific.  If officially starts again on June 1 however storms can’t read so bad weather can happen anytime.



SPARC – The South Point ARC or “SPARC” meets on the first Sunday at Noon at Manuka State park. It is potluck.  They are not affiliated with ARRL.  They don’t have a website (yet).  Next is April 5th .


KARC – The Kauai ARC meets on the first Monday at 1900W.  Website is:   next is April 6th . There is a weekly Saturday breakfast at The Feral Pig located in Harbor Mall at Nawiliwili at 0730W. Next is Mar Mar 7, 14, 21 & 28.


MARC – Marianas ARC of Guam meets on the 2nd Tue.  At KSTO studio on Nimitz Hill at 1900 Guam time. Website is .   If you would like to take an Amateur Radio exam or have questions, call Mike Wendt, WH2M at 671-477-6737.  Testing is by appointment and normally takes place before the monthly meeting about 5PM.    Hafa Adai from Guam where Americas Day begins.  




There is another website for Guam and the Northern Marianas (CNMI) with emphasis on HF operations.  It is the Mariana Islands DX Association, NH2DX.  It has many pictures as well as history stories.  The population for the islands is small so they are to be congratulated for putting together such a nice webpage. . They are not an ARRL affiliated club and they don’t have regularly formal meetings.




KHRC– (Kohala-Hamakua) The Kohala-Hamakua Radio Club (KHRC) meets on two schedules.    Odd months = 2nd Sunday in Kapa’au at 1400W.  Even months = 2nd Wednesday in Waimea at Keck Bldg. at 1900W. Next meeting is Mar 8th (Kapa’au).  Webpage is .  In the past they have meet at the Hawaii Preparatory Academy Energy Lab.  KHRC helps sponsor the HPA school radio club.  The school has a general webpage which is: .   The HPA Energy lab is the only one of its kind in the world.  Since HPA is a private school, it is not open to the public. 


MARC – Maui ARC meets on the 2nd Wed. at CD Hq. at 1900W.  Web = . Next meeting is Mar 11th.  For exams contact Mel, or call 808-250-4591 Last month your SM was able to visit the meeting.  Thank you for your hospitality. 


KARC – The Koolau ARC website is: .  They meet on the 2nd Sat. at 0930W at Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden Park in Kaneohe, Oahu.  Next meeting will be Mar. 14th.




BIARC – The Big Island ARC website is: .   They meet on the 2nd Sat.  At 1400W at the Keaau Community Center.  The next meeting will be Saturday Mar 14th. The Big Island International Hamfest is scheduled for April 11th and will run from 9AM to 2PM.


EARC - The Emergency ARC (Oahu) website is:    they meet on the 3rd Tue.  At 1900W at the Fleet Reserve Association (FRA) Branch 46.  They next meet Mar. 17th.


HARC – The Honolulu ARC website is: .  They meet on the 3rd Sat. at 0900W on odd months (Jan, March, May, July, Sept, and Nov) at the Monterey Bay Cannery restaurant.  The next meeting will be March 21st.


The Waikiki ARC meets s every Tue at 0700W for breakfast at the Monterey Bay Cannery in Aiea. It has only the ARRL club website:


KARS – Kona Amateur Radio Society webpage is:  They meet on the 4th Sun. at 1400W in Wawaloli Beach Park at NELHA. It is a picnic potluck.  Next get together is Mar . 22nd.   For questions please contact Van NH7IT at 808-345-5008 or e-mail


In addition to the regular KARS monthly meeting they now have a breakfast at 808 Grindz restaurant in Kopika Plaza on the 2nd Saturday of each month at 0830W. For additional information contact Stuart KH7DX at 808-896-1290. 


PERC – The Puna Emergency Radio Club website is:   their meeting is on the 4th Saturday of each month at 1000W at the Hilo Coffee Mill. 




HARC - The Hilo ARC:  They meet daily 6:30-8:30 AM at Jack in the Box Hilo.  This club is the oldest on the Island of Hawaii however there was a break in existence of several years until former Section Manager Dean Manley, KH6B and several others reactivated it.  They also sponsor the Council of Radio Club which meets once monthly.  Please contact Dean for more information.  


There has been no news from The American Samoa Radio club or Molokai Club in recent times.




The Civil Defense Amateur Radio Club (Honolulu) has not regular meetings.  Their mission is to provide ARRL Volunteer Examiner testing services for amateur radio operators on the island of Oahu. The goal is to continually build up the pool of available emergency communicators available during times of emergency.  Testing is on the third Wednesday of selected months; however, contact Ray Moody, AH6LT moody at: or phone 941-9239.  Advance registration is required to pass building security at the Red Cross building.  Schedule for 2015 can be found in the VEC page of ARRL.  It is: 03/18/2015, 06/17/2015, 08/19/2015 and 11/18/2015 at 1830W at the American Red Cross building (in back of Diamond Head)  AGAIN No walk-ins.


Cal-Pac RC upgraded the Mauna Loa site antennas and took the six meter beacon off the air.  It will be back shortly however it has not been decided if it will be put back at Mauna Loa.  The picture of the KH6HME memorial brick at ARRL HQ is in the photo files at the bottom of the Pacific Section website along with other pictures of the Mauna Loa site.  The brick was donated by BIARC member Chuck McConnell, W6DPD of Fresno. 






The Pacific Section webpage is:  It now contains this


SM report.  Each affiliated club should fill in an activities report to ARRL at least once every year.  For more information go to: .  Your SM is always looking for news


So be sure to update him too.  Even if your group is not ARRL affiliated, send a report.   If you have notable activities send along a jpeg picture and description (please).  At the bottom of the Pacific


Section webpage is a picture gallery.




Hawaii's Official Amateur Radio Repeater Coordination Site is:




Ron Hashiro’s webpage always has a good collection of news of local happenings.  See: .  There is a new feature telling about the history of the early repeaters in Hawaii especially Diamond Head 146.88.  Go to Ron’s page and click on The EARC Diamond Head 146.28/146.88 MHz Repeater





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