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Rocky Mountain

Greetings Wyoming hams,

Greetings Wyoming Hams,
Brian asked that I send this out if you would like to take a Saturday
trip to Cheyenne to help out
Hello everyone
Wyoming Office of Homeland Security has asked for help taking down some
antennas at the State Operations Centers. The Antenna party will take
place on September 27,28,2014 at 9:00AM on both days. Everyone is
invite and welcome to attend, any questions or concerns please call me
at 1-307-421-1801 or E-mail or by radio 146.775.
Hope to see everyone there. Thank you for support of Laramie County
Brian  McNutt   N7BAM
Laramie County ARES/RACES Emergency Coordinator

Also I would like to let everyone know that the Section Managers
Position is coming up for re-election in 2015.
You may find the information in this months QST or at  if
you are interested in being nominated.
I have enjoyed being your representative and would serve another term
if you all desire.

Affiliated clubs check your membership and be sure your members are
current with their ARRL memberships.
Also don't forget the new hams as ARRL membership has its benefits as
they get started.

I am passing the following info to all you great hams in Wyoming.
Greetings --

As you may know, ARRL recently worked with members of the United States
House of Representatives to successfully introduce a bipartisan bill
that would extend PRB-1 coverage to homeowners' association regulations
and deed restrictions (also known as "covenants, conditions, and
restrictions", or CC&Rs). Presently, PRB-1 only applies to state and
local zoning laws and ordinances. The next crucial step for H.R. 4969,
the "Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2014", is to gain co-sponsors (*not*
votes) in the US House.  The more co-sponsors, the more support the
legislation has, and the better the chances of its passing.

Details about this development can be found at:

This is a call to action for all ARRL members in Wyoming's At-Large
Congressional District to contact your Congresswoman -- Rep Cynthia
Lummis --, inform her of this bi-partisan legislation, and kindly
request that she sign on to it as a co-sponsor.  Please cut and paste
the sample email below (or compose a similar one of your own, if
-- and email it to Rep Lummis using the Congressional email form at:

Within the page above, enter in your zip code (if requested), fill in
the required fields and paste the letter in the "Message Text" field.
If asked for the issue you're writing about, select
"Telecommunications", Science and Technology", or a related category.
In the Subject box, enter "Please cosponsor H.R. 4969".

Please forward a copy of your correspondence to me for my records and
so I can summarize the level of response from members of the Rocky
Mountain Division to ARRL's  government relations firm on Capitol Hill
who is advocating on our behalf within the halls of Congress (please do
not CC me in your original email to your Congresswoman; forward me a
separate copy afterwards).

The sample email below concludes by inviting questions your
Congresswoman may have.  If you are contacted by your Congresswoman or
her staff, and aren’t quite comfortable answering their questions
about the legislation, please contact me and I will be happy to provide
you with guidance.

Finally, if by chance you know your Congresswoman personally, or any of
his/her staff, please contact me immediately.

Thank you and 73,
Brian Mileshosky
ARRL Director, Rocky Mountain Division

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Dear Congresswoman Lummis,

I am a constituent in your District and wish to bring an important
issue to your attention.  I am a federally licensed Amateur Radio
operator, one of over 280 whom reside in your District.  We provide
wireless communications support for community events; provide public
service, search-and-rescue, severe weather, and disaster communications
for local governmental agencies and non-governmental agencies (NGO) such
as the Red Cross and Salvation Army; provide communications support to
the United States military through its Military Auxiliary Radio System
(MARS); for our neighbors when mainstream communications degrade or
become inoperable; and contribute towards the advancement of wireless
communications as developers and experimenters of new, novel, and
further efficient means of communicating and transferring information.

Our ability to conduct the above public services is hindered by
prohibitions that disallow the placement of even the simplest antenna
on our property.

Recently a bi-partisan Bill, H.R. 4969 (the "Amateur Radio Parity Act
of 2014"), was introduced by Rep Kinzinger (R-IL) and Rep Courtney
(D-CT) which would extend the ability to properly negotiate with
developments that have restrictions which routinely preclude Amateur
Radio operators from putting up even a barely visible wire antenna in a
tree.  We already have this ability with local zoning ordinances;
however an extension of similar reasonable accommodation to federally
licensed individuals residing under land use restrictions remains
sorely needed.

As your constituent, I am asking that you support H.R. 4969 by signing
on to it as a co-sponsor. Please contact Rep. Kinzinger's office to do

Should you have any questions about Amateur Radio or the importance of
this legislation, please contact me.  Thank you.


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The next Rocky Mountain Division net takes place via IRLP.  Anyone with
a VHF/UHF radio within range of an IRLP repeater can check in, hear the
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DATE: Wednesday, October 8
TIME: 7:30 PM mountain time
IRLP NODE: 9871 (link to this reflector from your local IRLP

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enter "73".  However, to be safe, check with your local IRLP repeater's
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before please experiment with linking/unlinking before the net.

This will be an interactive net, as well as an opportunity to ask your
Division and participating Section leadership questions, raise any
concerns, or suggest ideas.  We hope you'll join us.

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Sep 28 BARCfest (Longmont, CO)
Oct 11 Bridgerland ARC Swaptoberfest (Logan, UT)
Oct 18 Socorro Hamfest (Socorro, NM)

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