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Dan Pruitt AE6SX
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News last updated: Thr 13 August 2015

Welcome to the San Joaquin Valley Section.

Section Manager (SM) Dan Pruitt AE6SX

Assistant Section Managers (ASM) John Lee K6YK and Bob Hervatine N2NS

Affiliated Club Coordinator (ACC) Charles McConnell W6DPD

Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC) Edward Hanna KF6FIR

Official Observer Coordinator (OOC) Victor Magana N1VM,

Section Traffic Manager (STM) Fred Silveira K6RAU,

Public Information Coordinator (PIC) Vacant

Technical Coordinator (TC) Dave Smith W6TE.

The San Joaquin Valley Section includes 12 counties in the central valley of California, Kern, Tulare, Kings, Fresno, Madera, Mariposa, Merced, Stanislaus, Tuolumne, Calaveras, San Joaquin, and Mono.

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  As space allows I will enjoy relaying any events or occurrences which illustrate Amateur Radio as a hobby and public asset. It need not be a newsletter, if you think it important, it probably should be here.

 You should also send your newsletter to the Affiliated Club Coordinator ( and the Director ( vice director ( and to ARRL HQ (

Need to take an Amateur exam? Are you having an exam? Check the ARRL web page, for exam information. You can also search for Amateur Radio Classes in your area and register your exam. Instructors can also register classes there.

Card Checking in the Section: You can get cards checked for awards within the section. W6XK, K6ZZ, and W6DPD can check your cards for DXCC in accordance with the rules for field checking. DXCC card checkers may now check cards dated from Nov 15, 1945, including Deleted DXCC Entities. K6ZZ can now check 160 Meter Cards. DXCC card checkers may, at their discretion, check cards for WAS, WAC, and VUCC. W6DPD and K6ZZ can check cards for the CQ Awards, WAZ, DX, Field, and Prefixes. The card checkers may also check applications for the IARU Region 2 Award. ARRL Special Service Clubs may appoint a HF awards manager for WAS and a VHF Awards Manager for VUCC.


The Webinar by Hank Garretson, W6SX, has been posted to the WWROF webpage ( under the Webinars link.

Hanks presentation will be of particular interest to "Little Pistols" and those who are space limited. It's worth checking out!

Hank added a link to the elevation plot which can be viewed at

Also the Ladder Snaps in the presentation can be found at You can e-mail Hank at for additional details.


The K6RAU (our Traffic Manager) Morse Code Instruction Course is available at or

No need to know a "dit" from a "dah", simply with paper and pencil, and following the instructions.


San Joaquin Valley Nets:

The Noontime net meets on 7.268.5 MHz. This net handles a lot of messages.

Daytime Region 6 Traffic Net meets daily at 3:30 pacific time on or near 7.275 MHZ. This one is probable not in operation at this time.

The California Traffic Net meets daily on 3.906 MHZ and 6:00 PM local time.

The Golden Bear Amateur Radio Net meets nightly at 7:00 PM local time on 3.975 MHZ.

Northern California Net (NCN), the Section Traffic Net, meets nightly on 3.533 MHZ at 7 PM Pacific Time.

San Joaquin Net meets Monday-Saturday on 3918khz, at 6 PM Pacific Time.

Western Public Service System (WPSS) meets nightly on 3952khz, roll - at 7:30 PM local Pacific Time.

The Mission Trail Net meets nightly on 3.856 MHZ at 8:00 PM local time.

Northern California Net 2 (NCN2) The slow speed training session of NCN, meets nightly on 3.533 MHZ at 9 PM Pacific Time. Handling traffic on CW is a good way to improve your CW skills.



CWops Tests are held weekly – Every Wednesday at 1300Z, 1900Z, and 0300Z (Thursday). Info and rules at .

Mark your Calendars:

09/11/2015 | Southwestern Division Convention (Hamcon 2015)

Location: Torrance, CA
Sponsor: Los Angeles Area Council of Amateur Radio Clubs & Orange County Council of Amateur Radio Organizations

09/19/2015 | San Joaquin Valley Section Convention (Rally in the Valley)

Location: Fresno, CA
Type: ARRL Convention
Sponsor: ARRL and SATERN
Public Contact: Dan Pruitt , AE6SX

09/19/2015 | Ninth Annual Sacramento Valley Hamfest

Location: Lincoln, CA
Sponsor: Western Placer Amateur Radio Club

10/16/2015 | Pacific Division Convention (PACIFICON 2015)

Location: San Ramon, CA
Sponsor: Mount Diablo Amateur Radio Club


********** Monthly Reports **********




>> SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY SECTION Report for the month of August 2015: SM Dan Pruitt, AE6SX- ASMs K6YK and N2NS, ACC W6DPD, SEC KF6FIR, OOC N1VM, STM K6RAU, PIC vacant, TC W6TE.

Labor Day! Wow!

First thing, “RALLY in the VALLEY”, the ARRL San Joaquin Valley Section Hamfest takes place

19 September. Swap meet set up at 0730, selling at 0800. We will have plenty of prizes, demonstrations, exhibitions and forums. Don't forget to get a team together for the “Knowledge Bowl” trivia challenge. It is not too late to have a presentation. Get in touch with me or Gary, KI6OYW ( and we will set you up.


Second, the ARRL SET is next month. Please inform our Section Emergency Coordinator if you need assistance, networking or just to report it. This includes the “Great Shake out”.


Finally, remember the Amateur Radio Parity Act. It is going good but we are running out of year! Make sure you have your letter in to ARRL. The link is on the ARRL website.


California QSO party in October as well as Pacificon in San Ramon. JOTA also! Remember to be an Amateur Radio Sign, tell your friends, neighbors and relives how much fun you are having!!



Dan Pruitt, AE6SX


NEWS: From ARRL newsletters. Read complete articles from August to now.

08/05/2015 | WWV’s 25 MHz Signal is Back on Original Vertical Dipole

08/06/2015 | Central States VHF Society Honors Wayne Overbeck, N6NB; Lauren Libby, W0LD 08/06/2015 | Joint Cuba-US DX Operation Planned; Will Include CQ World Wide SSB Contest 08/06/2015 | Amateur Radio Parity Act Would Not Void “Private Contracts,” ARRL General Counsel Says

08/08/2015 | IARU Raises Satellite Frequency-Coordination Concerns

08/10/2015 | SPROUT Satellite Sponsors Seek Telemetry Reports

08/11/2015 | World-Circling Danish Radio Amateur-Cyclist Now in the US

08/13/2015 | Rockwell Collins to End Mechanical Filter Production

08/17/2015 | World Digital ATV QSO Party Marks 5th Year

08/20/2015 | Undergrad Radio Amateur Uses Reverse Beacon Network in Research Project 08/21/2015 | IARU Reiterates Commitment to Coordinate Satellites Only Within International Band Plans

08/25/2015 | Launch Date Set for AMSAT Fox-1A

08/26/2015 | Send Your Name (and Call Sign) to Mars!

08/26/2015 | Outcome for 5 MHz at WRC-15 Remains in Limbo

08/26/2015 | Amateur Radio Volunteers Face Fire Threat While Supporting Emergency Communication

08/31/2015 | Danish Ham-Astronaut to be Involved in ISS Deployment of CubeSats

08/31/2015 | World DATV QSO Party Gets Plenty of Visibility

08/31/2015 | Ham-Cyclist Completes US Leg of His Trip Around the Globe

08/31/2015 | ARISS Issues Invitation to Schools, Educational Organizations, Groups

09/01/2015 | ARRL Supports Maximum Flexibility for Amateur Use of New 2200 and 630 Meter Bands

09/02/2015 | Jamboree On The Air 2015 Station Registration is Open

09/02/2015 | QCWA Recognizes 105-Year-Old Radio Amateur’s 90 Years of Hamming






+ Tennessee QSO Party 1800Z, Sep 6 to 0300Z, Sep 7

+ ARS Spartan Sprint 0100Z-0300Z, Sep 8

+ RSGB 80m Club Sprint, SSB 1900Z-2000Z, Sep 9

+ Kulikovo Polye Contest 0000Z-2359Z, Sep 12

+ FOC QSO Party 0000Z-2359Z, Sep 12

+ WAE DX Contest, SSB 0000Z, Sep 12 to 2359Z, Sep 13

+ SARL Field Day Contest 1000Z, Sep 12 to 1000Z, Sep 13

+ Arkansas QSO Party 1400Z, Sep 12 to 0200Z, Sep 13

+ Ohio State Parks on the Air 1600Z-2400Z, Sep 12

+ ARRL September VHF Contest 1800Z, Sep 12 to 0300Z, Sep 14

+ North American Sprint, CW 0000Z-0400Z, Sep 13

+ AGB NEMIGA Contest 2100Z-2400Z, Sep 18

+ ARRL 10 GHz and Up Contest 0600 local, Sep 19 to 2400 local, Sep 20

+ SARL VHF/UHF Analogue/Digital Contest 1000Z, Sep 19 to 1000Z, Sep 20

+ Scandinavian Activity Contest, CW 1200Z, Sep 19 to 1200Z, Sep 20

+ SRT HF Contest SSB 1300Z, Sep 19 to 1300Z, Sep 20

+ South Carolina QSO Party 1400Z, Sep 19 to 0300Z, Sep 20

+ Washington State Salmon Run 1600Z, Sep 19 to 0700Z, Sep 20 and 1600Z-2400Z, Sep 20

+ New Jersey QSO Party 1600Z, Sep 19 to 0359Z, Sep 20 and 1400Z-2000Z, Sep 20

+ North American Sprint, RTTY 0000Z-0400Z, Sep 20

+ Pirate QSO Party 0030Z-0330Z, Sep 23

+ RSGB 80m Club Sprint, CW 1900Z-2000Z, Sep 24

+ CQ Worldwide DX Contest, RTTY 0000Z, Sep 26 to 2400Z, Sep 27

+ Maine QSO Party 1200Z, Sep 26 to 1200Z, Sep 27

+ Texas QSO Party 1400Z, Sep 26 to 0200Z, Sep 27 and 1400Z-2000Z, Sep 27

+ UBA ON Contest, 6m 0700Z-1000Z, Sep 27

+ Classic Exchange, Phone 1300Z, Sep 27 to 0800Z, Sep 28 and 1300Z, Sep 29 to 0800Z, Sep 30

+ 222 MHz Fall Sprint 1900 local - 2300 local, Sep 29

+ UKEICC 80m Contest 2000Z-2100Z, Sep 30


+ NRAU 10m Activity Contest 1700Z-1800Z, Oct 1 (CW) and 1800Z-1900Z, Oct 1 (SSB) and 1900Z-2000Z, Oct 1 (FM) and 2000Z-2100Z, Oct 1 (Dig)

+ SARL 80m QSO Party 1700Z-2000Z, Oct 1

+ TARA PSK Rumble Contest 0000Z-2400Z, Oct 3

+ 15-Meter SSTV Dash Contest 0000Z, Oct 3 to 2359Z, Oct 4

+ Oceania DX Contest, Phone 0800Z, Oct 3 to 0800Z, Oct 4

+ TRC DX Contest 1200Z, Oct 3 to 1200Z, Oct 4

+ Russian WW Digital Contest 1200Z, Oct 3 to 1159Z, Oct 4

+ California QSO Party 1600Z, Oct 3 to 2200Z, Oct 4

+ FISTS Fall Slow Speed Sprint 1700Z-2100Z, Oct 3

+ WAB HF Phone 1900Z, Oct 3 to 1900Z, Oct 4

+ UBA ON Contest, SSB 0600Z-1000Z, Oct 4

+ RSGB 21/28 MHz Contest 0700Z-1900Z, Oct 4

+ ARS Spartan Sprint 0100Z-0300Z, Oct 6

+ 432 MHz Fall Sprint 1900 local - 2300 local, Oct 7

+ UKEICC 80m Contest 2000Z-2100Z, Oct 7




CENTRAL VALLEY RADIO CLUB ++ Moving to get out of the path of the high speed train, says Bill, K6WGJ. We will have our annual Swap meet, testing and Bar-B-Que at the open house at Red Monkey Communications Saturday October 24, 201, 3439 S. Chestnut Ave, Fresno, CA.


CLOVIS ARP ++ The Pioneers reports The Fresno Citizen Corps, starting training on OCTOBER 13-NOVEMBER 5, 2015. The CARP Camp-A-Long had to be canceled due to the “Rough Fire” near Hume lake. The annual swap meet will be 28 September. The “Tour de Fresno” Bicycle Event is scheduled 12 September. One of many events CARP provides communications for public safety.


FRESNO ARC++ Look at the FARC club picnic pictures on the W6TO Facebook page. Fresno County Emcomm Report from Glen, N6HEW, discusses the “Rough Fire”. “Rally in the Valley” is well discussed in SKIP newsletter. K6MI talks about roving in the Giga Frequencies. Ken, WA6OIB, (V pres.) reports on the Field Day Score.


LODI ARC ++ Mike, N6ZW, reports on the Club's notes. They will be participating in the California QSO Party. Also November's program will be The Coherer by Dave, N6SWX .



LOS BANOS ARC ++ Club Picnic 12 September.


SIERRA ARC ++ Ramping up after the summer hiatus. Jim, WA6TFZ, made this photo of the Ring Nebula using a 12 inch LX200 Meade telescope

and a CCD camera. .


SEQUOIA ARG ++ A Walking Tour of Tomo-Kahni

is a great article by Al Price, N6ALP .


STOCKTON DELTA ARC ++ THE ELMER SESSION – FOR NEW HAMS - The local radio club is where the newcomer begins the journey of discovery and the seasoned veteran keeps informed of the latest technology. Regardless of where we are on our ham radio journey our local radio club is where we find our friends. NZ6Q, John (Flysheet editor) authored a piece on traveling on Field Day with friend Ismael KJ6LVY, to various sites.


TURLOCK ARC ++ Dick, K6SUU, Spencer, KJ6ART and Grady, K6IXA gave a well prepared presentation on Echolink. TRI County Ham radio group will be having our annual Pot Luck and Swap Meet at UTICA PARK, 12 September. Are you interested in Portable Operating? Check out ARPOC (Amateur Radio Portable Operators Club) on the web Casey, Kj6SSB and his lovely wife Martha are featured in reference to the ISS and son Derik wanting to go to the ISS. From Dick, K6SUU.



The following Amateur became Silent Key since the last report:



He will be missed.


Traffic for August 2015:

ORS: W6SX 4, WS6P 328, K6RAU 15 Total 347

PSHR: W6SX 27, WS6P 210, K6RAU 83


 >> SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY SECTION Report for the month of July 2015: SM Dan Pruitt, AE6SX- ASMs K6YK and N2NS, ACC W6DPD, SEC KF6FIR, OOC N1VM, STM K6RAU, PIC vacant, TC W6TE.

Everyone back from vacation?  Time to start school again and even old ops like me are learning new stuff.

We need a Public Information Coordinator (PIC).  Someone who would like to interact with hams, the public and myself!  Please contact me.  Soon would be nice.  Recommendations are welcome.

We are into August and looking at September so let me stress some items while we still have some time.  First is community service projects and demonstrations.  We need to be more visible to the public and to those who will need to find us during a communications event.  If you do not already have a PIO in your club or group, have someone perform those tasks and enlighten the next echelon to assist and assume the position in the future.  Done correctly, the Public will beat a path to your door.  Now you need to be able to receive them with open arms.  Remember, in serving the community, there are other ways to help besides communications.  Very satisfying.  Plus you get to play radio!

Next is fun.  The San Joaquin Valley Section's “Rally in the Valley” is now an ARRL Sanctioned Event.  September 19, we will have it again in Fresno.  Although centered geographically, it is my intention to move it around the section in the future.  There will still be Public Service Communications as an established component.  This will include exhibitions, best practices and the Cal OES mobile unit (MAGU) and demonstration of its purpose, thanks to Mutual Aid Region Five (MAR-V).  All are invited to show off their style of HAM Radio.  Club projects, best practices, and even Ham trivia in a Jeopardy-like game with prizes.  Oh yes, there has to be a swap meet, hi hi.

Finally, but very important; The Amateur Radio Parity Act is moving forward, but we all need to help out.  If you have not gotten your letter to your representatives and Senators, then go to:

There you will find the status of the 2 bills in congress, who to contact and how.  It will also give you the exact wording and what they are intended to accomplish.  If you know a Ham that is not a member of ARRL, at least get this link to them.

Many thanks.


Dan Pruitt, AE6SX

NEWS: From ARRL newsletters.  Read complete articles from July to now.

07/14/2015 | Remotely Controlled VY1AAA Put Northern Territories on the Air for Field Day, Canada Day   NT Section

07/17/2015 | ARRL Complains to FCC About The Home Depot s Marketing of RF Lighting Devices

07/20/2015 | Website Undergoing Major Upgrade

07/20/2015 | ARRL Board Approves Dues Hike, HF Band Plan, 2016 National Parks Centennial Event

Meeting over the weekend in Windsor, Connecticut, the ARRL Board of Directors has approved a $10 increase in the League’s annual dues rate, effective January 1, 2016.

07/21/2015 | ARISS Offering Certificate for Receiving Apollo-Soyuz Mission SSTV Images

Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) is offering a certificate to anyone who received slow-scan TV images during the Apollo-Soyuz mission 40th anniversary event, July 18-19.
Learn More

07/23/2015 | FCC Proposes Fining Georgia Ham $1000 for Failing to Identify

07/24/2015 | FCC Shows No Mercy, Sustains $22,000 Fine for Egregious On-Air Behavior by Michigan Licensee

07/25/2015 | AMSAT-NA, AMSAT-DL, and Virginia Tech Announce Potential Phase 3E Opportunity

Virginia Tech has approached the US Government to fly the Phase 3E space frame into high-Earth orbit (HEO) in order to support scientific payloads as well as serve as an Amateur Radio satellite.

07/28/2015 | Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2015 Gains Momentum, Cosponsor List Tops 90

07/29/2015 | HAARP Facility Will Be Transferred to the University of Alaska-Fairbanks on August 11

HAARP — the High Frequency Active Auroral Program — will transfer from military into academic hands next month.

07/29/2015 | Amateur Radio Vanity Call Sign Fee to Disappear in September 3

08/04/2015 | Additional ARRL Books Now Available as E-Books

08/05/2015 | Chinese Amateur Radio Satellites Set to Launch in Early September

+ Maryland-DC QSO Party
1600Z, Aug 8 to 0400Z, Aug 9 and
1600Z-2400Z, Aug 9
+ 50 MHz Fall Sprint
2300Z, Aug 8 to 0300Z, Aug 9
0000Z-0800Z, Aug 15 and
1600Z-2400Z, Aug 15 and
0800Z-1600Z, Aug 16
+ ARRL 10 GHz and Up Contest
0600 local, Aug 15 to 2400 local, Aug 16
+ Russian District Award Contest
0800Z, Aug 15 to 0800Z, Aug 16
+ Keyman's Club of Japan Contest
1200Z, Aug 15 to 1200Z, Aug 16
+ North American QSO Party, SSB
1800Z, Aug 15 to 0559Z, Aug 16
+ CVA DX Contest, CW
2100Z, Aug 15 to 2100Z, Aug 16
+ SARL HF Digital Contest
1300Z-1630Z, Aug 16
+ ARRL Rookie Roundup, RTTY
1800Z-2359Z, Aug 16
+ NCCC RTTY Sprint
0145Z-0215Z, Aug 21
+ Hawaii QSO Party
0400Z, Aug 22 to 0400Z, Aug 24
+ Ohio QSO Party
1600Z, Aug 22 to 0400Z, Aug 23
+ CVA DX Contest, SSB
2100Z, Aug 22 to 2100Z, Aug 23
+ RSGB 80m Club Sprint, SSB
1900Z-2000Z, Aug 27
+ NCCC RTTY Sprint
0145Z-0215Z, Aug 28
+ ALARA Contest
0400Z-1359Z, Aug 29 and
0400Z-1359Z, Aug 30
+ YO DX HF Contest
1200Z, Aug 29 to 1200Z, Aug 30
+ W/VE Islands QSO Party
1200Z, Aug 29 to 0300Z, Aug 30
+ SCC RTTY Championship
1200Z, Aug 29 to 1159Z, Aug 30
+ Kansas QSO Party
1400Z, Aug 29 to 0200Z, Aug 30 and
1400Z-2000Z, Aug 30
+ North American SSB Sprint Contest
0000Z-0400Z, Aug 30
+ SARL HF CW Contest
1300Z-1630Z, Aug 30

September 2015
+ NRAU 10m Activity Contest
1700Z-1800Z, Sep 3 (CW) and
1800Z-1900Z, Sep 3 (SSB) and
1900Z-2000Z, Sep 3 (FM) and
2000Z-2100Z, Sep 3 (Dig)
+ QRP Fox Hunt
0100Z-0230Z, Sep 4
+ NCCC RTTY Sprint Ladder
0145Z-0215Z, Sep 4
+ NCCC Sprint
0230Z-0300Z, Sep 4
+ G3ZQS Memorial Straight Key Contest
2300Z, Sep 4 to 2300Z, Sep 6
+ ARRL EME Contest
0000Z, Sep 5 to 2359Z, Sep 6
+ Russian RTTY WW Contest
0000Z-2359Z, Sep 5
+ All Asian DX Contest, Phone
0000Z, Sep 5 to 2400Z, Sep 6
+ CWOps CW Open
0000Z-0359Z, Sep 5 and
1200Z-1559Z, Sep 5 and
2000Z-2359Z, Sep 5
+ Wake-Up! QRP Sprint
0600Z-0629Z, Sep 5 and
0630Z-0659Z, Sep 5 and
0700Z-0729Z, Sep 5 and
0730Z-0800Z, Sep 5
+ RSGB SSB Field Day
1300Z, Sep 5 to 1300Z, Sep 6


CLOVIS ARP ++  CARP Summer Sizzler took to the hills!  New venue in a mountain picnic area takes a few degrees off the summer torment.  Fun Food and Radio, what more do you need, says Rob AE6GE, club Pres.  Next T-Hunt is September.  Check out past hunts and schedule at  .  The “Camp a long” takes them further into the mountains to play radio on August 14 to 16.  The CA QSO Party from San Luis Reservoir in October.

FRESNO ARC++   VP Ken WA6OIB is hosting the club picnic on 22 Aug.  Recently Jerry, K6PKO has added a complete Heath station to one of his many operating positions.  Excellent program by Raul Moreno Jr., about Off-Highway Vehicle Program, Sierra National Forest, High Sierra Ranger District.

KINGS Co. ARC ++   Pres. Ed KA6PNL, in a meeting at the weather station, alluded to some issues with the club repeater and various sponsors.  There is an ongoing problem in allowing access to the site. 

LODI ARC ++    Jason, KE5JTS discussed the 2 meter net and 10 meter nets.  Suggested nets for 6 Meter and 220 MHz bands.  Ron N6GKJ, presented a program on Emergency Communications.   Very informative and enlightening.

LOS BANOS ARC ++  George, W6YD presents the Frequency advertising Pizza night!  Lots of pictures of the July meeting.

SIERRA ARC ++  Mike, WA6ARA includes some fine pictures of the Club Bar-B-Que, Field Day and an antenna party.  Meeting starts at 7 PM from now on.  The INTERNET can be a great resource. One is this is a ham radio encyclopedia.  .

SEQUOIA ARG ++  Pete W6SV, gives good advise regarding Flash Floods.   Many accounts of the in climate weather.  On a site seeing tour, a  most interesting was the Ad for a Bakersfield Chiropractor on the back of a program. You'll get a kick out of his using a "wonderful new instrument operating on the
 principle of radio” says Al N6ALP.

STOCKTON DELTA ARC ++  The Flysheet is full of great ham stuff.  Field Day description, El mering with Manteca, and Lodi Clubs.  News about the US Navy's rouge PCSat NO-44 that is blasting Europe every hour.  Steve Alred K6SCA who was awarded “Top Score Rookie Effort” from
2014 CQP.  They are looking to 2015!  Planning for “Ham Radio in the Park currently working..

TULARE CO. ARC ++  Technician Class will start in Aug 2015.  Same day as the meeting.

TURLOCK ARC ++ General Meeting: August 11.

The following Amateurs became Silent Keys since the last report: 
Dennis “Frenchy”, KF6GJB, and Shirley, KB6BSF

They will be missed.

Traffic for July 2015:

ORS: W6SX 4 WS6P 844,  K6RAU 12  Total 860

PSHR:  W6SX 77 WS6P 135, K6RAU 79


>> SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY SECTION Report for the month of JUNE 2015: SM Dan Pruitt, AE6SX- ASMs K6YK and N2NS, ACC W6DPD, SEC KF6FIR, OOC N1VM, STM K6RAU, TC W6TE.

Amateur Radio Summer, that is how I see June. So much going on, so much to do and all of it FUN!

Just finished with Dayton, we start with “Museum Ships Weekend”, and our contribution from SJV is the USS Lucid. She is an ocean going minesweeper that is being restored in Stockton, CA. I personally operated 40 meters (some 20 and 80) and it was great fun. The guys from W6SF (Stockton Club) were extremely hospitable.

Next came the VHF contest. Our own TC Dave, W6TE blasted the valley and the LA basin from Fraser Peak. He was playing with new toys in the GHz range.

FIELD DAY! My favorite time of the year. This year I chose to remain in Fresno and looked for everyone on NVIS at the Salvation Army EOC. We were very successful in covering San Diego to Reading on 40 and 75 meters. I switched to 20 meters on the “dog watch” and had a great QSO with Guam. Now it is time to plan for next year!


Dan Pruitt, AE6SX


06/10/2015 | New York Ham Inaugurates “Collegiate Ham Radio Operators” Facebook Group

A young ARRL member from New York has begun a “Collegiate Ham Radio Operators“ Facebook group. 

  1. 06/10/2015 | The ARRL Extra Class License Manual Now Available on Kindle

The ARRL has just released a digital edition of The ARRL Extra Class License Manual in Kindle format. 

  1. 06/12/2015 | FCC Chairman, Lawmakers Announce Agreement to Scale Back Field Office Shutdowns

Leaders of the US House Energy and Commerce Committee have reached agreement with FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler to amend the Commission’s plans to close FCC field offices. 

06/15/2015 | Colorado to Host US Amateur Radio Direction Finding Championships

Registration is open for the 15th USA and 8th IARU Region 2 Amateur Radio Direction Finding (ARDF) championships, August 27-30, in Elbert, Colorado

  1. 06/15/2015 | W1AW Portable Operations Booklet Now Available

The W1AW Portable Operations booklet is available from the ARRL Store.


06/19/2015 | ARRL 2015 Hurricane Season Webinar Set for July 20

The ARRL will host a 2015 Hurricane Season webinar Monday, July 20, getting under way at 8 PM EDT (July 21, 0000 UTC).

  1. 06/23/2015 | Geomagnetic Storming Reaches Severe Level

Geomagnetic storming reached the G4 — severe — level at 0513 UTC on June 23.

  1. 06/23/2015 | New World Distance Records Set on 2.3 and 3.4 GHz Ham Bands

Two California radio amateurs — one of them in Hawaii — have set new world distance records on the 2.3 and 3.4 GHz microwave amateur bands.

  1. 06/23/2015 | OJ0B on Market Reef Logs Hundreds of 2 Meter Moonbounce, Meteor Scatter Contacts

The recent Market Reef OJ0B expedition resulted in 462 contacts via 2 meter Earth-Moon-Earth (EME) and meteor scatter activity with stations on all continents.

  1. 06/24/2015 | ARRL Offering 20 Percent Off on Select Antenna Publications Save 20 percent on select ARRL antenna-themed publications when you order online through July 31, 2015.

  2. 06/25/2015 | Ohio ARES “NVIS Antenna Day” Concludes That the Truth is Up There

Ohio ARES NVIS Antenna Day on April 25 attracted participation from some 100 Buckeye State stations in an effort to determine which configurations of near-vertical incidence skywave (NVIS) antenna offer the best results.

  1. 06/26/2015 | The Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2015 Introduced in the US Senate

A companion Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2015 bill has been introduced in the US Senate.

  1. 06/29/2015 | ARRL Website Has New Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2015 Page

Now that there is Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2015 legislation in both chambers of the US Congress, the League has a combined web page to accommodate activities on behalf of the two bills.

  1. 06/29/2015 | Senate Sponsor of “Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2015” said Bill Promotes Regulatory Transparency, Equality

US Senator Roger Wicker (R-MS), who sponsored “The Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2015” in the Senate, says the bill he introduced, with original cosponsor Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), would allow for transparency and equality in the regulatory process.


  1. 07/02/2015 | FCC Invites Comments on Proposed Rules for New LF and MF Amateur Allocations

The FCC is inviting comments on its recent proposals to authorize Amateur Radio operation on two new bands — an LF allocation at 135.7 to 137.8 kHz (2200 meters), and an MF allocation at 472-479 kHz (630 meters).

  1. 07/07/2015 | Amateur Radio Becomes Primary on 1900-2000 kHz on August 6

As of August 6, Amateur Radio will be upgraded from secondary to primary in the 1900-2000 kHz segment of 160 meters in the US.

  1. 07/08/2015 | ARRL/TAPR Digital Communications Conference Seeks Papers

The ARRL/TAPR Digital Communications Conference (DCC) invites technical papers for presentation at this year’s conference.

  1. 07/08/2015 | MRHS “Night of Nights 2015” Set for July 12

The Marine Radio Historical Society (MRHS) will hold its annual “Night of Nights” event, in which historic maritime CW stations such as KPH and WLO return to the air for a few hours on July 13 UTC (July 12 in US time zones).

07/08/2015 | Get Ready for the Golden Packet Event!

APRS Developer Bob Bruninga, WB4APR, has invited radio amateurs to take part in the annual Golden Packet Event on Saturday, July 18.

  1. 07/05/2015 | W1AW/5 Will Represent ARRL Headquarters in the 2015 IARU HF World Championship

The summer’s most popular HF contest -- The 2015 International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) HF World Championship -- gets under way on July 11 at 1200 UTC and continues for 24 hours.



July 2015


July 2015   + RSGB 80m Club Championship, SSB 1900Z-2030Z, Jul 15 + NAQCC CW Sprint 0030Z-0230Z, Jul 16 + QRP Fox Hunt 0100Z-0230Z, Jul 17 + NCCC RTTY Sprint 0145Z-0215Z, Jul 17 + NCCC Sprint 0230Z-0300Z, Jul 17 + North American QSO Party, RTTY 1800Z, Jul 18 to 0559Z, Jul 19 + + DMC RTTY Contest 1200Z, Jul 18 to 1200Z, Jul 19 + CQ Worldwide VHF Contest 1800Z, Jul 18 to 2100Z, Jul 19 + NCCC RTTY Sprint 0145Z-0215Z, Jul 24 + NCCC Sprint 0230Z-0300Z, Jul 24 + RSGB IOTA Contest 1200Z, Jul 25 to 1200Z, Jul 26


August 2015


August 2015 + TARA Grid Dip Shindig 0000Z-2400Z, Aug 1 + 10-10 Int. Summer Contest, SSB 0001Z, Aug 1 to 2359Z, Aug 2 + European HF Championship 1200Z-2359Z, Aug 1 + ARRL August UHF Contest 1800Z, Aug 1 to 1800Z, Aug 2 + North American QSO Party, CW 1800Z, Aug 1 to 0559Z, Aug 2 + Maryland-DC QSO Party 1600Z, Aug 8 to 0400Z, Aug 9 and1600Z-2400Z, Aug 9 + 50 MHz Fall Sprint 2300Z, Aug 8 to 0300Z, Aug 9 + SARTG WW RTTY Contest 0000Z-0800Z, Aug 15 and1600Z-2400Z, Aug 15 and0800Z-1600Z, Aug 16 + ARRL 10 GHz and Up Contest 0600 local, Aug 15 to 2400 local, Aug 16 + Russian District Award Contest 0800Z, Aug 15 to 0800Z, Aug 16 + Keyman's Club of Japan Contest 1200Z, Aug 15 to 1200Z, Aug 16 + North American QSO Party, SSB 1800Z, Aug 15 to 0559Z, Aug 16 + SARL HF Digital Contest 1300Z-1630Z, Aug 16 + Hawaii QSO Party 0400Z, Aug 22 to 0400Z, Aug 24 + ALARA Contest 0400Z-1359Z, Aug 29 and0400Z-1359Z, Aug 30 + W/VE Islands QSO Party 1200Z, Aug 29 to 0300Z, Aug 30 + YO DX HF Contest 1200Z, Aug 29 to 1200Z, Aug 30 + Kansas QSO Party 1400Z, Aug 29 to 0200Z, Aug 30 and1400Z-2000Z, Aug 30 + North American SSB Sprint Contest 0000Z-0400Z, Aug 30






CLOVIS ARP ++ CARP Fireworks Stand operated through July5 to fund expenses for the K6ARP repeater system. AE6GE, Rob (Pres of CARP) stated the new location was effective. During Field Day, presented by the Clovis Independent Four Wheeler’s by special use permit from the Sierra National Forest. Rob (AE6GE), & Greg (KJ6OUI) will be operating HF, VHF, and UHF portable radios at the Clovis Independent four wheel club, “Moonlight Madness” Bald Mt. base camp as K6M. A get on the air (GOTA) station was available for those participating at the poker run.


FRESNO ARC++ Field Day was a success! According to Mr. Pres., Stu WB6VRG, There was even coverage of the local event on Channel 47. Pat, W6YEP, pulled out good old AO-07. GOTA was manned by Pete,NA6C and Joe, W0PJD. It was a busy station...lots of fun with kids participating. Glen, N6HEW, Dan, AE6SX, and Captain Breazeale, KG6SYA, all helped feed the evacuees from the SKY Fire. Check out the pictures of Field Day and fire in SKIP. Also stories of Frazer Peak from W6TE, W6YEP on 24 GHz and KI6QEL, Duane, as a rover,.


LODI ARC ++ Meeting discussed the Field Day operations. Testing the radios before the event and food for next year was discussed. Notice of up coming programs were committed.



LOS BANOS ARC ++ Field Day effort was successful We made many contacts and, also made the front page of the Los Banos Enterprise. Corey Pride wrote a nice article about us. In addition, Mayor Mike, WB6FML visited us and everyone enjoyed the camaraderie. Great pictures de W6YD.


SIERRA ARC ++ In preparation of Field Day we are having a Flash Field day on June 13th. The idea is to pack everything you need, head up to the Field Day site and see what works and what doesn't. That way on the actual field day we should have everything worked out. The June meeting will feature Dennis, W6DQ, talking about Arduinos.


SEQUOIA ARG ++ Field Day at Camp Andrew Brown was a joyous one. Once again Mr. Murphy decided to accompany us. He must have ridden with Chuck KI6GOG as he locked the doors on Chuck’s truck. Al and Jayne, KK6JPZ, didn’t bring Murphy, they brought 3 mice. Bill’s, N6TF, computer didn’t like the wireless network on the new computer program so we ended up using the old software. We beat last year and that was our goal.

STOCKTON DELTA ARC ++ Museum ships weekend just concluded as I write There was lots of great Ham Radio fellowshipping with AE6SX, Dan, San Joaquin Valley ARRL Section Manager in attendance on the USS Lucid. Operators came from several valley clubs to check out the ship and grab the microphone or key. I had to leave Saturday night for a business trip Sunday morning and we were well above 500 QSOs in the logs then. I’m looking forward to hearing the final tally at the club meeting. Now with Radio in the Park, we can get to some Elmering.

TURLOCK ARC ++ Grady K6IXA made a presentation on Winlink. Winlink, RMS, was developed to get all the same page in case of emergencies. There is a Volunteer Network, American Radio Safety Foundation. Rick Frost, K4REF on You Tube has the details on how to get started. Mike KJ6VFL, demonstrated how to send a text message/ email to a cell phone (Bambi’s) and other stations (one in Las Vegas). 7.702 (40 meters) Winmore.


The following Amateurs became Silent Keys since the last report:

Cliff N6ZU, Shirley KB6BSF, KF6GNA Fenton, KC6NOQ Peter, KF6VNU Ralph and W6YGZ Rod. They will be missed.




SJV Section ORS/FOR 2015 Traffic Report: [June 2015]

(*best view: View/Text Size/Larger) (k6rau / sjv-stm)

Call Org Rcvd Sent Del Total

------ ----- ------- ------ ----- -------

w6sx 0 7 11 0 18

ws6p 0 382 362 0 744

k6rau 0 9 13 0 22


Sum: 0 398 386 0 784


SJV Section PSHR/FOR Reports: [June 2015]

Call (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (T)

-------- ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------

w6sx 3 18 20 0 0 0 41

ws6p 40 40 20 200 0 20 320

k6rau 39 22 30 0 0 0 91 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Sum: 82 80 70 200 0 20





>> SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY SECTION Report for the month of May 2015: SM Dan Pruitt, AE6SX- ASMs K6YK and N2NS, ACC W6DPD, SEC KF6FIR, OOC N1VM, STM K6RAU, PIC K6QI, TC W6TE.

What great Hobby!!

There are so many things going on, Satellites, Digital modes, ATV, tracking, remote controls, linking and on and on. Not the least of which is operating in an event that perks up your ego and inner child. Again there are many, IOTA, SOTA, DXpeditions, Indy races etc. This last weekend was Museum Ships Weekend and coming up is Field Day.

First let me give a personal account of Museum Ships Weekend. The Stockton Club (W6SF) has been working to restore both a WWII bomber and the USS Lucid. Just check out the web pages at USS Lucid (just Google USS Lucid) and N6MSO her radio call sign on There are pictures on the W6SF website. Well to say I had a great time would be an understatement. I was welcomed by all and made to feel right at home. Good Hams! Even more, Paul N6KZW was the ramrod and crowd pleaser. His hospitality was unbeatable. At this point I would have to rattle off a whole list of calls but let it suffice to say there were operators from the Lodi, Manteca, Tracy as well as the Stockton Clubs. I want to thank all of them and encourage each in the section to find your history or notoriety that speaks to you and join in.

This is a fun event but it helps to promote community. The restoration project enlists students from the San Joaquin Future Builders Academy that gives under privileged kids the opportunity to learn skills and trades that will continue to be viable in the future. What a great way to invest 2 weekends a month on a work project?

We need to remember Field Day, it is getting close. Get your PIO and Field Day coordinator all the support you can to get the word out. Post your locations on ARRL. Invite your friends, neighbors and coworkers to your site. Don't have a site, look up one on ARRL and go play Radio! Bring a relative, younger is always good. Show off your hobby.

Don't forget our HR-1309, write your letter! Check out ARRL Pres. Kay Craigie, N3KN, her remarks regarding the sponsorship. To write your letter go to : . To read Kay Craigie’s, N3KN, note:



Dan Pruitt, AE6SX


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JUNE 2015


RSGB 80m Club Championship, CW 1900Z-2030Z, Jun 10 + HA3NS Sprint Memorial Contest 1900Z-1929Z, Jun 12 (40m) and 1930Z-1959Z, Jun 12 (80m) + DRCG WW RTTY Contest 0000Z-0759Z, Jun 13 and 1600Z-2359Z, Jun 13 and 0800Z-1559Z, Jun 14 + Asia-Pacific Sprint, SSB 1100Z-1300Z, Jun 13 + Portugal Day Contest 1200Z, Jun 13 to 1200Z, Jun 14 + GACW WWSA CW DX Contest 1500Z, Jun 13 to 1500Z, Jun 14 + ARRL June VHF Contest 1800Z, Jun 13 to 0259Z, Jun 15 + CWops Mini-CWT Test 1300Z-1400Z, Jun 17 and 1900Z-2000Z, Jun 17 and 0300Z-0400Z, Jun 18 + All Asian DX Contest, CW 0000Z, Jun 20 to 2400Z, Jun 21 + Ukrainian DX Classic RTTY Contest 1200Z, Jun 20 to 1159Z, Jun 21 + AGCW VHF/UHF Contest 1400Z-1700Z, Jun 20 (144) and 1700Z-1800Z, Jun 20 (432) + Stew Perry Topband Challenge 1500Z, Jun 20 to 1500Z, Jun 21 + West Virginia QSO Party 1600Z, Jun 20 to 0200Z, Jun 21 + WAB 50 MHz Phone 0900Z-1500Z, Jun 21 + Kid's Day Contest 1800Z-2359Z, Jun 21 + CWops Mini-CWT Test 1300Z-1400Z, Jun 24 and 1900Z-2000Z, Jun 24 and 0300Z-0400Z, Jun 25 + NCCC RTTY Sprint 0145Z-0215Z, Jun 26 + NCCC Sprint 0230Z-0300Z, Jun 26 + Ukrainian DX DIGI Contest 1200Z, Jun 27 to 1200Z, Jun 28 + His Maj. King of Spain Contest, SSB 1200Z, Jun 27 to 1200Z, Jun 28 + ARRL Field Day 1800Z, Jun 27 to 2100Z, Jun 28 + 10-10 Int. Spirit of 76 QSO Party 0001Z, Jun 29 to 2400Z, Jul 5


JULY 2015


+ RAC Canada Day Contest 0000Z-2359Z, Jul 1 + CWops Mini-CWT Test 1300Z-1400Z, Jul 1 and 1900Z-2000Z, Jul 1 and 0300Z-0400Z, Jul 2 + NCCC RTTY Sprint 0145Z-0215Z, Jul 3 + Venezuelan Ind. Day Contest 0000Z, Jul 4 to 2359Z, Jul 5 + DL-DX RTTY Contest 1100Z, Jul 4 to 1059Z, Jul 5 + Marconi Memorial HF Contest 1400Z, Jul 4 to 1400Z, Jul 5 + Original QRP Contest 1500Z, Jul 4 to 1500Z, Jul 5 + FISTS Summer Slow Speed Sprint 1700Z-2100Z, Jul 4 + PODXS 070 Club 40m Firecracker Sprint 2000 local, Jul 4 to 0200 local, Jul 5 + WAB 144 MHz Low Power Phone 1000Z-1400Z, Jul 5 + DARC 10-Meter Digital Contest 1100Z-1700Z, Jul 5 + QRP AR

San Joaquin Valley Officials