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First Contact

First Contact Award

This handsome certificate commemorates that special first on-the-air contact. It comes completed with the contact information that you provide in the form below and has a place for you to sign and date when presenting the award.

This would be a wonderful surprise to send a ham when you are THEIR first contact.

Note: Be sure to spell the names EXACTLY as you want it on the certificate. We will not make any changes.

If you enter Bil then we will print Bil, not Bill.


Note: All fields with * must be filled in.

Enter the information of the person (recipient) who had the first contact..

Note: This will be printed EXACTLY as you enter it.

Note to the person filling out the form: YOUR email address is required in case we have questions on your form, this address will not be placed anywhere on the certificate

QSO Information (Enter Day, Month, Year, and time ALL in UTC)
Enter the call sign of the station worked by the recipient..

This is NOT the call sign of the person receiving this award.

This is a number. Please enter 1 through 31. Do NOT enter a day of the week.

Month *

enter 4 digit year ( eg. 2014)

Enter ONLY 4 numbers. Do NOT enter a colon or AM/PM. CORRECT--2137, WRONG!--21:37, 0937PM, 09:37:15

Band *

Mode *

Mailing Address
This is where ARRL will mail the award.


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