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History Of QST

Volume 1: Amateur Radio Technology, 1915-2013

This web page provides supplemental information on the ARRL book History of QST, Volume 1: Amateur Radio Technology 1915-2013.

In recognition that many significant advances and articles could not be included in the book, many other articles and books are listed in this PDF table of references. 

Several interesting articles are available below as downloadable PDF files:

The Story of the Transcons by K.B. Warner, 1BHW, from the March 1921 issue of QST

The Story of the Transatlantics by ARRL Staff, from the February 1922 issue of QST

Wave Propagation at High Frequencies by A.H. Taylor and E.O. Hulburt, from the October 1925 issue of QST

Stabilizing Superheterodyne Performance by J. Lamb, W1CEI, from the April 1932 issue of QST

Practical Communication on the 224-Mc. Band by R. Hull, from the November 1934 issue of QST

The Square-Corner Reflector Beam Antenna for Ultra-High Frequencies by J. Kraus, W8JK, from the November 1940 issue of QST

The Story of Amateur Radio Teletype by E. Williams, W2BFD, from the October 1948 issue of QST.

Meteor Scatter by O. G. Villard, Jr. , W6QYT, and A. M. Peterson, from the April 1953 issue of QST

ARRL-IGY Propagation Research Project by M. Southworth, W1LVH, from the September 1956 issue of QST

Tropospheric Scatter Techniques for the Amateur by D. Morgan, W2NNT, from the March 1957 issue of QST

How Does TE Work? by R. A. Whiting, 5B4WR, from the April 1963 issue of QST

The W2FMI Ground-Mounted Short Vertical by J. Sevick, W2FMI, from the March 1973 issue of QST

Amtor, An Improved Error-Free RTTY System by P. Martinez, G3PLX, from the June 1981 issue of QST

PACSAT--A New AMSAT Satellite Project by D. Conners, KD2S, and T. Clark, W3IWI, from the Nov/Dec 1982 issue of QEX

Modulation and Access Techniques for PACSAT by P. Karn, KA9Q, from the Proceedings Of the 2nd ARRL Computer Networking Conference, 1983

TCP/IP: A Proposal for Amateur Packet Radio Levels 3 and 4 by P. Karn, KA9Q, from the Proceedings Of the 4th ARRL Computer Networking Conference, 1985

Baluns: What They Do and How They Do It by R. Lewellan, W7EL, from The ARRL Antenna Compendium, Volume 1, 1985

MACA - A New Channel Access Method for Packet Radioby P. Karn, KA9Q, from the Proceedings Of the 9th ARRL Computer Networking Conference, 1990

A Binaural I-Q Receiver by R. Campbell, KK7B, from the March 1999 issue of QST

Theory of Intermodulation and Reciprocal Mixing: Practice, Definitions and Measurements in Devices and Systems, Part 1 and Part 2, by U. Rohde, KA2WEU (now-N1UL), from the Nov/Dec 2002 and Jan/Feb 2003 issues of QEX

WSPRing Around the World by J. Taylor, K1JT, from the November 2010 issue of QST

How Spark Transmitters Work by Hal Kennedy, N4GG

The following articles are available online:

CubeSat: The Next Generation of Educational Picosatellites by J. Puig-Suari and R. Twiggs, KE6QMD from the Proceedings Of the 18th AMSAT Space Symposium, 2000

PCSAT2 and AX.25 Packet Radio for University Payloads by B. Bruninga, WB4APR, with C. Otero, H. Evans, T. Kolwicz, M.Silver, E.Henry, D. Jones from the Proceedings Of the 23rd AMSAT Space Symposium, 2005


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