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June 30, 2015
News From Around West Texas


We had some light rain this morning and with heavy clouds, a good chance for more.  It's been a good year in West Texas and the Davis Mountains/Big Bend area.

This is my final newsletter of a four year span as West Texas Section Manager. My time in that role ends at midnight.  I have enjoyed the last four years and all of the hams I have met along the way.  I will always consider each of you a personal friend, and hope our paths continue to cross.

I want to personally think each of you who served in the many appointed positions in the West Texas Section.  I hope you will continue to serve the section as you have in the past.

I especially want to thank Howard WB5EKW who has served as Section Emergency Coordinator throughout my time as Section Manager.

Congratulations, and to some degree condolences, to Ron KB5HGM who will take over the “reins” of the Section, having been elected without opposition earlier in the year. I encourage each of you to give Ron your cooperation and support, because the role and success of any Section Manager depends on that support.  Good luck to you, Ron.

I also want to personally thank West Gulf Director David Woolweaver K5RAV and Vice-Director John Stratton N5AUS for the opportunity to work with them.  They make a great team.  My thanks also goes out to Steve Ewald WV1X, ARRL Headquarters, Newington, CT.  He represents a life support system for every Section Manager in the United  States!  Thanks Steve!

Lastly, I want to thank John Dyer AE5B who served as my “elmer”, especially during the early days of my time as Section Manager.  He was a great teacher and reminder of what needed to be done and when!  Thanks John.  I also would be amiss if I left out Carla, whose roll in the ARRL Section Booth made life a lot easier for me.

It's been a great ride, but is time to step back and let Ron take us in a new direction.


---Field Day 2015---

I made the decision to stay home and attend the Field Day 2015 with my Big Bend ARC family.  We were blessed with cooler weather, good meals, good operating conditions and a lot of good fellowship. 

Field Day and the end of June came too close together to have news from the other Field Day locations, although I know everything went well in Midland as well.

I attempted to call the Big Bend Emergency Net from our Field Day location Sunday morning without much success    I used the GOTA Station transmitter which had a good antenna for all bands except 80 meters.  I may have missed  some Field Day messages that would have given me more news of operations in other West Texas locations.  

---HamCom and West Gulf Division Convention---

HamCom in Irving has come and gone.  Attendance was good, and in some ways was an improved location, but in many other ways, made me wish the move from Plano had not occurred.  Although the number of tables increased from about 60 to 140, many attendees missed the presence of tailgate venders.  I was told the Irving city ordinances forbid parking lot sales, so tailgating went by the wayside.

I was able to see and visit with many West Texas hams, and it was an enjoyable occasion.


---Big Spring ARC Swapfest---

Big Spring ARC held their annual Swapfest on July 20th.  Although I was unable to attend, I understand attendance  was good.  I think I heard someone report on the Northwest Texas Emergency Net that there were attendees from Albuquerque, NM and New Orleans, LA.  They were successful in drawing in folks from far and wide! 


---Silent Keys---

None Reported.


---Section Emergency Coordinator Report---

In order to save space, the Monthly Section Emergency Report for May 2015 can be seen in its entirety by scrolling to the bottom of the ARRL West Texas Section Page.  Once there, click on the link for the May SEC Report.

Signature: Howard Collier Call sign: WB5EKW
Title: West Texas Section Emergency Coordinator 

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Thanks again for your support and all you do for the West Texas Section. Farewell to each of you.   Hope to see you again soon.

ARRL West Texas Section
Bill Roberts W5NPR
Section Manager


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