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Mobile radios & Apple CarPlay ? Aug 31st 2018, 07:13 1 6,966 on 31/8/18

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ARRL, FCC Discussing Issue of Uncertified Imported VHF/UHF Transceivers WD3D on 18/11/18

As a re-newed Ham operator who lives in Ohio, I find your comments interesting. I have found it hard to find someone who will help me understand what the options are these days : so much has changed since my prior licensing expired. I would greatly welcome finding someone who can hep me become an excellent operators (or at least much better). Other hobbies I've pursued have made the journey easy. This one seems quite hard.

This is one guy's opinion, but if there is a desire to keep this hobby alive in a world where there is so much on the Internet for the technical geeks, Ham radio needs to be a LOT easier to get up to speed. Quite frankly, if I'd not been a Signal Corps officer, I'd be giving up. But radio is something I believe in, so I am slogging it out.

Kind regards,
Mobile radios & Apple CarPlay ? N8QHW on 31/8/18
Are any mobile radios integrated with Apple CarPlay ? I think it would be great to reduce the clutter on my dash.

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