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Adding Fusion/Wires X to Repeater Sep 6th 2019, 13:58 4 7,378 on 31/12/20

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Can we save Amateur Radio by killing it? WD3D on 6/9/19
So, you say:

"There are two types of hams, the prospective and the reflective."

You say the prospective is "harmful" to the hobby, and the "reflective" view technology as a curse. So, I must be one of those two... Hmmm; quite frankly I'm neither. I'm nearly 70 years old and don't fit your description of the "prospective" ham. And I certainly don't see technology as a curse--I LOVE TECHNOLOGY--and electronics in general. That is what attracted me to the hobby in the first place.

Since I recently retired, I'm rekindling the flame to get back into the hobby. WOW, do I have a LOT to learn! The technology has really changed and I'm behind. But, instead of seeing it as a curse, I am now studying and trying to learn all the new exciting technology (EchoLink; DSTAR, Wires-X, FUSION, etc.). Also, some of the young people that are into Social Media see things differently than me. Instead of being bitter and missing the way things were when I built rigs from spare parts and had the smell of melting solder in my home, I instead desire to fit into what the hobby has become and do my part to contribute.

I have an ELMER--he's 17 years old. He is helping me understand all this new technology. He's a fine young man and while he's not the kind of HAM I remember, he's a very bright young man and is a welcome addition to the hobby.

So, if there are only two types of HAMs which one are you? Prospective or Reflective?

I guess I'm alone--I'm just a HAM with no adjective in front of the word.
Adding Fusion/Wires X to Repeater CPWUSAF on 6/9/19
I'm new to the forum; so, first let me apologize if this is not the right place to post this topic. Please redirect me if needed.

My question is: What does it take both technically and $$ to add a Wires-X/Fusion node to a local repeater.

I have just retired and now have time to dedicate to my love of HAM radio. My first purchase was an FTM 400XDR from Yaesu for my mobile. I should have done research in my area before buying because no repeaters in my area are Wires-X/Fusion capable.

While I'm not a young man anymore and cannot do the work, I have been blessed with a comfortable income upon retirement. I'm willing to put up the $$ to add Yaesu Fusion/Wires-X to a local repeater. Can anyone tell me how much I would have to donate to get this added if someone is willing to program it and get it running?

Thank-you DE KA5PXE

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