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BCARS to Assist Major Bike Race on 15 August

On Saturday, 15 August 2015, The Bedford County ARES-RACES will assist BIKE- Bedford County, "The Allegheny Ascent" in a gruellng 60 course that will traverse two mountain ranges in Bedford & Somerset Counties.  The riders will experience a total of 5,000 feet of climbing through rual roads, forests, streams and mountain paths. the event is being coordinated by the Bedford County Chamber of Commerce.   BCARS organizer, Steve Elliott - KA3UDR says, "This isn't going to be easy, even for experienced cyclists.  We expect a lot of activity for our group. We have around 17 licensed volunteers rounded up to provide communications for the entire course, using dual watches on both the Bedford 145.490 and Somerset 145.270 repeaters.  We will also have extensive APRS coverage among many of our mobile and rover units." 

If you would like to join us, contact Lloyd - K3QNT at or visit




Wow - What a Field Day!  Rain and winds really whacked Western Pennsylvania over Field Day weekend but our rough and ready mountain men and women of WPA prevailed.


This is W3JCB..John Boyer, Vice Pres

"Fort Venango Mike & Key Club"...(W3ZIC) club call.

We have been having are Field Day at "The Victory Hgts. Community Grounds" for ths past 4 yrs. and is located off of Rt.322, between, Cranberry & Franklin,PA. Not much to report on "2015 Field Day". Here in N/W PA, we had a quite a wet & soggy Fld. Day. We did have 6 operaters, and two of us stayed thru till Sunday. Are Class: 6A, & Section of course, WPA....On Saturday around 5 pm, the Club had a "Great" dinner, that was prepared by Nick Moran..(KC3AIV), approx. 25 attended. It was some what sub par as far as contacts, as other F.D's in the past, but with the weather conditions & propagation, everyone had a good time. 73...W3JCB...John


The Beaver Valley Amateur Radio Association (BVARA) in Beaver County completed Field Day activities at the Old Economy County Park where we operated as W3SGJ - 3A - WPA.  Our plan was for 4A operations but a medical emergency of one of our members (and the weather) gave us sufficient reason to change our Class to 3A.

Our Plan included four stations, use of the shelter as our 'Pavilion' for food, conversation, and relaxation with each of the stations located in shelters separated by at least 300 feet.  Our plan included six antennas and three generators.  Bandpass filters, generator grounding, and AC filters on the generators provided us with excellent operation.  Because of the severe threat of continued rains, we chose not to use our tri-band yagi on a trailer for 10-15-20 meters that fed into a home-brew triplexer.  Doublet, vertical, and dipole antennas provided sufficient coverage for us, given the weather conditions.

 We operated primarily SSB with some PSK-31 that resulted in contacts on 40, 20, 15, and 6 meters.  We were successful in having the week declared Amateur Radio Week in Beaver County with a Proclamation signed by all three county commissioners.  We had ARRL information brochures for visitors and conducted some training for the newer hams.  Our covered-dish dinner on Friday night was very well attended.  Tear-down activities in the rain on Sunday was a final 'good bye' from the weather 'gods' for our efforts. But we had fun!

 We achieved 261 contacts for 282 points with 74 sections contacted. Only ten ARRL sections remained.  Although the number of contacts was down from the 2014 results, we felt a sense of satisfaction knowing that under adverse conditions we were able to continue to safely operate. But beyond that, we acted as a proving and training ground for newer hams to the hobby and welcomed visiting hams to try their hand at operations.  For the oldest club in Western Pennsylvania (established in 1923) we took pride in continuing the tradition of our early founders.

Best regards,

Rich – K3SOM


BCARS - Bedford County Amateur Radio Society braved monsoon conditions at their new Field Day location at the Pleasantville Fire Company on Route 56 in Bedford County – The new site was arranged through the good offices of Steve – KE3ZT. The crew arrived early Saturday to sheets of rain but despite the challenges, the tower trailer with a tri-band beam and two dipoles were erected at the site. Field Day Chairman, Steve – KA3UDR reminded everyone present that the need for emergency communications rarely appear in good weather! A goodly crowd of hams participated in the club's 4-F operation with K3NQT. In addtion to KA3UDR, there was KC3CMF, W3DRW, K3QNT, WB3JEK, KC3CMI, KC3EXR, KB3DFZ, WA3UXP, KE3ZT & KC3BTA. In addition to the operations on SSB, K3QNT operated from the County EOC exclusively on CW – BCARS also had a number of visitors and a VEC sessions where three TECHS upgraded successfully to General. The Bedford County Commissioners presented the club with a Field Day Proclamation, naming the month of June as “Ham Radio Month” in Bedford County – Despite the weather, preliminary calculations reveal BCARS may have superceded last year's score.   DE K3QNT


 73  - Tim - K3LR SM


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