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Station Grounding N9AH on 28/10/11
I am starting to wonder if having an electrician put in a ground rod for the house and do away with the cold water pipe connection may be the way to go. Can't imagine what that will cost but we will see. I just was not comfortable with having a lightening ground attached to a water pipe that feeds showers etc. I may be a little paranoid but with static electricity being very unpredictable, I don't want to take any chances. Thanks for the input and I will see if anyone else chimes in.
Take care... 73
HF transmitter causing TV to shut off w1rfi on 27/10/11
I had a similar problem with and LED TV, but mine would turn on and refuse to turn off. I followed the basic advise above by disconnecting everything and found the signal was getting in primarily by the DVD player. I put some common mode chokes on the cable and AC, which helped, but when I disconnected the DVD player, the problem went away totally. I just leave it disconnected and will plug it back in if I need it. I may try a choke on that also if it gets annoying.
Hope this helps someone.
Station Grounding N9AH on 27/10/11
I am looking to improve my station and antenna grounds. I have been reading that I need to bond them all to the house electrical system ground. Does it matter if my house is grounded to a cold water pipe? My concern is if someone is in the shower and I take a lightening hit, can this cause a danger to the person in the shower? Also, my station and antenna are a significant distance from the main panel. The wire needed to go from the antenna mast to the house main panel would be about 75 feet. Looks like I would have to bring the bonding wire into my basement to connect to the water pipe at the same location as the electrical box.
Do I have any reasonable alternatives? I have found some great info. for this but not much on how to do it if your house is grounded to a water pipe and not a ground rod.
Thanks for any thoughts.

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