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Sacramento Valley
Dr. Carol Milazzo, KP4MD
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(916) 782-3786
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(916) 879-7449

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From the Section Manager

Congratulations to QST on its 100th anniversary December issue and to all newly elected club leadership!

Representatives from all our ARRL affiliated clubs are invited to the December 5 ARRL Pacific Division Cabinet meeting at the Livermore City Council Chambers. Contact ARRL Pacific Division Vice Director Jim Tiemstra K5JAT or myself for details. Please contact our Affiliated Club Coordinator, Ron Murdock W6KJ, for assistance to update your ARRL affiliated club status or to apply for ARRL club affiliation.

If you haven't seen them, I encourage you to visit our website at and our Facebook and Twitter pages. The new website offers multimedia content, web resource integration, ease of navigation and improved readability, especially on tablet devices. An archive of past news pages is accessible by hovering the cursor over the "Home" tab. This is a work in progress and we solicit your suggestions for improvement. We will also continue to maintain our ARRL National website page.

We wish you all a healthy and joyous Holiday season! 

73, Carol Milazzo KP4MD
ARRL Sacramento Valley Section Manager

You can always send compliments, suggestions and submissions for inclusion in our Section News to kp4md (at)



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Thanks to Greg Kruckewitt KG6SJT for maintaining our Section ARES web page and assisting with our new Facebook page and Twitter feed.
Thanks to Les Cobb W6TEE for maintaining the Section Net list.

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From Ron Murdock, W6KJ, Affiliated Club Coordinator
Posted October 30  

Pacificon was fun, and I picked out a Elecraft kit (KX3) which is now built and on the air. Also picked up a bug, causing laryngitis and a chest cold, maybe from the room air conditioner.

Now is a good time for all affiliated clubs to renew the contact information people see on the Internet. Affiliated clubs remain affiliated even if the club information is not kept current. Then a club is considered not current.
In a previous Section News we called for this update, but so far, I haven't been able to tell if anyone did it. Just go to: and follow the instructions. Most disturbing is the fact that our Special Service Clubs have fallen off the list. The same place on the web page will help you with that. If it isn't readily apparent just drop me a line at and I will help.

Our SM has appointed me Assistant SM and Affiliated Club Coordinator. If your club is not yet affiliated and you want it to be, you can contact me
at the above e-mail address and we can get it done.

73, Ron Murdock, W6KJ
ARRL, the national association for Amateur Radio™
Life Member, ARRL
530 674 8533

From Duane Wyatt, WAØMJD, Section Youth Coordinator
Posted November 29

Duane requests a call from anyone interested in meeting with the director of Northern California Ronald McDonald House during the week of November 30 to discuss regular demonstrations of amateur radio there.

Duane also plans to meet with staff for two organizations in January to give demonstrations about amateur radio, including Morse communication.  One organization is United Cerebral Palsy of Sacramento. They are considering starting an amateur radio program for the members.  The other organization is the GreenHouse Community Center staff in Sacramento. They provide after school tutoring and mentoring and leadership development for underserved youth.  Duane hopes for other local amateur radio operators to attend one or both of these meetings with him to discuss amateur radio.

Duane Wyatt, WA0MJD,  ARRL Sacramento Valley Section Youth Coordinator
(916) 677-9799


National Parks on the Air commences January 1, 2016

In 2016, the National Parks Service (NPS) will celebrate its 100th anniversary, and radio amateurs will be able to help mark the occasion with the ARRL National Parks on the Air (NPOTA) event. The fun begins at 0000 UTC on January 1, 2016.
NPS entities within the Sacramento Valley Section are:

ARRL headquarters advises amateur radio operators to contact and register with the corresponding local park administration in advance to inform them of planned NPOTA operations within their entity. Visit for more information.

California International Marathon Radio Operators Needed December 6th

Volunteer operators are needed to assist during the December 6 California International Marathon. Contact Sacramento Valley Section Emergency Coordinator Frank Reshke N6SNO at


SKYWARN™ Recognition Day is December 5th

The 17TH annual SKYWARN Recognition Day (SRD) special event will take place Saturday, December 5, 2015, from 0000 UTC to 2400 UTC.  SKYWARN Recognition Day, co-sponsored by the American Radio Relay League and the National Weather Service, pays tribute to Amateur Radio operators for the vital public service they perform. During the 24-hour event, Amateur Radio operators visit their local National Weather Service (NWS) office and work as a team to contact other hams across the world.   This event is also aimed at strengthening the bond between Amateur Radio operators and local NWS offices.

The volunteer SKYWARN program comprises nearly 290,000 trained severe weather spotters — many of them radio amateurs — who identify severe storms and provide NWS forecasters with reports of local weather conditions during severe weather events.

SKYWARN Recognition Day is not a contest. The object is for stations to exchange some basic information with as many NWS stations as possible on 80 meters through 70 centimeters (excluding 1.25 meters). Repeater contacts are permitted. Stations exchange call signs, signal reports, locations, and a one or two-word description of the weather at their respective locations.

The National Weather Service provides event information on this Web site:

Dennis Gregory WU6X writes:

Dennis Gregory WU6X California QSO Party 2015

The California QSO Party (CQP) is now behind us, but the memory of my portable operation from a campground in Siskiyou County remains as a pleasant reminder of how much fun you can have while portable. Siskiyou County turned out to be a "rare one" as there was only one other call registered for the event ... I never heard them on. Most of the 315 casual contacts I made thanked me for a "new county".

I operated my Elecraft KX3 on 40m exclusively on battery power, CW and SSB, from a 40m resonant inverted V attached to a 1:1 voltage balun and fed with 75 feet of RG8X. The apex was about 60 feet up and over a limb in a fir tree with legs about 30 feet off the ground. That lofty perch was "fished" with a surf fishing rod and 2 oz sinker attached to 20 pound line and used to pull the antenna guy rope up and back down to the balun for hoisting. This has been a very effective method for getting a line over a limb, high in a tree and proved successful for Field Day this year, as well.

In any case, if you've never operated during CQP I highly recommended it. The "event" is not really a "contest" and can be a lot of fun trying to catch all the counties in California. Operation is casual and friendly with an easy exchange of signal strength and consecutive QSO number. I hope to hear you on next year ... I'll be portable again, probably from Siskiyou County. 73, Dennis - WU6X

50 W PEP Maximum Power Limit Area on 70 cm 

50 W Power Limit Area on 70 cm

A little recognized portion of FCC Part 97 regulations applies to 420-450 MHz operations in most counties in our Sacramento Valley section:
47 CFR §97.313 (f)No station may transmit with a transmitter power exceeding 50 W PEP on the UHF 70 cm band from an area specified in footnote US7 to §2.106 of part 2. The indicated affected areas are specified in, in the State of California within a 240-kilometer (150 mile) radius around locations at Beale Air Force Base, California (latitude 39°08' North, longitude 121°26' West).
More information on the additional impact on 70 cm repeater operation is at

Pave PAWS Radar at Beale AFB, CA

The Amateur Radio Service shares the 70 cm band on a secondary basis with the US Government which has priority. The US Department of Defense routinely monitors and locates signal sources on these frequencies.  Our voluntary cooperation is mandatory to avoid interference with the Pave PAWS(Phased Array Warning System) radar at Beale AFB and thus to assure our continued access to these frequencies.


Posted November 28


FCC Not Processing License and Exam Session Files
(from The November 19 ARRL Letter)

The FCC Universal Licensing System (ULS) electronic batch filing (EBF) system was working for a brief window of time yesterday after being down since Friday November 13. Some files were processed through the system Wednesday, but the FCC is having a problem processing all VEC license and examination session files today. ARRL VEC Manager Maria Somma, AB1FM, said her office again had to alert the FCC IT staff, which are said to be looking into the issue but did not estimate how long the system would be down. Somma said it was the third time the EBF system has gone down since late September, when the FCC said a process had stopped running on an FCC server.

The FCC doesn't have a long term fix in place yet and it appears the same issue is happening again with more frequency. The amateur community should expect delays in exam license processing until the FCC can get this resolved. The FCC apologies for the continued inconvenience this is causing the community. "We transmit the exam sessions to FCC as soon as possible, which is usually 24 to 48 hours from the day received in our office," Somma said. "We make every effort to process each session quickly and efficiently while following FCC rules. Unless there is missing candidate information or paperwork, we normally aim to send the session to the FCC within a few days, because most of the VEC staff understands what it feels like to wait for your call sign to be issued." Somma expressed the hope that applicants and VEs will be understanding and patient while the FCC resolves the problem.  

Posted November 23


News from the River City ARCS President

Posted November 28

From the River City ARCS: We just completed a banner year which we will be topping off with our annual Christmas party December 1 at Sam’s Hof Brau. Outside activities last year included our Club picnic, participating in the Rio Linda Farm and Tractor Days, and Field Day. We demonstrated Amateur Radio with the Cub Scouts and at Maker Fairs. Volunteers from our Club really stepped up when needed and all events went extremely well.

Special thanks to our outgoing officers and Board members who provided yeoman effort to help our club. We honor Carol, KP4MD, secretary, Paul, N6DRY, treasurer, and Ed, WA6QYO, Board member.

Last meeting, Debbie Wells, KK6IQL was our guest speaker. Her topic, The Special Family Connection (how Ham Radio can help us all connect with each other) was inspirational. Our January meeting will feature Jordan Heichman, KJ6NHF who will speak about Summits on the Air (SOTA). With wintertime here, his talk hopefully will inspire us to get ourselves and our gear ready for Spring.

Andy, W6AWS and his team have our repeater humming. Join us on our weekly net Wednesdays at 8:00 PM on our 145.250 repeater.

Our Club is planning for a great New Year. Join us at our next meeting.

73, Bob Woodward, N6PGQ


News from the Yuba-Sutter ARC
Posted November 28

At the November 3, 2015 annual meeting of the Yuba Sutter ARC, new officers and board members were elected for the coming year. Presiding at the meeting was our able vice president Ted Herman, KN6TED, who has been in charge during the lengthy absence (due to business) of our president, Dave Gipson, KC9EI. Dave has just completed a 9,000 mile road trip in his RV.

For the coming year Chris Price, KD6CP, will serve as president; Eleanor Knox, KI6CSO, will be our vice president; June McJunkin, N6JEY, returns as treasurer; and Ron Murdock, W6KJ, Kathy Burns, N7WVW, Matthew den Hollander, AC6MF, Manna Whelchel, KA6ETB, and Lester Allan, KK6SYV will make up the Board of Directors. Two directors emeritus also serve as Board members, Herb Puckett, W6HBU, and David Gartner, WD6AXM, also our repeater trustee. Linda Maas, KK6SOZ, has agreed to be our secretary but must be confirmed by the membership.

The club will celebrate with a December 9 holiday meeting at Hometown Buffet in Yuba City. During the coming year we will have monthly programs and meetings at the Yuba County Library in Marysville on the first Tuesday of each month. Those meetings begin at 7 PM.

de Ron Murdock, W6KJ


News from Samuel F. Morse ARC
Posted November 28

The W6SFM Samuel F. Morse ARC welcomed 13 members and 1 guest to this months SFMARC in-person monthly meeting. Thank you to Carol, KP4MD our new ARRL Section Manager for coming and introducing herself to our club and its members who have not previously had the pleasure of meeting her. Also, a big thank you to all who have helped support the club and the preservation of CW on the bands! All members of the SFM ARC receive a W6SFM.COM email addresses and personal Member webpage where they can proudly display their bios to the public. We encourage our members to post news, photos and other information about themselves as well as their hobbies. Feel free to visit our new member’s page found in the members section of the W6SFM website.

Reports of our November in-person meeting:

SFM ARC President Mike, N6MQL called this months meeting to order. Mike read the month’s budget report and announced the final funds available, Including one $10 donation made to the club. These donations will be used for the purpose of organizing PR booths such as the Kids Day in the Park event, Ranch Cordova and other events where the SFM ARC introduces Ham Radio and Morse Code to Children and the general public. If you would like to contribute to this cause please feel free to visit our home page for a PayPal link to donate. Chris, AI6U proceeded to read in last months meeting notes and the totals for our On-line / On-air net meetings for the month.

The SFMARC is proud to announce that in the month of October we have increased our membership by 8. We would like to officially welcome to the crew: Randy, K5TTE in Austin, Tx. Benny, K5KV in Star, TX, Tom, W6JS in Chico, CA, Keith, KK6ESN of Sacramento, CA. Josef, KK6CNK of Sacramento, CA, Bill K6WLM of Sacramento, CA, Alan, KZ6B of Nevada City, CA and John AL7JK of Eagle River, AK.

Topics of Discussion included updates on the progress of the W6SFM CW beginner’s class. The group also discussed the W6SFM Bug Roundup Event or “CQ BR” which is to be held before our December in-person meeting. Club members were reminded that they could sign up for a ‘slot’ to operate their home stations as W6SFM.

Field Day results were then discussed. The stats for W6SFM were given as follows: Out of a total 391 2A stations participating in the ARRL’s Field Day event, the SFM ARC placed 119th place over all. Out of 165 Pacific Division stations the SFM ARC Placed 21st place, and out of 28 2A Pacific Division stations reporting in the SFM ARC placed 5th. Not bad for a small casual Field Day group scoring a total of 3002 points in the event. If you’re interested in joining us next year for the ARRL’s Field Day event please feel free to contact the group or just stop by our location.

The Halfway House for Keys program was proud to announce that our newest recipient was approved for the Key Donation program. Our 17 year old recipient Pierce, W5KGP will be presented with a FREE all band HF QRP radio Transceiver and Power Supply made by Ten Tec. Along with that Pierce will also received a FREE Dipole Antenna with balun, Coax and of course a Morse Code straight Key. Thank you to those that helped the Half Way House for Keys program acquire those items along with some shipping funds. Pierce is expected to receive his radio and have it set up by the end of this month! If you or someone you know is a new young ham in need of a Key donation please contact our group for more information on the Halfway House for Keys program. Or, if you would like to donate to our cause please contact mike N6MQL by visiting his member’s page on the W6SFM website.

For our tech portion of the meeting member Rob, K6DQ brought in a very full box of keys to show the group. Rob brought with him some of the more notable keys and paddles such as a 1919 Vibroplex Blue Racer (Model 4) Bug, a Les Logan 501T Bug, and a N2DAN Mercury Iambic keyer paddle. The N2DAN key is known for its high quality machining as well as it’s very heavy weight.

Mike, K6LQ brought and showed a Circa 1941 QSL Card from station W6SIN. An interesting piece of non-politically correct history. SIN’s QSL card depicted a group of nude women on the card. This of course is something that was not seen too often or accepted during that era.

Our Guest Carol, KP4MD provided free handouts from the ARRL including first addition reproductions of QST Magazine, ARRL fliers and Band Plan / Call Maps. Thank you for those Freebies Carol!

Last but most certainly not least, John, WB6UBK brought and showed his copy of the 1941 “Frank Jones Radio Handbook”. Members enjoyed looking at all the information available from that time.

Our next SFM ARC in-person meeting will be held at its normal time and address. Our upcoming December 5th (followed by our January 7th) SFM ARC in-person meeting will be held in the Howard Crowley room upstairs. Current events, News regarding Amateur radio and other ARRL items will be discussed. As always we will have our Tech portion where members and visitors are asked to share their Ham Radio related items they find of interest. Feel free to visit our In-Person meeting with items that you purchased or were given that you would like to share with the group.

Each Tuesday of the week 8:00 PM on 3.545 MHz the SFM ARC enjoys getting on the air with CW for our weekly Nets. You do NOT need to be a member of the SFM ARC to check into our nets. Although our nets usually run around 13 wpm code, we are all happy to accommodate those that are slower and need us to oblige. If you are unable to copy Morse Code or need some code practice please feel free to visit our on-line LIVE streaming broadcast of both the Audio and a CW to Text decoding of the meeting. That link can be found on our home page of the website. Those visiting the on-line site are welcome to make themselves known by using the ‘contact us’ link to let the net op (NCS) know you are there. This of course is not mandatory; just a way of making everyone feel more involved in our on-air nets.

Do you or someone you know need a Ham Club to call home? For those that want to learn Morse Code, are interested in CW or already know and use it, the SFM ARC would love to be your new Club home. Our in-person meetings are held each 1st Thursday of the month at 7PM. The SFM ARC meets in the "Howard Crowley" room of the Carmichael Presbyterian Church in Carmichael, CA. The church is Located at 5645 Marconi Ave. For directions to the meeting visit our clubs home webpage Please use the rear parking lot and entry for best access to the meeting. A map and directions can also be found on our website.

We hope to see you at our next meeting!
73, Michael N6MQL, W6SFM Club President


November 19 Plumas County ARC Flu Pandemic Drill

Plumas ARC Flu Pandemic Drill

Larry Trotter, KI6YUK, Secretary of the Plumas Amateur Radio Club (PARC) and Plumas County ARES Emergency Coordinator sends this After Action Report (AAR).  Larry is a General Class operator whose focus is primarily EmComm.  He has several HF radios and is interested in starting operation on HF Emergency Nets.  He resides in the Northern Sierras, in Quincy, nestled in the American Valley.
Larry writes: "We manage 3 repeaters, Mt. Hough being the Primary, with Dyer Mountain as backup. Our Claremont repeater is down presently and we're waiting on some decisions by the USFS to get our VHF and Packet Station back on the mountain. Attached, a photo of our Station at the Drill (photo taken by KI6YUK, my blue truck in the foreground with our Club magnetic sign on both doors, KJ6CUG, Nora inside; Tracy Ball, KK6KRO, a new Ham in his truck next to mine; the IC was in the building on the left in the background) and our RACES Operator's Roster for the Event."
Participants: Larry Trotter KI6YUK, Tracy Ball KK6KRO, Nora Barnum KJ6CUG, Kathy Cotter KF6CCP, Scott Lawson KK6ICI, Bob Nelson KA6NSN, Krystal Rhoades KI6KQI, Keith Mahan KI6SPK, Linda McCurdy KI6YUL, Brian Verhalen KJ6EAC, John Work KJ6FPT, Trisha Work KJ6FPS, John Mitchell KK6CJL, Beverly Mitchell KK6CJM, Sandy Kendall KK6CJJ.


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