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I was very saddened to hear about the death of John Mabey, W7CWK.  He passed away today 17 February 2016 at about 1500 MST this afternoon after a long battle with cancer.  Just two weeks ago I was at his home helping him get a repeater repaired because he wanted it back on the air!  Those of us who had the pleasure of his acquaintance and interacting with John know he will be missed, but certainly not forgotten in the circles of Amateur Radio.  He was always in the mode of helping others and serving in many different capacities.  My first memory of John Mabey was way back in the sixties when my Dad, K7ERR, took me to my first field day way up on Bountiful Peak.  I remember John was busy doing everything.  Even last year while struggling with cancer he made the trip up to Monte Christo Peak to enjoy socializing with friends.  Just  a few days ago I asked Mike Collett, K7DOU, to prepare a few words or notes we could share with John at the next Utah VHF Society Meeting here is what he sent me and it really says it all:

 A Special Letter to John Mabey, W7CWK

      John, thanks for the precious memories! You’ve touched us all in so many ways over the years to contribute to our enjoyment of amateur radio and community service. 

      You have one of the most familiar voices in the Utah amateur radio community, and a call sign everyone knows: W7CWK. A very few of us remember you at the inception of the Utah VHF Society. Others remember meeting you when the Davis County Amateur Radio Club was formed in the early 80’s, or as it’s Vice President in 1987 and as its president in 1991. You helped keep the ’04 repeater on the air making untold trips out to Antelope Island as the club’s repeater engineer. 

      Some of us remember your presence at the Friendship Cruise as you held down the fort at MGM Bottom, or as you helped keep track of runners at the Pot Bottom checkpoint for the Wasatch-100. We remember having to go through a security checkpoint to visit you at the UOPSC command center on Social Hall Avenue during the Salt Lake 2002 Olympics.     

      More of us remember you as the EC of Davis County, and later as the Section Emergency Coordinator of Utah, or as the familiar face at the VEC testing sessions. Many of us received our Tech-Plus, General or Extra-class licenses under your watchful eye.

      We delighted with your regular check-ins on the Beehive Net and in the fun ragchews on the Sunday morning 40-meter roundtable.   Ah, and we remember the pancakes you flipped with a smile at Field Day at Monte Cristo and your choreography to direct the setup of the antenna mast, tower, and antennas for Field Day. 

      We remember that you were one of the first people we would see as we checked into the Utah VHF Society swap meet, or at the hamfests at Mac’s Inn, West Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, Park City and Bryce Canyon. 

     You were always building something. Occasionally we’d get to see your handiwork at the DCARC December club meeting. And, when we needed an elusive part for one of our own radio projects, likely as not we would find ourselves in your garage since you probably had just what we needed. We searched for that part on your shelves –or in the boat!—as Kathy looked on in amusement.

    So many memories, so many enjoyable conversations. 

    John, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the privilege of knowing you and working with you. It’s been an absolute pleasure!


 The grateful Utah Amateur Radio Community

  The family have not announced any funeral plans yet but once we hear we will pass the word to all.


Mel Parkes, NM7P Utah Section Manager

PS: My office number is 801-581-8766 (No Voice mail at this number)

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