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Vertical HF Antennas KD1OK on 31/3/21
I'm considering installing a Hy-Gain Hy-Tower AV-18HT 10-80m vertical with options to include 17 & 160m bands as well. I understand it's an involved build, with radials recommended, but apparently considered the overall best available. I'm still studying the possibilities, and planning my purchase shopping list.
--Ron. KA5ITO
What to do with a dish network dish?a KC9UNY on 31/3/21
I recall an article about cutting a slot into a satellite dish as a disguise antenna for VHF/UHF use in HOA situations. I believe it's called a "slot antenna", and is apparently very successful.
--Ron. KA5ITO
2006 Taurus Wagon roof mount. (NMO) wz4hog on 31/3/21
Have you figured it out yet, Mike?
I've installed roof antennae on many vehicles over the years. If there's a dome light in the center, that would help with gaining access, though still possible if not. Remove or loosen trim over side window to feed cable over headliner, which will then follow trim to dashboard or down center post to floor. I use a holesaw bit I bought from a Motorola 2-way radio service shop for NMO mounts. Good luck!
--Ron. KA5ITO
Attic Antennas apr1350 on 31/3/21
You might want to consider a "Slinky Dipole", frequently a good attic antenna if your house is not shielded with foil-clad energy efficiency sheathing. Like WB1GCM suggested, though, be sure it doesn't touch anything but insulators.
Grounding station vs Vertical Antenna and tower VE3SR on 31/3/21
I've been inactive/dormant for many years, actually several decades, now reviving interest in ham hobby. Much has changed in ham radio since '60s, lots to learn, new technology, equipment and regulations!
Our main electrical panel is in interior wall near center of house, slab floor, panel ground rod through concrete slab below panel. Power feed is buried under slab and 200+ feet west to meter on utility pole. Planning to put a Hy-Tower AV-18HT ~50 feet east of house, ham shack on 2nd floor in bonus room within trusses. Will have 6 - 8' ground rods at Hy-Tower base, another near house foundation where cable(s) & #3 ground wire follow exterior wall up to/through attic to shack.
We built this house in 2012; I have a #10 ground wire from panel ground rod up to low-volt panel (Phone/TV/LAN cables) in shack room wall, which continues on outside to ground rod at foundation wall.
I'm reading and learning from ARRL's Grounding and Bonding book, searching for best way to deal with multiple, distant ground rods, wishing I had access and heavier wire to that (now hidden) panel ground rod. Any suggestions, moving forward?

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