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My name is Joe Palsa and I am your new Virginia Section Manager. The Virginia Section is home to many great hams, clubs, contesters, dxer’s, and of course EMCOMM organizations.  Virginia is the largest section within the Roanoke Division of the ARRL.  This is our section’s family. Just like our personal family, we have disagreements, arguments, help each other in times of need, and make up at family reunions.  Just like our families, we have ancestry; ours is the ARRL.  Our ancestry defines who we are.  We are this mix of persons that have many talents;  extensive  experience (both hands-on and educational),  great dedication, great intellect, and finally a great affinity to learn, teach, and help others.  With this said, we will work to offer and inform about the best and most recent educational courses, both online and in print to all members, be they ARRL or federally originated.  This not only applies to fellow hams, but to the general public as well.

With the above note of my philosophy, we are going to work hard together to make our section the  showcase section for the ARRL .  There are a few points that I would like to start off with for our family reunion. While we have subjects like EMCOMM that are very visible, we also have other subject areas as important, but just less visible.  Remember, this is our section and this report is always subject to change because families communicate with each other.  My email address and cell are available to anyone.  I promise to listen to anyone and everyone, as well as respond to every email I receive.

The ARRL section website will become active once again, so you may obtain the latest and  greatest  information:

Section Hamfest listing and information

Reports from Section Cabinet Officials

Accomplishments of Section clubs and members 

Information relative to ham radio, locally, nationally, and world wide.

Governmental information related to ham radio

Technical information of interest

As your new Section Manager, I will be putting together a cabinet that will assist me in my efforts to coordinate the ARRL Field Services of our Section.  This will include the Section Emergency Coordinator, Section Traffic Manager, Public Information Coordinator, Technical Coordinator, State Government Liaison, and Assistant Section Managers.

The ARRL maintains an appointment database for all sections.  Our section database is out of date, with many inactive volunteers listed, and many active volunteers not listed.  I must work to get our ARRL appointment database up to date.  To this end, all current Virginia Section Appointments will expire on March 31, 2015.  Should you wish to continue your appointment, please contact me prior to that time.

I look forward to serving you as your Section Manager,

Joe Palsa  K3WRY
(804) 350-2665

ARRL is seeking member input on new draft HF band plan, please review.

Virginia Hamfest’s for 2015

Winterfest  03/22/2015, Vienna Wireless Society,

Culpeper Amateur Radio Swapfest  04/11/2015, Culpeper Amateur Radio Association,

Spring Hamfest  04/12/2015, Chesapeake Amateur Radio Society,

Manassas Hamfest & Maker Technology Show 06/14/2015, Ole Virginia Hams Amateur Radio Club,

Roanoke Hamfest 2015,  Roanoke Valley Amateur Radio Club, 

65th Annual Berryville Hamfest, Shenandoah Valley Amateur Radio Club,

Virginia Beach Hamfest (Virginia Section Convention) 09/12/2015, Tidewater Radio Conventions,





Thanks for your interest in ARRL VA Section ...

Dr Joe Palsa, K3WRY Section Manager

Joe Safranek, K4JJS, Assistant Section Manager at Large

Ellsworth Neff, K4LXG, Section Emergency Coordinator


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