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Rigexpert WTI-1 KZ6B on 3/2/15
Understand, Bill, and thanks for taking the time to give me some input.


Alan - KZ6B
Rigexpert WTI-1 KZ6B on 28/1/15
Thanks, Martin, and yes I read that Feb. QST review but the one unanswered question is how to turn the KX3 on remotely. I also have looked at the Pigremote which seems to have more history with the KX3 but again, cannot seem to find out how to turn the KX3 on remotely.

Rigexpert WTI-1 KZ6B on 10/1/15
Does anyone have any experience in using the Rigexpert WTI-1 interface? I have a KX3 and would like to able to remotely control it via the internet and the WTI-1 seems like it would do the job.
Remote Antenna KZ6B on 19/3/14
Thanks, Martin. Appreciate your input and help on this.

Remote Antenna KZ6B on 16/3/14
Yes, Martin, I do have room for equipment and power at the antenna. How do I go about doing a vhf/uhf link? We have WiFi already at the house.


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