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ARRL ARDF Committee

ARRL ARDF Committee

The ARRL ARDF Committee serves to fulfill, in the name of ARRL, those responsibilities assigned to IARU member societies that participate in Amateur Radio Direction Finding as administered by the IARU regional organizations. Those responsibilities include assigning a society representative to represent the League in an IARU regional ARDF administrative committee or working group, and delegating single competitors or teams to participate in international competitions. When authorized by its corresponding IARU regional organization a member society may organize a World or Regional Championship.

  • Terms of Reference

    The purpose, responsibilities, and authority of the Committee are specified in the ToR document. Go Now

  • Committee Members

    Committee positions are usually appointed annually. Go Now

ARDF Working Documents

The ARRL ARDF Committee defines how the sport is administered in the USA. These documents apply to ARRL-sanctioned events. Those organizing informal practices and training sessions also might find much of this information useful.

  • USA ARDF Rules

    These are the rules followed at ARRL-sanctioned USA ARDF events. Read More

  • More Soon

    The Sanctioning and Team Selection processes will be documented soon.

Contact the ARRL ARDF Committee

Questions or comments? Please contact the ARRL ARDF Committee at


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