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More Arduino Projects for Ham Radio


You’ve arrived at the support page for ARRL’s More Arduino Projects for Ham Radio by Glen 2017_More_Arduino_Projects_Cover.jpgPopiel, KW5GP.

Here you will find files for the sketches and libraries, and other support files, for use with the projects in this book. You can also check for newer versions at the author's website at or

Just click on the highlighted links below to download the files . . .

Chapter 8 — Auto On/Off Mobile Power Control

Chapter 9 — Station Power Monitor

Chapter 10 — AC Current Monitor

Chapter 11 — Load Tester

Chapter 12 — Voice Memory Keyer

Chapter 13 — Wireless Remote Coax Switch

Chapter 14 — Wireless Remote Telemetry

Chapter 15 — GPS-Based Ethernet Network Time Protocol Server

Chapter 16 — Yaesu FT-series Transceiver Rotator Controller Interface

Chapter 17 — Yaesu G-450A/G-800SA Rotator Controller Rebuild

Chapter 18 — Yaesu Rotator Controller Modification

Chapter 19 — 1 to 30 MHz DDS VFO

Chapter 20 — Antenna SWR Analyzer

Chapter 21 — 40 Meter QRP CW Transceiver

Chapter 22 — 40 Meter QRP JT65 Transceiver

Chapter 22 — HFWST software

Chapter 22 — MPIDE software (227 MB file)

Libraries used in the projects


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