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Please help with 2m/70cm antenna mounted on tree

Jul 5th 2021, 11:37


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I have a 25-watt UHF/VHF transceiver on the second floor (25 feet) of my house just inside a window. Here's my plan. I will mount an antenna between 60 and 75 feet above ground level on a tree trunk. I will run a 50-foot RG8x cable straight down. It will terminate at a lightning arrestor. From the arrestor I will run a 10-guage grounding wire straight down to a grounding stake. I will also run a 25-foot RG8x cable horizontally in through my window to my antenna switch. Will this improve my reception and transmission over my Tram mobile mag mount antenna mounted on the metal housing of the air conditioner on my second-floor window just 48 inches from the antenna switch?
Jul 5th 2021, 13:14


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What kind of antenna will you be mounting in the tree? The lightning surge arrestor should be mounted just outside where the coax enters the building. The ground rod needs to be connected to the house main electrical ground rod.

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