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Keith Miller SR N9DGK
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615 631 9952
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615 631 9952

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Good Afternoon to All,

It is getting near the middle of the month as well as close to Labor Day weekend that will signal the unofficial end to summer. I hope that the summer months have been good to everyone and that you and your families have had good fun.

 I went to the National Convention in Hartford last month. I had hoped to be able to be there at a “once in a lifetime” event and it did not disappoint.  There were many from the Tennessee Section there who stopped by to say hello to both my wife and me.

There were day long training seminars on many interesting subjects Thursday before the Hamfest started for those who pre-registered as well as a Wouff-Hong Ceremony near the end of the festivities, for those who had not had the opportunity to go through one. The Hamfest on Friday and Saturday drew around 3,000 to 6,000 visitors from New England as well as the rest of the US. during the time it was open. There were 29 Section Managers from all over the US, Hawaii, and the Caribbean. The time went so quickly that it seemed like a blur, but the entire convention was much better than advertised based on the feedback I have heard from other section members as well as members from around the country.

An important event that occurred while the convention was in progress was the signing of a new MOU between FEMA and ARRL. The signers were Craig Fugate KK4INZ, Director of FEMA and Kay Craigie N3KN President of ARRL. Director Fugate was also the Keynote speaker for the Friday evening Dinner.

A second event that occurred was the kickoff for support of HR 4969 the 2014 Amateur Parity Bill that was introduced in congress shortly before their August recess. It is important that all amateurs learn about and write your representatives urging co-sponsorship of the bill and passage. To date there is only a house version but contact your congressional representatives to secure support. The link to information on the ARRL website is on the front page right by the “What’s Popular” banner. Here it is:

There will also be a national webinar Wednesday evening August 13, beginning at 9:00 EST, 8:00 CST. Here is a link to the information:

I have already visited the Nashville Amateur Radio Club Breakfast since we returned and have plans to visit more groups around the state as time allows. If you would like me to come visit your club, send me your information and let me see what I can do to be able to visit with as many groups as possible this year.

The Centennial QSO party is in full swing and has started round two for all who are chasing the states for the triple play centennial certificate. There will be at least two more “Red Badge on the Air” sessions this year for those who are chasing points for the QSO party. The first one is coming up in September. Be looking for the information to come out on the ARRL website.

The Huntsville Hamfest, held in Huntsville Alabama is coming up this weekend. For many, this is one of those “Must Make Hamfests on their calendar. The GAREC (Global Amateur Radio Emergency) Counsel meeting is also being held this week in Huntsville, beginning on Thursday, for two days in conjunction with the Hamfest. There will be many new faces there. For those DX’ers the Northern Alabama DX Association will be hosting their annual dinner this weekend as well. You can get all of the information from the Huntsville Hamfest website. I will be going down and hope to see as many of you there as possible.

Additionally, the week following the Huntsville Hamfest, the Short Mountain Repeater Club will be hosting the Cedars of Lebanon Hamfest at Cedars of Lebanon State Park near Lebanon, TN. So August will be full of activity for the last half of the month. I will be there and I believe that our Division Director and Vice Director will be there as well.

Before we know it, it will be time for this year’s Simulated Emergency Test (SET). Please stay tuned and be ready to respond when Dan O’Donovan W4DOD TN SEC sends information to all ASEC’s, DEC’s and EC’s for this years activity. Tennessee needs to lead the way in Delta Division and in the Southeast for readiness and accurate action as needs arise. Many are doing a stellar job now. Let’s let is be shown around the country the level of engagement on our section. 

Tennessee Officials