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I have received many emails from section members from around our state of Virginia and I welcome each and every one.  I am aware that there is much work to be done and I am working to reconstitute our team which is proceeding very well I might add.  

In my initial message, I tried to address a little of everything, and I am aware there are some areas I did not address as quickly as I should have. But being new to the position only several days, please accept my apologies.  Now, I am asking for your cooperation with our team in making sure we are aware of your activities within clubs, ham radio groups, hamfests, special training offered by various organizations and any ham radio and EMCOMM activities of note.  We can only publisize these activities that we are aware of, so this is where your cooperation is needed.

The Sterling Park Amateur Radio Club sponsers the Virginia QSQ party and it is only a week away, March 21 and 22. This a great event of the new year with participation growing each year. The official web site for detailed information is:

The ARRL section website is active once again, so you may obtain the latest and  greatest  information:

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ARRL is seeking member input on new draft HF band plan, please review. 

Virginia Hamfest’s for 2015 

Winterfest  03/22/2015, Vienna Wireless Society, 

Culpeper Amateur Radio Swapfest  04/11/2015, Culpeper Amateur Radio Association, 

Spring Hamfest  04/12/2015, Chesapeake Amateur Radio Society, 

Manassas Hamfest & Maker Technology Show 06/14/2015, Ole Virginia Hams Amateur Radio Club,  

Roanoke Hamfest 2015,  Roanoke Valley Amateur Radio Club,   

65th Annual Berryville Hamfest, Shenandoah Valley Amateur Radio Club,  

Virginia Beach Hamfest (Virginia Section Convention) 09/12/2015, Tidewater Radio Conventions,  

Thanks for your interest in ARRL VA Section ...

Dr Joe Palsa, K3WRY Section Manager



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