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Open VE2DX projects CI-V hubs, ICOM AUX1 Breakout box and Mem Keypads Construction and homebrewing VE2DX May 11th, 04:48 1 263 on 11/5/20
by VE2DX
Open Using Kenwood TS590 with external TX General discussion about technology and policy KA0KVC May 27th, 14:47 1 264 on 27/5/20
Open 134 Khz spaced signals RFI - Discussion and Q&A W1KYB Aug 26th, 15:50 4 268 on 28/8/20
by W1VT
Open Contact ISS Satellites and Space kq7k Aug 30th, 14:12 2 270 on 30/8/20
by W1VT
Open Nothing works as described?? Welcome to the ARRL Forums WA5TEF Jul 26th, 16:01 2 275 on 30/7/20
Open Vertical antenna using a wire as a radiator. What gauge? Antennas, feed lines, baluns and antenna tuners N1AUP Jul 23rd, 08:17 3 278 on 24/7/20
by AI4BJ
Open Was destroyed during hurricane Andrew WAS W7RHL Aug 21st, 10:48 2 279 on 21/8/20
by W1VT
Open Mag Mount Recommenation Antennas, feed lines, baluns and antenna tuners kj7occ Jun 6th, 22:20 1 280 on 6/6/20
by kj7occ
Open How likely am I to cause RFI to Direct TV connected to Digital TV sets on 40 meters? RFI - Discussion and Q&A WB6WUW Jul 12th, 20:55 2 281 on 14/7/20
Open Field Day--Class A Stations HF Contesting WA0CBW Jun 8th, 20:56 1 282 on 8/6/20
Open RF Filter Design General Technical Q & A pamam May 15th, 18:34 1 287 on 15/5/20
by pamam
Open Icom IC-910H All-mode V/U General discussion about technology and policy N3TVJ Jun 8th, 16:34 1 290 on 8/6/20
by N3TVJ
Open Getting my 8 yr old and friends into ham radio during COVID Welcome to the ARRL Forums AA3RQ Jun 22nd, 13:39 2 290 on 22/6/20
by W1VT
Open Still No Forwarding Welcome to the ARRL Forums n9dms Jun 18th, 13:25 2 292 on 19/6/20
by W1VT
Open Balloon Tracking On WSPR / Special Callsigns For Balloon Telemetry Digital modes and operation maesoph May 27th, 11:06 1 296 on 27/5/20
by maesoph
Open GPS quandry General Technical Q & A rhizuli Jun 24th, 20:45 1 304 on 24/6/20
by rhizuli
Open FTM 3100R Programming Software Defined Radio and DSP w5tao May 15th, 21:47 2 304 on 16/5/20
by W1VT
Open UHF weak signal Ops VHF and up "Weak Signal" Operating wb4tc Aug 2nd, 18:35 2 308 on 3/8/20
by W1VT
Open Why won't my ARRL designed vertical tune on 20? Antennas, feed lines, baluns and antenna tuners N1AUP Aug 1st, 06:47 7 309 on 8/8/20
by W1VT
Open Ham Radio Starter Kit General Technical Q & A enthousia Jul 30th, 21:56 2 312 on 1/8/20
by W1VT

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