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WPA Section News - February 20, 2017

On Saturday February 18th, I was helping out at Camp Mountain Run where around 325 Cub Scouts were enjoying their annual Klondike Derby. Every year, the Scouting sponsors of the event invite local amateurs to put on a radio demonstration to multiple groups of approximately 30-40 Cub Scouts each. These groups take turns visiting the amateur radio station we set up, and every scout gets to speak on the radio individually to say hello to a ham at a distant station.

Public service events like this benefit the scouts, their parents and the local amateur radio community. Please be sure to include a brief write-up of all such activities with your group's monthly report! I look forward to hearing all about the benefits we provide the public while serving with integrity and excellence.

Digital Voice Mode Workshop - Uniontown ARC - March 18

[The time has been corrected to 9:00 am, Saturday, March 18th -W3BC]

On Saturday, March 18 at 9:00, the Uniontown ARC will present a presentation on Digital Voice Modes. This will include demonstrations, discussions and Hands-On Use of various technologies, including D-STAR, System Fusion, DMR, TRBO, P25, NXDN, and the like. Already, several hams have signed up, and there is lots of room for more. To Sign up or to ask for more information contact our WPA PIC Cory Sickles WA3UVV by email:

A full write-up of the event can be found at

Help Wanted

We are still looking for a few good hams to lead several key areas of service the Section provides. Contact me for more details, application packages, or to share ideas you may have.

  • Section Youth Coordinator
  • Affiliated Club Coordinator
  • South 2 District Emergency Coordinator
  • Technical Coordinator

These leadership jobs are a great opportunity to help your fellow amateurs all over the section. We are looking for enthusiastic, responsible people who are willing to give back to our favorite hobby by providing these important services.

To find out what these jobs entail, please visit the following links:

Your WPA Section Needs YOU! It doesn't hurt to ask -- you're not goiong to get "railroaded" into anything you can't handle. Get in touch with me and we'll talk.

Monthly Report Update

THANK YOU to everyone who filed their January Monthly Report and/or Station Activities Reports! Our SEC Harry Bloomberg W3YJ filed the January report to ARRL HQ, and WPA will be listed as such in the April edition of QST! Please support him in this work, and get your reports in early, every month. As it says on the report form, let's get them in by the 2nd of each month!

I encourage everybody to send in your reports every month, so they can be collected together and reported here, on our Internet sites, and to ARRL HQ. All reports are welcome, from the required Monthly Staff Reports, to interesting things from your club or your own hamshack.

Required reports should be filed with the appropriate official (DEC, SEC, PIC, TM, OOC or SM) during the last week of the month, so they may be processed in time for inclusion in QST and other League publications. Non-required reports should be filed with our new PIC, your Assistant Section Manager or with me.


The Final Final

That's about all for this week. Please let us all know if you or your local group did anything interesting, or if you have an upcoming event. I can't wait to hear all about what amateur radio is doing in your location!

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73 and Press On!

Joe Shupienis W3BC
Western Pennsylvania Section Manager

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