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R7000 guying question ...

Mar 25th 2020, 13:36


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With the COVID thing going on my interest in radio is rekindled, as I recall the many, many great CW QSO's I've had. I have a Cushcraft R7000 (I know, I know) that I partially assembled 15 years ago, and never installed. It's shiny new hangin in the basement joists.

Cushcraft doesn't mention guying the antenna (it's ~24 feet long, 18 lbs). I plan to mount it at about 12' above ground. I'm concerned that the long length (36' overall) might be willowy in the wind. Is guying the mast at the base of the antenna enough? Should I guy the antenna itself, too?

Thanks for any advice. I'm anxious to see how bad my once-excellent CW skills are now. You'll hear me ... I'll be THAT guy.

73 de KD1JT
Mar 27th 2020, 07:26


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In the August 2017 QST, I reviewed the Cushcraft R9 vertical, which was a "willow tree" without guying. You should guy your R7000 with non-conductive nylon line that can stand up to UV light. You can use a hose clamp around the vertical element to attach the line, in a pinch. Cushcraft sells a guying kit fir their R9. The R9 I reviewed survived a full blown blizzard with wind gusts over 70 mph with it guyed.

Apr 11th 2020, 15:00


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I have a GAP Eagle (which is mechanically similar to the R7000) mounted on my chimney using a TV strap mount and 5 ft mast. It DEFINITELY dances around in winds above 30 MPH, but survived 80 mph gusts earlier this week.
You should use two sets of non-metallic guys; one at the first joint above the base and a second set just above the uppermost trap CT3 (that's about 5 ft down from the top of the antenna). You are looking at either 3/16 Dacron poly rope or similar stuff from Mastrrant, DO NOT buy cotton clothesline or any other cheap stuff! The Dacron poly rope is sun tolerant but will fray rapidly if it comes in contact with anything - tree branches, antenna parts, radials, etc.
Make sure all three (or four) anchor points will withstand rope tension up to 150 pounds. Pre-tension the bottom lines at 10 lbs, tops at 20lbs

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