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Remote Antenna KZ6B on 19/3/14
Thanks, Martin. Appreciate your input and help on this.

Remote Antenna KZ6B on 16/3/14
Yes, Martin, I do have room for equipment and power at the antenna. How do I go about doing a vhf/uhf link? We have WiFi already at the house.

Remote Antenna KZ6B on 14/3/14
I have a 40 foot tower on which I am going to have a tri-beam, dipole and a 2 meter antenna. My rig is a couple of hundred feet away with no way to run coax due to local restrictions and physical impediments.

Could someone point me in the right direction as to how to feed the antennas remotely?

Thanks. Alan
KX3 on PSK31 using Signalink & Digipan KZ6B on 3/2/14
Thanks, Zack. I will give that a try but I also thought this forum might produce someone with the same setup.

Alan KZ6B
KX3 on PSK31 using Signalink & Digipan KZ6B on 2/2/14
I seem to be having problems consistently being able to transmit on PSK31. I alway have to set the Digipan transmiter configuration for volume & wave to max to get any transmit signal. Even then sometimes while transmitting the KX3 stops transmitting and Digipan locks up. I would appreciate getting information from anyone with the same setup and what settings are used for the KX3's AF and mic gain as well as settings for the signalink. Also, any other KX3 menu settings that I may have missed.

Thanks. Alan KZ6B

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