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Proper ID when operating from secondary QTH Oct 16th 2018, 09:50 3 5,905 on 16/10/18

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Proper ID when operating from secondary QTH kd4voj on 16/10/18
Like many I regularly operate from multiple stationary QTHs. But in my case they are only about 120 miles or so apart, in the same state, but different counties and of course grids. I would like to properly indicate to contacts when I am at the alternate QTH instead of my primary station location that is listed in various databases., which could help them with awards, especially county hunters. For contacts where they use auto-logging or lookup, it always comes up as my primary station address so there is no way for them to know I am operating from the alternate location unless I somehow ID to indicate that.

What is the proper way to give my call on the air when I am at the alternate QTH? Would it be appropriate to use /P even though the locations are in the same state? Is there a way to change the station address in LOTW logs to indicate that a particular QSO was made from a different QTH?


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