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Stuff on 3840 W7WHY on 26/4/14
Quote by WB1GCM
I don't think anyone at the ARRL believes the FCC is performing well with enforcement. As I said, all we can do is advise, suggest and petition. We are at the mercey of a government agency. The only way to get their attention is through congress. Our tax paying money, not your ARRL dues pays the FCC. Though we have no enforcement power, we do represent a significant number of Radio Amateurs. The ARRL is the voice of our members and that's all we got. Please read our news story:

I'm as tired of lids on the air as you are. I suggest you help out too and write a letter to your US Senator. If enough people write in support of us, we might get somwhere. The ARRL is its membership; your're a member. Please join the thousands of volunteers and contribute.

If you have any other complaints, you are welcome to write to your Division Director. I'm not a director, just one of the guys in the Lab who tries to help people with their technical questions. I'm good at that, but I'm not good at solving our member's personal bad feelings about what the ARRL should or shouldn't be doing. I have nothing else to add to this thread. I'm done here.



First off, thank you for time, and I do truly and sincerely mean thank you.
I did not try to impugn your character and I should have cleared that up at first opportunity, I did not, I am sorry
When you wrote “Without going into details, I can say that the activity on that frequency has been noted. Those in position that can do something about it have been informed”.
Well that’s something I have been hearing for years, not by you, but from the ARRL. And for years I can’t see for the life of me any action. By action I don’t mean a report in QST, I mean in the last several years I have not seen one jammer taken off the air.

Now on to something lighter, I recently bought I new hf rig. I studied all the material that your lab made available from your testing and it was a great help, thank you. Also the equipment review section in QST may be what I look forward the most in the mag. That and any article on homebrew.

Thank You Mr. Allison for your effort in this matter.


Stuff on 3840 W7WHY on 24/4/14
Quote by WB1GCM

I am sorry you are so unhappy. I gave a straight and honest answer. I am an honest man and would never deceive anyone.

The ARRL has no enforcement powers. All we can do is suggest, advise and petition the FCC. If you are unhappy with the FCC, please write to them and file a complaint. If you do not get the response you want, then write to your US Senator.

BTW, disrespectful language is not allowed on our forums. Though we cannot control rude behavior on the air, we can control it here on our forums. Our administrator has the right to block your future posts on a permanent basis.

Bob Allison
ARRL Test Engineer

Most of what I’m hearing is excuses as to why the arrl is ineffective and the fcc is dialect in its duties.
Too many of us have become the frog coming to a boil and except this fecal matter sandwich that the FCC licensed civil operators have to take a big bite out of.

Take a look at this gem.

"The visibility of the Commission’s enforcement program for the Amateur Service is wholly inadequate, resulting in a widespread, albeit inaccurate, public perception that there is no active enforcement in our service,” the League’s comments said. The ARRL said “deterrence based on visibility is a critical component of a successful compliance campaign.”

The arrl has taken on the responsibility as our advocates. This is one that they have lobbied for. The arrl during their pitch for renewal goes on and on about their good work looking out for us.

Take a look at the point their making. It plainly is this. The fcc should do a better job at looking better. This is a paramount point one of the three biggest points in the letter. Next to nothing, if anything about being derelict in their duties!

Now to flog a horse, that if not dead is at this point in mortal danger of expiring.

The arrl is promoting perceived performance as a remedy to dereliction of duty.

How can you defend the arrl when they advocate preserved performance as a fix for the FCCs dereliction of duties?

By the way I have no firsthand knowledge of, nor do I know any one that has firsthand knowledge of the FCC being anything other than derelict in their duties.
Translation; I have never seen the ARRL or the FCC do anything effective to stop the several year campaign of the same jammers doing the same thing from the same place for years upon years!

I’m I suppose to believe that with all those big brans at the ARRL this ineffectiveness is acceptable?

So your point is that the ARRL is useless when it comes to this problem?

Than why when I looked to report this chronic mutable year problem was I prompted by the FCC and the ARRL to contact the ARRL in this matter?
Stuff on 3840 W7WHY on 24/4/14
From arrl test engineer
"Those in position that can do something about it have been informed."
This means nothing, same crap from the arrl and nothing effective gets done.
policy and renewal KD7KCP on 23/4/14
ARRL renewal,
I believe I’ve been an arrl member for over a decade. I look forward to QST magazine every month. One of my favorite parts of your web site is the old magazine archive I just love looking at all that stuff.
I have read arrl material that says when it comes to informing the FCC about malicious operators, the FCC is to be contacted through the arrl. I have dutifully done so. I was informed that the reality is this; the arrl is ineffectual in putting a stop to this problem. It was also pointed out that the the fcc is derelict in its duties. Talk about pointing to the obvious. Any one that monitors just some of the bands will see the obvious, communications, sometimes lifesaving radio communications are completely rendered useless by malicious operators constantly and get this for years! Boys the proof is in the pudding. Over a year ago I asked the arrl to do something about this problem, both the malicious and the derelict. And what have I gotten. The obvious, malicious operators continue to operate with impunity mostly the same ones for years. Oh I read somewhere that the arrr wants to help the fcc look better when it makes a tinny once a quarter bust. You know promoting perceived performance. Just take a look at this last qst it trumpets a pathetic effort by the fcc as if it were some great accomplishment. An exception is a weak argument and is one the arrl puts forth. The arrl is all hat and no cattle and the fcc is derelict in it duties. This combination has produced a gigantic fecal matter sandwich that all civil fcc licensed operators have to take a bite out of.
Thanks arrl way to go!

KD7KCP current arrl member.

I’m having problems trying to rectify the oblivious with paying for a renewal.

Balun Basics W4WCS on 13/4/12
These three books helped me immeasurably when I was in the same situation.
Stealth Amateur Radio
Lew McCoy On Antennas
Building And Using Baluns And Ununs
The antennas to be used in the station I am building now, are based on these books and the 1955 ARRL Antenna book.
Good Hunting

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