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Keith Miller SR N9DGK
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615 631 9952
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615 631 9952

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       Skywarn Recognition Day December 5 2015


Section Notes Nov.-Dec. 2015  


Good Day to All,  

I trust that everyone has had a great and warm Thanksgiving Holiday weekend with family and friends. This starts the beginning of the annual holiday season and my wife Ann and I certainly want to wish one and all a very joyous season.   

All have been very busy with major contests and DXpeditions this fall I am sure. I do hope that many of you were able to contact Willis Island as the DXpedition just closed, a bit early I might add, because of incoming weather that hastened their shutdown. The QSO numbers were quite large, as I understand from their posts. Many more are coming up. I hope you will consider supporting them in any way you can as the DXpeditions are becoming much more costly to put on each year.  

Fall Cycle Elections   

The Fall cycle elections have concluded with the counting of ballots for the Santa Barbara Section, and the information has been posted on the ARRL website. It reads in part: 
“These incumbent Section Managers faced no opposition in this fall election cycle and will continue with new terms of office starting January 1, 2016: Bill Duveneck, KB3KYH (Delaware); Jim Latham, AF6AQ (East Bay); Ron Cowan, KB0DTI (Kansas); Larry Camp, WB8R (Michigan); Edward James, KA8JMW (New Mexico); Keith Miller, N9DGK (Tennessee), and Ed Emco, W1KT (Western Massachusetts).”
The full article is available at this link:   

Amateur Radio Parity Act   

The Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation has cleared Senate Bill S-1685 and referred it to the Subcommittee on Communications, Technology and the Internet. It now awaits consideration by the full Senate. The full Article can be found at this link:  

It is imperative that we make contact with our US Senators to solicit their support of the bill and it’s passage. If you have not yet sent a letter to your Senator, please do so right away. You can download a copy of the letter on the ARRL webpage at this link: Look at the question “Is there a sample letter I can use?”. You will be able to download a copy to fill out. Please send it to ARRL headquarters % Dan Henderson N1ND – Legislative Coordinator. He will see that it is sent straight to Capitol Hill to the proper office.   

If you choose to send one yourself, please send a second copy to Dan so we insure that it is received and reviewed.  

On the Congressional side: HR-1301 now has 114 Cosponsors and to date, only Rep. Marsha Blackburn R-TN-7, has committed to support the bill. We have received favorable response recently from Rep. Jim Cooper D-TN-5 but he has not yet signed on as a cosponsor. There is much work to do here. This is your opportunity to get involved in a positive way to insure that our hobby and passion to support our communities is heard and will be able to continue.

Nominations are being solicited for 6 ARRL Awards  

The ARRL is inviting nominations for awards that recognize educational and technological pursuits in Amateur Radio. Nominations are also open for the League’s premier award to honor a young licensee.   

The awards are as follows:  

The Hiram Percy Maxim Award: recognizes a radio amateur and ARRL member under age 21, whose accomplishments and contributions are of the most exemplary nature within the framework of Amateur Radio activities. Nominations for this award need to be made through your ARRL Section Manager, who will then forward the nomination to ARRL Headquarters by March 31, 2016.  

The ARRL Herb S. Brier Instructor of the Year Award: honors an ARRL volunteer Amateur Radio instructor or an ARRL professional classroom teacher who uses creative instructional approaches and reflects the highest values of the Amateur Radio community. The award highlights quality of and commitment to licensing instruction. Nominations are due by March 15, 2016.  

The ARRL Microwave Development Award pays: tribute to a radio amateur or group of radio amateurs who contribute to the development of the Amateur Radio microwave bands. The nomination deadline is March 31, 2016.  

The ARRL Technical Service Award: recognizes a licensed radio amateur or group of radio amateurs who provide Amateur Radio technical assistance or training to others. The nomination deadline is March 31, 2016.  

The ARRL Technical Innovation Award: is granted to a radio amateur or group of radio amateurs who develop and apply new technical ideas or techniques in Amateur Radio. The nomination deadline is March 31, 2016  

The Knight Distinguished Service Award: was established to recognize exceptionally notable contributions by a Section Manager to the health and vitality of the ARRL. The nomination deadline is April 30, 2016.  

The ARRL Board of Directors selects recipients for these awards. Winners are typically announced following the Board’s July meeting. More information about these awards is on the ARRL website, or contact Sean Kutzko, KX9X, tel (860) 594-0328.   

Here is the link to the ARRL article:  

National Parks On The Air   

Beginning January 1, a new operating event similar to the Centennial QSO Party will begin. It is the NPOTA to be run through the year during the centennial celebration of the National Park System of the United States and the Department of the Interior. It will be an exciting yearlong event. The full information is located on the ARRL website at this link:  

A special map, available through CQ Maps is available for the contest in two sizes. You can learn more about them at this link: . This looks to be as much fun as the centennial QSO party. If you decide to work as an activator, you may want to do some additional homework with the National Park you want to activate by talking with Park personnel in advance of your operation. We want all to have a safe and fun time during the year.  


During its July meeting, the ARRL Board of Directors approved a $10 increase in the League’s annual dues rate, effective January 1, 2016. If you are considering renewing your membership at the current rate, you must have it into ARRL Headquarters no later than December 30, 2015. Headquarters closed for the Major holidays so be aware that your request must be received before closing for New Years.   

Redesigned FCC Website ready soon  

The FCC has announced that its large-scale website redesign will be completed by December 10. The switch to the new site is set to begin on December 10 at 0100 UTC and will be completed about 4 hours later.   “While the transition to the revamped site is expected to be completed almost instantaneously, there will be an ongoing process following this transition that will continue to involve user feedback, fixes by the FCC’s Information Technology team, and content updates by policy bureaus and offices,” the FCC said in a November 24Public Notice.   The link for the rest of the article is here:  

Article on working DX pileups now available  

An article by legendary DXer and DXpeditioner Martti Laine, OH2BH, on how to work DXpedition pileups now is available. The Northern California DX Foundation (NCDXF) has published the article, “The DX Chase: It Takes Two to Tango,” in a special of the NCDXF Newsletter. The article was written in cooperation with the DX University founded by Wayne Mills, N7NG, and the “original” edition appears on the DX University website.  

The link for the rest of the article is here:  

New TN ARRL Webpage under development  

The new TN ARES webpage was published last year. Work is still being done to  insure that each county's information is accurate and complete. It does take time and much labor to accomplish that task.   

This coming year, we will be launching a redesigned TNARRL webpage that we hope will meet the section needs going forward. We have not set a launch date yet. We will be keeping the same URL to minimize any confusion.   

In conjunction with the web page, we will be launching a new TNARRL Face Book page as well. We have not decided all of the details on this effort so stay tuned for more information later.  

Coming Hamfests  

These are the coming Hamfests I have information for beginning January 1, 2016. If your club plans to host an event this year, please contact ARRL as early as possible to insure it gets published so everyone in the section will have an opportunity to plan to attend in your area.  

Hamfest Convention
01/02/2016 LARC Hamfest
Location: Morristown, TN
Sponsor: Lakeway Amateur Radio Club

Location: Tullahoma, TN
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: Middle Tennessee Amateur Radio Society (MTARS)

03/26/2016 | Ides of March Hamfest
Location: Union City, TN
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: Reelfoot Amateur Radio Club

04/09/2016 | Memphis FreeFest
Location: Bartlett, TN
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: Mid-South Amateur Radio Association

Special Event Stations  

December Special Event W1Q Will Mark QST Centennial  

Special Event station W1Q will be on the air December 1-15 to celebrate QST’s 100th anniversary. The first QST was published in December 1915.  

ARRL COO Harold Kramer, WJ1B, and volunteer operators will be on the air. This is not an official ARRL operation, and Kramer will handle all details, QSL cards, and LoTW entries.  

He will post additional information on his page under WJ1B. — Thanks to Harold Kramer, WJ1B   

There are no currently scheduled Special Event Station Operations in Tennessee for the month of December.  

Silent Keys  

It is with regret that we report the passing of the following operators in the Tennessee Section: 23 August 2015 Charles “Charlie” Evans W4EO, 29 August 2015 Jerry Elkins N4LZY, 3 September 2015 John Thatcher III W4DIJ.  


QUA is an international Q signal (prosign) meaning, “Have you news of _____?”  In the absence of a question mark, QUA means, “I have news of ____.”  

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or want to provide input on our Section.  I can be reached via email at or via cell phone.  As always, thank you for sending your emails – they keep me informed about your activities and programs!  I look forward to seeing you at an upcoming hamfest or club meeting.    

Finally, thanks for everything you are doing for amateur radio and your community!    


Keith Miller Sr., N9DGK 
ARRL Tennessee Section Manager, 615-631-9952 (cell)  

Tennessee Officials

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