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Missing Callsigns in FCC ULS Feb 8th 2014, 03:16 2 2,129 on 8/2/14

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Centennial Contest dmeche on 5/1/15
Per the LoTW website:

Jan 4, 2015: Centennial Awards Program Not Quite Ready -- We are working on the application forms for W1AW WAS and the Centennial QSO Party.
Centennial Contest dmeche on 2/1/15
Hi all.

Is there a link to the Centennial Awards Application; its listed as being needed for the award (with a fee) on the Centennial webpage?


Missing Callsigns in FCC ULS KB7JJG on 8/2/14

I was looking for a vanity call, preferable a 1x3 format. I noticed that there is no K7JJG or W7JJG in the FCC ULS, either in the granted licenses or the applications. There is a N7JJG already granted.

Is there a problem either of these call signs?

I finally settled for KB7JJG, but sure wanted the 1x3 :)


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