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New QST Format & Downloading to PC Jan 6th 2017, 20:16 2 6,751 on 20/6/17

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New QST Format & Downloading to PC 0008430731H80 on 6/1/17
The ARRL has been using the NXTbook format since QST first became available as an electronic document. This allowed each month's QST to be downloaded to a PC and read offline using Adobe Air. Starting in Jan 2017, they switched to a new format -- PageSuite. Unfortunately this new scheme precludes downloading QST to a PC. The magazine can still be read offline, but only via Android, iOS, and/or Kindle devices. I vastly prefer viewing QST on a large desktop computer monitor, and I also like to save all my QSTs as an offline reference on my PC.

I called ARRL headquarters and asked about the above, but learned only that they are aware of the problem and ~hope~ that it can be fixed over the next several months. I was told that so far only 45 hams (an amazingly small number!) have contacted the ARRL about PageSuite, I hope others will make their feelings known lest the ARRL comes away thinking their new format is fine in all respects.

73 - John / K3SGB

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