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There is a new memorandum of agreement between ARRL and FEMA. To read it, please go to:


Pacificon 2014, celebrating 100 years of the ARRL, returns to the Santa Clara Marriott Hotel at 2700 Mission College Blvd in Santa Clara, California. The convention takes place Friday, October 10th through Sunday, October 12th, 2014. Pacificon 2014 is the ARRL Pacific Division Convention, produced by the Mt. Diablo Amateur Radio Club (MDARC). To register and get a hotel reservation at the Marriott, go to:

If you have missed the other special centennial conventions make sure you attend this one.



This is important. ARLB015 HAS NEWS FOR HOMEOWNERS IN CC&R areas. Read it. You may want to ask your congressman for support.



RM-11708, a rule making proposal before the FCC right now has enormous potential to change the CW/DATA part of our HF bands. You should understand the significance of this proposal.


MORSE CODE CLASS THIS FALL: The W6SFM ARC will have morse code classes for beginners. Each class will be held Wednesday evenings from 7 PM until 9 PM at the Carmichael Presbyterian Church, Carmichael, CA.  The dates of the classes are as follows:

September 3, 10, 17, 24
October 1, 8 ,15, 22, 29
November 5th

Contact Michael, N6MQL, for more information at:








Your Section Manager, me, started out with ASM Jo Anne, N6YLO, Friday afternoon for the 2014 Field Day visit trip. We stayed the night in Susanville (by the way, they have a wonderful Chinese Restaurant, the Happy Garden.) At 8 AM Saturday, we were visiting with Kelley, KS6Z, as he set up his Field Day demonstration station in the Walmart parking lot. Then it was up the hill to K6LRC, and the traditional FD site for the Lassen ARC. There we visited with Terry, K6ME, and James, WA6GSG, just as everyone else was waking up. We found lots to talk about with Terry, who has been our Lassen County Emergency Coordinator for many years, and serves currently (again) as the Lassen ARC president. We are not the only ones impressed. See the letter I just got from Alex, KR6G, regarding his long association with Terry Cobb.


“It will be 23 years ago in July ( 2014 )  that my wife Ke6lom and I met Terry and Gloria after moving to Quincy, Ca. We had been California Department of Forestry
"VIP" program members for over 15 years and wanted to continue serving them, and Lassen County was the closest location in N.E Calif, so we got a hold of Terry. The friendship
was immediate, they are both such warming people, by the way, that has continued with their children and grand children. These are down to earth good people.

“I am a life member of the ARRL and appreciate dedicated people who volunteer for the better good of all. Terry has led Lassen County hams in various programs and positions. He and Gloria have donated thousands of hours for the good of others, whether it be as the EC ( over 42 years of service ) of Setting up the local OES system, supporting local events and putting Amateur Radio in a very good spot light. Not to mention other boards for the fire dept, and other agency's.
While serving as the Plumas county EC and Plumas Communications Officer all it took was one phone call to Terry to set up a mutual aide agreement to help each other out in the even of a wide emergency. 
Terry( K6ME ) , Gloria( K6GMC ), and his son Rob( K6JBH) have given so much of their time to the citizens of N.E California and lead by example and should be recognized for their service.
I could go on for a very long time, but the bottom line is. You would be hard pressed to find another EC that has done so much for Amateur Radio and their community.” Testimony by:
Alex KR6G and La Nell KE6LOM , BLAINE KK6CJO, MIA KK6CJP, ANNICKA, KK6CJQ, STEPHANEY, KK6CJR, an active Northern California Amateur Radio family.


After leaving Susanville, we headed over to the Lassen Park area of Old Station. I haven't been camping there for 63 years, but my family did have one or two wonderful stints there in the late 1940's at the Hat Creek campground. My middle brother John learned to fish on Hat Creek (though it looked like he was trying to beat the fish out of the water.) Others, five separate FD operations were in the same campground this year. We visited with all of them. The very first one we saw when we drove in was Don Hascall, W1NV, who was already already set up on UHF and VHF. We had a great visit. Carroll Johnson, KG6BD, was the second person in camp, with Don. Next was Ron Adams, W6PZA, a rather new ham who was convinced he should get into the hobby his late father loved. So Ron was there sporting the same call his father had way back when. Ron was operating near Steve Mosconi, K6KS, his mentor and leader of the Redding VE Team. Just a few paces away we met with the Amateur Radio Club of Anderson's Field Day team, call sign NC6I. They had a full circle camping area chock full of tents, trailers, and campers, and operating positions scattered around. We spoke quickly with Al Pena, KQ6YW, one of SV's Official Observors, and Mac McCulley, W6MAC, the current president of ARCA.


After lunch at JJ's restaurant at Old Station (there is not much between Old Station and Red Bluff) we headed back to the lower elevations to visit with the site where Scott, KE6VUS, Dave, W6PS, and others were knocking out contacts. We kept them away from the radios too long visiting but they were having fun and helped us to find the next site where Golden Empire Amateur Radio Society had their FD site way up in a canyon west of Paradise and east of Chico. GEARS is celebrating 75 years of community service and fun in ham radio, and their 75 years of affiliation with ARRL occurs next year!

Then it was down the hill to Oroville, and Oroville Amateur Radio Society to meet with old friends there. We rested with them at supper time and enjoyed an ice cream cone provided by Bennett, K6CEL.

OARS uses the Experimental Aircraft site on the west side of the Oroville Airport. They have lots of fun and bid us farewell so they could get on with winning Field Day.

Leaving Oroville we headed across HiWay 162 to Artois in a quiet little park with members of the Glenn County ARS set up for emergency operations. We visited a while and then headed for Meridian and a ball park with lots of shade trees around the north side and the Yuba Sutter ARC set up with KC6MCI, Lee Sheffield, Lonnie Moore, KI6ZYY, Mark Peters, KA6FFM, Matthew Den Hollander, AC6MF operating as a 2A station. Mike Eby, KM6EBY, and others we missed as it was getting on to full darkness when we headed home to Yuba City. 521 miles and lots of fun with all the visiting made this a great day.


Richard, K6TM, our Nevada County EC, reports:

It’s been a pretty quiet month so far. We did have a couple of members participate in events this month, like the Pony Express Re-ride.

The big event coming up this weekend is Field Day. This year, NCARC, will be holding its Field Day at the Nevada County Fairgrounds in the Amphitheater area. The plan is to set up 3 stations plus a multi-band OCF dipole, a dual-band 80-40 meter dipole and possibly a dual-band 40-20 meter dipole. There will also be a picnic on Saturday with hamburgers and hot dogs on the menu.

Then we heard from Walt Hammontree, N6HNS:“the NCARC will NOT be continuing Field Day on Sunday -- we shut down operations this evening.

There wasn't going to be anybody working Field Day overnight from our Amphitheater site, and we didn't want to leave anything out unattended so we took down and packed up everything - radios, generators, power cables, and ANTENNAS.   Rather than try to setup something for tomorrow, I made the decision to not continue the NCARC Field Day tomorrow (Sunday).  -- And as Doc said, "just say we ran out of beer".  I hope nobody was planning on doing lots of Field Day stuff tomorrow from the club Amphitheater site.

Please note that you can work Field Day from your home using your own call sign, 1D, SV (if you're on commercial power) or your call sign, 1E, SV if you are using emergency power. 

I'll have lots more info the our Field Day experiences at a future meeting, but let me just say, that although we didn't make nearly as many contacts as in the past, I think everybody had a good time. Reported by Walt, N6HNS.
                                                                                Check the link below for the Yolo ARS/ARES Field Day report.
Yolo Amateur Radio Society, Yolo County ARES, and the UC Davis Amateur Radio
 Club had a wonderful Field Day at the UC Davis airport.
 We made over 700 contacts on voice, CW, and digital!
 We had many visitors who stopped by, some of whom were involved in
 communications while in the military or in shipping.
 Thank you to all the operators and visitors who attended.
We gained several new YARS members and several people that are interested in
attending ARES.
Also several people have already emailed me and requested information on how
they become a licensed amateur radio operator! BARK and ARES will be having
another licensing test session in the fall.
Thank you Gary, WA6TQJ, for all of your work organizing and setting up this
terrific field day! Reported by Greg, KG6SJT, our District 3 Emergency Coordinator.

Jim Jennings, W7XZ, reports for the Oroville ARS (OARS). OARS ( held its June meeting on Friday the 13th with around 23 in attendance.  The agenda included Field Day and a discussion about where to hold the next monthly breakfast and the subsequent ones.  The concensus at present appears to favor trying out all the options over the next few months.  The program, presented by Gerry, N6GCV, was devoted to explaining the functions activated by the knobs and buttons on an HF Transceiver.
The June breakfast was held on the 20th, a week early, at the EAA hangar,
with some 24 OARS members and spouses enhancing the attendance at EAA's
monthly breakfast, held every third Saturday of the month.  After the
breakfast, OARS President Gary, KF6EWO, tried out a compressed air gun he
has fashioned out of PVC pipe and fittings for the purpose of getting
antenna halyard ropes in trees--inspired, perhaps, by the potato guns? While all this was going on, KK6JFN (W7XZ's cousin in Nevada City) was in the process of successfully upgrading to General Class at a VE session held by NCARC.  Congratulations, Dave.
The OARS Field Day operation took place on the EAA grounds on the west side
of Oroville Airport, with W6AF as a 2A entry, with Gary, KF6EWO setting up
the phone position, and Dave, KE6IIZ, on PSK31 (digital).  Due to prior
commitments for some and unforseen events for others, the turnout for this
one was noticeably lighter than last year.  Nevertheless, the primary objective of Field Day (set up a temporary station with one or more transmitters and communicate with other temporary stations) was successfully met.  Gary's compressed air gun put a weighted fishline over the tops of
two trees for the placement of halyard ropes for his wire antenna--two
successful shots on first try.  Bennett, K6CEL, provided batteries charged by solar panel arrays to power the phone position, and set up a QRP station of his own, on solar charged battery, at the site.  On the order of 20 people came to the site to visit and/or participate, with some 15 present for the hamburger and hot dog barbecue late Saturday afternoon.
The next regular meeting of OARS will take place Friday, 11 July 2014, 7 pm at St. Paul's Parish Hall in Oroville.  Agenda is expected to include discussion about Field Day, the Steak Bake taking place in September, and the venue for the club's monthly breakfast.  The program at this time is to be determined.


Sierra Foothills had a nice Field Day at Nyack, according to this report from Carl, WF6J. SFARC - we are all pulling for Jettie, W6RFF to have a speedy recovery. Missed seeing you at the meetings.

ARRL VE Team - sessions every first Saturday, monthly at Raley's, GRanite Bay.  We had 16 Candidates who took 20 elements.

8 passed Tech 5 passed General and 1 passed Extra. Debbie & David came in, David left with his license and Debbie passed everything and left as Extra AI6AR!

Field Day 2014 - Nyack, CA once again the SFARC Team put on a bigger Field Day, making it a record for the club.  Photos to be posted on While the results are yet to be published, a great time was had by all. (Carl sent along a nice group picture which appears at the bottom of Section News. Also included is a nice picture of Debbie and David, new Extra Class licensees.)  The tower went up with the tribander, also the 40m Bobtail Curtain was up and working fine.

You can see it all for yourself on this YouTube video:


Not much else happened in July. See everyone at the meeting and July 5th at the VE testing.


John, KI6DWP, sent the following to newsletter editors, but it has utility for anyone who wants to add the finishing touches to Field Day. “Greetings and I hope all of you and your clubs had a great Field Day experience. Now that it is over, this is a good time to get some publicity about the event. Get back to your local media (all varieties, even the weekly and monthly printed media can use follow-up stories). Many media outlets like to hear how the exercise turned out and what you learned from it. Also, they like to know if people showed up and used a GOTA station, got information, or were just curious. If you incorporated a special activity, so much the better. Say you invited the scouts to come out and camp with you over Saturday and then had them watch the antenna erection process, station set-up, and them got them on the GOTA station. Maybe you had a brief build activity during the day, or gave an introduction to the Radio Merit Badge, or even got them started on studying for their Technician. All of that gives the "punch" that helps cement your relationship with the media.

Speaking on the side of caution, I hope you are using photo releases for any pictures you take and  publish/provide to the public of any children/youth. This is even getting to be an issue with adults, as we have found out in other organizations to which we belong.


Those clubs who participate in communication services for runner/rider events also have a great opportunity to get "air time". I have found it is best to think of it as a sports activity in which radio plays a role. That being said, your articles need to be angled toward the sport involved and let your radio message kind of slide in there.”


I hope you all have a terrific summer. 73, John Stettler, Section PIC


From our Yuba/Sutter EC, Steve, K6TAZ: “On June 17th Steve Sweetman K6TAZ attended a meeting at the Yuba County office of emergency service. They are planning on a having a drill later this year. Yuba Sutter ARES has been invited to join them.  There is going to be a lot of participation from local authority’s. city, state, county and government.  There will be a planning meeting coming up next month that I will be attending. Stay tuned for further information.

“Several local operators participated in field day at the sutter county airport. We had 5 operators and made just under 200 contacts that included almost all continents except Africa and Antarctica. We had a 3 element beam at 60 feet on a portable tower. We even installed a beacon on top of the towers since it was at an airport. There were also 2 G5rv’s that worked great. There were over 30 guests throughout the day and 27 stayed for the BBq ribs. Thanks to all that attended. A Special thanks go out to our sponsors, Twin Cities Aviation, Miller Aviation and the American Red Cross.”


From Michael Aretsky, N6MQL, and the Samuel F. Morse Amateur Radio Club, W6SFM, we get this great report: The W6SFM Samuel F. Morse ARC welcomed all of our members who attended our June monthly in-person meeting. All members of the SFM ARC receive a W6SFM.COM email addresses and personal Member webpage where they can proudly display their bios to the public. We encourage our members to post news, photos and other information about themselves as well as their hobbies.  Feel free to visit the web site members section to see more on our members personal WebPages.

Reports of our June in-person meeting: 

The SFM ARC was very happy to welcome 1 returning visitor as our non member guest.  It was a pleasure to have him attend one of our meetings. We hope to see them back again soon as a new member. Topics of Discussion included our W6SFM Club Field Day event to be held in the rear field behind the Carmichael Presbyterian Church.  Discussions regarding which antennas, rigs and equipment would be needed and who would bring what were had.  Most members attending the meeting pledged to make it to the event, and bring their favorite side dish for our evening Pot luck dinner.

Other topics discussed were on the various new rulings from the FCC and other ARRL articles found in both the section news as well as the QST magazine. Budget reports and other announcements were made by our club secretary Chris AI6U.

 For our tech portion of the June meeting member Glenn, WA7SPY gave the club a look into his single tube Home Brew QRP rig.  Glenn has meticulously hand crafted a wonderful 10 watt rig even painting the home made chassis with the classic gray color that we’re all so familiar with from the older tube rigs of the 50’s and 60’s. Some parts such as the front meter were donated items from other club members such as our past president Mark K6JJR. Glenn discussed plans to make some upgrades on his rig to items like the transformer and power designs that will improve both performance and power output. More on that to come.

At the upcoming July 3rdSFM ARC in-person meeting club members will be discussing the June 2014 ARRL Field Day event held behind our normal in-person meeting location. We will be covering our operations and scores as well as sharing stories of the event. Club member Mike K6LQ has offered to bring his fellow field day clubs log for a little comparison of contacts and numbers.  For more information on the location please check our webpage at If you would like to join us for those discussions regarding the FD operations, or if you are a member of another club that would like to bring a FD log to compare, please feel free to stop in and enjoy our in-person meeting. You do not have to be a member of the SFM ARC to join us for our meetings, please feel free to pop in. More information on the meetings can be found below.

Each Tuesday of the week 8:00 PM on 7.110 MHz the SFM ARC enjoys getting on the air with CW for our weekly Nets. You do NOT need to be a member of the SFM ARC to check into our nets. Although our nets usually run around 13 wpm code, we are all happy to accommodate those that are slower and need us to oblige. If you are unable to copy Morse Code or need some code practice please feel free to visit our on-line LIVE streaming broadcast of both the Audio and a CW to Text decoding of the meeting. That link can be found on our home page of the website.

Those visiting the on-line site are welcome to make themselves known by using the ‘contact us’ link to let the net op know you are there.  This of course is not mandatory, it just lets everyone feel more involved in our on-air nets.

Do you or someone you know need a Ham Club to call home?  For those that want to learn Morse Code, are interested in CW or already know and use it, the SFM ARC would love to be your new Club home.  Our in-person meetings are held each 1st Thursday of the month at 7PM.  The SFM ARC meets in the "Courtyard room" of the Carmichael Presbyterian Church in Carmichael, CA. The church is Located at 5645 Marconi Ave. For directions to the meeting visit our clubs home webpage Please use the rear parking lot and entry for best access to the meeting. A map and directions can also be found on the website.

We hope to see you at our next meeting! 73, Michael, N6MQL, W6SFM Club President 2014.


This extraordinary report is from Michael Buck, K6BUK, and the Western Placer ARC:

Another smashing success! I'm talking about Field Day 2014, of course. We had a great weekend at Gary's (WA6IKE) QTH operating our radios, making about 1,200 contacts, and introducing many new people to the fun of hunting HF contacts. In addition, several old timers had their interest in HF renewed. All of this is good for our hobby and helps it grow for our second century. We had a terrific turnout with a count of over 40 people which included our 3 newest and youngest members (James KK6NFL, Price KK6NEP, and Timothy KK6FFJ). They were hot on the mic and made lots of HF contacts. The upper bands were jumping and kept going for hours. 10, 15, and 20 meters were the bands to be on with 40 coming alive later in the day until about 3:30 AM. 80 and 160 meters never opened up which was a real disappointment. However, the action on 40 made up for it. The path to Europe never opened up either but going west we had contacts with Hawaii and Guam. Roger K6OU even made a contact with Brazil. He and I both hit W1AW on its national tour with Roger hitting W1AW/7 which was in Utah and I hit W1AW/9 which was in Wisconsin.


Speaking of Roger K6OU, let's all give him a big hand for doing such a great job of organizing Field Day and making everything work as it was planned. He put in a lot of time to organize it so that we would have a fun and productive day and it came off perfectly. Roger is a very dedicated club member and we all owe him a debt of gratitude for pulling Field Day together so well. As soon as he finished Field Day (and I'm not sure he has recovered yet...) he was at a meeting with the city this morning to help plan the July 4thparade. Many other people did a lot to support Roger and our thanks go to all the station managers, cooks, etc. who worked together to make the event a success.


We also owe many thanks to Gary WA6IKE for letting us invade his ranch for the weekend. Gary's location is excellent for Field Day and has a stunning panoramic view of the Sacramento valley. At 1,200+ feet and with lots of mature oak trees to string antennas, we had a hot spot for HF. Plus, the view of the night sky away from all the light pollution was stunning.


We also made a presentation of 3 HT radios to our new young members. The Board decided to give an HT to everyone under the age of 14 who takes and passes the Tech test with us and joins the club. James, Thomas, and Price are the first recipients of the HTs and had a blast with them. Dennis HI6HHA brought up the idea, ordered the radios, and programmed the local repeaters into them before the presentation.


There is lots more to say about Field Day but if you were there you know what happened and if you weren't there you missed a lot of fun. On to our next event.


Roger and I met with the Lincoln Community Center and the Chamber of Commerce Tuesday morning to plan the July 4thparade. We will need about 12 operators and we only have 8 right now so please consider helping out. We will meet at 6:45 AM for a briefing on assignments and a meeting with the organizers. The parade participants should begin arriving after 7:00 AM and the parade starts at 9:00 AM and will last about an hour. We will be playing a larger role in the organization of the participants than we did several years ago when we supported the parade. Roger will be sending out more information in the next day or so including assignments, maps, etc.


Many hams across the country live in new development which are governed by CC&Rs. CC&Rs are Codes, Covenants, and Restrictions and they are killers for ham radio. Most CC&Rs prohibit the installation of ham antennas and as you all are aware, you can't operate HF without a good antenna. The FCC determined that states, counties, and cities can't prohibit the erection of antennas but did not carry their edict to cover CC&Rs, leaving that change for guidance from the U.S. Congress. There is currently a bill in the House of Representatives to allow a reasonable accommodation for a ham antenna for someone who is governed by CC&Rs. We all know someone who is affected by the restrictions but now we can do something to help. There is a petition at that requests that the House pass the bill and we need every ham in the country to sign it. Please forward this link to all your ham friends (or anyone else you think might sign it). You can sign the petition at:


We have three nets today with 2 on 2 meters and one on HF. On 2 meters we have one at 10:00 AM and one at 7:30 PM. They are both on the 146.640 (-) 156.7 repeater with Katy KJ6YCP or Bill KJ6YCO as the net control for the AM net and Dennis KI6HHA as the net control for the PM net. There is an HF net 5 minutes after the end of the 2 meter net. As this is the first Wednesday in July we will be on 10 meters at 28.410 MHz. This month we have 5 Wednesdays so we will have an extra HF net. Also, Dennis will be net control on July 30. Here is the July HF schedule:


July 2 – 10 Meters (28.410 MHz) A great chance for our Tech licensees to get on HF!
July 9 – 15 Meters (21.355 MHz)
July 16 – 40 Meters (7.225 MHz)
July 23 – 80 Meters (3.855 MHz)

July 30 – to be determined by a vote. Vote early and vote often!


Scott KJ6FAV was 2 meter net control last week and did a great job. You can be a net control for either net. Just email Dennis ( or me. I will not be available to be net control on July 9 or July 23 (43rd Anniversary!) so someone needs to volunteer to take the net on those days. If no one volunteers we will cancel it.


Last month we were fortunate to have a special guest at our meeting – Ron W6KJ. He came to congratulate us on the results of our HamCram class and the outstanding licensing of 28 new hams. Ron works hard for our section and I for one appreciate all he does for us and the amount of time he devotes to our hobby. Ron also donated a book to our drawing and it was the hot item of the evening.


New ham Ben KK6KQE is ready to jump into the fascinating world of HF communications and is looking to purchase his first HF rig. He is interested in talking to any club members who might have a good HF rig for sale. Ben says he is anxious to jump into the HF world and start making some DX contacts. If you have a good radio you would like to sell you can email Ben at or call/text him at 707.592.2483


Rick KJ6QJO is moving into a new home in Yuba City and it has a 50' to 70' tower on the property. It also has an antenna but Rick is not sure what it is. He wants to sell it for $250. If you are interested in it you can email Rick at or call him on his cell phone at 925.708.8244.


Don't forget that the July board meeting is July 8th at the Pizza Roundup in Lincoln and the July membership meeting is 7:00 PM July 15th at the Wood Creek Oaks Golf Club in Roseville. Many people come early to enjoy a cool beverage and some tasty food. Directions to both are on our web site.


The ARRL does a lot for the ham community, especially when it comes to spectrum preservation. They are always working to keep the ham frequencies in our hands. There is a lot of good information on the website They also send out weekly letters on various topics which are very interesting. In addition, Ron W6KJ sends out a monthly newsletter with information about and from clubs in the Sacramento Valley section. Definitely worth subscribing to for good information. This is the 100th year of the ARRL. Join today to make sure it is still here for the next 100 years and fighting to protect our share of the spectrum.


An interesting announcement from the ARRL letter is that they now have an exam review site – The new site offers on line test exams and they are free to anyone – you don't have to be an ARRL member to use them. This is a good resource for all of the new Techs if they are interested in upgrading to General or Extra. The site offers a couple of modes. You can take practice exams or work in the review mode. Review mode allows you to study by chapter or section or what you want to review in particular. The review mode has references to the appropriate page in the ARRL study guide so if you are having problems with questions you can go directly to the study area in the manual. The site works on tablets and smart phones in addition to full size computers so you can take the tests with you. The site is in beta form and the ARRL is asking for feedback on how well you like the site, how well it works, etc. Check it out!


The ARRL has a presence in social media and you can find lots of information on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Here are some sites where you can connect with the ARRL:


For Facebook go to:


The Redding ARRL VE Team announces that our next exam session will be held on Saturday July 19th, at BloodSource in Redding.  Candidates are asked to be there by 9:30 AM.  We are holding our regular VE exam sessions in odd-numbered months.  More information can be found at or by contacting Steve K6KS at .


Doug, formerly KJ6RJX, has a new call, W4WAC. Doug is active with ARES in the Sacramento area.



KA7AJQ, Sheila Clement: 2014 June Alpine, CA & Douglas County, NV Sections Comment for ARES monthly report Some DCART members supported the AMBBR bicycle ride at Lake Tahoe. Then came the Pony Express ReRide/Reenactment, entering Nevada from the west to the east this time. Support communications for this event were coordinated by the Sierra Intermountain Emergency Radio Association (SIERA). Several DCART members participated with this event as well, some with home HF/VHF base station communications, some actually following the pony along some 400 miles across Nevada to Ibapah, Utah. I personally could not reach the planned Fallon area repeater. However, one of the hams on a mountain top in that area set up his IRLP/Echolink. What a save! I was able to do my shift on Echolink. The ham had connected it to the pony ride ham followers on our planned simplex frequency so it was great to hear each other. As the base station that shift, I was then able to call the pony express hot line to update the location of the mail/pony. Wait, there is more. DCART members assisted the Alta Alpina Challenge event, a ride mostly in Alpine County (one leg in Nevada). Many of that ride support group have become hams and handled all the field communications. DCART staffed our Douglas County 911 Dispatch ham station. We helped coordinate injury reports to be sure they were making it formally into the 911 system. (Douglas has the Alpine Dispatch duty nights and weekends.) The event offered us the opportunity to review ham radio communications points in Alpine as there is virtually no cell phone service. Also we updated ourselves on our ham station operations. The Death Ride/Tour of the California Alps is coming up July 12. There will be some interesting operations to tell you about in July. Sheila Clement, KA7AJQ Alpine County, CA and Douglas County, NV ARES Emergency Coordinator 


There is still lots of room for more, so if we missed getting in your report, please send it in and we will add it to those already here. Have fun and tell us a little something about it. Just send it to me at .









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