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News last updated: Sun 10, August, 2014

Welcome to the San Joaquin Valley Section.

Section Manager (SM) Dan Pruitt AE6SX

Assistant Section Managers (ASM) John Lee K6YK and Bob Hervatine N2NS

Affiliated Club Coordinator (ACC) Charles McConnell W6DPD

Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC) Edward Hanna KF6FIR

Official Observer Coordinator (OOC) Victor Magana N1VM,

Section Traffic Manager (STM) Fred Silveira K6RAU,

Public Information Coordinator (PIC) Craig Carter K6QI

Technical Coordinator (TC) Dave Smith W6TE.

The San Joaquin Valley Section includes 12 counties in the central valley of California, Kern, Tulare, Kings, Fresno, Madera, Mariposa, Merced, Stanislaus, Tuolumne, Calaveras, San Joaquin, and Mono.

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Card Checking in the Section: You can get cards checked for awards within the section. W6XK, K6ZZ, and W6DPD can check your cards for DXCC in accordance with the rules for field checking. DXCC card checkers may now check cards dated from Nov 15, 1945, including Deleted DXCC Entities. K6ZZ can now check 160 Meter Cards. DXCC card checkers may, at their discretion, check cards for WAS, WAC, and VUCC. W6DPD and K6ZZ can check cards for the CQ Awards, WAZ, DX, Field, and Prefixes. The card checkers may also check applications for the IARU Region 2 Award. ARRL Special Service Clubs may appoint a HF awards manager for WAS and a VHF Awards Manager for VUCC.


The Webinar by Hank Garretson, W6SX, has been posted to the WWROF webpage ( under the Webinars link.

Hanks presentation will be of particular interest to "Little Pistols" and those who are space limited. It's worth checking out!

Hank added a link to the elevation plot which can be viewed at

Also the Ladder Snaps in the presentation can be found at You can e-mail Hank at for additional details.


The K6RAU (our Traffic Manager) Morse Code Instruction Course is available at or

No need to know a "dit" from a "dah", simply with paper and pencil, and following the instructions.


San Joaquin Valley Nets:

The Noontime net meets on 7.268.5 MHz. This net handles a lot of messages.

Daytime Region 6 Traffic Net meets daily at 3:30 pacific time on or near 7.275 MHZ. This one is probable not in operation at this time.

The California Traffic Net meets daily on 3.906 MHZ and 6:00 PM local time.

The Golden Bear Amateur Radio Net meets nightly at 7:00 PM local time on 3.975 MHZ.

Northern California Net (NCN), the Section Traffic Net, meets nightly on 3.533 MHZ at 7 PM Pacific Time.

San Joaquin Net meets Monday-Saturday on 3918khz, at 6 PM Pacific Time.

Western Public Service System (WPSS) meets nightly on 3952khz, roll - at 7:30 PM local Pacific Time.

The Mission Trail Net meets nightly on 3.856 MHZ at 8:00 PM local time.

Northern California Net 2 (NCN2) The slow speed training session of NCN, meets nightly on 3.533 MHZ at 9 PM Pacific Time. Handling traffic on CW is a good way to improve your CW skills.



CWops Tests are held weekly – Every Wednesday at 1300Z, 1900Z, and 0300Z (Thursday). Info and rules at .




********** NEWS **********




>> SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY SECTION Report for the month of July 2014: SM Dan Pruitt, AE6SX- ASMs K6YK and N2NS, ACC W6DPD, SEC KF6FIR, OOC N1VM, STM K6RAU, PIC K6QI, TC W6TE.


One hundred five to one hundred ten degrees. This was the climate I braved last month. I made a 3-day trip South to Kern County and visited the W6LIE Club. They were gracious in welcoming myself as ARRL. It is nice to see folks enjoying Ham Radio and the fellowship of the hobby.


I also made connections with some ARES members, by radio. Next time we will have to do an eyeball QSO. I was grateful to hear the ARES group still maintaining their standards.


I mentioned the weather before and decided to stop in at the Hanford weather station WX6HNX and meet with the new SKYWARN trainer. We had a very good conversation with the staff and heard some of the long-range predictions. Nothing firm yet but some El Nino indications are being observed.


We also discussed continued training and goals.


Do not forget Pacificon in October. It will be the last of the regional Centennial Celebrations.


Happy Hamming, hi hi.




Dan Pruitt, AE6SX



NEWS: From ARRL newsletters. Read complete articles from July to now.


07/11/2014 | HAARP Death Sentence Stayed, But Facility Being Dismantled Piece by Piece


07/16/2014 | Grassroots Campaign Underway to Promote Co-Sponsorship of “Amateur Radio Parity Act”


07/19/2014 | FEMA and ARRL Sign Agreement; FEMA Administrator Calls Ham Radio “Resilient”


07/21/2014 | India’s VO-52 Satellite Goes Dark, decommissioned due to battery failure.


07/23/2014 | ARRL VEC Conducts Remote Exam Session with Applicants in Antarctica


07/25/2014 | AMSAT Announces Fox-1C Launch Opportunity and Fund Drive


07/28/2014 | Maritime Mobile Service Network Aids in Separate Land-Based Emergencies


07/28/2014 | Army MARS Demonstrates ALE, Courts Young Volunteers at ARRL National Centennial Convention


07/29/2014 | Space Jam 8 Will Feature ARISS Contact


07/29/2014 | California Hams Activate to Support Shelter Communications For El Portal Wildfire.


07/31/2014 | Party Balloon Carrying Amateur Radio Payload Circles the Northern Hemisphere


08/06/2014 | ARRL RTTY Rookie Roundup Not Just for Newbies


08/06/2014 | Updated QST iOS App Now Available


08/07/2014 | “Most Unusual Expedition” Ever to Rely on Amateur Radio Ended 67 Years Ago The Kon-Tiki voyage carrying LI2B ended on August 7, 1947



August 2014


+ WAE DX Contest, CW 0000Z, Aug 9 to 2359Z, Aug 10

+ SKCC Weekend Sprintathon 1200Z, Aug 9 to 2359Z, Aug 10

+ Maryland-DC QSO Party 1600Z, Aug 9 to 2400Z, Aug 10

+ SARTG WW RTTY Contest 0000Z, Aug 16 to 1600Z, Aug 17

+ ARRL 10 GHz and Up Contest 0600 local, Aug 16 to 2400 local, Aug 17

+ North American QSO Party, SSB 1800Z, Aug 16 to 0600Z, Aug 17

+ Run for the Bacon QRP Contest 0100Z-0300Z, Aug 18

+ Hawaii QSO Party 0700Z, Aug 23 to 2200Z, Aug 24

+ Ohio QSO Party 1600Z, Aug 23 to 0400Z, Aug 24

+ SKCC Sprint 0000Z-0200Z, Aug 27

+ CWops Mini-CWT Test 1300Z, Aug 27 to 0400Z, Aug 28

+ YO DX HF Contest 1200Z, Aug 30 to 1200Z, Aug 31

+ SCC RTTY Championship 1200Z, Aug 30 to 1159Z, Aug 31

+ SARL HF CW Contest 1400Z-1600Z, Aug 31


September 2014


+ MI QRP Labor Day CW Sprint 2300Z, Sep 1 to 0300Z, Sep 2

+ All Asian DX Contest, Phone 0000Z, Sep 6 to 2400Z, Sep 7

+ Wake-Up! QRP Sprint 0600Z-0800Z, Sep 6

+ AGCW Straight Key Party 1300Z-1600Z, Sep 6

+ North American Sprint, CW 0000Z-0400Z, Sep 7

+ DARC 10-Meter Digital Contest 1100Z-1700Z, Sep 7





CLOVIS ARP ++ AE6GE, Rob, is recruiting for the “Tour de Fresno” bike event 13 September. The next T-Hunt is September 6. The last one, the shortest distance was Gray WA6BJY & Mike - 47 miles.


FRESNO ARC++ KI6QEL Duane, talks of his trip to the Coast with his Buddy-Pole. John, K6MI reminds us od all the events that have gone on so far this year. Joe W0PJD and VP Ken, WA6OIB discuss the import of donations for Club stability. Check out the Field Day pictures on the web site..


LOS BANOS ARC ++ George W6YD posts "Pizza Night" 9 August. Swap Night is 13 September.


SIERRA ARC ++ Pete W6SV & Dave KG6YSZ have purchased & refurbished the Shirley Peak Repeater Tx 145.410 – Rx 144.810 (-) 103.5. Good Field Day pictures also .


SEQUOIA ARG ++ WA6ARA, Mike, reports Ice Cream social August 11.


TURLOCK ARC ++ Very nice issue of the “ArcOver”. Describing many different events and Public Service incidents. Grady K6IXA discusses his new ATV and Ultra-Light Aircraft. Ice Cream Social pictures witness the fun there.




The following Amateurs became Silent Keys since the last report: John KD6OZH, and Judy KC6UTF. They will be missed.


Traffic for July 2014:

ORS: W6SX 5, WA6IAF 239, WS6P 1473, K6RAU 15 Total 1732

PSHR: W6SX 28, WA6IAF 90, WS6P 135, K6RAU 73



Mark your Calendars: Southeastern Division and Regional Centennial Convention is August 16, in Huntsville, AL. Details are at Turlock ARC Fall Auction is October 4, 2014. Details at Pacificon 2014/Regional ARRL Centennial Convention is 10 through 14 October 2014. Details at The 66th International DX Convention is April 17-19, 2015 at Visalia. Details at





>> SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY SECTION Report for the month of June 2014: SM Dan Pruitt, AE6SX- ASMs K6YK and N2NS, ACC W6DPD, SEC KF6FIR, OOC N1VM, STM K6RAU, PIC K6QI, TC W6TE.


June is in the books. We are now looking forward to the Centennial celebrations in July. There were many events for radio participation. The first weekend in June had the museum ship weekend and S. J. V. has an ocean going mines sweeper that is being restored in Stockton by the Stockton Delta ARC.


Then the VHF contest was well attended. Rovers and portable operations where both on the air. The contest included an opening in the 6 m band.


Last, and my favorite, was Field Day. It was a little warm for my taste, however all the sites I visited and a great time. All were highlighted with great food in quantity and GOTA stations punctuated with warm smiles and time comfortable surroundings. Some had air conditioning, some did not but all were having fun.


I will be posting pictures from a different field day sites on the section Page.


It looks like the 100 years of ARRL will be well celebrated in Hartford. I hope you have a chance to attend. However Pacificon will be carrying the flag as a regional Centennial convention. So if you miss CT, please join us in Santa Clara for the October convention.





Dan Pruitt, AE6SX


NEWS: From ARRL newsletters. Read complete articles from June to now.


++ 06/10/2014 | FCC Okays Changes to Amateur Radio Exam Credit, Test Administration, Emission Type Rules The FCC has adopted several changes to the Amateur Service Part 97 rules.

++ 06/12/2014 | World Cup Special Event Stations, Prefixes On the Air until July 30

Special event stations and prefixes are on the air from Brazil to mark the World Cup competition now underway.

++ 06/16/2014 | Amateur Radio Role on Space Station Featured at ISS Research and Development Conference The third annual ISS Research and Development Conference this week will include a presentation on Amateur Radio on the International Space Station program.

++ 06/17/2014 | Matt Wilhelm, W1MSW, Named as ARRL Contest Branch Manager

Matt Wilhelm, W1MSW, has been named to head the Contest Branch at ARRL HQ.

++ 06/18/2014 | Centennial Convention Friday/Saturday Forums Feature Notable Speakers, Intriguing Topics The ARRL National Centennial Convention forums on Friday and Saturday will highlight notable speakers and an array of intriguing topics.

++ 06/18/2014 | New ARRL Technician Instructor E-Manual Now Available for Download A new ARRL Technician Instructor Manual now is available for free download by ARRL registered instructors.

++ 06/20/2014 | Toward a Perfect Field Day Experience and planning will keep your Field Day operation running smooth.


++ 06/23/2014 | States, Counties, Communities Recognize the Value of Amateur Radio

States, counties, and communities across the US have formally recognized the value of Amateur Radio.

++ 06/24/2014 | Full Schedule of Youth Activities Featured at ARRL National Centennial Convention The ARRL National Centennial Convention in July will include a full schedule of youth-oriented activities.

++ 06/26/2014 | House Bill Would Require FCC to Extend PRB-1 Coverage to Restrictive Covenants A US House bill would require the FCC to extend PRB-1 coverage to restrictive covenants.

++ 07/01/2014 | ARRL-Sponsored 600 Meter Experiment Approaches 170,000 Hours of Operation The ARRL-sponsored WD2XSH 600 meter experiment approaches 170,000 hours of operation.

++ 07/01/2014 | NASA Astronaut’s ISS Field Day Operation Puts Smiles on Several Faces NASA Astronaut Reid Wiseman, KF5LKT, got on the air from NA1SS on the ISS for Field Day.

++ N2NS Bob operated in the VHF contest multi-Op, high-power, on 6 m. Total score 2,280

++ K6AAB Steve operated all of Asia CW and low power. Raw score 9,594

++ KI6QEL Duane, took his Buddi-pole to the beach. His intentions were to work NVIS back into SJV. Instead on Saturday afternoon he made contacts on 15m to Greece, Hungary (new country for him), Venezuela, Japan, Ohio, Florida, Utah (W1AW/7), and Wisconsin (W1AW/9). He says, “Good enough, hi”

++ K6XJ, W6XK, and W6DPD are making JT65 contacts on 6 M.





+ FISTS Summer Sprint 0000Z-0400Z, Jul 12

+ IARU HF World Championship 1200Z, Jul 12 to 1200Z, Jul 13

+ CQC Great Colorado Gold Rush 2000Z-2159Z, Jul 13

+ WAB 144 MHz Low Power Phone 1000Z-1400Z, Jul 14

+ CWops Mini-CWT Test   1300Z-1400Z, Jul 16 and 1900Z-2000Z,

   Jul 16 and then 0300Z-0400Z, Jul 17  

+ RSGB 80m Club Championship, SSB 1900Z-2030Z, Jul 16

+ VK/Trans-Tasman Contest, Multi-Mode 0800Z-1400Z, Jul 19

+ DMC RTTY Contest 1200Z, Jul 19 to 1200Z, Jul 20

+ CQ Worldwide VHF Contest 1800Z, Jul 19 to 2100Z, Jul 20

+ North American QSO Party, RTTY 1800Z, Jul 19 to 0559Z, Jul 20

+ CWops Mini-CWT Test   1300Z-1400Z, Jul 23 and 1900Z-2000Z, Jul 23

   and 0300Z-0400Z, Jul 24  

+ RSGB IOTA Contest 1200Z, Jul 26 to 1200Z, Jul 27

+ County Hunters CW Contest 1400Z-2400Z, Jul 26 and 1400Z-2400Z, Jul 27

+ CWops Mini-CWT Test   1300Z-1400Z, Jul 30 and 1900Z-2000Z, Jul 30 and 0300Z-0400Z, Jul 31

August 2014

+ 10-10 Int. Summer Contest, SSB 0001Z, Aug 2 to 2359Z, Aug 3

+ European HF Championship 1200Z-2359Z, Aug 2

+ North American QSO Party, CW 1800Z, Aug 2 to 0559Z, Aug 3

+ ARRL August UHF Contest 1800Z, Aug 2 to 1800Z, Aug 3

+ SARL HF Phone Contest 1300Z-1630Z, Aug 3    




FRESNO ARC++ WA6FFJ Joe announced the next program will be "the secrets of the sun and understanding the numbers and propagation". W6DPD, Charles has latest DX information. Reprint of an article on the first IC going to auction at 1 to 2 Million dollars. Pictures of the W6TO Field Day.


Lodi ARC ++ Jason , KE5JTS, Pres, Bob , K6DGQ, VP, Jim , WB6BET, Sec and Doug, KA6MEL, Treas. Reported the 2 meter net Average 23 check-in’s. Field Day set up was Friday. Antennas were triband yagi on a boom truck and a 5 band N6BT remote switched dipole. Good contacts on 40 Meters but they say a dedicated 40/80 Antenna is needed. Eric, KD6MOO, showed a few of us how to install the crimp coax connectors to create a missing jumper. Operating 6A (phone, CW & RTTY) we covered the bands. Bob, KE6EAN, even made 1 contact on 6 meters.


SEQUOIA ARG ++ Pete, W6SV, reports a heart felt acknowledgment of the club members challenges! Also the reprint of a story regarding the possible causes of lightning. Still all plans for Field Day remained intact.


STOCKTON DELTA ARC ++ What can I paraphrase, not much. Stockton-Delta participated in every event they could in June. They even took a shift at W1AW/7. Museum Ship weekend, VHF contest, a bike ride and Field Day. Go to the website and download their “Flysheet”. Very worth your while.


TURLOCK ARC ++ Starting with an Ice Cream Social, then the Canyon Classic bike ride and finishing with Field day. One of the best organized clubs, download their “Arc-over” for all the details.


The following Amateurs became Silent Keys since the last report: Cliff N6ZU, Roy W6WZM, Mildred WY6Y and James N6WT. They will be missed.


Traffic for May 2014:

ORS: W6SX 3, WA6IAF 393, WS6P 1592, K6RAU 16 Total 2004

PSHR: W6SX 26, WA6IAF 90, WS6P 140, K6RAU 70


Mark your Calendars: 46th MARAC national convention (Mobile Amateur Radio) July 9, 2014 in Visalia, CA. See for particulars. ARRL Centennial Convention, The National Convention is July 17 – 19, 2014. For details for the 100-year celebration, go to Eighth Annual Sacramento Valley Hamfest September 6, 2014 in Lincoln, CA. For details check out Western Placer Amateur Radio Club, Pacificon 2014/Regional ARRL Centennial Convention is 10 through 14 October 2014. Details at The 2015 International DX Convention is April 17 to 19, 2015, in Visalia CA. Check for information.







>> SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY SECTION Report for the month of May 2014: SM Dan Pruitt, AE6SX- ASMs K6YK and N2NS, ACC W6DPD, SEC KF6FIR, OOC N1VM, STM K6RAU, PIC K6QI, TC W6TE.


May is done, now we start June, my favorite month.


We have contests and Field Day! A lot of special events are conducted in June. Museum Ship Weekend is a good one, and more. It is just a great month to operate. Go camping, Mountain topping, sailing, fishing and just touring. Then you stop, fire up the radio and find out where and what everyone else is doing.


Don't forget to show off your hobby, kids day is coming up. Show your relatives and friends all the varied ways to use Ham Radio. No it isn't CB (frown!). Show them the difference.


Take your Ice Cubes and play radio, hi hi.





Dan Pruitt, AE6SX



NEWS: From ARRL newsletters. Read complete articles from May to now.


++ 05/08/2014 | FUNcube-2 Launch Set for June 19


++ 05/14/2014 | Alpha and TEN-TEC to Merge Under RF Concepts Banner


++ 05/14/2014 | ARRL Announces Free Exam Review Website


++ 05/14/2014 | US House Committee Expresses Support for MARS Program


++ 05/15/2014 | ARISS International Partners Regroup at First In-Person Meeting since 2011


++ 05/19/2014 | ARRL Offers New Amateur Radio Public Service Announcements


++ 05/19/2014 | Now Supports “Secondary” Call Signs and LoTW


++ 05/20/2014 | Oklahoma Grant Will Fund Amateur Radio-Based SKYWARN Location-Tracking System


++ 05/21/2014 | KickSat Re-Enters Atmosphere Without Deploying “Sprite” Satellites


++ 05/23/2014 | WNPR Highlights the History of Amateur Radio and the ARRL


++ 05/28/2014 | Cuba Now Issuing Licenses for Limited, Domestic 60 Meter Operation


++ 05/28/2014 | Additional Places Opened for ARRL Centennial Convention Training Track Courses


++ 05/30/2014 | Hundreds of Clubs Register their FD 2014 Sites on the ARRL Field Day Locator!


++ 06/02/2014 | Kids Day is Saturday, June 21!


++ 06/02/2014 | International Radio for Disaster Relief On-the-Air Trial Set for June 5-6


++ 06/02/2014 | The ARRL June VHF Contest is June 14-16!



++ 06/02/2014 | FCC Releases Warning Notices to Several Radio Amateurs


++ 06/04/2014 | Hams Invited to Submit Papers for Digital Communications Conference


++ 06/04/2014 | Huntsville to Host GAREC 2014


++ 06/04/2014 | Radio Amateurs Are Key Players in Effort to Maneuver 36-Year- Old NASA Spacecraft


++ 06/05/2014 | Amateur Radio Satellite Payloads Set to Launch into Orbit this Month


++ 06/06/2014 | Radio Amateur’s Sub-9 kHz VLF Signal Detected Across the Atlantic




June 2014

+ CWops Mini-CWT Test 1300Z-1400Z, Jun 11 and

1900Z-2000Z, Jun 11 and

0300Z-0400Z, Jun 12

+ NCCC RTTY Sprint 0200Z-0230Z, Jun 13

+ DRCG WW RTTY Contest 0000Z-0759Z, Jun 14 and

1600Z-2359Z, Jun 14 and

0800Z-1559Z, Jun 15

+ Portugal Day Contest 1200Z, Jun 14 to 1200Z, Jun 15

+ GACW WWSA CW DX Contest 1500Z, Jun 14 to 1500Z, Jun 15

+ West Virginia QSO Party 1600Z, Jun 14 to 0200Z, Jun 15

+ REF DDFM 6m Contest 1600Z, Jun 14 to 1600Z, Jun 15

+ ARRL June VHF Contest 1800Z, Jun 14 to 0259Z, Jun 16

+ CWops Mini-CWT Test 1300Z-1400Z, Jun 18 and

1900Z-2000Z, Jun 18 and

0300Z-0400Z, Jun 19

+ SMIRK Contest 0000Z, Jun 21 to 2400Z, Jun 22

+ Ukrainian DX Classic RTTY Contest 1200Z, Jun 21 to 1159Z, Jun 22

+ AGCW VHF/UHF Contest 1400Z-1700Z, Jun 21 (144) and

1700Z-1800Z, Jun 21 (432)

+ Kid's Day Contest 1800Z-2359Z, Jun 21

+ CWops Mini-CWT Test 1300Z-1400Z, Jun 25 and

1900Z-2000Z, Jun 25 and

0300Z-0400Z, Jun 26

+ Ukrainian DX DIGI Contest 1200Z, Jun 28 to 1200Z, Jun 29

+ His Maj. King of Spain Contest, SSB 1200Z, Jun 28 to 1200Z, Jun 29

+ ARRL Field Day 1800Z, Jun 28 to 2100Z, Jun 29

+ 10-10 Int. Spirit of 76 QSO Party 0001Z, Jun 30 to 2400Z, Jul 6


July 2014

+ RAC Canada Day Contest 0000Z-2359Z, Jul 1

+ Venezuelan Ind. Day Ctst 0000Z, Jul 5 to 2359Z, Jul 6

+ DL-DX RTTY Contest 1100Z, Jul 5 to 1059Z, Jul 6

+ Marconi Mem HF Contest 1400Z, Jul 5 to 1400Z, Jul 6




CLOVIS ARP ++ CARP Transmitter Hunt Thursday June 5. Rob, AE6GE and Duane, KI6QELhave these T-Hunts down to a science. A lot of fun.


FRESNO ARC++ Stu, WB6VRJ (Pres.) talks up Field Day as same place but new and improved with Ron, W6MTS as FD Chairman.  W6DPD, Charles notes the increased rates for Bureau cards and an up to date postal rate chart for international postage at Charles also gives advice on DX Bulletins.  Bob, N2NS and Steve, K6AAB put up some good number with poor conditions during CQWW WPX CW. ARES EC Glen, N6HEW sums up the EmComm accomplishments for May.


LOS BANOS ARC ++ I want to thank Michael, AD6AA and the AA6LB club for their hospitality. There was a good discussion on ARRL and Amateur Radio in general. Looking forward to Field Day 2014 at Big Page Park


SIERRA ARC ++ A suggestion of the 146.64 repeater new location was in the Salvation Army Building by the SARC repeater committee. The 147.00 repeater remains running, Echolink is now available,tnx Bob, KK6ECM. Summer will slow things down but Field Day is coming and so are the “Socials so stay tuned.


SEQUOIA ARG ++ New Arizona law bans all 2-way communication and is the work of the leaders of Coconino County. Located in the north central part of Arizona and is a part of the Flagstaff metropolitan statistical area. It not only includes the city of Flagstaff but the Grand Canyon and adjacent areas as well. As written, the new ban outlaws mobile radio communications most drivers who depend on the technology unless they are using a hands-free device. It also stops amateur radio operators and others who use push to talk microphone from being able to easily assist in a volunteer capacity with local events. For more on this use these links: and


STOCKTON DELTA ARC ++ John NZ6Q, Robert N6GTO, Craig KJ6PKU and Bill AE6J were invited to the host station of W1AW/7 at the W7RN Contest Superstation just outside of Reno, Nevada. WOW was the description given by Bill AE6J. Mike KJ6KDL’s “Comm Station” in a box, made operating Net Control easier and a lot more fun at the Delta Century Bike run. That is one of many events successfully supported in May.


TURLOCK ARC ++ Ken, KF6IDK, and Lucian , KF6NPG are leading the crew for The Canyon Classic Bike Ride coming 14 June and I know a few of the Merced ARES members have enjoyed working at this event. Field Day Location: The Schmidts’ (KI6PBL & KI6YQL).


The following Amateurs became Silent Keys since the last report:

Charles, WB6HWH, Larry, W6KYO (ex WA6LUT), and Roy W6WZM

They will be missed.


Traffic for May 2014:

ORS: W6SX 12, WA6IAF 215, WS6P 1692, K6RAU 11 Total 1930

PSHR: W6SX 37, WA6IAF 90, WS6P 145, K6RAU 67




>> SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY SECTION Report for the month of April 2014: SM Dan Pruitt, AE6SX- ASMs K6YK and N2NS, ACC W6DPD, SEC KF6FIR, OOC N1VM, STM K6RAU, PIC K6QI, TC W6TE.




Temperature is increasing and I hope all of your antenna projects are in place. My favorite time of the year is coming up. That is Field Day and your planning should be well on its way. If you are like me, there is still a lot to do.


One eye is always looking at emergency communications and especially now with the drought affecting so much of the San Joaquin Valley and associated forests and mountain areas. The public service events that we have been practicing will be valuable during events like fires, food distributions, cooling centers and more. Remember the more volunteers that we have the less work for the rest of us.


The ARRL Centennial Convention in July is accumulating many interesting speakers, presenters and vendors. If you can make the event, you will not be disappointed. Make your reservations as soon as possible. However, if you cannot attend then Pacificon is designated as a regional Centennial event. This brings to the West Coast much of what was at Dayton and Hartford, this year. For us in the San Joaquin Valley, Santa Clara is very close and accessible from both ends of San Joaquin Valley. I hope to see you there.


I want to make an appeal to all those out there that wish to keep the hobby going, we need to mentor the youth in amateur radio if it is to continue. Participate in Scouts, student organizations, after school functions and maker fares. Create dialogs with your relatives about ham radio even if they themselves are not interested they may know someone who is. I know you are aware of this, I suggest we think about it a bit more often.


Remember to post your events like Field Day, VE exams, public events, club meetings and license classes on the ARRL web site. You might be surprised at who will just show up to take a test or check out your club.


Enjoy playing radio in the upcoming contests, museum ship weekend and Field Day. I plan on operating this Field Day. Monitor Google APRS, if I decide to operate mobile, hi hi.




Dan Pruitt, AE6SX




NEWS: From ARRL newsletters. Read complete articles from April to now.

++ 04/07/2014 | ARRL Releases First Repeater Directory App for Android Devices

The League has released a free Repeater Directory Android app .


++ 04/07/2014 | Amateur Radio-Developed Software Assisting in Search for Missing Airliner Ham radio-developed software is being put to use in the search for the missing Flight MH370.


++ 04/09/2014 | HI-SEAS Project Inaugural Ham Radio Event Will Commemorate Gagarin’s Space Flight A simulated Mars expedition will operate a special event station every weekend.


++ 04/11/2014 | HAARP Facility in Danger of Being Dismantled The HAARP Ionospheric research facility in Alaska could shut down entirely this year.


++ 04/14/2014 | FUNcube/AO-73 Transponder Will Be Active Each Weekend. The FUNcube-1 transponder will be available every weekend.


++ 04/15/2014 | Gear Up Now for ARRL Field Day 2014! Field Day gear is available now from ARRL.


++ 04/16/2014 | Amateur Radio Volunteers Provide Critical Support for 30th Challenge Cup Relay An annual relay race involving thousands of law enforcement personnel gets Amateur Radio support.


++ 04/19/2014 | KickSat Has Been Deployed in Low-Earth Orbit The KickSat CubeSat now is in orbit.


++ 04/28/2014 | Armed Forces Day 2014 Cross-Band Communication Test Set for May 10 The annual Armed Forces Day cross-band communication test will take place May 10.


++ 04/30/2014 | Convention Forums to Feature Presentation by Nobel Laureate Joe Taylor, K1JT Nobel Laureate Joe Taylor, K1JT, will be a speaker at the ARRL Convention.


++ 04/30/2014 | Massachusetts to Host USA ARDF Championships June 5-8 The USA ARDF Championships will take place June 5-8 in the Boston area.


++ 05/05/2014 | Canadian Radio Amateurs Gain New 472-479 kHz Band Hams in Canada now have a band at 472-479 kHz.


++ 05/05/2014 | Tiny KickSat “Sprite” Satellites May Not Deploy


++ 05/06/2014 | Ham Radio Volunteers Shift Gears to Handle Mountain Bike Event Emergency Volunteers helping communications for a mountain bike race found themselves handling a real emergency.


++ 05/08/2014 | FUNcube-2 Launch Set for June 19 FUNcube-2 will launch as part of the larger UKube-1 satellite on June 19.


++ 05/08/2014 | ARRL to Celebrate its 100th Birthday at Dayton! ARRL's actual 100th birthday will coincide with the last day of Dayton Hamvention.




May 2014


+ CWops Mini-CWT Test 1300Z-1400Z, May 14 and

1900Z-2000Z, May 14 and

0300Z-0400Z, May 15

+ RSGB 80m Club Championship, Data 1900Z-2030Z, May 14

+ UN DX Contest 2100Z, May 16 to 2100Z, May 17

+ Portuguese Navy Day Contest, Digital 0800Z-2359Z, May 17

+ His Maj. King of Spain Contest, CW 1200Z, May 17 to 1200Z, May 18

+ Aegean RTTY Contest 1200Z, May 17 to 1200Z, May 18

+ EU PSK DX Contest 1200Z, May 17 to 1200Z, May 18

+ Baltic Contest 2100Z, May 17 to 0200Z, May 18

+ UA2 QSO Party 1300Z-1659Z, May 18

+ CWops Mini-CWT Test 1300Z-1400Z, May 21 and

1900Z-2000Z, May 21 and

0300Z-0400Z, May 22

+ CQ WW WPX Contest, CW 0000Z, May 24 to 2359Z, May 25

+ The Day of YLs 0600Z, May 24 - 1800Z, May 25

+ SARL Digital Contest 1300Z-1600Z, May 25

+ MI QRP Memorial Day CW Sprint 2300Z, May 25 to 0300Z, May 26

+ CWops Mini-CWT Test 1300Z-1400Z, May 28 and

1900Z-2000Z, May 28 and

0300Z-0400Z, May 29


June 2014


+ ARS Spartan Sprint 0100Z-0300Z, Jun 3

+ NRAU 10m Activity Contest 1700Z-1800Z, Jun 5 (CW) and

1800Z-1900Z, Jun 5 (SSB) and

1900Z-2000Z, Jun 5 (FM) and

2000Z-2100Z, Jun 5 (Dig)

+ 10-10 Int. Open Season PSK Contest 0001Z, Jun 7 to 2359Z, Jun 8

+ VK Shires Contest 0600Z, Jun 7 to 0600Z, Jun 8

+ SEANET Contest 1200Z, Jun 7 to 1200Z, Jun 8

+ Alabama QSO Party 1600Z, Jun 7 to 0400Z, Jun 8





CLOVIS ARP ++ AE6GE, Rob, continues to be creative with T-Hunts. Plans for the California Classic Century ride are in place for May 17. The FAME group (Fresno Area Mentors & Elmers) had another group get their hams license.


FRESNO ARC++ Doyle W6OEZ commends Jack AC6LT, for his decade of service as the BS (Basic Science) Net Control. Jack, an avid DXer, wants to play more radio! Gearing up for the June VHF contest Erik, NI6G, sported his January FM only SJV Certificate. Tom, WB6HYD, showed the 5 level chart of Morse Code similar to those given him in the Boy Scouts. It was help when first learning the code. Charles W6DPD posted links to the Juno Experiment results from last October. Hams were definitely heard! Vic K2VCO is relocating to 4X land so the antennas came down and the pictures are in “Skip”. This link is about brass-pounding during Lincoln’s presidency -


LOS BANOS ARC ++ April meeting pictures in the news letter with the announcement of Dan AE6SX, SJV SM speaking at the May 10 meeting.


SIERRA ARC ++ Visitors! On 8 April SARC hosted a visit by San Joaquin Section Manager Dan Pruitt and Salvation Army Captain Breazale. In route to Mono County, they were reviewing ARES and SATERN Amateur radio disaster communications. May's program will be Skywarn Storm Spotters. Good advice regarding operating during a repeater failure.


SEQUOIA ARG ++ Amateur Radio Credited in Rescue of Wayward Hikers in Kern County. THE MESSAGE OF AMATEUR RADIO as recounted by Don, KW6PMC.


STANISLAUS ARC ++ Quarterly newsletter starts with a calendar of the next Quarters Public Service events. A review of a prim o burger spot by Paul W6UHF. The next Hamcram is in August. A reprint of the June 1984 newsletter describing Field Day plans. Great read. Centennial Conventions has attracted 5 members to Hartford. An article discusses the prizes being offered. There is very interesting reading of FCC enforcement vs. household items like ballasts, doorbell xfrmrs etc. Don, KR6US shares “RADIO WAVES” discussing ARISS, Satellites and school participation.



STOCKTON DELTA ARC ++ Paul N6KZW reminds us of the contribution of Amateur Radio in the 2013 Boston Marathon. He also gives an update on the USS Lucid (N6MSO) and Museum Ship Weekend, June 7-8. He also posted a form letter for club recruiting. Great idea. NZ6Q won “Single Operator – Low Power” category in the SJV for the 2013 CW Sweepstakes last November. The history of the ham bands after WWII.


TURLOCK ARC ++ A demonstration of DMR radio was presented at the April meeting. The raffle was won by Darren, K6RDJ and it was a CS 700 DMR radio. Also posted in April's ARCOVER, “A Combo DMR & D-Star Radio” announcement submitted by Loren, K6GPA. UP UP And Away By Grady, K6IXA, is an article describing parachute flying! Fascinating read. It's Alive! An story by Grady, K6IXA about replacing a 220MHz repeater with a new one.



The following Amateurs became Silent Keys since the last report: KJ6OUA Thomas. He will be missed.


Traffic for April 2014:

ORS: W6SX 1, WS6P 1746, K6RAU 25 Total 1772

PSHR: W6SX 23, WS6P 190, K6RAU 82




>> SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY SECTION Report for the month of March 2014: SM Dan Pruitt, AE6SX- ASMs K6YK and N2NS, ACC W6DPD, SEC KF6FIR, OOC N1VM, STM K6RAU, PIC K6QI, TC W6TE.


Hello SJV,


Has anyone seen Spring? Weather was in the 50 – 60 range now it is 80 – 90, and going up!


It is just an observation but if you are involved with ARES® in support of the Fire Service, I see a need to be updating your contacts and action plans. I took a trip through Kern County, passing trough Fresno and Tulare Counties, and every reservoir is empty! Some do not have enough water to even reach their dams. So Fire is the first concern.


Come later in the year they are forecasting (or praying) for an El Nino event. This means a lot of water and the calamities that brings. These are evident in the articles about the mud slides in Oregon, Washington, and Colorado.


The fun stuff is always good. Field Day is coming very quickly. Public Service events are great ways to meet and greet and see another smile, hi hi. Where I am 10 Meters has been very active so the other money bands are working too.


Don't forget that Pacificon is an ARRL Regional Centennial Convention, so put it on your schedule.


Many thanks for the Hospitality of the Ridgecrest “Sierra” ARC. I welcome the chance to attend any Club meeting. Just contact me and we can arrange the details.



Dan Pruitt, AE6SX


W1AW Centennial Operations for April

April 2nd – April 9th Pennsylvania (W1AW/3) Oregon (W1AW/7)

April 9th – April 16th Massachusetts (W1AW/1) Virginia (W1AW/4) Puerto Rico (W1AW/KP4)

April 16th – April 23rd North Dakota (W1AW/0) Mississippi (W1AW/5)

April 23rd – April 30th New Jersey (W1AW/2) New Hampshire (W1AW/1)




N6DVR, W6NIF, and KI6QEL, KJ6HUP, and AG6BP are active on JT65.




CLOVIS ARP ++ The season for Public Service events are in full swing. Rob AE6GE has 3 events in April alone. Mag Loop Antennas was the latest program presented by Mike, KD6LDA.


FRESNO ARC++ Did you ever wonder what is in WD-40? Check out the “Skip” for April. The Fresno EC report, by Glen N6HEW, I think shows the direction of most EmComm. This includes social media (Facebook, twitter etc. Ron N6MTS enlightens us on the reports required of 501 ( c ) 3 corporations.


SIERRA ARC ++ The rescue of five adult hikers, who became lost in San Emigdio Canyon was facilitated by hams like Bill, AB6CF and Don KW6PMC. Relaying position and situation to the 911 Center.


SEQUOIA ARG ++ Pres. Pete, W6SV highlighted the March program from NOAA, Skywarn. Great turn out. James Brotherton of the National Weather Service will repeat his presentation in Bear Valley Springs. After seeing Lake Isabella, I think they were hoping for insight to the water situation. Thank you Mike, KA6IYS and the Western Kern Co. ARES group command staff. Keep the EmComm moving forward.


STOCKTON DELTA ARC ++ Dave, N6LHL and John, NZ6Q reported on the success of the Peddling Paths for Independence Bike Ride. Mike, K6MDS gave a presentation on transmitter hunting. A Joint Manteca – Stockton – Lodi transmitter hunt was suggested.


Tuolomne Co. ARES ++ Carl NI6Z submitted the Public Service Report form detailing the equivalent cost of communication and volunteer hours. Although there is no cost of volunteering Amateur Radio and there is no compensation, our portion would have cost the authorities $4528.00 and 90 man hours for a 7 hour event. Again there was no compensation for this. It is merely an equivalent of the voluntary effort offered by the Hams.


TURLOCK ARC ++ Darren, K6RDJ briefed the club on DMR Radio and D-Star. Link is included in their ARC-Over news letter. Grady K6IXA, talked on the W4MQ remote base software. He also said the W6HHD D-Star is back on the air.


These Silent Keys were recorded, since the last report: Ted, W5ILA, Tom, KA6Z and Solomon, KD6GHC. They will be missed.


Traffic for March 2014:

ORS: WS6P 1666, K6RAU 25 W6SX 19 Total 1710

PSHR: WS6P 145, W6SX 44, K6RAU 89



NEWS: From ARRL newsletters. Read complete articles from March to now.





APRIL 2014


+ JIDX CW Contest 0700Z, Apr 12 to 1300Z, Apr 13

+ OK/OM DX Contest, SSB 1200Z, Apr 12 to 1200Z, Apr 13

+ SKCC Weekend Sprintathon 1200Z, Apr 12 to 2400Z, Apr 13

+ New Mexico QSO Party 1400Z, Apr 12 to 0200Z, Apr 13

+ EU Spring Sprint, CW 1600Z-1959Z, Apr 12

+ Georgia QSO Party 1800Z, Apr 12 to 0359Z, Apr 13 and   1400Z-2359Z, Apr 13

+ Yuri Gagarin International DX Contest 2100Z, Apr 12 to 2100Z, Apr 13

+ International Vintage Contest HF 1200Z-1800Z, Apr 13

+ Hungarian Straight Key Contest 1500Z-1700Z, Apr 13

+ 222 MHz Spring Sprint 1900 local - 2300 local, Apr 15

+ CWops Mini-CWT Test 1300Z-1400Z, Apr 16 and   1900Z-2000Z, Apr 16 and   0300Z-0400Z, Apr 17

+ RSGB 80m Club Championship, SSB 1900Z-2030Z, Apr 16

+ ARLHS Annual Spring Lites QSO Party 0001Z, Apr 17 to 2359Z, Apr 22

+ NCCC Sprint Ladder 0230Z-0300Z, Apr 18

+ Holyland DX Contest 2100Z, Apr 18 to 2100Z, Apr 19

+ TARA Skirmish Digital Prefix Contest 0000Z-2359Z, Apr 19

+ ES Open HF Championship 0500Z-0859Z, Apr 19

+ CQ Manchester Mineira DX Contest 1200Z, Apr 19 to 2359Z, Apr 20

+ EU Spring Sprint, SSB 1600Z-1959Z, Apr 19

+ Michigan QSO Party 1600Z, Apr 19 to 0400Z, Apr 20

+ Ontario QSO Party 1800Z, Apr 19 to 1800Z, Apr 20

+ YU DX Contest 2100Z, Apr 19 to 1700Z, Apr 20

+ Low Power Spring Sprint 1400Z-2000Z, Apr 21

+ CWops Mini-CWT Test 1300Z-1400Z, Apr 23 and   1900Z-2000Z, Apr 23 and   0300Z-0400Z, Apr 24

+ 432 MHz Spring Sprint 1900 local - 2300 local, Apr 23

+ RSGB 80m Club Championship, Data 1900Z-2030Z, Apr 24

+ NCCC Sprint Ladder 0230Z-0300Z, Apr 25

+ 10-10 Int. Spring Contest, Digital 0001Z, Apr 26 to 2359Z, Apr 27

+ SP DX RTTY Contest 1200Z, Apr 26 to 1200Z, Apr 27

+ Helvetia Contest 1300Z, Apr 26 to 1259Z, Apr 27

+ QRP to the Field 1500Z, Apr 26 to 0300Z, Apr 27

+ Florida QSO Party 1600Z, Apr 26 to 2159Z, Apr 27

+ BARTG Sprint 75 1700Z-2100Z, Apr 27

+ CWops Mini-CWT Test 1300Z-1400Z, Apr 30 and   1900Z-2000Z, Apr 30 and   0300Z-0400Z, May 1     May 2014

+ NRAU 10m Activity Contest 1800Z-1900Z, May 1 (CW) and   1900Z-2000Z, May 1 (SSB) and   2000Z-2100Z, May 1 (FM) and   2100Z-2200Z, May 1 (Dig)

+ 10-10 Int. Spring Contest, CW 0001Z, May 3 to 2359Z, May 4

+ ARI International DX Contest 1200Z, May 3 to 1159Z, May 4

+ 7th Call Area QSO Party 1300Z, May 3 to 0700Z, May 4

+ Indiana QSO Party 1600Z, May 3 to 0400Z, May 4

+ New England QSO Party 2000Z, May 3 to 2400Z, May 4    




San Joaquin Valley Officials