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Club: Utah VHF Society
To: All Active Club Members
From: Melvin T Parkes (NM7P)
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 2021 10:34:03 MST
Subj: [UtahVHFS] Utah VHF Society announcement and Prizes for annual meeting

Utah VHF Society Announcement – 2021 Swap meet (27 Feb 2021) Prize Drawing

The officers of the Utah VHF Society would like to wish you all a Happy New Year. We do want to express our appreciation to all our members, THANK YOU for your support. We appreciate all those who have paid their dues so far this year.
It’s not too late to pay dues to be eligible for the drawing but we will have to cut off entries a few days after 31 Jan 2021 for your name and info to be included in our annual booklet.

To join the Utah VHF Scoiety follow this link:

 Prizes will be as follows:
a. 1 each Kenwood TM-V71A Dual band 50 Watt Transcevier
b. 2each Yaesu FTM-7250DR C4FM/FM 50W 144/ 430MHz Digital AMS Transceivel
c. 4 each Yaesu FT-65R 2 Meter/70cm Dual Band FM Handheld - Compact, Light and Very Rugged
d. We may have more prizes to announce
We have now use HamClub Online to track society membership and you can verify your membership data there. If you have never registered with HamClub Online we encourage you to do so as you can verify your membership info here. . We also have updated and posted a new member expiration list on our Utah VHF Society Web site page as of 27 Jan 2021: .

If you have any concerns about your membership info please contact Dan Fullerton, KC7RUF, or Mel Parkes, .

The Society Officers have had a number of discussions about how to handle the upcoming Swap meet for 2021. AS much as we would like to hold the swap meet as we normally do we feel it is in everyone’s best interest to cancel the event to a later date in 2021 or not have it at all. We know this will be a disappointment to all our members and as best as we can determine it is the first time since 1969 that we have had to cancel this event.

We will conduct a business meeting open to all members via a Conference Call or using the intertie system where we will conduct our business and announce the prize winners. We will send out notifications concerning this call sometime during Feb 2021 before the 27th.
Thanks again for your continued support of the Utah VHF Society.

Utah HVF Society Officers
Mel Parkes, NM7p, President
Don Blanchard, WA7GTU, Vice President
Dan Fullerton, KC7RUF, Treasurer
Mike Groves KD7MG, Secretary
John Lloyd, K7JL, Frequency Coordinator

Utah Officials