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ARRL Sections - Western Pennsylvania

Western Pennsylvania

Western Pennsylvania

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Western Pennsylvania
Joe Shupienis W3BC
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Western Pennsylvania Section News

1 April 2022

WPA Section News - 1 April 2022

This Saturday, April 2nd, is the date for the annual WPA-ARRL Spring Simulated Emergency Test. The scenario for this year's WPA Spring SET is a "run-and-gun" exercise, simulating the way that actual emergencies happen with no advance notice. During today's WPA ARES Voice Net, the Announcement and Call-Up for the SET will be given. 

Once the SET is in operation, all stations checking in on 3983 kilohertz listing traffic will be directed to 3918 kilohertz and traffic net members are encouraged to monitor that frequency for any calls.


Hamfest Season is here, and several are already scheduled.

  • The Two Rivers Amateur Radio Club will host the 50th TRARC Hamfest/Computer Show at the McKeesport Palisades tomorrow, Sunday, April 3rd from 8 to noon.
  • The Pennsylvania State ARRL Convention will be held at the Harrisburg Firecracker Hamfest, Saturday, July 2nd at the Harrisburg Postal Service Shooting Range.
  • The Chambersburg Hamfest is slated for Saturday, July 30 at the Antique Engine and Machinery showgrounds.
  • The 27nd Annual Uniontown Gabfest is scheduled for Saturday, August 13 at the W3PIE Clubhouse and grounds.
  • The Skyview Swap N Shop is scheduled for Sunday, August 28 at the Clubhouse and grounds.

There are six other groups which used to have hamfests, but they have not applied for ARRL sanction and prize donations, nor have they been in touch with me to help publicize them. Even if your group is planning a scaled-back event this year, please be sure to apply for the free ARRL sanctioning at least three months in advance, so you can receive valuable prizes to give away, get free notices in the ARRL Website Hamfest Locator, and have our Section set up and staff the ARRL exhibit. 


The latest WPA ARES Directory has been published. Find it and download the latest copy at


The new FCC $35 fee for amateur radio application filing begins on Tuesday, April 19th. If your license expiration date is between now and July 17th, be sure to file your renewal application no more than 90 days in advance of the expiration date to avoid the new $35 filing fee! There is no charge for administrative updates, such as address and name changes. 

Everyone should note that Volunteer Examiners and the ARRL or other VE Coordinator will NOT collect the new $35 fee. The new fee must be submitted online directly to the FCC, beginning April 19th.


The ARRL.ORG website is now back online after a complete overhaul. There may still be some bugs lingering in the corners, so please be patient while they are found and eradicated.


73 and Press ON!

Joe Shupienis W3BC
Western Pennsylvania Section Manager

WPA ARRL Website, WPA ARRL Facebook Group

Western Pennsylvania Officials

  • Cory Sickles

    Public Info Coordinator

    Cory G B Sickles WA3UVV

  • Joe Shupienis

    Section Manager

    Joe Shupienis W3BC

  • Juan Manfredi

    Assistant Section Manager

    Juan J. Manfredi NA0B

  • Carmine Prestia

    Assistant Section Manager

    Carmine W. Prestia K3CWP

  • Elmer Plants

    Section Emergency Coordinator

    Elmer L. Plants N3TIR

  • Dennis Presky

    Technical Coordinator

    Dennis R. Presky K3PSP

  • Bruce Gibson

    Section Youth Coordinator

    Bruce E. Gibson K3BEG

  • Robert Ketzell

    Section Traffic Manager

    Robert N. Ketzell KB3IN

  • Lloyd Roach

    State Government Liaison

    Lloyd Bankson Roach K3QNT

  • David Wellman

    Assistant Section Manager

    David M. Wellman WX3E

  • John Lewis

    Affiliated Club Coordinator

    John D. Lewis AI3I


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