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Logging contact during HF nets KI4PW on 18/1/16
This may be a "dumb newbie" question, but how (or even why) would you log a contact made on an HF net? Just got my General in Dec. '15, and I've checked in a few times on HF nets on 40 m, and it's a question that I've had. Would you log it as a contact with the Net Control Station (or the relay station you worked if Net Control couldn't hear you well)? Or just enjoy the net and not bother logging it?

Tnx, 73, KM4LLF
Samsung Refrigerator Overload W5RAA on 18/1/16
Similar issue here. The display is locked on the Samsung fridge and won't respond to any commands. My roommate reports it "dinged" a couple of times when I was operating on 20m this weekend--then it went dead. (40m at 100 watts doesn't affect it.)

Fridge still runs just won't respond to any control panel inputs. I was running 100 watts output. Antenna is a end-fed random wire in a sloping configuration. It's mounted to the house about 30 feet from the kitchen. New (to me) rig and antenna. Would be nice to know what kind of choke on the power cable (if any) would be effective.

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