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I was working on the June/Field Day addition of the Section Managers
Report when our Affiliate Club Coordinator, John Dyer, AE5B, sent the
following. It pretty well summed up what I needed to say. John gave me
permission to use it. Let me interject that if your club is not listed
here Please, Please, Please, email your Field Day info to me at I will be sending out messages soon for your message points and I am planning on getting out and visiting as many of you as I physically can.

de Ron

Field Day 2016 is just around the corner and clubs across West Texas
have finalized their FD plans.  ARRL records show that a record 245
West Texas hams participated last year.  Will we hit 300 this year? By
now, you would think every ham in your area has heard the word about
your local FD activity but WRONG!!  Not everyone listens to your local
repeater net. Not everyone regularly checks your club website. Not
everyone even has a local club. What about the new ham in town?  Give
him a call and invite him to your Field Day. What about the fellow over
on 3rd Street who hasn’t been on the air for a couple of years? Give
him a call and invite him invite him to the FD site and the potluck
dinner. Is there an Old Timer residing in an Assisted Living Center?
You may have to go through all kinds of hoops to sign him out of the
center and get him to the FD site but it will be well worth your
effort. And the list goes on and on. With your help, FD 2016 can have a
record participation and the resulting fellowship will be invaluable.
By the way, don’t expect your Field Day Chairman to contact all these
folks. He’s busy herding cats!

The following is a list of known clubs/groups in the West Texas Section
that will be participating in Field Day at public sites. There may be
more but I was unable to find their information on the web.

The KCARC will hold Field Day at the Hamby Fire Station on Hwy 351 6
miles east of Wal-Mart.  Covered dish supper Saturday with meat
provided beginning at 6 PM.  More information if needed on 146.76.

The Big Bend ARC (K5FD) will operate from the Double Diamond Ranch
Pavilion 10 miles south of Alpine on Highway 118. Besides regularly
turning in one of the top FD scores, the Big Bend event is well known
as an excellent family outing.  Each year, the BBARC operates a GOTA
station (Get On The Air) which is designed for newly licensed hams,
unlicensed individuals, and old-timers who have not been on the air for
some time. Contact KE5OG for more information.


The Panhandle Amateur Radio Association will hold Field day at the
W5RAW compound at 14590 Mescalero Trail in Amarillo. Starting Saturday morning the 25th, come help setup and enjoy fellowship, food and operating! Plans are to have equipment set up for 3A or 4A and to operate 15-80 meters.


The El Paso Amateur Radio Club (W5ES) will be holding their Field Day
2016 exercise at the Rest Stop on the eastside of Trans Mountain pass.
As they did last year, they will be erecting a 3-element beam on a
“man lift”.  They will also be operating 24 hours on emergency
power to make as many contacts as possible.  Set up starts at 9 AM on
Saturday.  They will also have Burgers, Brats, and Dogs Saturday night
at 6 PM at the Field Day site.  Any side dishes or desserts would be
welcome.  All hams are welcome to join them for food, fellowship and
radio operation.  Come see what Field Day is all about.

The Sun City Amateur Radio Club (K5WPH) will be holding their Field Day at the clubhouse, 3709 Wickham Ave., El Paso, Texas.   All hams are welcome to stop by and help operate the station. The clubhouse will be open with several stations operating over several types of communication! Not sure how to "play"? Come by and we will show you, and maybe you can hop on the air for a bit yourself! If you were ever
wondering what makes being an amateur radio operator so darn fun...
come by, and see what contesting is all about!!!

Members of the _Lubbock Amateur Radio Club, Lubbock County RACES and Lubbock ARES will be participating in the national Amateur Radio Field Day exercise, June 25 – 26 at 7403 South University (the KLBK and
KAMC Studios). Contact N5UQF for more information. 


The Midland Amateur Radio Club will be operating from  the campus of
the National Weather Service Midland/Odessa Weather Forecast Office
located at 2500 Challenger Dr. Access is from the north service road on Business 20 on the east side of Midland International Air & Space Port. There will be two CW stations, one SSB Phone station, one Get On The Air station, one 6 meter station and a Satellite Chasing crew. The general public is welcome to  participate and observe. For more information, contact KF5WDJ


K5SMH and others will operate from Dog Canyon in Guadalupe National
Park.K5SMH will also be doing a National Park On The Air activation.


The San Angelo ARC will be operating W5QX from the grounds of Fort
Concho in San Angelo.  A GOTA station and mentor will be available for
newly licensed hams, unlicensed individuals, and old-timers who have
not been on the air for some time. Talk-in on 146.94 (103.5)

Don’t forget that the West Texas Field Day Award is once again up for
grabs. Which WTX ARRL Affiliated Club will win bragging rights? Don’t
forget that your group can earn 100 bonus points for sending a properly
formatted ARRL message over the air to either Section Manager KB5HGM or Section Emergency Coordinator W5WI. The ARRL FD Packet no longer contains a message form but a blank NTS traffic form can be found at
Plug and Play
Check out your nearest ARRL Club FD site and enjoy the FOOD, FUN and FELLOWSHIP this weekend.

John Dyer

West Texas Officials